//What are the keys to being a rider? – Gustavo Mirabal
The keys to being a rider - Gustavo Mirabal

What are the keys to being a rider? – Gustavo Mirabal

“Discipline, order and humility everything starts with this …” Gustavo Mirabal

There is no other formula that can guarantee success when you decide to be a jockey.

At least that is what the Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal considers.

And is that being humble, understanding and disciplined makes all the theory learned become good results.

G&C Farm Gustavo Mirabal and G&C Leroy

Discipline, the key to success

The fact of being able to fully comply with the training schedule, the daily routine and everything that implies being a rider is a great success.

However, it is not a simple job because it requires dedication, hours and hours of work, exhaustion.

More when the objectives are achieved, the reward comes.

For the horse jumping rider Gustavo Mirabal discipline must be accompanied by perseverance.

According to Gustavo Mirabal, those are the keys for success to reach the life of any athlete.

However, we can not leave humility outside this list, a virtue that far from resembling a life of poverty or ruin, means an attitude of simplicity.

“Only when we are humble can we continue working to grow as professionals and people, this is the key to motivation, knowing their limitations and working on them”

Gustavo Mirabal Castro


Gustavo Mirabal practices with constancy
Gustavo Mirabal practices with constancy

Humility, the door to greatness

He who is humble knows that one day he will be great among the great.

Once someone said that whoever wants to be greater than another has to be the one who serves, that is, the most humble of heart.

For Gustavo Mirabal humility is not said, it is. And the same is shown on those occasions when it is necessary to duck the head.

But what does all this have to do with riding and horseback riding? A lot.

To be a rider you have to start by being clear that equestrian sport is like the roulette of a casino, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

One day you are on the best horse and you are the best jockey, the media love you, almost idolize …! But another day the horse can trample you.

Then, the raised sand will be the only thing you will see around you.

Gustavo Mirabal strolling to develop the confidence of his horse
Gustavo Mirabal strolling to develop the confidence of his horse

However, the riders are not exempt from accidents, however, there are injuries that are carried inside, inside the person and, often, are the deepest.

For this reason Gustavo Mirabal Castro recommends having your feet on the ground and your head on the top.

It’s about the right attitude, the desire to “eat the world” without spoiling it, without trampling.

If the objectives are clear and you have the desire to do things right then the discipline will achieve the goal.

After all, humility is the door to greatness.

Horse riding: A risk sport

Horse riding is a sport that can lead to glory but also to a sedentary life.

Throughout history many riders have been injured and must retire while spending the rest of their days in a wheelchair, while others do not live to tell about it.

In this sense, the Caracas horseman emphasizes that humility must be part of the athlete. He should never think that he will be defeated, but neither should he be haughty. There must be a balance between trust and humility.

All jockeys are vulnerable the moment they ride and run. Everyone has the same chance to succeed or fall.

The difference is in the attitude that is taken when they leave the track and face life.

Gustavo Mirabal competing and giving the maximum
Gustavo Mirabal competing and giving the maximum

Fight for your dreams

Perseverance is another of the virtues that the rider Gustavo Mirabal Castro brings up when it comes to giving advice.

Given the professional and sports career of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, he knows that things are not achieved overnight. Success takes time and the victories are the result of hard work, effort and discipline.

For him yes it is possible to fulfill the dreams but this implies a life dedicated to the sport. It implies you must pay attention to all aspects: the correct diet, the training due, etc.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro argues that wanting to achieve the goal set guarantees an adequate approach to what is desired.

To leave with negative thoughts, contemplating the option of losing, predisposes and surely the jockey will be defeated.

In this sense, Gustavo Mirabal Castro emphasizes that we must work hard and make perseverance an indispensable factor.

In this way, when you are persevering you can reach things that did not even seem possible.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro created his farm

Gustavo Mirabal Castro opened a farm in 2009 called G & C Farm.

It left amazed everyone who knows him for the excellence of its facilities.

Envy got up and they began to criticize him, but this was no surprise for Gustavo Mirabal. Before opening his equestrian farm, there were already dreamers of dreams that sought to finish it.

What made the difference in that episode of his life was persevering, humble and having his feet on the ground but his head in his goal.

When G & C Farm began to operate, the riders from the United States and Europe began to arrive. Everyone was eager to see that equestrian paradise.

A journalist called her: The Disney World of equestrian dreams and passions.

G&C Farm 2012 summer commercial.mp4

The lawyer and businessman-athlete Gustavo Mirabal Castro begins to live an incredible stage of his life.

All the years of effort gave their greatest fruit at the time. His farm was champion in exhibition tournaments.

His horses, trained at G & C Farm, achieved worldwide fame and a resounding success in championships.

Even with one of them, the Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya rose as the Champion of Spain. As a result, Sergio Alvarez Moya and Gustavo Mirabal became very close.

For personal reasons and to dedicate time to his family, Gustavo Mirabal Castro decided to take a break from the equestrian business. But it is only a pause in your dreams because the best is yet to come.

Good relationship with the horse

Gustavo Mirabal
Gustavo Mirabal

Another aspect highlighted by Gustavo Mirabal Castro about life as a rider is the complicity that must be had with the horse.

The relationship between the jockey and the equine has to be very good.

Trust must prevail so that the results are positive. Otherwise, losing is guaranteed. You will never be able to get the full potential of an equine without your confidence.

For Gustavo Mirabal, it must be clear that the discipline must consider the way in which the horse will be treated. “Discipline is not abuse,” Gustavo Mirabal told us

This discipline must be accompanied by a dose of patience. Horses take their time to learn but never forget.

Although the way of being of the jockey influences a lot in the attitude of the horse.

Equines have a phenomenal memory and can sense the emotions of their riders.

In fact, it is scientifically proven that horses feel how the person in front of them is doing and, according to their intuition, they react.

Do not give up

Gustavo Mirabal reminds us that there are good days and bad days … Days when you want to run out of the barn because everything went pathetic.

For Gustavo Mirabal, the bad moments are not moments to leave. On the contrary, the bad moments are to take the reins well, analyze what happened and take action on the matter.

Gustavo Mirabal and his success
Gustavo Mirabal and his success

This is where discipline and humility come into play.

«In riding you can go from the sublime to the ridiculous in an instant»

Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

If you have decided to be a jockey you have to learn to face things, nothing can be left in the middle.

The relationship with horses can be very good and that favors the results on the track, but beyond the competition is the race of life.

The career of life is one for which no one prepares you. You just run it and the results depend on the decisions you make as you go.

For Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a true rider needs skill, leadership, competitiveness, but above all discipline and humility.

The victories will come when you achieve to join the desire to succeed with patience and perseverance.



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