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The Horse Whisperer: Movie

The film entitled The Horse Whisperer is a film production that was released in 1998. In this film, brilliant actors who embody the characters that give life to this dramatic and emotional equestrian story participated.

The Horse Whisperer (1998) is a film directed and starring the magnificent Robert Redford supported by the analogous novel written by Nicholas Evans in 1995.

Redford stars in the film playing Tom Booker an instructor with a great ability to educate horses. He is hired to cure a thoroughbred horse named Pilgrim that belongs to a teenager (played by Scarlett Johansson) after a tragic accident.

In the course of this film production we can see the love that this man permeates his work with horses. Hence, it is so successful in the training of horses. It is as if he had the gift of reading the horse’s mind. This “Horse Whisperer” establishes a connection beyond the ordinary with the equines, so that their work is facilitated.

It should be noted that the work that Pilgrim, the protagonist horse, had to do, was not an easy task. But perseverance, patience and discipline were the key to achieving the expected results with this equine.

The Horse Whisperer

“The Horse Whisperer” Plot

Grace MacLean (played by actress Scarlett Johansson) is a very active girl who enjoys riding. This thirteen-year-old girl is on vacation in a very beautiful place. There he agreed to take a horse ride with his beloved friend Judith Kate Bosworth. Each one went on his own horse but fate had a bad play.

Due to the bad weather that was occurring in the area, the horses slip on the ice. Which results in Judith and her horse falling down the slope. They are then stormed by a high tonnage truck and Judith and her horse die instantly.

While the Pilgrim horse got up in front of the truck in order to save the life of its owner Grace MacLean. Unfortunately the horse is seriously compromised since he received lethal wounds. While Grace MacLean loses one leg.

The consequences of this very painful moment cause the horse to be seriously traumatized. The same happened with its owner because she loses her leg in the accident. Grace feels that she no longer fits into her own family, much less wanted to attend school. Therefore he plunges into a depression because he no longer saw any sense of living after what happened.

Annie Scott, Grace’s mother and New York editor of a famous magazine, amid the desperation to see how her daughter was. In addition to the conditions in which the horse was Pilgrim began an arduous investigation to locate an expert to help him recover the horse. Pilgrim due to his injuries and the trauma generated by the accident was totally indomitable. She believes that in Pilgrim’s recovery is the key to recovering her daughter.

Grace’s mother in search of help

Given the terrible consequences of the accident where daughter Grace loses a leg and the pilgrim horse becomes indomitable, Annie takes action. Annie Scott decides to take action by asking her assistant to look for horse magazines. In addition to this she researching online found Tom Booker who is considered a “Horse Whisperer.”

A “Horse Whisperer” is an expert horse tamer who has the ability to tame the most difficult. With an almost mystical look at his work and his work Tom Booker is not an easy guy. As well as the horses that are in charge of taming, Tom is indomitable.

This is where “The Horse Whisperer” comes into action. Grace’s mother tries to ask Tom via phone to travel to New York to evaluate the horse. But Tom Booker shows a non-receptive attitude and flatly refused.

Therefore, Grace’s mother did not give up. Annie embarked on a long journey with Grace and the Pilgrim horse from New York to the town of Montana. It is there where the farm of the “Horse Whisperer” Tom Booker was.

After a long trip and being located in an inn near the farm Annie Scott and Grace McLean surprises Tom Booker “The Horse Whisperer” on his farm. Annie’s persistence surprises Tom and finally agrees to evaluate Pilgrim. This man approaches the hotel where mother and daughter were staying and is going to take a look at the Pilgrim horse.

Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer
Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer

The meeting between Tom and Pilgrim

Tom noticing the connection between Grace and Pilgrim understands the real reasons for Annie’s trip. Therefore, he decides to place a bet for the greeting of both.

For the healing of the horse, he requests the approval and commitment of the girl and owner of the horse, Grace McLean. Grace was initially reluctant and indicated no interest but her love for Pilgrim was enormous. Grace decides to commit and agrees that the man who whispered to the horses agrees to treat his beloved equine Pilgrim.

In this way, “The horse whisperer” begins the practices with Pilgrim. At first it was not an easy task, however Tom Booker maintained control and persevered quietly.

Annie and Grace’s farm experience

Scarlett Johansson in The Horse Whisperer
Scarlett Johansson in The Horse Whisperer

Due to the distance that the farm inn was, Tom’s family decided to lend a house inside the farm so that these two females would stay there. They begin to experience a totally different routine from what the city is. The contact with nature, animals and the warmth transmitted by Tom Booker’s family make them feel at ease.

One of Tom Booker’s tasks, “The horse whisperer,” was not just to board the Pilgrim horse. Tom’s task was to delve into the traumatic experience of Grace McLean so that he could understand a little more about the behavior of the Pilgrim horse. Or so says Tom. The link between the girl and the horse is obvious and therefore their healing is linked. In a first opportunity Tom approaches Grace and she does not respond because she is still overwhelmed.

As the days went by, Grace could not with the pain that was consuming her and decided to tell her what happened to Tom Booker. From there on a very special bond was established between the man who whispered to the horses and the girl Grace McLean.

As if that were not enough, the long conversations between Annie Scott, Grace’s mother and the man who whispered to Tom Booker horses. In effect they give rise to a special feeling between these two. Unfortunately Annie is married for what is an impossible relationship.

Throughout the stay of these women on the farm they manage to enjoy the landscape, the tranquility. They also join to participate in some daily activities of the farm along with Tom Booker’s family such as his brothers Dianne, krank and Joe Booker

The Horse Whisperer (1998)
The Horse Whisperer (1998)

End of “The Horse Whisperer” (Spoiler Alert)

After numerous work sessions between Tom Booker “the Horse Whisperer” and the Pilgrim horse he makes progress. In the end he gets Grace McLean to ride it to Pilgrim. From that moment the horse was ready to start again with its owner. Well, both had already overcome the bitter drink of that fatal incident.

Another point in favor is that this man manages to strengthen the mother and daughter relationship because before that the relationship was bad between them.

As for Annie Scott’s husband, Mr. Robert MacLean comes to the end of everything and witnesses how his daughter rides the Pilgrim horse again. Of course with the help of Tom Booker since she has a prosthesis which makes it a bit difficult when riding the Pilgrim horse.

The Horse Whisperer OST- 1. Angus

As for Annie’s husband and Grace’s father Robert MacLean, he will try to get his wife to be honest and make the best decision. In this sense Annie Scott must decide whether to stay next to her daughter’s father or try a new life next to Tom Booker the horse trainer.

This film teaches us the value of good treatment and how love can transform everything. But at the same time it teaches us that love is decisions and that we cannot have everything. In order to have authentic love we must commit ourselves and give ourselves completely.





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