//Theater play “Horse in a fire”
Horse in a Fire- Theater Play

Theater play “Horse in a fire”

Theater play “Horse in a fire” (Caballo en un Incendio)

The play Caballo en una fuego is an adaptation of the text by Argentinean Alfredo Rosenbaum. Which addresses the issue of unemployment from the surrealist current, with aesthetic plastic and acting work of that movement.

What is the work “Horse in a fire” about?

It is a surrealist piece that places us in the waiting room of an institution whose purposes are not clarified. “The reader” and Siamese twins – who later appear separated and turned into identical twins – await. On the other hand, on the loudspeakers, the names of other people are heard, but never theirs. In that long wait, take the opportunity to discuss the plot of a novel, making capricious comments.

In the event of this absurd routine, the idea of the horse is born in the dialogues. First, as the theme of the novel that loads “a reader”. Then, in the images of a dream and, finally, as life and death impulses ready to rush against someone. Gradually, those strange and uncomfortable energies take over “The Reader”. In that way, catastrophe becomes an inevitable threat.

Horse in a fire
Horse in a fire

Also, the actions help to build the fatal atmosphere that permeates the work. Alonso Casasola and Luis D. Jenkins materialize twins capable of acting in unison, as if they were a single entity. His delirious attitude impacts by the precision in gestures and movements. In some passages, when they move like horses of passage, we perceive the successful bet to move them away from any rational behavior.

Analysis of the work “Horse in a fire”

It is presented as a metaphor for a competitive society that leaves out of play those who are incapable of harming others in order to occupy the first places. A social machine that stifles any attempt at solidarity with difference.

In this order of ideas, the work is made to be felt and then understood. It also offers the viewer multiple meanings and interpretation possibilities.

It is worth noting that through a black humor, the work talks about the growing challenges faced by the complex monetary and labor systems of the contemporary world. At the same time, it invites us to remember the vital desire of the genuine being and his search for freedom against systems that attempt against it.

It was said that the work is an adaptation of Alfredo Rosenbaum’s text, who is this character?

Alfredo Rosenbaum en DIONISIO en FM La Tribu

Alfredo Rosenbaum was born in Rosario, province of Santa Fe, in 1964. He currently lives in Buenos Aires. Rosenbaum is a poet, dramatist, director and theatrical researcher. He published Saga del pez (poetry), and poems in different magazines in the country and abroad. Between 1989 and 1998 he joined the team The series, a theatrical production, with which his work Mar en calma was premiered in 1992 at the Teatro San Martín, directed by Ita Scaramuzza and the author.

Horse in a fire, surreal piece

Surrealism is an artistic and literary movement that emerged in France. After the First World War and that is inspired by psychoanalytic theories to try to reflect the functioning of the subconscious, leaving aside any kind of rational control.

Just as the horse in a fire is a surrealist piece, this type of work shows us the importance of horses for man from a symbolic point of view. On horse it is even in our dreams.






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