//Vaccines, a hope against coronavirus
Vacunas contra el coronavirus son una esperanza

Vaccines, a hope against coronavirus

Coronavirus or covid-19 has proved to be one of the most important threats to humanity. However, it seems that a ray of hope looms over humanity, vaccines against coronavirus.

We’re not just talking about the loss of human life. We are also talking about the thousands of workers who have lost their jobs and those who have been forced to work despite the risks.

Some people despite belonging to the most at-risk population have found the need not to keep quarantine. The reason? They need to work for a living.

This situation has put millions of people in a dilemma. But especially those who are prone to the most severe forms of covid19 because of a health conditioning factor.

Among people with propensity for severe forms of coronavirus are people with diabetics, hypertensive people and people who suffer from or have had cancer.

No doubt this situation puts everyone in the way but these people are between their livelihood and their lives.

But let’s learn a little more about the coronavirus situation today and the new hope on the horizon, coronavirus vaccines.

Vaccines can be an ally in the Coronavirus crisis
Vaccines can be an ally in the Coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus emerged in the late 2019 Wuhan region of China. Since then it has spread rapidly all over the world.

By the end of March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic had officially been decreed.

In the UK, a strain resulting from a much more contagious mutation was also found. As a result, there is virtually no country in the world that has not been affected.

Even worse, there is a South African variant that brings vaccine companies upside down. This variant does not appear to be reacting satisfactorily to coronavirus vaccines.

This is how more than 100 million contagions and 2.24 million deaths were counted by January 2021. Only just under 60% of the population has fully recovered.

That’s how coronavirus is putting humanity in check. This has caused governments to have been forced to take quarantine measures that have involved economic effects.

The economic effects of coronavirus have been felt in business and in jobs. An estimated 200 million jobs worldwide will be lost to coronavirus.

But let’s take a closer look at the situation and the economic impact that coronavirus has caused on the world

Affecting the world's finances in times of coronavirus
Affecting the world’s finances in times of coronavirus

Economic impact and how coronavirus vaccines will help us

Many businesses are at risk and with them thousands of jobs. The tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit. Starting with social estating and imposed quarantines, even travel restrictions have hit this industry. It has also been affected by fear of spreading, but there are countries that rely heavily on tourism to support the ups and down.

Automation changed the industrial structure of countries and has increasingly turned to entertainment and leisure.

This is how industries such as movie theaters, restaurants, nightclubs proliferate while increasing free time. However, this change in economic model at the moment brings with it great challenges.

These are the industries most affected. The face-to-face entertainment and tourism industry has been the hardest hit. But the lack of income in these industries and the lost jobs and consequent flow of money has ended up billing everyone.

However, other industries in turn have strengthened. Delivery companies, streaming entertainment companies and online stores are the most favored.

In this context, while some win and others lose. It will take a while to rearm the jobs. While some favor the situation of the coronavirus others suffer it and it is the latter that worry the world.

The manufacture of masks and the pharmaceutical industry in general have benefited.

In particular, the pharmaceutical industry involved in the development of coronavirus vaccines has had additional resources and is likely to have a significant uptick.

But let’s learn a little more about the coronavirus vaccines that are or will be available.

Coronavirus vaccines can save jobs
Coronavirus vaccines can save jobs

What we know about coronavirus vaccines

There are currently several pharmaceutical companies, supported by the governments of several countries, developing vaccines. That’s how we currently have the following vaccines.

  • The AstraZeneca vaccine: It is one of the most advanced and we will talk about later about its promising results. This vaccine was developed by British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. Its effectiveness is 70% according to studies. To do this, use a viral vector.
  • Pfizer BioNtech vaccine: The work done between the North American laboratory and the German laboratory has given excellent results. According to the records its effectiveness reaches 95% to prevent symptomatic infections. It uses messenger RNA from the virus.
  • Moderna: The vaccine of the US laboratory Moderna has an 94% effectiveness. It uses messenger RNA from the virus.
  • Sputnik V: The Russian vaccine despite being criticized for its rapid approval currently reflects a 95% effectiveness. This vaccine is not traditionally performed. This vaccine uses common cold viruses to carry covid-19 virus protein material on its tips.
  • Novavax: This VACCINE of U.S. origin is effective at 95% against the original coronavirus and 86% against the UK variant. Use nanotechnology to activate the immune system. They use virus-like nanoparticles and cover them with genetically modified proteins from the tips of the coronavirus.
  • Sinopharm: This Chinese vaccine has an effectiveness of 80% and part of the principle of inactivation of the virus by chemicals.
  • Johnson & Johnson: It is 66% effective but for the case of serious illness this effectiveness increases to 85%. Use viral vector technology.
  • Sinovac: With 49% efficacy for transmission, this Chinese vaccine is the least effective. It can prevent mild cases in 78% and 100% of moderate and severe cases. It helps reduce physical effects without reducing contagion to such an extent.
Vacunas contra el coronavirus son una esperanza
Vacunas contra el coronavirus son una esperanza

Hopeful news about the vaccine

Despite what we indicate about the AstraZeneca vaccine, there is hopeful news. This single-dose vaccine achieves its proposed effectiveness of about 70%. But when placing doses an additional dose spaced 3 months later it rises to 82%.

This would allow the transfer rate to be reduced faster than expected. Additionally we could achieve herd immunity in a short time, limiting the effects of coronavirus.

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This is certainly good news for citizens and for the economy. We hope that we will soon see a high percentage of vaccinated.