//International Day of Families
María Carolina Mirabal - Gustavo Mirabal's wife

International Day of Families

The family is the fundamental unit of society. That is why family is so important for the advancement of society. That’s why today we celebrate International Day of Families.

In the family, especially in the parents, we find our first teachers, that is why it is said that the first school is the home.

Hence the importance of healthy coexistence and putting values into practice. It is in the family space where an integral human being is formed, with values, who integrates easily into the dynamics of today’s society.

The support of families is something sublime for human beings. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who have no family and face a very difficult situation.

But what is family? A definition of “family” is:

“The family is a group of people who are united by blood and emotional ties and who generally live together”

Today this concept has been transformed. therefore the concept is also conditioned according to the individual characteristics of each family group.

Happy International Day of Families,2020 and Family is not about only blood,My wishes to Youtube fam

The role of parents in the family – International Day of Families

Parents are not only obligated to provide financial support for the home. In addition, parents should set an example and show appropriate behaviors in front of their children.

Undoubtedly the example that children receive at home is projected at school. If the family is violent this will be what the child will show, if the family is respectful, in this way the child will behave.

It is of utmost importance that parents maintain spaces to dialogue with their children. The recreation space strengthens the bonds of father and children.

In addition, teaching your children to respect other people and animals is vital. In this way they respect the opinions and conditions of people.

International Day of Family
International Day of Family

Origin of the International Day of Families

This date is timely to reinforce the importance of families. Already in the 80s, International Day of Families  was celebrated. But it is in the year 94 when it was made official by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Without a doubt this is a wise decision, since the family is the central nucleus of any society.

This is how international Family Day is celebrated since 1994. It’s twenty-six years of this beautiful celebration.

May 15 of each year is a representative date to highlight the value of family throughout the planet.

The family is the basis for human beings to integrate more easily into their environment. Indeed, a human being will or will not form in his family the ability to achieve the levels of coexistence where the rules and norms established in his society are respected. It all depends on your family’s behavior about it.

The international day of families is a day to reflect and to thank God for the beautiful family we have.

A family
A family

Role of the family in today’s society

Today, International Family Day, is an auspicious day to address the importance of this in society.

The family plays a fundamental role in society, this is the way in which human beings have reproduced. Marriage is the first step to it, even if it is no longer considered so important today.

It is in the family that these new men and women form their personality, their values and their style of coexistence. It is therefore important for parents to set a good example and teach their children based on values.

The importance of the figure of father and mother is the same for both, since they not only share expenses, but emotional support in difficult times.

In addition, emotional ties are established between the different members that comprise it. (Father, mother, children, grandparents).

Everything is changing, that is why there are currently other family models. This has been generated thanks to social and economic changes.

Today, society has had to adapt to the new roles that both women and men have played. For this reason, unconventional family structures have been created.

International Day of Families
International Day of Families

Mirabal Chapellín Family – International Day of Families

In the framework of the international day of families Gustavo Mirabal with his wife Carolina Chapellín and their children enjoy a special day to share.

Each member of this family values a healthy, harmonious and valueful life.

The example parents have set their children is admirable. They have taught them to respect others and to do altruistic actions.

On the other hand, the example of love and compassion for animals makes these children human beings with great nobility.

Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal has been a selfless mother and given to her children. She shows her children the importance of values such as honesty, responsibility, respect among others.

For his part, Gustavo Mirabal is one of those parents who talks to his children and speaks frankly to them about the world.

This is a wonderful family, thus becoming an example to follow …

G&C Farm 2014- Gustavo Mirabal Castro Family
G&C Farm 2014- Gustavo Mirabal Castro Family

An opportunity to get back to the roots

International Family Day is a day for reflection on its importance and how we can improve our world from our homes.

In this 2020, we had an unusual situation due to the current covid pandemic – 19. For this reason it is an opportunity to share some popcorns and see a reflective film on the importance of family. It is also ideal for playing a board game or just talking about a topic that you are passionate about.

The celebration of International Family Day is an occasion for families to express their solidarity. Also, to reflect on how to improve the relationship between all its members.

It should be noted that this important celebration takes place worldwide on May 15.

Gustavo Mirabal and Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal extend congratulations to all the families of the world.




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