//The Longest Ride: Equestrian movie
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The Longest Ride: Equestrian movie

In the cinematographic productions they usually present the animals as faithful companions of the protagonists. In this case, it is a particular sport that has Luke, the protagonist, hooked. Well, he practices an extreme sport in which the bull is the star animal, as this must bring down the rider as soon as possible. This is the plot of the movie “The longest ride”

This sport is usually extreme since riders usually get hurt. In this case Luke the protagonist suffers a very strong fall in which his health is compromised.

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Part I of the movie The Longest Journey

In the longest trip Sofia is invited by her friend from the student residence to an event where Luke participates. In that event, love at first sight is present between Sofia and Luke. As the hat flies just at the hands of Sofia.

From there a special friendship arises with Luke where he has a series of experiences. These experiences at the end take them on “the longest ride” where their great love takes shape.

This couple are opposite poles because Sofia Danko, is an art lover who studies to be able to devote to it full time.

While Luke is a rancher and a sportsman from the bullfight. However, these differences are what somehow make these boyfriends wander.

For this reason one story is crossed within the other that in the end is usually very similar. Well, at the next exit of these young people on the way back he gets a crashed car and they manage to save an older man and he asks Sofia to save the box. This man named Ira Levinson is very affected by the loss of his wife.

It turns out that the contents of the box were his letters to his wife, so “longest ride” is given. Well, it’s a love story between him and his wife.

This is precisely Sofia who is responsible for reading the letters and remembering the most pleasant and hard memories of Iran Levinson. Letters that cover Ira’s relationship with Ruth Franco who was the love of her life and his wife.

The Longest Ride Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood
The Longest Ride Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood

Movie Cast “The Longest ride”

Britt Robertson, is an American actress who has dedicated herself since childhood to television. The roles for which it is most remembered are:

  • Cassie Blake: role she played in the series The Secret Circle where she played the leading role. A series of witches, suspense and mystery.
  • Angie McAlister: leading role in the series “Under the Dome”. A very successful TV series based on a novel by the horror king Stephen King
Brit Robertson as Sophia - The Longest Ride
Brit Robertson as Sophia – The Longest Ride

Scott Eastwood or like Scott Reeves, is an American actor who has also served as director. In the movie “the longest ride” he played Luke. It should be noted that the American actor is the son of Clint Eastwood. He participated in several films directed by his father as Gran Torino and Invictus

Scott Eastwood as Luke - The Longest Ride
Scott Eastwood as Luke – The Longest Ride

Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo best known by his stage name Alan Alda plays Ira Levinson. He is an American actor and film director. Winner of the Golden Globe award several times. He is well remembered for his participation in TV series such as The West Wing, MASH and for his participation in the film director aviator Martin Scorsese.

Alan Alda as Ira Levinson - The Longest Ride
Alan Alda as Ira Levinson – The Longest Ride

A luxury cast that stood out for its performances.

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Ira letters to his wife Ruth in “The longest ride”

Throughout these meetings in “The longest ride”, Sofia is narrating pleasant moments. In this way Sofia narrates when Ira conquered Ruth’s heart. But it also narrates difficult situations such as war and the negative consequences it had. Well, unfortunately I was affected and this had a negative impact on their marriage.

Then both overlap these circumstances and move forward.

One of the letters read by Sofia narrated when Ruth who was a teacher became fond of a student who was discriminated against by the rest. So much so that I get to see him as a son but he could not adopt him. This broke the heart of this great woman but made her do a thorough review of her feelings.

After that on the longest trip Ruth embarks on a path away from her husband Ira. However, this did not last long as she returned again with her husband to age together.

In another of the letters he recalls the passion Ruth had for art that led the couple to have a large collection of paintings. Sofia feels totally identified because art is her passion

While Sofia narrated each of these letters she also had interesting talks with Ira about her relationship with Luke. For her, this friendship becomes very deep because experience and wisdom merge with youth.

The Longest Ride
The Longest Ride

Luke and Sofia’s relationship in “The Longest Ride”

In the present of the movie “The Longest Ride” there is a relationship between the protagonists. But this will be marked by large differences between them.

Well, the aspirations of both are totally different. But in principle they dared not take the step to find a balance.

Meanwhile Luke continues to participate in the events of coleo that last 8 seconds. However his mother totally opposes this. Well, in the past he suffered a serious injury that could have serious consequences.

These live an intense romance but in turn marked differences. As Sofia had an internship in the coming months in New York.

However, the day she was to travel Luke suffers a fall and they call her. Therefore she sacrifices her trip, comes to know Luke and take care of him.

It is when he discovers the truth about the injury and asks him to accompany her on “The Longest Ride”, the journey of their lives. To do this he asks you to take care of your health and stop practicing this sport. In this sense the bullfight is usually an extreme sport despite the short duration in competitions.

Luke is reluctant to stop participating in bullfighting events. He sees himself as the breadwinner and also has a personal challenge. Because of this, Luke and Sofia distance themselves and each one follows his course and dedicates himself to his work.

The Longest Ride Poster
The Longest Ride Poster

Ira’s death in “The Longest Ride”

When they call Sofia to warn that Ira had died this broke his heart because he came to have a great appreciation for this man.

Then comes an invitation to both Luke and Sofia to an auction of the pictures of the collection of these husbands

However Luke had a bullfight event and he decides to go there first where he manages not only to overcome the endurance time but to the most difficult bull.

Although he won the first place his heart was filled with sadness on “the longest ride” since his great love was not there to applaud him.

Sofia was already at the auction event and Luke arrives who decides to buy the first painting that nobody wanted and take advantage of offering $ 600.

To everyone’s surprise, whoever bought this painting would keep the entire collection. Although he was offered a large amount of money for these works of art he did not yield.

Sofia and Luke decide to start a life together and she fulfills her dream of dedicating herself to art by attending an art gallery with the works of the collection

The longest journey ends with lovebirds in love with coincidences and loving differences.

This movie is about riding towards maturity and true love

In this way the longest trip is completed, without a doubt a movie that is worth watching …

“The longest ride” is based on the homonymous novel by Nicholas Sparks