/How is Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s law firm?
María Carolina Mirabal - Gustavo Mirabal's wife

How is Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s law firm?

Get to know Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s law firm today

The well-known Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal, besides being a great equestrian fan and businessman, is a prominent lawyer. He obtained his law degree from the “Santa María University” (Venezuelan institution) in 1988.

His passion for the laws, as well as that of horses, he inherited from his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos. From the beginning, the laws were only one stop in his life. From the beginning, the laws were a means to achieve their vital objective, to create the best equestrian center in the world.

Below we can see an interview with two horsemen who trained at the farm G & C farm product of the effort of this rider, businessman and lawyer

What is the curriculum of Gustavo Mirabal?

Gustavo Mirabal sometimes worked as an advisor and sometimes as an employee in recognized companies including:

  • Seguros Horizonte (insurance company in the government)
  • Británica de Seguros (private insurance company)
  • Banco de la Construcción (public bank)


Gustavo Mirabal Castro, his friends and Donald Trump
Gustavo Mirabal Castro, his friends and Donald Trump

His firm offers services in the area of commercial, commercial and tax law. In addition, they also work with intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice, litigation, finance and capital markets.

Maybe some businessman in the shadows that remained in evidence after one of the trials for financial litigation is behind the media attacks on Gustavo Mirabal.

All this to materialize your dream of life, leave the name of venezuela high in the equestrian world. He wants to go to a new level, that of equine businessman.

Beyond the shameful accusations of farandula journalists who have made money at the expense of hate and vulgar behaviors and some others who have more imagination than ethics, Gustavo Mirabal has stood out. As an entrepreneur he has his own law firm called: Mirabal & Asociados, S.C. located in the city of Caracas (Venezuela). He also managed to set up one of the most important horse training farms in the world.

How is Gustavo Mirabal’s law firm?

Mirabal & Asociados has more than 11 years of experience offering its services to clients of the size of Toro Capital Sociedad de Corretaje, Mi Casa Saving and Loan Entity. Its services are among the most valued of financial entities.

Additionally, they have other important clients such as:

  • American Bureau of Collection (USA)
  • Uno Valores Casa de Bolsa
  • Unicapital Brokerage House
  • Veritas from Venezuela
  • Tamanaco International Hotel
  • Inverunion Commercial Bank
  • The Attorney General of the Republic of Venezuela

With this trajectory, some might think that the laws are the great passion of Gustavo, however nothing is further from the truth. Perhaps there are passionate men whose goals are not confined to one area.

The greatest dream of this Venezuelan athlete is to promote the development of the sport on horseback. In essence, Gustavo Mirabal wants the name of Venezuela to be high in equestrian sports. Gustavo dreams of becoming an example for the new generations perseverance and entrepreneurship.

Gustavo Mirabal and his new office in Dubai

His new office is located in the “Dubai International Financial Center”. The purpose of its new office is to promote the internationalization of Gustavo Mirabal’s services.

With offices in New York, Madrid and Caracas, Mirabal services are located on three continents: America, Asia and Europe. But also with an important proximity to the African and Oceania continents from Dubai.

The office location in Dubai also allows it to offer its clients the establishment of companies in a privileged financial center. Also from here you can take advantage of the tax advantages of Dubai as well as a totally liberal commercial legislation.

How the different offices are integrated

Together with Mirabal & Asociados it is a legal desk for the financial sector. This is the oldest and since Gustavo Mirabal started in the financial world this was the selected target market. He specializes in banking, insurance and other financial services.

Likewise, LISAL enterprises is dedicated to advising important figures in the sports area and even sports teams. In LISAL we take care of comprehensive advice in the area of contracting with teams and sponsors. We even give advice on what are the best places to live and capital management to reduce tax and parafiscal charges.

Mirabal And Associates will be dedicated to the comprehensive management of large capitals. As we see each of the offices has been specializing in a niche of legal advice. They are definitely part of a well thought out strategy of internationalization and complementarity.

Gustavo Mirabal's office is in the Dubai International Financial Center
Gustavo Mirabal’s office is in the Dubai International Financial Center

What are the differentiating elements of Gustavo Mirabal’s companies?

There are many very capable professionals in the law sector. However, there are some elements that make the difference to choose Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his team. Those elements are:

  • A team of lawyers that already has offices in Caracas, New York, Madrid and Dubai
  • We can offer the best of each continent, since we know each continent very well. This applies to the knowledge of the laws but also of the conditions to invest and protect your money.
  • Counting in each office a professional frontline team

Definitely to close the biggest differentiating element is the experience behind it. Gustavo Mirabal has the first-hand experience of being an athlete, managing his own heritage and having lived in Caracas, the United States, Spain and Dubai.

In addition we must also have traveled the world thanks to his sports passion. This has allowed him to deal with customs and legal issues in every part of the world where he participated.

What is Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s personal vision of Dubai?

“My personal vision is that Dubai is going to become one of the most important business centers”

In the words of Gustavo Mirabal himself, the competitive situation of developed countries is very comfortable. Because of this, they have been carrying high corporate taxes, which has weakened their competitive position.

Currently the situation is changing for more developed cities because based on tax benefits new destinations are attracting investors. In this way what happens is the following:

“While the European countries and the US are countries with high tax burdens, the emirates have a 0% tax rate for companies based in their territory, also for resident natural persons”

Gustavo Mirabal looking to the future in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal looking to the future in Dubai

Dubai Competitive Aspects

Other aspects valued by Gustavo Mirabal are safety, the climate of Dubai and the quality of life with multiple activities to enjoy. The description of Gustavo Mirabal from Dubai is a true paradise.

If we add economic benefits and quality of life we have great advantages.

“This combined with a safe country, with an exceptional climate for eight months and the different options of sport, leisure and culture as it becomes a very desirable country to live”

That is why Dubai has become a fashion destination.

British retirees have decided to make Dubai their place of retreat. There they make investments, protect their pensions from high taxes. In turn they enjoy a pleasant climate, which is impossible in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the Emirates Airline you are a small flight away with all the elegance and category of the English.

How was Gustavo Mirabal enriched?

After he finished his lawyer career in Venezuela (this role never ended but went into the background). Thanks to the savings obtained working with important companies such as lawyer Gustavo Mirabal decides to undertake his real estate. He leaves for the United States where he plans to create G & C Farm.

Gustavo Mirbal Castro facing the attack
Gustavo Mirbal Castro facing the attack

Wellington, Florida is the place chosen by the amateur horseman to open his farm. Thanks to the importance of this market in this area, the business is successful.. So Gustavo Mirabal begins to raise horses at the same time as training riders.

Once the farm acquires reputation and grows, criticism is immediate. Envy is powerful and seeing that a man stands out as a lawyer and then as an equestrian entrepreneur is frowned upon by those who have not been able to really point out anything other than destroying others.

Why Gustavo Mirabal “did the dirty work”?

News with false information, theories of association with third parties to divert funds (without any evidence) and even role of front man roll through the social networks and Venezuelan media.

It should be noted that there is no proof that Gustavo Mirabal Castro was involved in such crimes. So all information about it is based on rumors and conspiracy theories.

These attacks are supported in good part by a person from his circle who thanks to old quarrels decided to destroy it … A privileged source that only because of who he is is given a credibility that he lacks in reality

This source is his own sister María Gabriela Mirabal Castro. She supports that media campaign and has added details with which they intend to discredit the rider.

We could say that the media have done the dirty work of some businessman. This “business shadow”, either because of some past resquemor or trying to divert the attention of the media from their true implication, they look for a scapegoat in Gustavo Mirabal.

It is as well as the envy, the gossip and the frustration of a woman who did not manage to maintain its children next to her, attacks against the integrity of a man who has demonstrated to be an outstanding sportsman and industrious industralist. Then we will give more details about it.

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Why does María Gabriela Mirabal accuse Gustavo Mirabal?

Maria Gabriela & Gustavo Mirabal
Maria Gabriela & Gustavo Mirabal

All families tend to have friction among their members and usually after a couple of discussions comes reconciliation.

However, in the case of the Mirabal brothers the problem has persisted and passed to the public plane.

Which has been a problem for Gustavo Mirabal since his private life is not only questioned but defamed. And precisely thanks to her sister who has given lies and gossip that feed the media that in the midst of an ethical crisis decide not to validate the information provided.

The accusations of Maria Gabriela Mirabal, the sister of Gustavo Mirabal, do not come from concrete facts but from their somewhat irrational hatred and perhaps from some psychic desequilibrium that have been diagnosed.

What are the tests that the media decides to ignore?

Next we present the audio of the children of Maria Gabriela Mirabal trying to make the media reason to ignore the ravings of their mother because they could bring legal consequences. That is how the American visa was revoked for attributing contacts to Marco Rubio that she did not have.

Listen to "Se destapo la olla de la loca" on Spreaker.

In principle, the hatred on the part of Maria Gabriela is due to the two children of Maria Gabriel seeing in her uncle the father figure they did not have. They decided to go live with him outside the country. Maria Gabriela Mirabal’s loneliness has taken its toll. She wants to pass the bill to her brother and with interests.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal urged María Gabriela to solve the situation with her children. Maria Gabriela Mirabal refused to do so, as well as refused to leave Venezuela for a family reconciliation. She attributes the problems with her children to her brother; however, an audio that rolls over the internet reveals that the problems between her children and Maria Gabriela Mirabal are prior.

How is Gustavo Mirabal’s relationship with his family?

The truth is that Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s relationship with the rest of his family is very good. The only thing that the Venezuelan could regret is that his own sister has echoed the bad news and also fed them. She has become a multiplier of the questioning without evidence. She has promoted that mediatic hatred to take revenge for the abandonment of her children that she attributes to her brother.

Gustavo Mirabal happy with his family
Gustavo Mirabal and María Carolina Mirabal, happy with his family

Know this story and investigate so that you can make your own idea. Do not allow second-rate journalists, media mercenaries and entertainment journalists to inoculate a hatred that comes from a person who is not totally in their right mind. This campaign has distorted the image of Gustavo Mirabal but does not erase the successes both in the professional field and in the business field. Let’s support Gustavo Mirabal so that he continues to promote the development of equestrian sport and, in particular, continue to leave the name of Venezuela on high.





If you want to know more about Gustavo Mirabal or Equestrian Word, go to:

http://gustavomirabal.com/  or  http://gustavomirabalcastro.online/english