//The horse in the Netflix series, and in his films
A rienda suelta - El caballo en las series de Netflix

The horse in the Netflix series, and in his films

The origin of horse film is linked to the very origin of cinema. But even since its very origin, it keeps its presence in force. This is how with the advent of streaming services the horse has also become present. Netflix is the main streaming platform and this article would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about the horse in the Netflix series.

Movies and horse series are Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s favorite films. That’s why talking about the horse in the Netflix series is a way to honor horses and their validity in the audiovisual arts.

Then this trip will take us to know the horse and horse movies in the Netflix series. This will be a horseback riding trip… Prepare yourself.

The origin of cinema

The origin of the cinema is in the capture of static images. That’s why he shares much of his story with photography. Although the Lumiére brothers were their inventors there were many previous contributions that concluded with cinema as we know it.

That is why we will go back to 1878 and to Eadweard Muybridge. An English photographer whose main works were done in the USA.

There was doubt at the time whether the horse took off at the same time its four legs from the ground as it ran. A wealthy enthusiast offered twenty-five thousand dollars to anyone who could solve the mystery with evidence.

Muybridge researched to make a camera and a film that quickly captured the movement. He then placed 24 cameras synchronized one after the other to capture different moments of the horse’s movement.

In this way Eadweard Muybridge managed to immortalize the movement of the horse and by playing the sequence we had the first animation of real images. This was the forerunner of the moving image and finally of cinema.

Eadweard Muybridge's Sequence of Photographs
Eadweard Muybridge’s Sequence of Photographs

Horse cinema

We’ve talked about equestrian or horse-related movies before. Among them we can mention The Longest Ride, Mustang or The horse Whisperer. In all of them the horse is an ally and a catalyst for the transformation of the human being.

This is how thanks to this mystical connection between man and horse, the horse in the Netflix series has become very popular.

In particular, Mustang and The Horse Whisperer are films that invite us to conscience. In both man through the knowledge of the horse knows himself. Below we will give a brief overview of the aforementioned films.


An independent film about a penalty reduction work program for U.S. inmates. It follows the story of a tormented man who wishes to remain in the prison system so as not to suffer.

However the work program offered is not common and brings it closer to the taming of wild horses. Thus, the protagonist is reflected in the lockdown of the horse, learning about affections and freedom.

The Horse Whisperer

In this film starring Robert Redford, a girl, a man and a horse heal their physical and spiritual wounds.

A girl and her horse suffer an accident that leaves them very affected. Only through therapy and their work together will they ever be who they were again. To achieve her goal, the girl’s mother is looking for Robert Redford, a very special man.

Robert Redford is what is known as a “horse whisperer.” Through their ability to connect with them it allows them to help them recover after trauma.

The Longest Ride

It’s the story of love between a rodeo rider and a girl whose love is bound by responsibility and the past. Thanks to a history of the past they will get a way to overcome obstacles and their fears. An excellent romantic film that reminds us of traditional values and that there is always an option.

The Longest Ride Movie Poster
The Longest Ride Movie Poster

Top 5 horse movies.

Some of these horse movies will be made on Netflix. Here’s the top 5 of all-time equestrian films:

  • The horse whisperer.
  • Seabiscuit.
  • Secretariat.
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
  • War Horse
The Horse Whisperer (1998)
The Horse Whisperer (1998)

Genres of movies and horse series on Netflix.

Movies and series tend to be grouped into genres. These genres generally reflect the narrative structure and themes covered. Some more original than others, we can always find reminiscences or combinations of them. Here are the most common genres of horse movies on Netflix (and outside Neflix):

  • Western: The traditional cowboy movie. Whether traditional or not so traditional, the old-west cowboy has the narrative structure of good versus evil. The taming of the wild in the face of civilization that must be faced using force. Here the cowboy confronts the Indian, the unknown, the wild and the cowboy who wants power. Here you will find many shots, duels, taverns and horseback riding.
  • Period: Period films use the horse as a means of transport and work tool. Without the machinery on fuel, the horse played a very important role in human society. These films remind us of simpler times when we depended on nature.
  • Horseback Riding: The most modern films focus on horseback riding and horse racing as an activity of enjoyment. Still many of them focus on sport and the natural and mystical connection with the horse. They are undoubtedly films of self-improvement and growth.
Free rein - The Horse in the Netflix Series - Horseback genre
Free rein – The Horse in the Netflix Series – Horseback genre

Horse Series on Netflix

  • Heartland: A series that continues to air already has at least 11 seasons. It tells the story of a family that runs a ranch dedicated to healing troubled horses. Definitely a series of Netflix horses to keep in mind.
  • Free Rein: A recent series that is becoming popular very quickly. A teenage city decides to spend the holidays with her mother on a small island and where she discovers a mysterious horse. The two will come very close and discover the spirit of friendship.
  • Spirit Riding Free: One of Netflix’s most important horse series. It is a sequel to the most recognized horse films ” Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”
  • Spirit Riding Free – Riding Academy:
  • Bojack Horseman
  • My Little Pony
Heartland - The Horse in the Netflix Series
Heartland – The Horse in the Netflix Series

Gustavo Mirabal loves the horse in the Netflix series.

No doubt Gustavo Mirabal loves Netflix movies and horse series. He generally loves all movies and horse series but Netflix has been key to preserving this genre. The horse in the Netflix series is a reminder of our present and our future.

And it’s important because the horse in the cinema reminds us of its role in human life. And it also reminds us of our connection to nature and how similar we can be to horses.

Without a doubt full of experiences to live.