//Noriker Horse Breed – a draft horse
Photograph or a Noriker horse breed

Noriker Horse Breed – a draft horse

The biodiversity of the planet is extremely broad. Likewise, within each animal species there is a great variety of colors, sizes, coats and even different behaviors. The race of an animal predisposes it to certain behaviors or behaviors and such behaviors make it better for certain human activities. That is why today we will talk about a race of horses particularly adapted for certain human activities. Today we will talk about the Noriker horse breed.

In the countryside strong and docile animals are required and hence there are a number of breeds of horses that are categorized as Draft horses or Draught horses, last one like they are known in the United Kingdom and Commonwelth. This is because such horse breeds can be more docile and manageable than others and are ideal for work in the field.

In diversity there is an abundance of the true essence and beauty of the living beings that make up this planet called Earth. Therefore, the horse delights us with its imposing beauty, but it can also inspire tenderness such as smaller horses such as miniature or pony.

Noriker Hengstauftrieb Kirchberg 2015 Teil 3: Die Schlammschlacht

Adaptation for the application for human activities

On the other hand, the multiple tasks that these animals have played throughout the history of humanity are impressive. Nowadays they show us their evolution being able to tackle innovative tasks.

In addition they are almost in all the countries of the world. The majority of Noriker horse breed are domesticated, except for some exceptions that are in their original state that is to say like wild horses.

The Noriker is cold-blooded Horse Breed. In this case he stands out in various disciplines. In this sense we can mention the race, the hunting, the dressage, the general equestrian, the jump, the work as well as the polo. Also, the Noriker horse breed is of great benefit in mountain work.

Origins of the Noriker horse breed

The origin of this Noriker horse breed is from Austria. In a remote era they were located in a district called Noricum. This is the reason for his appointment as a race, his origin in time remains a mystery since he is not registered. However, the perfection from the genetic point of view of the race occurred in the sixteenth century.

From that moment on, the initiative to combine its genes with Neapolitan and Andalusian horses began. The horse Noriker is a horse of heavy shooting. Today it is found in other areas such as in certain mountainous provinces of Italy, Austria and Germany.

One of the benefits of the Noriker horse breed is that it is a mountain breed. In effect this makes it invulnerable to suffering. Also its bearing is robust, fecund and lasting.

Noriker horse breed
Noriker horse breed

In the Bavarian region, a lighter variety called Pinzgauer is grown. The noriker horse breed was registered in 1884 and its pedigree of horses was opened in the year 1903.

Some historians claim that the Noriker horse breed itself comes from Greece. Since there they were dedicated to the breeding and breeding of the race with the uniqueness of being sent to the fighting. In fact, the Romans welcomed him and set out on a journey with these noble animals.

In this sense they were responsible for breeding  specimens in a leisurely way to develop them better. This with the purpose that its adaptation was easier to the climate of the region of the Alps.

Noriker horse breed under the command of Carlo Magno

During the eighth century, and under the reign of Carlo Magno, the breeding and reproduction of Noriker horses breed grew progressively. So in the records that exist the first batch was in Schloss Rief for the year 1576. There near Hallein in the state of Salburgo began to develop properly the Noriker horse breed

Those responsible for the new copies remained under the tutelage of the archbishops of Salzburg. The reservoirs of horses from the city of Salzburg, painted horses highlighted with Roman nose heads and bulky bodies. Without a doubt, these paintings were cold-blooded.

Many Manifestations of that time reflect how these notorious horses were extraordinarily adorned. This preference remained until the 20th century.

Apaloosa Layer on a Noriker horse breed
Apaloosa Layer on a Noriker horse breed

Characteristics of the Noriker horse breed

  • His head is a bit heavy, with a straight profile. His look is relaxed transmit harmony, peace and calm.
  • The neck is thick and stout. Likewise, the rump is usually extensive and oblique.
  • The Noriker Horse is of short and vigorous rods. The hair on the legs of the Noriker horse breed is abundant.
  • Its layers are sorrel, chestnut, black and Apaloosa layer among others.
  • One of the peculiarities that this draft horse has (as we mentioned before) is that it is not used for riding activities. The purpose of using this breed is to work. This is because the Noriker is a large, energetic, heavy and gentle animal.
  • Regarding its height at the cross varies between 150 and 185 centimeters and its weight varies between 500 and 1,200 kg.
  • The period of gravity of the draft horses lasts 11 months. Likewise the females give birth to a single litter. Usually this begins to walk in a few hours after his arrival in the world.
  • As in most breeds of draft horses, their life expectancy ranges from 20 to 30 years. It should be noted that the care provided by the owner or caregiver will have an important effect on both the health of the horse and its existence.

Typical activities of the Noriker horse breed

Since ancient times, draft horses have made their character and meekness available to human beings. When the automotive industry had not appeared these copies served as tractors to the producers of the agricultural sector. In addition to the car, they produced traction force, which is why they functioned as locomotives.

Later mechanization germinated and in the more prosperous countries, the use of draft horses gradually diminished.

However, for the purposes of consuming their meat, they were essentially reared with this intention. Fortunately, the consumption of horse meat was also reduced progressively, so that more and more people refused to eat the meat of this noble animal, such as the Noriker horse breed.

The Noriker horse breed played a fundamental role in shipping goods through the Alps. In this commercial activity Celtic salt, gold and iron was moved from Salzburg to Italy, and on the return trip wine and spices were brought.

This method of utilization of the Noriker horse breed resulted in it being a stocky, sure footed horse as an adjustment to the mountainous terrain.

Photograph or a Noriker horse breed
Photograph or a Noriker horse breed

The Abtenauer a smaller breed of the Noriker Horse Breed

As in all races of living beings in some cases of races there exists a classification of the same race with different characteristics. In the case of the Noriker horse breed it has a more diminutive subspecies of the breed.

This can measure about 147-152 centimeters. This one grew up in the area of Abtenau. In contrast to the main conglomeration of equines, this sub-breed of Abtenauer does not contain the gene that spots leopards.

The most frequent colors are chestnut and black of this sub race of the Noriker Horse breed.

On the other hand, this horse had good trotter characteristics. Its main use was for the loading of wood on slopes.

Finally, this horse variation was absorbed by the population of Noriker horse breed.

What is the place of the Noriker horse breed in the future?

Although this breed of horses is rare, it is part of the so-called draft horses. These specimens have fulfilled a noble task accompanying the human being in diverse tasks of the field. As well as its fundamental role in the transportation axis along steep and difficult roads.

His contribution has been excellent in the service of humans in the regions where this specimen belongs. Without a doubt, the great effort that the horse has made throughout history leaves him in a hero’s role.

In short, an animal worthy of admiration for its multiple abilities in different areas. Today, the field of application of horses ranging from alternative medicine therapies to their participation in theater plays is even more extensive.

In other more singular cases he works as an artist, as is the case with the famous Metro horse that conquered everyone with his paintings of abstract art. Thus the draft horses and especially the Noriker horse breed will continue to help people with their peaceful and calm temperament.










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