//The Mustang the movie of sundance

The Mustang the movie of sundance

Since its inception, cinema has involved the horse in its productions. That is why a lot of cinematographic productions include the horse within the main characters. In many cases, the cinematographic stories revolve around the protagonist and his horse. In this installment we will delve into The Mustang the movie.

The production called The Mustang is performed by Matthias Schoenaerts, Jason Mitchell, Gideon Adlon, Connie Britton and Bruce Dern. The main story of this film focuses on the life of a convict who participates in a rehabilitation program based on the training of wild horses of the Mustang race.

THE MUSTANG | Official Trailer | Focus Features

The Mustang the movie is a dramatic genre production that recently debuted. This film production is governed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre based on the script prepared with the participation of several writers, among them we can mention the following: by Clermont-Tonnerre, Mona Fastvold and Brock Norman Brock.

For many animal lovers, watching movies of different species is a delight, especially when it comes to dogs, horses or cats. However, there is a part of society that belong to animal protection organizations. Many of these organizations disagree with these initiatives. These organizations argue that in the filming there is animal abuse. To the point that many times they call for a boycott of this type of cinematographic productions.

The Mustang premiere

The film premiered worldwide at the Sundance Film Festival on January 31, 2019. It also premiered in the United States on March 15, 2019, by Focus Features.

This is an excellent film that leaves us with a great message that everything can be achieved if we really want to help the convicts. It also shows us how the strength of love and forgiveness can make a difference in the change of a human being

Casting of The Mustang the movie

The mustang and Roman Coleman
The mustang and Roman Coleman


  • Matthias Schoenaerts as Roman Coleman: this has been the main protagonist of the movie The Mustang. It is about a man who accidentally kills his wife and goes to jail. In this process is his little daughter in charge of his grandmother. This has an unresolved issue so it is full of anger and hatred. The prison center makes the decision to incorporate it into some activities where the horses are. After this they include it in the Mustang Horse Training Program that is later auctioned.
  • Jason Mitchell as Henry: He is the friend of Roman Coleman who gives valuable tips on how to approach the horse.
  • Bruce Dern as Myles: He is responsible for the training program and horses, this is very strict but seeks that men achieve the goal of tame horses.
  • Gideon Adlon as Martha: she plays the role of the daughter of the protagonist Roman Coleman, who visits him frequently at the penitentiary center and who as a child sends letters to release his father.
  • Connie Britton as the Psychologist: this is in charge of monitoring the behaviors of the inmates.

Production of the movie The Mustang

Inmates ridding freely
Inmates ridding freely

For the year 2017, it was announced that Matthias Schoenaerts and Jason Mitchell would participate in the cast of the film, with Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre directing a script she wrote, along with Mona Fastvold and Brock Norman Brock.

In this sense the channels Canal + and cinemax were in charge of producing the film, along with Alain Goldman and Molly Hallam as producer and executive producer under his company Legende.

In October of 2017, Susan Sarandon, Gideon Adlon, Bruce Dern and Josh Stewart joined the cast of the film.

Without a doubt, the actors who participated in the movie The Mustang did an impeccable job. The space where it was shot, the emotional, the mixture of emotions of the protagonist and the horse. It is worth crying to see the scenes so moving.

The main message is that there are second chances when there is true repentance. It is the horse that touches the deepest fiber of Roman Coleman. From then on the change is imminent.

From then on a visible change is seen in this man who has been full of rage for so long.

” It is a touching and original work of sentimental humanism. Schoenaerts is excellent (…) You will not be able to predict the end and it is beautiful ” Owen Gleiberman: Variety

Description of The Mustang the movie

Roman Coleman is a man deprived of liberty with a quantity of 12 years in a penitentiary center. The behavior presented by this man is anger and violence, his relationship with other colleagues is zero. Even the relationship with her daughter becomes tense during visits.

Then they incorporate him into a training program for wild Mustang horses. The horse that corresponds to him to train is a mirror for the one because this one is indomitable from the beginning. He does not want to be tamed by anyone because his longing is freedom.

So then the protagonist Roman Coleman takes a step forward accepting the difficult challenge and enters as a participant in the riding program to try to rehabilitate. At first it was not easy for Roman because there were failed attempts since Roman Coleman did not have the remotest idea of how to approach the horse which brought him problems.

One day Roman hit the horse because of his helplessness and desperation to achieve what he wanted. Roman tried to get the horse’s attention and the horse paid no attention to him. Because of that Coleman was expelled from the program.

Taming the wild Mustang
Taming the wild Mustang


The return of Roman Coleman to the program (part 2 of The mustang the movie)

Days later a storm approaches. To move the horses to a safe place they turn to all the convicts who have worked with them, including Roman. Thanks to his behavior under pressure and what he reflected during his departure from the horses he was reinserted into the program. Thanks to his change of attitude, Toman helped to put the horses safely with great mastery.

With great zeal, Roman continues trying to improve with the reading of some equestrian magazines and with the advice given by a partner of the program, Henry. Henry teaches him how to approach the horse through reading body language. Roman keeps trying but without hitting.

At the time, Roman tired and practically giving up he sat in the center of the place where he trained with the assigned horse. It is at that moment when the horse finally approaches and touches it, a special connection between these two emerging. The pressure of Roman to approach away the horse but seeing the sadness of Roman the horse decides to comfort him and give him a chance.


A new beginning for Roman Coleman (part 3 of The mustang the movie)

The Sense of Freedom
The Sense of Freedom

From then on the training becomes more bearable. However, the day of the auction, everything went wonderfully until it corresponds to the turn of Román Coleman with the Mustang horse. Out of nowhere a helicopter appears flying over and the horse is out of control since they are conditioned with this sound as it associates it with when they were caught.

Unfortunately Román Coleman falls to the ground injured. Due to this incident they suspend the program and intend to sacrifice the horse. So Roman Coleman manages and frees the Mustang horse.

The relationship that arises between the horse and the protagonist of the story The Mustang brings as a positive effect that the behavior of both change forever. As well as that together try to understand their immediate surroundings.

After this there is a real change and a longing for freedom on the part of Roman Coleman who by that time is already a grandfather. The most important thing is that Roman already sees life in a totally different way.

Currently in several detention centers in the United States this wonderful program of horse training is carried out. So the prisoners when they achieve their freedom have a new office to perform. Besides the benefit that this program has in the behavior of these men.

Difficult relationship between Roman Coleman and his daughter
Difficult relationship between Roman Coleman and his daughter

The message of The Mustang the movie

The message that this wonderful movie called The Mustang leaves us is that man has the ability to change. Just as animals have a calming effect on humans, even though the horses that are there are in the wild, they manage to be tamed so that other human beings can incorporate them into their activities.

On the other hand, love and forgiveness can mark a before and after in human beings.










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