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Law and Equestrian Lawyers – Equestrian Law

Law is one of the professions and disciplines of the world that encompasses branches of human knowledge. This is because almost all human activities are regulated. Even those that are not regulated can also be the subject of legal disputes. These unexpected situations can create legal precedents or in any case lead to the creation of specific legislation. That is why we consider it important to know about the legality around the horse, the equestrian law.

That is why today we will talk about law and some famous equestrian lawyers around the world. If you need them, you can go to them for advice or representation directly. Today you will learn about equestrian law, and we will mention some specialists in the area of equestrian law. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Equine Law? | An Introduction To Horse Law

Does equestrian law really exist?

Short answer, yes. The long answer is that equestrian law is a derivation of all those legal specialties that deal with animals. In addition, it deals with all those activities in which the horse is involved. That is why equestrian law has a little of agrarian law and another little of the law related to sports competitions.

We can also see everything that has to do with the law related to betting in the case of horse racing.

A specialist in equestrian law must also know everything related to animal protection law.

A lawyer specializing in equestrian law must have extensive knowledge and experience in various branches of law. This is only achieved with professional practice and with a deep equestrian passion. There are lawyers who specialize in animals in general, but lawyers specializing in equestrian law are scarce. Due to the shortage of equestrian lawyers, their services can become expensive. But the reality is that having that specialized advice is invaluable.

Equestrian law protects horses, riders and owners
Equestrian law protects horses, riders and owners

What areas do equestrian law cover?

Equestrian law as we saw in the previous section covers many areas. Although we try to cover them all it is impossible and therefore, we will try to make a summary of the most important areas of equestrian law:

  • Commercial Law: All transactions of sale with horses are regulated by commercial law. Likewise, everything that has to do with the property and the profits generated by the horses in case they are acquired in society. It is very typical that commercial law is used for property and contract issues.
  • Municipal law: Everything related to the rights and permits for the economic exploitation of horses. Even for the construction of facilities to keep horses depends on the municipal cadastre and permits.
  • Agrarian and livestock law: Remember that the horse is considered cattle. But also, the horse can be a rural work tool for ploughing or transport. Moreover, in some countries horse meat is produced, sold, and consumed. This last type of exploitation will depend exclusively on the regulations of the country and its legal tradition. However, we cannot leave out this type of horse use, especially if we are in a country whose exploitation of the horse occurs in these terms.
  • Traffic law: Remember that horses are animals that are also used as a form of transport. That is why the traffic law is important because in some countries to use a horse as transport certain specifications must be met.
  • Tax law: This is an important point. Both activities that generate income from the use of horses and horses themselves may be subject to taxation. Therefore, tax law must take into account the specificities of the locality and the country.
Equestrian law is part of agricultural and livestock law
Equestrian law is part of agricultural and livestock law

Other legal aspects to consider

One of the most important aspects is the whole law associated with the protection of animal rights. That is why in some countries you cannot consume horse meat. In addition, in many countries they have strict regulations on the dignified treatment of animals. That is why the facilities must comply with minimum hygiene standards and the working days of the horses are restricted.

Some time ago we did an article about coach horses in Cartagena, denouncing the situation of horses. In this article you can see the complexity of the situation and the just restrictions that exist on the overexploitation of horses.

The protection of animals is fundamental to ensuring their well-being, which we must ensure as a human civilization. But, in the cases of the exploitation of horse meat, the hygienic conditions of the horses guarantee health. Remember that any breeding animal for meat consumption must comply with sanitary parameters. These sanitary parameters protect horses from diseases. But at the same time they prevent horses from transmitting diseases to humans who consume this meat.

On the other hand, there is everything that has to do with the law that regulates sports activities and betting. Sports regulations ensure the health and well-being of the horse while maintaining fair competition. Many regulations limit the use of drugs that can increase the horse’s performance to the detriment of its health.

It is important that all this is well known and implemented in sports and betting competitions. In this way our horse will be healthy, will be able to perform and have a long and profitable life.

Coach horses in Cartagena- Tourism or Abuse
Coach horses in Cartagena- Tourism or Abuse

Equestrian law, a way to protect horses, owners, and riders

Like everything in law, equestrian law seeks to balance the duties, responsibilities, and rights of the parties. In this case the owners of the horses, the riders, and the horses themselves are the interested parties. We can also include society in general in this aspect, with animal protection laws. Another interested party is the government, which executes the laws, but also collects the taxes that allow us to organize society.

Although Gustavo Mirabal’s specialty is commercial and tax law and legal financial advice, equestrian law has been part of his interests. Thanks to his passion for his horses, Gustavo Mirabal has learned a lot about equestrian law. Although given his professional experience he has always preferred to have this knowledge to make decisions advised by the real experts, lawyers specializing in equestrian law.

We value these professionals who must have extensive experience and know various subjects for this specialty. Thanks to them the horses, riders and their owners will be better protected.