//Lazlos, the Muhammad’s horse
Lazlos horse of Muhammad

Lazlos, the Muhammad’s horse

Lazlos the horse of the Prophet Muhammad and the spirituality in Islam.

The horse was an animal that carried on its back the man who thought, sighed, understood designs. He became brave as he traveled in the penetrating dunes of the desert in the Arab countries.

In this way, with this important mission came Lazlos a horse given by a governor of Egypt to the Prophet Muhammad.

Importance of Lazlos the horse of Muhammad

Quickly the founding prophet of Islam thought of a name for such an important gift. He decided to call him Lazlos, which means “desert horse”.

Because he knew that more than a means of transportation. Lazlos would be his companion, confidant, guardian of long days and nights in solitude to expand the purpose of Allah (God of this religion).

Muhammad and his horse Lazlos
Muhammad and his horse Lazlos

Lazlos lived next to Mahoma some of the most famous moments of Islam. One of them was his entrance from Muhammad to Mecca. Meca is the sacred place of Islam and currently the main pilgrimage site.

Accordingly, Muhammad faithfully trusted his transit over the equine, thus achieving followers, visiting oases, acting as mediator between neighboring tribes.

Likewise, in favor of consolidating the Islamic religion, he led armies, assaulted caravans of merchants, and fought against non-Muslims.

From this vision, Lazlos, the horse of Muhammad, awoke in the prophet an infinite love and gratitude for the horses, especially for the mares.

The Legend of Muhammad as the creator of the Arabian horse breed:

In the beginnings of Islam, the prophet to achieve more followers thought about two main aspects: religious fervor and having fast horses.

Muhammad worried about having a better breed of pure horses, selected a group of horses. After that, Muhammad deprived them of water for seven days.

Later he left them free to drink. Just before reaching the place where the water was, Muhammad called them. Only five mares came to his call. Those five mares would be the ones selected to form the Arabian horse breed.

However Lazlos Muhammad’s horse was one of the favorites, since it allowed him to live great moments to maintain the principles of Islam.

Phrases of the Koran inspired by Lazlos the horse of Muhammad

In the Koran there are phrases that denote the transcendence of horses of the Arab race for the spirituality of the human being.

Among which we can mention “The devil will never dare to enter a shop inhabited by an Arab horse”

He also wrote: “The more barley grains you give to your horse, the more sins you will be forgiven.”

In short, both phrases warn about the purity of horses as animals at the service of man.

Also, the way a man treats his horse can help him mitigate his sins. This was a part of the concerns of the great prophet Muhammad.

There is no doubt about the recognition, gratitude and commitment that the horse of Mohammed was born from Lazlos on the relationship between man and horse. This allowed to maintain the lineage of Arabian equines that among its characteristics highlights its beauty, intelligence and good health.

The role of Muhammad and Lazlos in history

Battle of Badr
Battle of Badr

In short, humanity rests on different forms of thought and belief in God from its essence as creator of the whole.

However, the eastern Arab countries specifically Muslims keep their precepts, philosophy and ways of life keeping the reference to the Prophet Muhammad.

It is important to note that before Muhammad, there was a large list of messengers sent by God. They had the mission of helping humanity to care for creation. Among them, it is worth mentioning: Abraham, Moses and Jesus of Nazareth.

With this story happened in Saudi Arabia between the years 570 to 632 d.C. the horses like Lazlos, the horse of Mahoma not only was one of the main means of transport, also accompanied to the man in moments of war and peace.

Finally on the back of Lazlos, rests the most radiant moments of the great prophet. The precepts that defined Islam as a religion in the Middle East. Beside him he developed the prayers that Muhammad would recite to Allah in moments of meditation. It is conflict, serenity and glory, therefore its value in history as a noble and resilient animal.







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