//Media do “dirty” work against Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro Victories

Media do “dirty” work against Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Venezuela’s media attacks Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Through a smear campaign against the Caracas horseman they seek to destroy his career.

There is a constant offensive sowing hatred, rejection and quarrel.

And it seems that being successful was sin or triumph doing unusual things is a crime.

The whole problem of Gustavo Mirabal Castro is to have created in 2009 a farm for the promotion of equestrian sport.

Media against Gustavo Mirabal

For months the hate campaign has been accentuating and the negative news as well.

Speculating, offending and judging without having the certainty that things are as they arise in social networks.

But what is hidden behind this macabre scenario?

There is a machinery that feeds on gossip, entertainment and family problems to take advantage and increase their rankings.

Gustavo Mirabal and Media
Gustavo Mirabal and Media

Gabriela Mirabal, the sister

Without looking or measuring the damage done (impeded by his psychological situation), the sister of this rider, María Gabriela Mirabal Castro has not only turned her aggressions against her own brother.

But these have gone against the rest of his family, against the houses of study in which their own children were living and against their neighbors (among which is the former rector of the CNE Vicente Díaz).

Even putting his own American visa at risk, he has made serious accusations using the names of American senators.

One can not blame all those painful situations on a person who is not in full use of his psychic faculties.

However, the effort of Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro to avoid a direct confrontation with his own sister, he avoids harming her, even though he is publicly and unjustly attacked by her.

The Crazy Man

Along this road of construction are many challenges and struggles, plus the persevering reaches.

In this sense, one of the hardest things that this rider has faced is the fact of succeeding even if others say NO.

“At the beginning they saw us as some crazy South Americans trying to do something impossible in a world as competitive as the horses,” said Mirabal.

In an interview, the athlete said that opening G & C Farm, his equestrian farm, is something extraordinary that opened many doors.

As a lawyer and horseman Mirabal Castro gave a great growth. He connected with other athletes. Triumph.

“The look of other people, including that of many Venezuelans who did not believe at first the determination I had to achieve my dream was hard,” he said.

However, neither envy nor criticism or false accusations have stopped him. This rider did the dirty work of making his wishes come true.

“Like everything in life when you achieve success and do things well, comes criticism, envy, etc.”, he explained.

Once G & C Farm opens its doors in 2009, the new level for Mirabal Castro begins.

Many riders will be trained in that space classified as a “Disney World Equestrian”.

That success raises criticism, envy, to what the Creole rider replied:

“When I listened to criticism I always remembered Sancho’s words when he said: dogs bark and Quixote answered: it will be because we move forward”.

The best teaching

The trajectory of Mirabal has inspired other riders and is a good legacy for their children.

After asking him about what is the most important thing he wants to convey to his offspring he said:

“My main legacy is that nothing comes of luck. The luck comes when you are looking for the doors to open and from so much searching, trying, working and knowing how to be at the right moment are opened”.

For this Caraqueño, who started riding at age 9 “luck is having health, your family is healthy, success is perseverance, work, there is no other way”.

Finally, we found that Gustavo Mirabal Castro did the “dirty” job of paving the way for his generation. He continue the legacy of his parents as a lawyer and to spearhead as an athlete.

As mentioned in other installments, the integrity of a person, their success and guts are not the result of “a stroke of luck”. This things are the result of a disciplined work, with vision and commitment.





If you want to know more about Gustavo Mirabal or Equestrian Word, go to:

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