//Heartland: A TV series for horse lovers

Heartland: A TV series for horse lovers

After 14 seasons the Heartland series remains fireproof. With a legion of amateurs that continues to grow and closely follow the adventures of the Fleming-Bartlett family.

The TV series is based on a series of novels written by Lauren Brooke. This series of novels covers 20 novels published between 2000 and 2005.

Additionally Lauren wrote at least 5 special books in this series.

No doubt the TV series has managed to take the story of Amy Fleming and her family everywhere.

How was this Canadian television series unveiled in the world?

One of the means that has allowed Heartland’s story to cross borders was its presence on video streamming services.

The TV series currently has a presence on Netflix with the first 13 seasons. Fans for months wonder when Season 14 will be available on Netflix. It is expected to be available by mid-year.

An excellent mix of drama, action and beautiful landscapes have made Heartland a series for posterity. We can also talk about masterful interpretations of the actors who star in the wonderful series.

Heartland is one of the best horse series on Netflix.

We can see the day-to-day problems of a family trying to be re-encountered after years of being separated. A reunion that occurs in the context of a tragedy that will lead them to remember what is really important in their lives.

As soon as we add, let’s learn a little more about Heartland, his story and his charismatic characters.

Heartland’s story

The heartland estate, which gives its name to the series, is a farm dedicated to the care of horses. Directed by Marion Fleming, a very skilled woman to deal with traumatized horses.

Her incredible sensitivity leads her to jeopardize her physical integrity in order to rescue endangered horses. Certainly a soul like few others.

Marion is not only dedicated to rescuing horses but also “rescuing” people. Thus she participates in a program to reduce the sentence of young people with legal problems in exchange for work.

A way to reform and give a second chance to people who have had issues with the law.

In this context Marion has a daughter named Amy who has inherited sensitivity to horses and who prepares to take over.

In the meantime they encounter farmers who treat animals as one more commodity. Amy, like her mother, is unwilling to let the horses suffer at the hands of the farmers.

That’s why they decide to rescue a horse named Spartan The horse’s rescue ends in tragedy causing Marion’s death.

Amid the feeling of guilt and the weight of the horse care and rehablitation business behind her back, young Amy must deal with her insecurities and sadness.

Amy Fleming - The main protagonist
Amy Fleming – The main protagonist

Changes in Heartland keep coming.

As if it wasn’t enough with the loss of her mother, Amy’s life and the life of her grandfather Jack Bartlett won’t stop changing.

Amy’s older sister Lou arrives from New York for her mother’s funeral and try to help in this crisis. No doubt Lou encounters a torrent of emotions and memories that will make her stay longer than thought.

In the midst of that earthquake of emotions comes a boy named Ty Borden who was one of the boys who would work in exchange for reducing the penalty. A boy who desperately needs a second chance.

A series full of emotion where everyone grows together overcoming difficulties.

Ty Borden is a rebel
Ty Borden is a rebel

Differences and similarities between novels and the TV series

  • The series unfolds in Alberta, a province southwest of Canada. Meanwhile, the Heartland novel series written by Lauren Brooke takes place in Virginia, in the Southeastern United States. An almost coast-to-coast change.
  • The TV series follows the story of the novel with certain changes to surprise.
  • In both it is important to use alternative therapies for the recovery of horses such as Bach Flowers or Acupressure.
  • Ty Borden in the novels is sweeter and at first Ty is the bad guy who ends up pleasing Amy
  • In the series there are more elements of cowboy style and cow ranches in the day to day.
Heartland Book Collection - Lauren Brooke
Heartland Book Collection – Lauren Brooke

Heartland Curiosities

  • The series is produced in Canada and has a large legion of fans.
  • Heartland location in the novels is different from that of the TV series.
  • The series in Latin America is widely followed from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela, the land of Gustavo Mirabal.
  • In Europe the series has many followers in Romania.
  • In Canada it is the longest-running canadian television series. Far surpassing his nearest competitor “Street Legal” who had 8 seasons on the air.
  • The series also has many followers in the US.
  • The Canadian novel series is also the most read in Canada by youth audiences.
  • Lauren Brooke is a pseudonym that has been used by two different writers. But heartland’s real name is Linda Chapman.
  • The Heartland TV series has won the most prestigious award on Canadian TV. Heartland won the Canadian Directors Guild Award for Best Family Series.
  • Actors who play Jack Bartlett and Tim Fleming despite being a father-in-law and son-in-law are barely two years old.
  • From 2009 to 2014 he has won the Canadian Directors Guild of Union award for best family television series episode for the 6 years in a row.
  • Three of its actors have been awarded for their performances.
Heartland's cast
Heartland’s cast

Heartland, a series with a heart

Without a doubt it is a beautiful TV series that will make you reflect on the important things of life, love for nature and family union.

You can also find reflections on love, friendship, teamwork, respect for animals and healthy living.

It is a series that will make you feel good and show you the beautiful landscapes of Canada for your enjoyment.

Definitely a safe recommendation for your enjoyment and that of the whole family.