//Asthma in horses
Asthma in Horses

Asthma in horses

As  humans have problems at the level of the respiratory system, animals have too. In this case the horses are severely affected by this pathology. The main task of the owner is to take the horse to the veterinarian and according to the suggested indications as well as the corresponding treatment. For this reason, in this article we will deal with Asthma in horses

It is very important that they take corrective and preventive measures so that the horse’s quality of life is not affected. Since this is a disease that is rarely cured and there may be relapses if due attention is not given to the horse. Hence the importance of properly treating asthma in horses.

It should be considered that asthma in horses, as well as in humans, is a chronic disease or condition. There are elements that will help improve but asthma will be latent and therefore we cannot “let our guard down”

Achoo! Horses Have Asthma, Too!

How to reduce the risk of an asthmatic crisis in horses

In this sense, strict hygiene must be maintained in relation to the spaces where the horse rests. As well as the medications that must be supplied to the horse with asthmatic crises.

Asthma in horses or also called equine asthma (AD) afflicts the lower respiratory passage of the horse. It is also associated with problems of the upper respiratory tract that are shown during exercise.

Asthma in horses makes these animals more likely to have physical abnormalities of the pharynx.

The function that the lungs perform in animals is vital because without these vital organs they could not live. So good health in regards to the airways in the horse is vital.

Treament of asthma in horses
Treament of asthma in horses

Vital function of the lungs in the horse

As in humans, in animals the lungs play a fundamental role. Because without these organs the existence of life is not guaranteed. Therefore, the lungs are responsible for storing the oxygen in the air and performing the gas exchange with the blood.

Because of this, the optimal functioning and cleaning of the airways are essential for an energetic oxygen transport. In this way it allows the horse to achieve high sports performance.

The amount of oxygen the horse receives is directly related to the time it takes for the first symptoms of fatigue to appear. Hence, we must be alert for the signs and symptoms of asthma in horses.

Nebulizer with steroids for asthma in horses
Nebulizer with steroids for asthma in horses

Treatments for asthma in horses

At present there is a range of very specific treatments that can be applied by veterinarians in horses diagnosed with asthma.

One of the treatments that are still in force and that was proposed more than three centuries ago is the following: Grass in summer and hay wet in winter

It is very important to keep a horse in good condition. Since Asthma in horses hinders their quality of life, because the horse gets tired very easily when he suffers from this condition. So if you are subjected to activities where you need to make an important physical effort it will complicate things both for the owner and for the animal.

If this disease results, the ideal is to maintain the treatment continuously. Also do not neglect it under any circumstances. Well this can compromise the horse’s life.

Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine treats show pony for equine asthma

Points to take into account to prevent asthma in horses

With regard to the health of the horse, so do not show signs and symptoms of a disease related to the lungs. Sometimes it is possible that some type of inflammation or infection occurs at the level of the horse’s respiratory system. If the horse practices a sport or is a participant of races, special attention must be paid since it can significantly reduce performance.

The particles found in the environment especially in the air contain various types of molds, dust, mites. As well as other elements that can cause irritation in the mucosa resulting in inflammation in the respiratory tract. This usually happens more frequently when the horse is in the stable

As the stable is the area where the horse rests but also where it makes its depositions this tends to accumulate odors of ammonia. Being extremely dangerous for the horse’s health, especially for his lungs, he can activate asthma in horses.

Respiratory tract irritation

Asthma in Horses
Asthma in Horses

When the airways are irritated, the lungs react in three ways.

In principle, there is a pronounced reduction in the diameter of the airways in an attempt to limit the introduction of contaminants.

An inflammatory response is then visible, therefore increasing mucus production in these affected areas. In effect, the change of respiratory gases in the pulmonary alveoli is hindered. Therefore, it limits the total oxygen received by the cardiovascular system.

The consequences of these anomalies associated with asthma in horses means that the performance of the equine is considerably reduced. It is also very possible that the risk of injury increases due to the lack of oxygen in the cells.

Preventive measures for asthma in horses

  • Regarding the feeding of horses suffering from asthma. Fodder should be available with less or no dust. Another valid option is to place the hay soaked for half an hour.
  • The space or bed where the horse sleeps should be as neat as possible. So it must be dust free
  • To strengthen the health of the horse and its respiratory system, it is recommended to combine Antioxidants and Omega 3. In this way it is possible to reduce the inflammation of the airways, this being one of the consequences of asthma in horses.
  • An element that is prohibited in the life of horses suffering from asthma is straw. This should not be part of the diet or the bed
  • As for the fodder it should be soaked. In this way the mold that is so harmful to horses with asthma is being prevented.
  • Stables found in spaces with less traffic have less dust. So it is convenient to take this into account to improve the health of the horses.
  • The fodder must be stored in a separate space, that is, away from the stables
  • Ideally, keep these preventive measures so that asthma in horses disappears or at least reduce relapse. In this way the horse will have a better quality of life.

Prevention is the best option for asthma in horses

Veterinary experts point out that one of the factors that usually has a negative impact on the health of horses are respiratory diseases, especially asthma in horses.

An optimistic view is that with good care, preventive measures and discipline, the horse can have a better life.

So owners and team of the horse farm are urged to keep Asthma at bay. If these horses are highly competitive, their practice in these sports may be compromised.

On the other hand, if it is a horse that is subjected to activities of great effort, it will have to make its day more flexible. With proper treatment and prevention you can get the most out of your horse and preserve its health






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