//Alizée Froment: Artist and dressage rider
Alizée Froment

Alizée Froment: Artist and dressage rider

Combining various passions is definitely a pleasure for the French rider Alizée Froment. This talented woman combines her skills in dressage with acting at equine events.

So this great woman has decided to combine these two activities where the horse plays a leading role.

In recent times she has leaned more towards her artistic side without neglecting horses. Well, these are participants in these beautiful shows.

Without a doubt, the French Alizée Froment has the privilege of continuing to work with the horses.

From dressage to horse shows

The vast majority of riders and amazones who have been successful in various riding disciplines have started at a very young age. This is the case of the French dressage rider and artist Alizée Froment

Alizée Froment’s starting point was with Shetland ponies at the age of two.

As a great advantage this woman is the daughter of two riding instructors, Alizée Froment grew up in a space where she could socialize with the horses. Therefore she learned from her childhood certain skills to handle horses in a relaxed and unconditional way.

Alizée Froment started in the discipline of dressage, and successfully ridden the highest classes in the pony division.

Since 2006 the dressage rider Alizée Froment has been participating in competitions at the international level until the Grand Prix. In this phase of her career as an equestrian athlete, she had the Mistral du Coussoul.


Alizée Froment’s participation in the French dressage team

At the International Grand Prix of Competition, she achieved several successes.

In addition, she served in her role as an instructor leading the reins of the French national pony dressage team.

Since 2009, she has been communicating her philosophy at various events.

There she makes it clear that more technical dressage exercises can be adjusted with just a rope.

Master pro CSO 2015
Master pro CSO 2015

Dressage according to Alizée Froment’s vision

Dressage is a popular riding discipline in some European countries. Therefore its practice is more common in that region.

Alizée Froment expressed the following:

“In my opinion, dressage is the journey towards perfect communication and absolute harmony between horse and rider”.

There are two fundamental factors when riding and these are trust and harmony. So for Alizée Froment it is vitally important to put this into practice.

Alizée Froment has become known for mounting the Grand Prix movements. This is done with a neck rope instead of double flange.

In this regard, Alizée Froment expressed the following:

“When I work with the neck rope, I have the same expectations as with a bit or a bridle”

The French Alizée Froment

Horse training

According to Alizée Froment, horse training needs some cares. Next we will whisper her advices:

  • The horse must remain with a relaxed and flexible back.
  • Controlling a horse comes not only from the rider’s hands and mouth but from other factors such as: the rider’s seat, voice, stomach, and back muscles.
  • Alizée Froment integrates the neck rope into her daily training with horses of all levels.

With these steps she reveals the advantages of this way of training, since it is a way of improving the relationship with the horse. It is also a way to verify if the dressage training is progressing correctly.

She was highlighted as national coach of the French pony dressage team.


Curiosities of the French dressage rider, instructor and artist Alizée Froment

This outstanding multifaceted woman has always been authentic in what she does, so she said the following:

“Perhaps because I have always done things my way, not trying to be like others, and I am always looking to find, understand and discover new things in the relationship that we can build with our wonderful colleagues”

In August 2012, she fell from a young horse that was training and injured her back, hips, and abductor muscles.

“When I act with the studs, I feel at home and in my own skin. The competition scene is different, the atmosphere is more tense and I miss this little freedom and madness that the artistic world allows me.”


Alizée Froment currently mounts and performs in horse shows in France and Europe.

In her academic training, she studied coaching at the National Riding School in France from 2005 to 2008.

Then she played the role of instructor of the French pony dressage team between 2010 and 2015.

Alizée Froment
Alizée Froment

Alizée Froment: author of equestrian books and entrepreneur

We have already mentioned the facets of dressage rider, trainer and artist, to this list are added her skills as a writer and entrepreneur.

Alizée Froment definitely represents an example of proactive women for millions of women on the planet.

She has written equestrian books in French called

  • Mistral, The wind of hope
  • ‘Equestria 2008, The reality of a dream

In 2016 he released a DVD called ‘The Spirit of Dressage’, in which he gives an idea of his training techniques.

On the other hand, she has her YouTube channel where you can see in detail each piece of advice that this brilliant French woman can offer everyone.

Alizée Froment and her family launched a line of children’s equestrian clothing in France. The brand is called The Pony Store, it should be noted that France is a country where equestrian culture is highly developed.

Alizée Froment: a Dressage artist

Her childhood contact with horses helped her develop skills as a rider, instructor and now an artist at equine events.

On the other hand, the French Alizée Froment had the privilege of having her parents as instructors of this discipline of horsemanship.

Without a doubt life awarded this great woman as she has always shared with the wonderful horses.

Like Gustavo Mirabal she has always been surrounded by horses and both have made a great contribution in the preparation of relief riders.





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