//Horses with traumas and their proper approach
Horses with traumas

Horses with traumas and their proper approach

Horses with traumas and their proper approach

Horses are wonderful mammalian animals that have accompanied man since ancient times. Through time these animals have been domesticated, so much so that they are considered a faithful friend of man. However, horses are sometimes victims of abuse or experience a negative experience that marks them. For this reason we see the importance of treating the issue of Horses with trauma and its proper approach.

There are situations where horses may be left with some trauma, which is manifested by their altered behavior. This usually occurs because they are victims of abuse, or some traumatic event in the environment where the animal develops.

Among the most common places where horses can suffer trauma are the following: in the stable, in the transport truck or in a competition.

Now, for the correct approach of these horses, it is recommended to look for the ideal person to evaluate and perform the respective therapy. In this case, the most recommended is an equine ethologist who specializes in horse behavior.

Taking into account how valuable it is to have a healthy horse, it is worth taking the proper approach to horses with traumas.

Horses with traumas
Horses with traumas

Horses as sentient beings

Animals are living beings therefore they feel and suffer. Therefore, they can be victims of trauma just like human beings.

The reaction of a horse to a complex situation is the feeling of discomfort, fatigue and fear. In effect, the horse may have negative consequences in its behavior.

Among the events that usually alter and consequently scare an equine are lightning and thunder during a storm, a fall, an accident, abuse by their caregivers.

Consequently we will have a horse with behavioral disorders, so the horse will show signs of anxiety. Unfortunately in the equine world there are many horses with traumas …

Therefore, it is recommended that those in the equine industry have a highly trained team with a vocation to work with these noble animals such as horses.

Horses with traumas
Horses with traumas

Signs indicating horses with traumas

We must pay special attention to a horse that shows unusual behavior.

Since when a horse is affected by some situation it begins to isolate itself from the herd and avoids having contact with human beings.

One way for this animal to show that something is wrong in its behavior is that it becomes aggressive, so it usually stands on its hind legs and neighs.

Another of the signs visible to the human eye is that it becomes sullen and avoids contact.

If you notice that the horses show these signs, you have to pay attention since you may be traumatized.

The horse behaves in this way as a way to protect itself and not to be harmed.

If these behaviors persist, it is best to contact a specialist in equine ethology. The specialist must evaluate the animal and perform the respective treatment and therapy.

Caballo sobre las dos patas y relinchando
Horse on both legs and whinnying

How to deal with horses with trauma?

As we have mentioned before, the most appropriate approach is the approach of the horse by an expert in equine ethology.

However, people who are close to the horse should have empathy and know how to handle the situation.

It usually happens that when a horse has traumas or psychosomatic illnesses they do not respond to the orders of their owners, riders or trainers. In these cases, the ethologist should be asked for recommendations.

Although one of the factors that positively influence is love, patience and empathy with horses with traumas.

If the people who are close to the horse put the above mentioned into practice, it is very likely that the animal’s confidence will be regained.

When the equine begins to give in, he will try to set his rules and that’s when you have to say who is the leader of the herd.

As we all know, horses are sociable animals, affectionate and with great intelligence.

However, horses with traumas manifest fear in their unusual behavior, so they act from their survival instinct.

The role of the expert in equine ethology is fundamental in cases where these situations of horses with traumas occur.

A film that alludes to this theme is “The Horse Whisperer”. It clearly shows the situation of a horse victim of an accident and its recovery at the hands of a natural dressage expert.

The horses and their surroundings

Horses are animals that since their existence have lived in free spaces, even today some races that live in the wild.

Traumas can manifest themselves because they are kept locked in stables.

These animals merit a space to move freely.

They are usually tied for hours, so they end up depressed and consequently become a horse with traumas.

It should be noted that the horse is a gregarious animal that needs this relationship to live

Therefore, if the respective measures are not taken, horses with traumas or psychosomatic diseases will be taken.

Legislation regarding animal abuse

The issue of laws regarding the criminalization of people who mistreat animals is very much in vogue in some countries.

Although this is mainly focused on domestic animals such as dogs and cats, it is to be broader because it must cover the abuse of horses in competitions or bullfights.

These animals deserve respectful treatment regardless of the environment where they are.

Many human beings share day to day with horses, therefore they know, understand and to some extent try to think like these. So an affectionate bond is generated and full of empathy with the noble horses.

In summary

The horses with traumas must be put in the hands of an expert in equine ethology. Also follow the recommendations of this to make the recovery faster.


On the other hand, the charisma and empathy of the people surrounding the horses is essential for these noble animals.


The invitation is to people who deal with horses is to make them with love, respect, empathy and patience.


Horses cannot verbally express what they feel, this is one more reason to treat these animals in the best way.




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