//Silencio: The horse of soccer player Sergio Ramos
Silencio de Ramos

Silencio: The horse of soccer player Sergio Ramos

Silencio is the name of the champion horse of Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos. It born on March 31, 2012. His coat is thrush (gray with white spots of different shapes)

The father of Silencio is the horse Armas Vaquero and his mother is the mare Lagunera

This equine is part of the family of the Real Madrid player, who since childhood has a passion for these animals.

In this article we will tell you about the athlete’s passion for the equestrian world.

Silencio, a champion horse

Silencio is a 3-year-old colt with a great future and projection, as defined by the Real Madrid player.

Such words gained strength when, in 2016, Silencio became Champion of Andalucía.

In addition to consecrating as a Functionality Champion in the contest mode.

This Purebred Spanish horse has left its mark on his country and region. You have to remember that horses of this breed are usually from Andalusia.

Silencio de Ramos
Silencio de Ramos

Silencio de Ramos lives in the Yeguada SR4, owned by the soccer player.

It is located south of Bolullos de la Mitación (Seville), very close to the Natural Place of “La Juliana”.

The performance of Silencio de Ramos

  • Silencio de Ramos debuted in the Fericab 2014. It achieved the second place on October 16, 2014
  • It achieved the first place in the “Agroganadera del Valle de Pedroches” Fair on April 16, 2015. He got the title of young champion of the contest.
  • In October of that same year, Silencio was second in the XXVI Championship of Andalusia, while a month later he finished fourth in the World Championship of the Presicab Horse Sevilla 2015.
  • On October 19, 2016 gets the first place in the XXVII Championship of Andalusia in the Competition Functionality Champion
  • In the Serva 2018 event, he gets second place in the contest in general, on April 5, 2018

Silencio de Ramos comes from a long basic breeding stock.

El caballo blanco de Sergio Ramos, campeón de Andalucía 2016


Equestrian passion

By family influence and since childhood, the dream of having a livestock of their own has become a reality. He has investing resources, enthusiasm, effort and surrounded by the best team of professionals.

“Since I can remember, I love horses. Thanks to football, in addition, I have been able to turn this hobby into something more “.

This is what the athlete declares when asked about his equestrian passion.

He also narrates that ever since he was little he saw a horse or someone riding his parents they had to stop the car. They stopped so that sergio could caress the animal and even ride it.

The SR4 stud combines his passion for horses and Andalusian culture thanks to a great team that ensures that he will continue to achieve many successes.

“Every time I can, I go there, to the field, where I disconnect and enjoy,”

Says the athlete on his web portal https://www.yeguadasr4.com/.

This Yeguada consists of a 44-hectare estate with modern facilities where it has a score of copies.

It also has 40 boxes for horses, 9 corraletas, 1 rectangular covered riding arena, 3 outdoor courts, 2 round riding schools and 1 walker for the daily exercise of animals.

Silencio de Ramos
Silencio de Ramos. La estampa de un ganador








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