//Women’s sexual and reproductive rights
Women Rights are Human Rights

Women’s sexual and reproductive rights

Today there are many advances that have been achieved in the area of women’s rights. However, there is a long way to go to ensure that this is fully achieved in all countries of the world. This is especially true regarding Women’s sexual and reproductive rights. That is why today we will talk about it.

It should be noted that there are countries where cultures and their vision are very archaic and events continue to occur that at this time should not happen.

For this reason, women’s struggle to achieve and enforce women’s sexual and reproductive rights continues.

For this, women have organized and raise their voices to make themselves felt before governments in order to respect and fulfill their sexual and reproductive rights.

Threats on women's rights in Europe - the case of abortion

The world problem of women’s right violation.

In developed countries womens count with laws and mecanism to make effective them rights right. In other on-development countris is not the same situation. Sometimes women have dificults to “make real” them rights.

There are countries in which women are stalked, intimidated or fisically attacked if they try to make effective Women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

Some goverments, religious groups or political leaders try to influence womens behavior about them sexual and reproductive decisions, like having or not a child or the contraceptive usage.

Limited control about their bodies are recurrent between women in countries without strong human rights protection systems.

Numbers indicate the situation:

  • 000 pregnant women die each year because health issues related to abortions in risky conditions.
  • Each year 16 million of teenagers gave birth.This situation is mainly related to forced sexual relationships and no-dessired pregnancies.
  • Between 120million and 140million women have been sexually mutilated in last years.

All indicators must lead us to a reflexion about women’s sexual and reproductive rights. This reflexion is not only for goverments and religious leaders. It is a call to all education system and cultural enviroment. All society must ask themself the next question ¿Which actions are we taken to improve this situation and reduce this numbers?The answer is very simple, we must push the goverments to apply policies that make women can excercise them rights efectively. It is not enough with “statements”. Women’s sexual and reproductive rights must be efectively excercised.

Women's sexual and reproductive rights
Women’s sexual and reproductive rights

Education as a key to achive respect of women’s sexual and reproductive rights

Knowledge is power, because of that the fastest a best way to change human mind is through education. For that it is talking about women empowerment and the best tool for achive it is education. Access to education for million of women arround the world.

There are many positive effects in massive women education. Some of that are:

  • Postpone maternity until reach maturity. This allow women take a concious decisión about maternity and chosse her couple.
  • Choose her couple and avoid forced marriage.
  • Choose her sexual orientation. This avoid future family problems and raise children in false family enviroments.

Actually, this situation is imposible in many countries, controlled by extremist positions. Therfore the importance of the efforts to spread masive education for women. This is the real source of change.

Women's sexual and reproductive rights
Women’s sexual and reproductive rights

Countries that are making progress about women’s rights.

There are countries where women excersise plenty her rights. Between this countries we can found: Portugal, Iceland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norwee and Finland.

We hope the rest of countries follow this examples in women’s sexual and reproductive rights:

  • Reffers europe there are countries like Iceland and Sweden. This countries aproved on 2018 a law recognicing sexual violence without consent as rape. However this wasn’t product of good luck. On contrary this is product of success of feminist organizations and NGO involved in this battle.
  • Later, Ireland women won a referendum to legalice abortion in the framework of women’s sexual and reproductive rights. Also in 2015 Ireland approved same-gender marriage.
  • Portugal, Spain, Norway, Finland and Denmark want to modify the legislation and the definition of rape.
  • If these countries can advance in favor of women’s rights, it is a great advance and an example for other nations.

What are sexual and reproductive rights?

Freedom, equality and dignity are the Human Rights that every human being counts. However in some countries these are not guaranteed.

Rights are executed by people and it is the State’s duty to guarantee and promote them through its laws and appropriate public policies.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights are part of Human Rights. Therefore they are proper to all people.

These Rights are intended to guarantee that people decide about their sexual and reproductive lives. Also that they can do it with freedom and confidence.

On the other hand, Sexual Rights refer to the freedom of people to exercise their sexuality in a healthy way. In other words, without any type of abuse, coercion, violence or discrimination.

Sexuality includes:

  • Sexual activity, gender identities, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction.
  • It is formed by the interaction of biological, psychological, social, economic elements, among others.
  • Finally, it is experienced and expressed through ideas, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behavior, and relationships.

A point of great importance in terms of Reproductive Rights is the freedom of people to decide whether or not to have children. As well as the quantity.

Access to information and planning to do so, and contraceptive methods. In addition to validating the appropriate services on pre and post natal health services.

Women Rights are Human Rights
Women Rights are Human Rights

Types of sexual and reproductive rights

In relation to the types of sexual and reproductive rights, there are the following:

  • The right to equality, the right to participation, regardless of their sex, sexuality or gender.
  • Right to life, liberty, security of the person and bodily integrity. As well as the right to privacy and personal independence
  • On the other hand, there is the Right to freedom of thought, expression, as well as health and education, these being fundamental in the development of society.
  • Those mentioned are the most important, although there are many more.

Education to improve the situation of women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

The empowerment of women is essential for the exercise of their sexual and reproductive rights. It should be noted that in many countries this is not viable due to their archaic cultures.

However, the day will come when women manage to have all their rights regardless of their geographical location.






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