//The horse an animal admired by Gustavo Mirabal
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The horse an animal admired by Gustavo Mirabal

The horse an animal admired by Gustavo Mirabal

When the passion for animals is very great, the human being focuses his goals and dreams based on the animals. This is exactly what Gustavo Mirabal did that rider who has given so much to talk about. The Hanoverian horse is one of the favorite breeds of this great horseman, being one of the most popular races in the world. Due to its attributes it is one of the races that conquered the heart of this lawyer and businessman.

Gustavo Mirabal Equestrian Victory
Gustavo Mirabal Equestrian Victory

Gustavo Mirabal Castro shows his love for horses

Since ancient times the horse has provided support and company to humanity. But beyond that he has been a devoted companion of battles, a means of transportation. On the other hand as a means of recreation has been a great companion. Reasons why the rider Gustavo Mirabal Castro maintains a fantastic friendship and love for horses.

The horse that conquered Gustavo’s heart  was Tropigold. From there arises that fervent love towards animals, especially towards horses.

Why is Tropigold the favorite horse of Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

The beloved horse Tropigold was used as racehorses. This specimen had excellent attributes such as: muscular strength, resistance to effort, speed and intelligence. These characteristics together sealed the course of what Gustavo Mirabal Castro would come to admire and love horses so much.

TROPIGOLD con Juan V. Tovar Clasico Francisco de Miranda 1981...!!!

All these experiences led him in his adulthood to create G & C Farm forming excellent riders today.

In another facet of this rider Gustavo Mirabal is a lawyer by profession, but he is really known internationally for his transcendental participation in various equestrian events. It should be noted that his affection for horses takes him in the veins, because his father was another fan of the equine world.

Tropigold on the cover of a horse magazine
Tropigold on the cover of a horse magazine

What is the favorite equestrian discipline of Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

The Venezuelan athlete Gustavo Mirabal Castro was inclined towards the equestrian discipline called Obstacle Jumping or Equestrian Jumping. Well, his father instilled the practice since he was nine years old.

The jump is one of the most spectacular equestrian modalities of the equestrian world. Many people consider it as the most modern specialty of equestrian sport, which has come to turn the classic sport of riding into a spectacle sport.

Media prejudice against Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The sportsman Gustavo Mirabal Castro has been the target of the dirty and ruthless work done by informative portals. Likewise, they have taken advantage of the multiple existing social networks where the action of discrediting and hatred has been marked with greater power. On the other hand, they multiply the mention of negative news causing damages and losses of this talented Venezuelan entrepreneur.

Blatant lies and convenient omissions in relation to events and lack of evidence attest to the shortcomings of Venezuelan journalism.

This is one of the reasons why journalism in Venezuela has been lost. Making spokespersons of rumors without any sustenance, family gossip and creating an altered opinion matrix. All of the foregoing has the consequence that they cause harm to people many times if they are entitled to refute what has been said.

With everything done by the media does not erase Gustavo Mirabal’s career and in the end the truth will come to light but the damage they have done to Venezuelan sports in the world will be and will delay us in our development in equestrian sports for decades thanks to ambition and lack of journalistic ethics.






If you want to know more about Gustavo Mirabal or Equestrian Word, go to:

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