//The horse in music and farm work songs
El caballo en la música

The horse in music and farm work songs

We have seen the horse in the fine arts, such as in painting, sculpture and also in cinema and comics. Today it’s the turn of the horse in the music and the so-called work songs or farm work songs. The role of the horse in music, whether as a symbol or as a protagonist, is impressive. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The horse is present in much of the art. Their presence is even reflected in the cave paintings of the Ekai caves. These equestrian paintings in Ekai date back to 6,000 BC and are considered world heritage.

Likewise, horse has played a very important role in the history of humanity as a means of transport or as an agricultural or war tool. And just as the horse has accompanied humanity, so the horse began to take its role as a protagonist. In this way, he began to appear alongside the man in his different facets.

This is how the horse took a leading role in human society and was reflected along with man as one of its best companions.

We can also observe the representation of the horse in the sculpture through the equestrian statues. A good example of equestrian sculpture is the equestrian sculpture of King Philip III.

Thus, we can find examples in each of man’s artistic expressions. While it is true that the modern world has taken us away from the horse, it is also true that the memory of humanity remains.

Let’s learn a little more about the role of the horse in music and some of its best representatives.

Los Melódicos - Caballo Viejo - 1998

The Horse in Music

It may sound strange to sing a song or listen to music inspired by or dedicated to horses. The truth is that in areas where the horse remains an integral part of the community, this is quite common. In Latin America, for example, in rural areas the horse is still part of transport and agricultural production.

This is the case in rural areas where agricultural production is not industrialized and/or automated. The horse continues to be a protagonist outside the cities and large cities. Perhaps this is why its artistic representation has been somewhat abandoned.

However, the horse, apart from being a great cog in rural communities, is also a symbol. For ancient societies, the horse is synonymous with strength, loyalty, and fertility. These symbols remain even though the presence of the horse is becoming less and less present in modern society.

This is how the horse continues to predominate in the rural areas of Spain and Latin America. Recently, wild horses in the U.S. have been the subject of controversy because they affect livestock and agriculture in several states. There we will find great musical works inspired by the horse.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Horse in Music
The Horse in Music

Some Musical Works Inspired by the Horse

There are songs that give us strength, that are metaphors or that move us. So we have decided to show a wide selection of songs inspired by horses.

For Gustavo Mirabal, in his homeland there are two distinguished representatives of the horse in music, which are “La muerte del Rucio Moro” and “Caballo Viejo”. Almost any Venezuelan will know what they are talking about when they mention these songs. Both have become part of the musical tradition of the Venezuelan plains, although their singer-songwriters are quite recent.

Below is a short list of some of its best representatives in the Spanish language:

  • La Muerte del Rucio Moro” (The Death of Dapple Moor). Lyrics, music and interpretation by Reinaldo Armas.
  • “Caballo Viejo” or Old Horse. Lyrics, music and interpretation by Simón Díaz: This is such a famous song that it has at least 300 versions to its credit. Different languages and rhythms alike.
  • Caballo Prieto Azabache (Dark Jet Horse). Lyrics, music and interpretation by Antonio Aguilar: It has also been performed by Vicente Fernández.
  • El cantador (The singer). Lyrics, music and interpretation by Antonio Aguilar: This song has also been performed by Vicente Fernández.
  • El corrido del caballo blanco (The Corrido of the White Horse). Lyrics, music and interpretation by José Alfredo Jiménez.
  • El mejor caballo (The best horse). Lyrics, music and interpretation by Yeison Jiménez.

Undoubtedly, songs in Spanish have great exponents both in compositions and performers. We also leave you a small list below of songs in English.

Caballo Viejo Simon Diaz (Letra) HD

The Horse in English Music

There are also many noteworthy representatives in the language:

Without any doubt, a repertoire for those who want to know the discography associated with horses and what they represent.

Finally, we also mention a curious production called “Babieca Hiede” by Los Ganglios. Part psychedelic, part homage to the Babieca Horse, one of the best known in history, we certainly don’t recommend it, but for those who are curious, we leave the thorn in your side.

Rolling Stones-Wild Horses

The Horse in Music

We have given a small taste of how big the world of horses is in music. Without a doubt, for horse or music lovers, this topic will be just an appetizer. Now enjoy and tell us about your wonderful experience. The horse will forever be with humanity either as his friend, his partner in the slaughter or in his metaphors.