//The horse in the movie ” Dreamer “
Dreamer Movie Poster

The horse in the movie ” Dreamer “

Dreamer is an American film released on September 10, 2005 at the Toronto Film Festival and on October 21 for the general public. It was directed by John Gatins and starring Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning.

The film received generally positive mixed reviews from critics. This film won $ 38,741,732 under a budget of $ 32 million. He also received a nomination for the Film Critic Awards for Best Family Film. Dreamer: Inspired by a true story was released on DVD, Blu-ray and VHS on March 21, 2006 by Roadshow Entertainment.

The film closes on January 5, 2006. After 77 days of exhibition only collect 32,751,093 dollars in the country, along with an additional of $ 5,990,639 abroad for a world total of $ 38,741,732. Produced on a budget of $ 32 million, the film is considered a movie tan-tan at the box office, as it barely regained its budget.

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story - Trailer

Movie plot

Ben Crane is an extraordinary trainer of racehorses. This is why he warns his boss that Sonya, a mare with a very promising future, should not run this time. However, the boss does not consider the coach’s warning.

In this race, the horse suffers a strong injury. It fractures one of its legs, so that it will not be able to compete again. It is for this reason that they decide to sacrifice it.

The horse trainer is fired by his boss. But he decides to keep the mare named “dremar” as part of the payment of an outstanding debt and thus save the animal’s life.

Ben’s intention is to cure the mare in order to pair it with another great champion and sell the young. But after the improvement of his injury, the fate of the trainer fades, since the mare is sterile. On the other hand, when they think that everything is lost, they discover that Sonya can run.

The love of Cale: Dreamer.

Película En busca de un sueño
Película En busca de un sueño

Cale Crane, Ben’s daughter, has become very fond of the horse “dreamer”. This girl begins to train the mare with the intention of returning to compete and be a great champion.

After overcoming a large number of hard obstacles and reject large sums of money, they manage to register the horse in the most important race of all. The classic of stallions, in which the mare has prepared a magnificent surprise: Dreamer win the breeders’ cup.

Breeders’ Cup

It is a set of horse racing that takes place in the United States since 1984. Breeders’ Cup is one of the most popular horse riding events in the country. It is done at the end of the horse season, in October or November.

Film values

This film talks about values such as affection and family unity. It shows us that everything can be achieved with a positive attitude and with believing in dreams.

The film brings us a sublime and hopeful message. It reminds us of the importance of moral values and the strength of family ties. It also highlights how the human being manages to overcome obstacles, when it comes to fulfilling dreams.




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