//Horse Galileo, the most valued stallion in history

Horse Galileo, the most valued stallion in history

There is a saying in Venezuela that says “have to fame and lie a sleep” … In the case of horses, the saying would say something like “have to fame and lie down every day, but not to sleep..”. Horses to be valued should prove their greatest potential, and then become to Sires or Stallions. Today we will tell you the story of the horse Galileo, the most valued stallion in history.

But to know Galileo we will have to understand how the assessment of a stallion is performed. We will know how to make the classification of a stallion, the ranking available and the valuations to be exposed.

A stallion or sire is a horse destined to procreation. Demonstrating their genetic potential is what makes them highly valued. Horse breeders spend their time watching the best crosses and training the horses to show the potential that they play on paper.

Galileo is the horse that has reached the highest tariffs per mare covered, as it is known. Despite his death in 2021, no horse has yet succeeded in reaching the tariffs paid to the owners of Galileo.

Let us know a little more about the process of valuing a stallion and as Galileo became the most valued stallion in history.

Without more to add, let’s start.

Galileo - the story of the super-stallion - in the words of Aidan O'Brien and MV Magnier

The stallion, the center of the horse-breeding business.

Horses today are a great deal. But like every business, it has a “core business” that is not necessarily visible to the viewers.

Let’s put the example of Mc Donald’s. The famous hamburger franchise represents for most people the food business. However, great business strategists have analyzed the core business of Mc Donald’s and have realized that they go further.

In the film “The Founder” we can see the story of Ray Kroc, the seller who helped convert Mc Donald’s to a franchise on a global scale. He realized that the only way to have control of the business was through the possession of the land in which the establishments were located.

Thanks to this forecast, Ray Kroc was acquiring more influence and power and a steady flow of cash to then become the mark. This business model stays this way. With this we can realize that the core business of Mc Donald’s is the real estate business, and not the business of hamburgers.

In the same way as for Mc Donald’s business are real state, the stallion and the horse breeding is the core of the horse business. The races, the jump competitions and all around are configured as a way to test the value of the horses. But it is in the reproduction of these where the real business is.

By Galileo he was the most valuable horse in the world, considering it was worth $200 million. But let’s get to know how the stallion works at the center of the horse-breeding business.

Knowing the core of a business is fundamental
Knowing the core of a business is fundamental

Horse breeding, real business.

Sports competitions and sports bets give sustenance to a process that allows the best horses to decant. Otherwise, it would be a process that would have to be paid for the breeders.

However, thanks to the fans of horse sports, breeders can take their horses to the slopes and receive an income. In this way, the process of selecting the best horses is based on their own. Competences pay the bills of feeding the horses.

But the business isn’t really in the prizes. A horse that has proved to be a portent and have the necessary genetics will then become a stallion.

A mare that has proved to be a winner will be a breeding mare. But reproduction carries many more risks to the mare than for the stallion. The gestation of a horse takes 11 months. While the mare is pregnant, the horse continues to mount mares one after another.

In this way, a high-level stallion horse can ride mares one after another charging for each mount. That’s where the main business of a horse breeder is, to have a top-level stallion.

Additionally, you can use your own stud and mares to raise new descendants and obtain a new generation of studs and mares.

Horse races are exciting and a great hobby. Jumping horses show elegance, strength and the union between man and horse. But the horse business is not in the sport, but in the breeding of horses. Sport is the way to attract new customers and to separate the wheat from the shearing.

What Galileo did to become the most valued stallion in history.

Galileo was a stallion who won the greatest victories in his career. His career track record in the last 3 years was as follows:

  • 28 wins in G1-grade races.
  • 15 wins in G2-grade races.
  • 37 wins in G3 races.

Because these rankings are measured for the last 3 years, Galileo’s record has been descending. With all this, Galileo is still in fourth place in the ranking on February 19, 2023.

Certainly, Galileo proved his worth through his own successes. But he has also shown through his nurtured offspring his genetic strength. He has built 338 classic horse racing winners.

But above all else, Galileo is the father of Frankel, the horse who is currently of the second most valued stallion in the world in the ranking. Certainly, Galileo gave a lot of whether and proved what it means to be the best.

Horse Galileo the most valued stallion in history
Horse Galileo the most valued stallion in history

Well says the saying, raise fame and lie down …

Thanks to Galileo’s demonstrations of power and success, he became the most valued stallion in history. As mentioned above, each Galileo mountainton cost 700K dollars and without ensuring if the mare was pregnant.

This was how Galileo’s demonstrations on the horse racing tracks resulted in Galileo’s security and revenue for his owner. That’s why we claim that the real business of horses is in the breeding of these, and stallioses are the spearhead.

Currently the most valued stallion is Dubawi IRE is far from the rates that came to be collected Galileo. Galileo is in the ranking yet but his physical disappearance prevents him from competing or riding.

Therefore, for entrepreneurs, people, or horses, to take advantage of youth and the first compasses to demonstrate our competence is so important. Thanks to this we will be able to rest and have our reputation speak for us.