//Equestrian tourism, a way to connect with nature
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Equestrian tourism, a way to connect with nature

Equestrian tourism

Tourism is now an important economic activity for many countries. As a result, an innovative activity called Equestrian Tourism has been developed. Expenditures made by leisure and business travelers tend to be generous. In many countries, the development of the tourism industry has diversified into a multitude of sectors according to the increasingly varied preferences of travellers or tourists. Tourism is driven by the need to know new things, to learn but also to do it in an experiential way.

Tourism, according to the World Tourism Organization, is defined as “the activities that people carry out during their travels and stays in places other than their usual environment for a consecutive period of time of less than one year, for leisure, business or other purposes”.

Equestrian tourism
Equestrian tourism

Tourism as we know it today was born with the industrial revolution in the nineteenth century when the steam engine made it possible to create mass means of transport such as the steamboat and the train. This allowed the displacement of large masses of people beyond migration and war but for leisure, shortening distances.

Natural tourism or Back to the origins

One of the biggest trends is the “return to the origins” or natural tourism. Within this category are:

  • Ecotourism: Based on direct contact with nature
  • Ornithology: A version of ecotourism can be considered tourism dedicated to bird watching
  • Agrotourism and Agroecotourism: Focused on showing agro-industrial production processes and the participation of tourists in these processes.
  • Rural tourism: it takes place in rural areas and attracts tourists interested in learning about its gastronomy, ways of life, traditions and customs, handicrafts, among other things. This tourism depends a lot on the friendliness of the inhabitants of rural areas.
  • Ichthyotourism: Focused on sport fishing and diving
  • Hunting: Focused on safaris, sighting of animals in their natural habitat, and its most rejected version, the sport hunting of animals in reserves where the animals are bred specifically for this purpose, contrary to what ecotourism could be.
    Equestrian tourism

Equestrian tourism in different countries

Equestrian tourism has developed in several countries with beautiful landscapes and a deep-rooted equestrian tradition. Germany, Greece, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Spain (particularly in the area of Andalusia) and Turkey are some of the countries that have raised their stakes in this type of tourism.

Equestrian Tourism in Andalusia, Spain
Equestrian Tourism in Andalusia, Spain

Equestrian tourism is a form of rural tourism with ecotourism, where through defined routes you can travel on horseback while contemplating beautiful landscapes. While it seems simple, equestrian tourism requires a great deal of organization. It must ensure identified and reliable routes, as well as stopping places, that allow traveling riders to find to feed themselves and the horses, and even relax or linger in adequate conditions of comfort.

This tourism has gained ground and as well as allowing riders to enjoy nature, it allows riders to perfect themselves. Depending on the selected route, it will be possible to develop techniques and skills learned. In short, a delight for any traveler interested in nature and a form of experiential learning for the most seasoned riders. A Great Adventure.

Equestrian tourism has been revitalised thanks to an interest in nature

Equestrian tourism has been revitalized thanks to the need for human beings to return to their origins. Concerns about climate change, environmental impact, respect for animals and ecology are beginning to play a very important role.

Thanks to this change in human behaviour, all forms of natural tourism have rebounded, but especially equestrian tourism.
Equestrian tourism takes us back to the beginnings of civilization. In doing so, he keeps us in touch with a more innocent era of humanity, but without abandoning the comforts of being human.

Undoubtedly, equestrian tourism is here to stay and has become an economic sector of great importance.