//Gustavo Mirabal: Madrid, Spain to Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Gustavo Mirabal: Madrid, Spain to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We have spoken several times about Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his “journey” from its beginnings to its success. A journey with great challenges and obstacles that Gustavo Mirabal has overcome and thanks to which he has grown as a person and professional. Today we will talk about the transition and the motivations that led him from Madrid, Spain to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With nothing else to add, let’s get started.

Through numerous articles we have told you about the passions of Gustavo Mirabal Castro. No doubt laws and horses are the great inheritance his father left him. Also the deep interest in being independent and having your own business.

But beyond this, the thirst for knowledge has also prompted him to be an avid reader and traveler. This is how travel is one of the great passions of this Venezuelan entrepreneur. The famous financial advisor knows the importance of understanding the laws and culture of each country. Beyond the purely professional interest, Gustavo Mirabal has a vital interest in cultural diversity.

Together with his wife and children, they have discovered the magic behind the idiosyncrasies of their inhabitants every country they visit. This is how after visiting Spain, whose roots are seen today in Venezuela thanks to the process of colonization and European immigration, one of the things that caught Gustavo’s attention was the profound Arab influence in Spain both in its architecture and in its gastronomy. This made Dubai’s election not only financial but culturally merits. But let’s find out a little more about it.

Flight from Madrid to Dubai
Flight from Madrid to Dubai

Gustavo Mirabal in Spain

Upon his arrival in Spain, Gustavo Mirabal discovered the closeness that his native Country, Venezuela, had with “the motherland”. Some deny their cultural roots. But when we eat a paella, we pray to God in a church or just speak Spanish we remember “the Spanish” is part of our identity. It is useless to try to understand Venezuela without the colonial influence and without the subsequent influence of European immigrants.

Venezuelan rich cuisine is half-breed as our skin color, our religiosity and our heritage. The “Bolívar squares” in Venezuela are nothing more than the reflection of the colonial structure.  In colonial urbanism, around the main square is organized the clergy and the government, its two main institutions.

Thus, when he arrived in Madrid from the US no longer as a tourist, but as a villager, he began to notice similarities and differences with Venezuela. This is how he came across a characteristic element of modern Spain: Multiculturalism. Spain has a “Spanish identity”, but under its cloak covers several “nations”. That is why we see the statutes of autonomy and speak of the Basque Country as a “country”.

In Spain we find Catalan, Basque and Galician to cite some examples of regional languages in Spain. Having different languages within a country is one of the keys to understanding that each region has its own history.

Managing multiple cultural expressions might seem complicated, but it really enriches a nation’s heritage.

Noticing the Arab influence of aroused curiosity in the entrepreneur and financial adviser. There he began to draw up a plan to learn about the Arab culture that led to the discovering of Dubai as a paradise for investment.

Cordoba Mosque - Arab influence in Spain aroused Gustavo Mirabal's curiosity
Cordoba Mosque – Arab influence in Spain aroused Gustavo Mirabal’s curiosity

Gustavo Mirabal and his family in Madrid, Spain

Every country where the Mirabal-Chapellin family has been has left them beautiful memories. But Spain still has a quiet place in their hearts. There they discovered renewed respect for animals and equestrian sports. Let us remember the extensive equestrian tradition not only of Spain but of Europe in general. As a result, Gustavo Mirabal and his family received greater attention and respect than they even received when speaking in the U.S. of their equestrian Disney.

Their journeys in the equestrian world led them to build great relationships and rub shoulders with European nobility. They also befriended renowned equestrian talents such as Sergio Alvarez Moya. It was through and with him that they led his G&C Farm to one of his greatest hits with the victory at the Cannes Grand Prix. There G&C Arrayan with Alvarez Moya achieved the first place in the competition.

A renewed respect for the facilities of G&C Farm in Spain after this achievement brought him great friendships. This also brought the envy of some who wished to hold such a distinction. Great men always arouse the envy of small hearts.

And although Madrid became his second home, Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s journey was not over. After opening the door of curiosity for the Arab world thanks to the tradition of Spanish this door would not return.

Gustavo’s research led him to discover Dubai’s remarkable tax advantages in the United Arab Emirates. After that, a couple of trips and investigations gave Gustavo Mirabal the certainty that Dubai would be his next destination.

Dubai and equestrian tradition was important for Gustavo Mirabal
Dubai and equestrian tradition was important for Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal’s trip from Spain to Dubai

This last trip with his family was already intended to settle in Dubai, at least until his “new destination”. Mirabal & Asociados’ facilities were ready for installation. Just a week before its inauguration, the Chapellin-Mirabal family set off on their new adventure. What would this new place bring you? Undoubtedly many experiences to enrich your already nurtured arsenal of experiences.

The inauguration would be the beginning of a great dream, the internationalization of the investment operations of Mirabal & Asociados. But this is not the end, but as we said it is just the beginning.

A journey that hasn’t ended

Gustavo Mirabal’s journey isn’t over. The internationalization of Mirabal & Asociados and G&C Farm is in process.

While it is true that G&C Farm was paused, when we talk about a man’s passions they never fall asleep at all. Gustavo Mirabal’s equestrian prestige precedes him and the equestrian tradition of Arab countries is an incentive.

This trip promises to extend to the eastern countries but it is still early to think of the new destination. But both Mirabal & Asociados and G&C Farm are destined to become companies internationally. Gustavo Mirabal’s determination and the support of his family, especially Maria Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal, are there to make it happen.

It’s definitely a story you want to know about and that we want to tell you in the near future. The expansion of Gustavo Mirabal’s operations is just one more sign of Gustavo Mirabal’s success.  We can say that Gustavo Mirabal’s success is not due to chance but to perseverance.

We will meet at an upcoming opportunity to tell you more about Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s trip to the next new destination.