//The horse movie
Race Horse Gallop - Eadweard Muybridge

The horse movie

At present, horses are the protagonists of many films. What many people don’t know is that the origin of the films and the animation comes from the curiosity of a horse fanatic about his gallop.

This article will explain the origin of movies and animation, the role of the horse in movies and finally recommend a couple of horse movies.

Come with us and discover the role of the horse in the seventh art. Come and meet the horse movie.

Eadweard Muybridge's Galloping Horse

The origin of the cinema and the horse movie

The first movie in the world had as protagonists a rider and his horse. When Leland Stanford a tycoon wanted to know if the galloping horses were detaching themselves from the ground he decided to look for the answer. In order to “reveal” the unknown person chose someone with a suitable profession, hired photographer Eadweard Muybridge. For 5 years Muybrige to be able to take fast photos. At that time, to be able to take the pictures you had to be very still. It was not possible for the horse to “float” to wait for the photo to be taken. 5 years later Muybrige manages to take a picture with the horse “floating” revealing the mystery set to his photo.

For these results Leland hires Muybrige to study the gallop of the horse through a series of photos. Muybrige manages to synthesize in 24 photos the gallop of the horse. Making use of a device called zoopraxiscope when passing the photos quickly the sensation of movement was obtained. The germ of cinema was born by the love of the horse.

The cinema has dedicated its effort to tell us stories that have changed the world. Thus the cinema has turned itself into a catalyst of cultural transformations. Next we will recommend a couple of movies that will move you and you will understand why the cinema started with the horse movie.

Race Horse Gallop - Eadweard Muybridge
Race Horse Gallop – Eadweard Muybridge


This horse movie tells the story of the winning horse of Triple Crown of the United States. Secretariat set new records in each of the competitions which are still valid.

Behind Secretariat hides the story of Penny Chenery. Penny, a housewife, ends up falling in love with horses and horse races when she starts working in her father’s stables to help him during his illness. It is a story that shows us the ability of women to be so good of men and the ability to transform into what we choose.


Poster Movie: Jappeloup
Poster Movie: Jappeloup

Jappeloup is a 2013 French horse movie directed by Christian Duguay. In January 2014, Lou de Laâge was nominated for the Most Promising Actress award at the 39th César Awards.

In the early 80’s, leaving a promising career as a lawyer, Pierre Durand decided to devote himself body and soul to his passion: the leap of obstacles.

Supported by his father, he bets everything on a young horse in which nobody has great faith: Jappeloup.

Too small, strange, unpredictable, full of defects but also with extraordinary aptitudes. Together they begin a path of sacrifice, overcoming and work that makes them an Olympic legend.

The horse movie future

The future of the horse movie is assured. In future installments we will go deeper into the recommended films. We also recommend other films for all those fans of the horses that follow us.







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