//The horse in chess (the Knight) – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The horse in chess (the Knight) – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The role of horse has been present in all facets of the human being. This animal has provided great contributions for the evolution of the human being. In this way the horse is present in one of the playful games such as chess. This being a discipline that even has participation in international competitions. For this important reason we will talk a little about the horse in chess, also it is known as the knight.

We can see that horses in chess have the noble mission of protecting the king. In this sense they function as escorts and faithful assistants who protect the king even with his life. This piece, like the horse in chess, represents the royal knights in combat

The mobilization of the horse in chess is through the sliding of these turning on all kinds of difficulties. In this way it works on own pieces and enemy pieces.

Knights of the South Bronx 2005 (Los caballeros del sur del Bronx TV) Fragmento de película

Where is the horse in chess board?

Chess Set, horse in chess
Chess Set, horse in chess

On the chess board there are two types of horses which we will mention next the lady’s horse and the king’s horse:

  • When starting the game of chess, each participant has two horses. One placed on the flank lady column B, CB1 for the white side. Also the CB8 for the black group, these are designated the lady horse.
  • It also has another horse that is located on the king’s flank, placed in column G, CG1 for the white side. Also the CG8 for the black side, these are called king horses.

Meaning of the horse in chess

The horse piece in chess has its own meaning being this a minor piece of chess. It has an approximate cost of three pawns and its movement similar to an “L”. A differentiating element in relation to the other pieces is that it can skip intermediate pieces. Also capture by taking the square occupied by the disputing piece.


At the beginning of a tournament, each player has two pieces that are prepared in columns B and G. in relation to colors it is given in the first row for white and in the eighth for black.

As for people who have not experimented with the game of chess, he has some fear of the horse’s role in chess. Well, they don’t understand what their dynamics are in the game as their movement is, being surprised by the tactics of the possessor

The horse in chess is used in most chess variants, usually in the same position as the western version. It also maintains its special movement.

As if that were not enough, the nightrider is a piece that has an inclination similar to the horse. This was created for use in chess problems.

Functionality of the horse in chess

Depending on the horse that is whether it is that of the lady or that of the king it will have its own way of playing and moving to, through the chess board.

One way to drive its movement is by moving two boxes forward, backward, right or left. You can also do it in a box to the side.

The horse does not demand that the routes through which it is moved be free of its own pieces or of the contestant.

In relation to the value of a horse it is subtly superior to three pawns and approximately equal to a bishop.

In this sense, since their value is similar and their mobility is low, bishops and horses constitute the set of small pieces.

The functionality of attacking the horse is made exclusively by the final square, which is always the opposite color of the square where it is located at the beginning.

How is the movement of the horse in chess

Movement of horse in chess
Movement of horse in chess

His way of jumping is done as follows: the horse is lifted from the starting box. Then one advances in a straight line in a path equivalent to the tower but only one square per column or row

Subsequently, the movement continues with only one square crosswise, to be the final square controlled or attacked by the horse.

The horse in the center: it is located in square e4, it can attack eight squares. That is, the Ce4 can be located in the dark colored boxes: f2, g3, g5, f6, d6, c5, c3 and d2.

The horse at the edge of the board: located in box d1, can jump to 4 squares: f2, e3, c3 and b2.

The horse in a corner of the board: located in square a1 can, jump only to two squares: c2 and b3.

Origin of Chess and the representation of the horse in the game

There are legends that allude to the genesis of the chess game so they mention the Brahmin Sissa created the chaturanga. That is why he has the role of being the oldest precursor of the chess tournament.

Chess piece - Black knight (or horse)
Chess piece – Black knight (or horse)

Therefore, at the request of the Indian Raja Balhait, the creator of chess, the Brahmin Sissa was founded on the images of the Army of India. This being the very important reason for including the horse as a distinctive form of cavalry and the role they played in the armies during combat.

According to Greek accounts, this was the constitution of the army of India since the fourth century B.C.

Chess at the beginning had the name of the word Chaturanga. This means that it is attributed to the parts of the army in the Ramadan and the Mahabharata. Therefore the ashwa is the Sanskrit signal for the horse animal.

In various languages such as Persian the piece was designated Asp and in Arabic Faras, you are with the same meaning as in Sanskrit. In Spain and Portugal the piece retained the original meaning in Sanskrit. However, in countries such as France, Italy and the United Kingdom its meaning was modified in order to symbolize cavalry. This action was influenced by medieval virtues that handle the game as an allegory to shape society.

In other countries it acquires different meanings, such as in German, the piece achieved a different list where Springer is designated as jumper.


Chess game icons

The oldest devices found are from the set of Afrasiab pieces from which two horses were found. These pieces are about three centimeters tall. They also have the shape of an armed warrior mounted.

Subsequently, we opted for the elaboration of more sober and stylized sketches. These were developed by Muslims reaching the prohibition of Islam to symbolize living figures.

In the set of pieces of Ager, the horse in chess is a cylindrical block with inscriptions on the sides.

The widely known current format of the piece was created in the 15th century in Europe. It was also motivated by the beginning of the Renaissance era in which the workers embodied in the piece the deflation of classical culture. Therefore they adopted a cemented design in the figures of Ancient Greece.

The game of chess as a transformer

The game of chess is very interesting, it has even been implemented in educational institutions. Internationally there are chess tournament competitions where various countries of the world participate.

This is a tool that serves to develop people’s mathematical logical thinking. Also the play means reasoning, strategies and decisions. For this reason, participants should think very well about their movements. In effect this can mean defeat or victory.

There is a Disney Channel movie where they show how chess meant the change of life of a group of children from a population of Africa. This production is interesting because it shows how perseverance and discipline can make a difference.

Queen of Katwe - Official Trailer

Added to this when people want to leave an indelible mark on people they can do it as was the teacher who trained them and motivated them to move forward.

This game of chess should be part of the recreational activities of educational institutions in the world.

As we can see the horse has earned a place in chess. Undoubtedly this animal will continue to accompany us in many aspects of the human.






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