//Knabstrupper horse breed, The Dalmatian horse breed?

Knabstrupper horse breed, The Dalmatian horse breed?

The Knabstrupper horse breed, also known as the “Dalmatian horse”, is a very curious horse. His breed has starred in curious and funny scenes thanks to the resemblance to Dalmatian dogs. That is why today we will talk about the Knabstrupper Horse Breed.

This breed of horse is native to Denmark, and is widespread throughout Europe. It is a very versatile breed since it is used for different activities such as:

  • Sport horse riding
  • Recreational horsemanship
  • Carriage shooting
  • Acrobatic horses for circuses

In the latter case they are used both for their friendly character and for their striking leopard coat. And it is that this last characteristic is what gives it that name of Dalmatian horse. A coat that has given him this nickname.

However, we wonder if the Knabstrupper horse breed is the only breed with leopard coat? Is it really the only Dalmatian-like horse breed out there?

Today we will discover more about the Knabstrupper horse breed and find out if it is the only horse breed that has that striking coat color.

Without further ado, let’s start discovering what the wonderful Knabstrupper horse breed has to offer.

Knabstupper Horse Breed
Knabstupper Horse Breed

Horse breeds similar to the Dalmatian, apart from the Knabstrupper horse breed

There are many breeds of horses and we can tend to confuse them. That is why it is good to know the physical characteristics of the different breeds of horses and be very observant. There are other breeds of horses that can resemble a Dalmatian dog.

This is because several horse breeds can come to possess white fur with black specks. This is due to a gene that enables this type of fur and is only found in some horse breeds.

One of the horses that can have such a curious combination is the Percheron. It is not one of the common colors in which we can find it, but there are its cases. And it is that thanks to the fact that the Percheron is a horse with these characteristics, we have curious anecdotes about a Percheron horse and a Dalmatian dog. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves anymore and talk about other races.

We also have breeds like the Pony of the Americas and the Colorado Ranger that can have Black leopard fur. This is because these breeds are related to the Appaloosa in their breeding.

Additionally, we can find this type of fur in the following breeds:

  • Coldblood breed from southern Germany.
  • Falabella horse breed: Bred in Argentina is related to the Shetland Pony
  • Noric Horse or Noriker: a breed of draft horse originating in the Italian Alps.

As we see there are many breeds with fur like a Dalmatian. Even though the Knabstrupper horse breed is considered the genuine Dalmatian horse. Perhaps this is due to his agility and character.

An appaloosa horse, a shetland pony and a dalmatian together
An appaloosa horse, a shetland pony and a dalmatian together

Curiosities of a friendship between a horse and a Dalmatian

A video circulated on social networks a few years ago that went viral because of the friendship between a spotted horse and a Dalmatian. As we mentioned in the previous section, a percheron horse with white fur and black specks developed a beautiful friendship with a Dalmatian breed dog.

As we can in the video, these animals do not discriminate and only know that they have fun being together.

DALMATA Es Idéntico A Un Caballo!

Other very interesting breeds that also lived a curious episode are Appaloosa and Shetland Pony. Both are quite different as the Appaloosa is larger than the Shetland Pony. But it is that these horses had the great opportunity to coincide in a farm and become great friends of a Dalmatian.

In this case they formed a dynamic trio that plays as if they were all horses or as if they were all dogs. For them it does not matter the race or skin color. Sunque that was what made them get closer, it was not what made them develop such a beautiful friendship.

In the following video we can see images of the Appaloosa coat called “Black Leopard”. This coat is present in 12% of appalosa horses.

Beautiful Leopard Appaloosa gelding.

On the other hand, the Shetland Pony is also another breed of horse whose cape can be “Black Leopard”, looking like a “robust” Dalmatian as in the following video.

Pony Shetland en venta. Cabaña La Turca

The interracial friends who have starred in the viralization of his image are very happy. The Dalmatian Dog is called Jack Sparrow and is very playful.

On the other hand, there is the Appaloosa Mare called Nevada which is very calm and is used to learn to ride a horse and for equine therapy.

Let’s continue to know about the curiosities between horses and Dalmatians



Friendship is not about being of the same breed of animal

Just as the dog is considered man’s best friend and the cat is many people’s best friend, animals can be friends with each other.

The curious friendship of the white horse of black specks and the Dalmatian prove it. Perhaps their physical similarities brought them closer, but it is their good vibes and nobility that hold them together.

In this same way love and friendship between people cannot be limited to beauty, skin color or the human race. And to highlight this idea we leave you with a beautiful video about the friendship between horses and dogs, most of them do not resemble each other at all.

Perros y caballos la mejor amistad Video HD.


Friendship is not limited to physical similarities or common interests, it has more to do with deep values. Horses and dogs are renowned for their affable character, sensitivity and nobility. This brings them closer to each other and makes them great friends.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a lover of animals, but especially horses and dogs. Therefore, every day we strive to show you the importance and beauty of horses. Gustavo Mirabal Castro created this space to enhance the role of the horse in the history of humanity and in modern life.

We hope that this space has brought a smile to your face and made you reflect on friendship and love. The most important thing we humans carry, and animals, is what we carry inside. A learning that can lead us all to live in a better world.