//Sleipnir, Odin’s horse

Sleipnir, Odin’s horse

Horse breeding considering genetics – The myth of Sleipnir

Nordic mythology is one of the most interesting mythologies due to the variety and richness of its stories. It is oral tradition, lacks sacred books and understands the beliefs and stories shared by the Germanic peoples (Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, Icelanders, Germans, Franks, Anglos, Sanjons, Slavs, among others called at the time “barbarian” peoples) . In the mythology of the peoples their wisdom is hidden. From the Norse mythology comes the myth of Sleipnir.

Odin riding Slepnir
Odin riding Slepnir

Odin the main god of Norse mythology. He is the god of wisdom, of war and of death. A This mighty god belonged Sleipnir. Sleipnir is an incredibly fast gray horse, 8 legs that could fly and could even take him to the realm of death. Sleipnir symbolizes the winds coming from the 8 cardinal points and from there its eight legs. Likewise, the steed of Odin had to be the best in the world and therefore could not have less than twice as many legs as a common horse.

The origin of Sleipnir is surprising, witty and a little funny, while revealing the knowledge that the Germanic tribes had about horse breeding since ancient times. It is not by chance that equestrian sports arose in the area of Britain where the Saxons peoples settled. Saxons warriors developed the use of cavalry as war technology.

The history of Slepnir

The gods of the kingdom of Asgard (Odin, Freya, Loki, Thor) decided that they had to build a great wall to protect themselves from their enemies. Faced with the great work that lay ahead, an unknown rider offered to build the wall in 16 months in exchange for the “small price”: the goddess Freya, the sun and the moon, the annoyance of the gods was enormous and the rider would have been beheaded if it were not for Loki’s trickery, he told them:

  • Require them to do it in 6 months and it will be impossible. So he will build part of the wall for free.

The gods, though with doubts, were more able to avarice and want to teach a lesson to the daring unknown player and let Loki close the deal:

  • We agree, but you will have to do it in 6 months or there is no deal.
  • Will they allow me to use my horse?
  • Of course, a horse will not make the difference – Said the cocky Loki

For every rock that the mighty stranger could carry, his horse could carry two rocks … A horse as few called Svaðilfari. The gods began to get nervous seeing that they would lose the bet made. The rider would take the sun, the moon and Freya and with it their desire to live.

  • Without the sun and the moon, it is not worth living. We can not allow it. Loki, you put us in this mess and it’s you who will take us out.

Before the desperate situation and before the possibility of being expelled, the intriguing Loki devised a plan. The reason why the stranger had exceeded his expectations was his powerful horse … Without his horse he could not finish the job on time.

The deception of Loki

That night, in the stables appeared a beautiful mare, with silky and shiny hair and thick and strong legs. The mare seduced Svaðilfari to “give her love” and prevent him from completing the walls of Asgard.

The next morning the rider discovered that his horse was not and without him he could not finish the wall. Enraged, he lost his sanity and disguise, showing himself as he was … A giant, sworn enemy of the gods of Asgard. Thor took it upon himself to hammer at the Giant and run it. Even when Loki achieved the goal, the gods were furious and did not want him near … He had also disappeared.

To the months when the spirits were already calm, Loki returned with a gift for Odin … A powerful 8-legged steed. To seduce Svaðilfari, Loki became a beautiful mare and had to give her “little gift” to the horse, begetting Sleipnir … Sleipnir the horse of Odin and son of Loki.

Sleipnir 3d model
Sleipnir 3d model

What does Slepnir represent?

Sleipnir is the result of crossing a powerful horse with a god. The myth of Sleipnir reveals the intuitive knowledge that the Nordics had about the importance of genetics in the result of horse breeding. That is why the Sanjones peoples have always made great advances in this field.

Remember that in myths there is wisdom. When it comes to being the best you have to look for knowledge anywhere. Sleipnir, the first result of horse crossing methods … And what a result!








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