//Typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas
Typical Dishes of Venezuelan Christmas

Typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas

The cuisine of Venezuela is as diverse as its culture. However, when the most beautiful time of the year “Christmas” arrives, it is necessary to prepare some delicious recipes. For this reason the importance of knowing in detail the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas.

These Typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas conquer the palate of its people. But not everything lies in savoring each of these delicacies. But in the preparation of these, as is the case with the findings that each family member fulfills a specific task.

Gustavo Mirabal enjoyed this whole process during his childhood, adolescence and adulthood with his family. As this young man grew older, he assumed other roles in the elaboration of the hallacas.

Throughout the national territory they delight in the hallacas, chicken salad. In addition, the bread of ham, the leg, the black cake, the sweet of lechoza among others.

Undoubtedly each of these dishes are very tasty, however each of them has a complex elaboration process.

Christmas is a very special time where the Birth of the Child Jesus is celebrated. For this reason it is ideal to share and enjoy with the family.

Therefore, to celebrate this great event, it is always made of succulent dishes, the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas.

We leave you a video of the typical music of Venezuelan Christmas

Zulian Gaita: The Venezuelan Christmas song

Hallaca as one of the main typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas

The elaboration of the hallacas is an event in most Venezuelan families.

It is very common to hear the following motto in Venezuelans:

“My mom’s findings are the best”

Nowadays when there are so many Venezuelans around the world these traditions have been internationalized. In this way they dare to prepare their own versions.

This is a way of preserving the traditions of the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas.

To enjoy this succulent Christmas dish requires a complex process.

  • In principle, a budget should be prepared based on the number of hawks to be made
  • Then the selection of each of the ingredients, ensuring quality levels in these.
  • Already having all the ingredients at home, the stew is prepared. In this sense it will vary depending on the region of the country. Well, there are regions where the hawks cook with the raw stew.
  • There are other variants in terms of ingredients, but this varies from the area.
  • The day after the preparation of the stew comes the wrap, tie and then the cooking of the hallacas.
  • All the family members participate in this process, distributing the tasks.
  • All this task is enjoyed by placing music alluding to Christmas and such a drink to share.

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Typical Dishes of venezuelan Christmas
Typical Dishes of venezuelan Christmas

The chicken salad is part of the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas

This recipe for chicken salad is a favorite, which serves as a complement to accompany the hallaca.

It is usually done a little before lunch or dinner as appropriate.

This element of the Christmas main course has as ingredients:

  • Potato, carrot, boiled eggs, chicken breast or shredded chicken
  • Mayonnaise, peas among others.

In relation to the preparation, potatoes, carrots and eggs should be cooked. Apart the breast is placed to cook.

Once cooked and fried proceed to chop and join all the ingredients except the mayonnaise or dressing that apply.

Ham bread an exquisiteness among the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas

The ham bread that is completely served on Christmas dinner of the good night is a delight.

But we don’t have to wait until Christmas if we want to eat it. Well, in most bakeries they start selling it before starting the month of December.

For this reason it is a tradition that has been gradually becoming increasingly important.

The preparation of ham bread goes through several stages that we will mention below:

  • First the dough is prepared taking into account that it takes a waiting time for it to grow.
  • Then, stretch with a roller and add ham, olives cut into pieces and raisins
  • Then comes the baking process.

Without a doubt, it is a very exquisite bread thus becoming one of the favorites of the Christmas season.

Ham bread has different variants. Therefore we can find some with turkey or puff pastry.

Pork leg: a delight among the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas

Just as you find them this element of the Christmas plate also carries a complex process of elaboration.

This preparation can take several hours, the result being a succulent dish.

Usually one or two people are responsible for the preparation of the pork leg.

The meat should be juicy and ready. After macerating and many hours in the oven.

The preparation of pork loin, to which different marinades, fine herbs are added.

In addition to a special touch with wine or beer.

Central dish of the Good Night: the Hallaca

The main course of December 24 at the table of Venezuelans is common: the Hallaca, chicken salad, pork leg and ham bread.

Each of the elements of these dishes we have mentioned in detail.

On the other hand, there are desserts such as dulce de lechoza and black cake. These are some of Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s favorite desserts since he was a child. Well, his mother made them for this Christmas season.

We can see that each of the components of Christmas cuisine in Venezuela is a delicacy on the palate. This is the star of the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas.

Hallacas are the Venezuelan Christmas tamale you didn't know you wanted

Dishes “less typical” of Venezuelan Christmas


At Christmas there are numerous typical dishes in each country. In Venezuela we have presented the most representative of Christmas in Venezuela. However, there are other delicious dishes that are typical of Venezuelan Christmas but are less common and known. Today we will do you the honor of mentioning them and giving you some tips so that you know them

Next, the typical dishes of venezuelan Christmas less common.


Stuffed Turkey

The Stuffed Turkey in the Venezuelan Christmas is displaced by the so-called Christmas dish. The Christmas dish with hallaca, ham bread, chicken salad and pernil is the star of Christmas. However, turkey sometimes replaces pernil or can become a main dish. It is not one of the typical traditions, but it has become a regular visitor to the table during Christmas.

Stuffed turkey has multiple ways to be prepared, so today we will present some alternatives for this delicious dish.

The first step is to choose a turkey with a good size. It is suggested that the turkey be between 3.5 and 5 kilos. This turkey should be natural. If it is a frozen turkey, we must ensure that it is well thawed.

Thawed turkey can be marinated in different combinations. One of the options is to use the juice of a citrus fruit that can be lemon, orange, pineapple, passion fruit or a mixture of them. Citrus juice mixed with salt, pepper, chives, celery, coriander, and parsley. Some recipes also use thyme or rosemary, although we do not recommend it.

You should “prick” the turkey everywhere sprinkle it with the mixture to marinate it. This turkey is reserved in the fridge until the next day to leave it juicy.

Fundamentally in the preparation of the turkey varies in the filling. Depending on the filling, a different flavor is acquired. Here are some recipes for turkey stuffing.

Stuffed turkey for Christmas - Typical Venezuelan Christmas Dishes
Stuffed turkey for Christmas – Typical Venezuelan Christmas Dishes

Stuffing for pig turkey, bacon, and raisins.

Fry the bacon with onion and garlic cut into small pieces to extract the flavor. This is added to ground pig meat with salt and pepper to taste to cook it together. When the meat is quite cooked, raisins are added with red or white wine, depending on the taste.

Stuffed with pork and beef with apple

Cook the pork and beef with the onion and apples in wine with salt and pepper to taste. Add wine and cinnamon to both the meat and the inside of the turkey to give it flavor. Before filling it you can add a glass of sherry to the cooked meat and a little cinnamon and reduce.

Stuffed with nuts

This recipe is made with a smaller turkey, estimating between 2 and 3 kilos, given the density of the nuts. Among the nuts that we can use are raisins, apricots, pine nuts, plums, walnuts, and almonds. The first step is to fry apple pieces with onion and the nut mixture of your choice for 6 minutes and then add a glass of sweet liquor and cinnamon. Among the sweet liquors we can choose rum, a sweet wine, brandy, or orange liqueur to then reduce. It is called reducing the action of cooking until the liquid evaporates a little and concentrates the flavor.

The Art of Turkey Stuffing

Filling is placed inside the turkey and the legs are tied to prevent the filling from escaping, but also to protect it from cooking the turkey. The idea is that the filling does not dry out during the cooking of the delicious dish

These delicious fillings next to turkey have everything to become a Christmas tradition in any family. However, in Venezuela turkey is much less common than chicken and therefore has not become so popular

The essence of the typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas

The important thing about these typical dishes of Venezuelan Christmas is to enjoy the family preparation.

When you enjoy each step of these delicacies it is a privilege for Venezuelans.

The ideal of the Christmas season is to enjoy these wonderful moments in the company of family and friends.

Another aspect is to be supportive of others, as a time to share. So do not hesitate to share a Christmas dish with someone in vulnerable conditions. Well there is the essence of true Christmas …

Typical Dishes of Venezuelan Christmas
Typical Dishes of Venezuelan Christmas




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