Gastronomía Venezolana para Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Mirabal-Castro Tour of Regional Gastronomy Routes in Venezuela

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A food tour in Venezuela is a great way to explore the culinary diversity of this beautiful country. Such is the gastronomic diversity that a single tour would not be enough to cover everything. This is how Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his family discovered gastronomy in Venezuela.

Thanks to Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s international profile, this has allowed him to get to know gastronomy worldwide. Thanks to this knowledge, he can say that Venezuela is one of the places with the best gastronomy in the world.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro recognizes Venezuela as a gastronomic enclave, thanks to Venezuela’s cultural diversity, its miscegenation and its deep syncretism. Even food from other countries in Venezuela tastes better thanks to the sweet chili, garlic, and the amount of vegetable dressings used.

Today you will discover some of the most interesting places to discover gastronomy in Venezuela. As a joke, this was what Gustavo Mirabal called the Mirabal-Castro Tour of gastronomic routes.

Therefore, here are some ideal stops in different cities, states, and regions of Venezuela. Start.

Venezuelan Gastronomy for Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Venezuelan Gastronomy for Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Mirabal-Castro Tour of Gastronomy in Venezuela, Capital Region, the favorite of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

  1. Caracas, Capital District:
    • Mercado de Coche: Visit this popular market to try typical dishes such as arepas, cachapas, empanadas, and Venezuelan pavilion (pabellón venezolano).
    • El Hatillo: Enjoy restaurants serving traditional Venezuelan food in this charming town. The most interesting thing is that you can also enjoy the atmosphere and period architecture of a typical Venezuelan town of yesteryear.
    • Las Mercedes: It is a place with a lot of style and has a large concentration of restaurants serving typical Venezuelan Creole food, as well as any type of food you want to try. If you want a nice, pleasant atmosphere with the best Creole food, here you can find it at the next restaurants:
  1. a) Los Pilones del Este
  2. b) El Solar de Este
  3. c) Mi Cochinito Favorito
  4. d) Trolly
  • The Candelaria area. It is one of the areas of Caracas with the greatest gastronomic richness. Here you’ll find:
  1. a) Parrillas and Asados: In this area of Caracas, you will find numerous restaurants and grill stalls that offer grilled cuts of meat, such as steak, blood sausage, sausage chorizo style, and other typical Venezuelan barbecue dishes.
  2. b) Spanish Food: It is one of the areas of Venezuela with the highest concentration of Spanish food places. In this area, dishes such as Paellas and dishes based on seafood such as octopus and seafood stand out. This is why it is one of the favorite places of Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his family.
  3. c) International Cuisine in general: La Candelaria is also known for its culinary diversity, with restaurants serving international food, from Italian to Japanese food.
The "Pabellón" or Pavillion - Venezuelan Gastronomy
The “Pabellón” or Pavillion – Venezuelan Gastronomy

Mirabal-Castro Tour of Gastronomy in Venezuela, Central Region

  1. Valencia, Carabobo State:
    • Asadero Don Pollo: Try the famous grilled chicken from Carabobeño restaurant, accompanied by yucca and garlic sauce.
    • Arepas El Patacón: Delight in arepas stuffed with shredded meat, cheese, and other ingredients.
    • The empanadas of El Palito: This area has become famous for its delicious empanadas on the way west and especially to the beaches of the state of Carabobo. You can get empanadas of all kinds: cheese, meat, chicken, fish, even Venezuelan pavilion empanadas. A place to get to know the tradition of Venezuelan street food and a little piece of its gastronomy.
  2. Maracay, Aragua State:
    • Las Delicias de Mamá (Mom’s Delights): Savor traditional dishes such as hallacas, Andean pastries, and other Venezuelan delicacies.
    • Cachapas El Rey (Cachapas The King): Don’t miss the cachapas stuffed with hand cheese and other ingredients.
  3. Colonia Tovar, Aragua State (generally very easy to reach from the capital)
    • German food: Colonia Tovar is known for its German influence, so you’ll find a variety of German dishes such as schnitzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut, and pretzels. Don’t miss the opportunity to try desserts such as strudel and apple cakes.
    • Artisanal jams: Colonia Tovar is characterized by its agricultural production of fruits. That is why there you will find the best selection of artisan jams, among other very special sweets.
    • Craft alcoholic beverages: Beer is a quintessential German alcoholic beverage. For this reason, in the Colony you will get a wide variety of craft beers to know the true taste of the original beer. On the other hand, the fruits of the sector are also used to generate various strawberry and blackberry wines, among others.
Venezuelan Empanadas – One of Gustavo Mirabal's Favorite Breakfasts
Venezuelan Empanadas – One of Gustavo Mirabal’s Favorite Breakfasts

The Mirabal-Castro Gastronomy Tour in Venezuela, Western Region

The west of the country is heavily influenced by two areas. Andean zone, which is cold, and the Zulia area, which on the contrary is quite hot. In this region you will find the greatest variety of gastronomy in Venezuela, outside of the capital region.

  1. Maracaibo, Zulia State:
    • Arepera El Ávila: Try the famous arepas from Zulia stuffed with telita cheese and other local ingredients.
    • Patacón Pisao: Don’t miss the patacón, a delicious version of fried plantain as a base for your favorite toppings.
  2. Merida, Merida State:
    • Andinitas: Enjoy Venezuelan Andean gastronomy with dishes such as trout with sweet chili sauce or Andean mute.
    • Coromoto Ice Cream Parlor: Here you will find an incredible variety of ice cream flavors, some of them quite unusual.
    • Main Market of Merida. Here you can get a great diversity of Andean gastronomy in one place, such as:
  1. a) Andean food: In the Main Market of Merida, you will find a wide variety of typical dishes of the Andean region, such as auyama soup, Andean pinch, beef with potatoes, and black filling. In addition, you can buy local products such as fresh cheeses and panela.
  2. b) Regional Sweets: Mérida is famous for its traditional sweets, such as quesillo, fruit preservatives, and cocadas. Be sure to try them.

Mirabal-Castro Tour of Gastronomy in Venezuela, Eastern Region

The east of the country is a place full of beaches and rivers. Its gastronomy is very much focused on fish and fruits from the sea and rivers.

  1. Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State:
    • El Agua beach: Enjoy beach cuisine with fresh fish, lobster and other seafood.
    • Cocos & Cachapas: Taste the island’s delicious cachapas and eat them under the palms.
  2. Coche Island, Nueva Esparta State:
    • Fresh seafood: On the island, you can enjoy freshly caught fish and seafood in dishes like ceviche and fried snapper.
  3. Guayana City, Bolívar State:
    • San Antonio de la Costa: Savor dishes based on river fish such as fried bocachico or cachama.
    • Parrillada Doña Rosa: Try the Venezuelan barbecue with meat, black pudding, sausage, and other accompaniments.
Fried Fish and Tostones - Favorite Venezuelan Gastronomy of Gustavo Adolfo Miabal Castro
Fried Fish and Tostones – Favorite Venezuelan Gastronomy of Gustavo Adolfo Miabal Castro

Discovering the gastronomy of Venezuela thanks to the Mirabal-Castro Tour and Gustavo Mirabal.

Thanks to Gustavo Mirabal’s tips, these places will add a unique dimension to your food tour in Venezuela. Each of them will offer you a variety of flavors and culinary traditions for visitors to enjoy. The difficult thing will not be deciding whether to do Gustavo Mirabal’s gastronomic routes or not but will be which of the routes to do first.

Dubái y los EUA como un factor para la paz

Dubai and the UAE a Peace Factor: Middle East, Africa, Gaza and Israel

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Undoubtedly, the enormous prosperity of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is setting an example to follow. A development model for oil-producing countries, but also for non-oil-producing countries. But any sustainable economic and social development requires peace. That is why today we will see how Dubai and the UAE have become a factor of peace in the Middle East and Africa, and intend to be so in the conflict in Gaza and Israel.

Peace is one of the necessary foundations for promoting development. While it is true that war has been an engine for innovation and research, it is also true that peace is necessary for well-being to reach all. This is because the resources invested in war and the destruction it produces become a drag on the development of countries.

It is also true that developing amid a conflictive environment is more difficult, as it hinders relationships with your neighbors.

With a view to achieving its own development and a “quieter neighborhood,” Dubai and the U.S. are working to become a factor for peace in the Middle East and Africa region, and at this time especially in the Gaza Strip and Israel.

By supporting those most in need and mediating conflicts in the region, Dubai and the U.S. seek to capture the geopolitical importance they already have in the economic arena.

The strategy to move from just a transport and commercial hub to a pole of geopolitical influence.

But let’s look at the Dubai and UAE model, and how it is gaining relevance on its own merits.

Dubai skyscrapers
Dubai skyscrapers

Dubai and the UAE’s economic model

Innocently, some see luxury and architectural megastructures as a misguided way for Dubai and the U.S. to grow. The truth is that Dubai and the UAE are not solely focused on the luxury sector.

Luxury is the facet shown by the media, but the diversification of Dubai and the US is total.

Take the case of Emirates, the airline that is already among the top 10 airlines in the world. It is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world.

The cargo transport subsidiary Emirates SkyCargo is the 4th freight forwarding company globally. Emirates SkyCargo alone operates a fleet of 13 aircraft, with minus 15 aircraft on order.

In this way, Dubai demonstrates how to use oil to grow.

Dubai and the U.S. show us how to “sow oil,” a phrase coined by the famous Venezuelan writer Arturo Uslar Pietri. But let’s dig a little deeper into this sentence.

The World Works Better | Emirates SkyCargo

Dubai and the U.S. are engaged in “Sowing the Oil”?

The phrase “sowing the oil” comes from the Venezuelan writer and thinker Arturo Uslar Pietri. In an interview, the illustrious Venezuelan commented:

“When I said, ‘sow the oil,’ I wanted to quickly express the distressing need to invest the money that oil produced for this Venezuela, which has been helpless for so long, in the development of our economic capacity.”

At the time, oil was transforming Venezuela. But it transformed her in a superficial way.

The problem was that most of the money was being spent rather than invested. It is true that in the 1970s and 1980s there were large investments in infrastructure. But it was also increasingly used in current expenditure, which was not intended to be sustained over time.

This is how the so-called Saudi Venezuela left great infrastructures. But at the same time, it left a growing expenditure and few efficient companies at the service of the country, which would allow us to multiply what the earth was giving us, oil.

Dubai and the U.S. are teaching oil-producing countries a lesson in how to use their oil to grow their economy and relevance.

Oil can become a lever for the development of countries. Some smart ways to boost a country’s development are:

  • Education
  • Bless you
  • Diversification of the Economy
  • Physical and legal security

But Dubai is finding its way to plant the oil… Let’s find out below how they’re doing it.

Burj Al Arab Hotel - Diversifying the Economy through Tourism
Burj Al Arab Hotel – Diversifying the Economy through Tourism

How do Dubai and the UAE use oil for peace?

In the same way, achieving peace requires many elements such as justice and basic conditions.

That is why Dubai in October 2023 allocated $200 million to support lower-income countries through the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust Fund. This fund makes it possible to channel in a transparent manner the aid of the different contributors to the reduction of poverty. Let’s remember that, in regions such as the Middle East and Africa, neighbours of Dubai, we find some of the poorest countries.

Poverty and injustice are drivers of resentment and thus violence.  That is why Dubai, and the UAE are committed to using their resources to help reduce poverty and injustice.

Sheikh Mohamed and Antony Blinken Meeting - Dubai and the US Peace Factor
Sheikh Mohamed and Antony Blinken Meeting – Dubai and the US Peace Factor

How does Dubai and the UAE contribute to peace in Palestine and Israel?

  • Dubai and the U.S. make constant diplomatic efforts with the warring parties. They are in constant contact with the parties to help mediate in a situation that is escalating. War is not good news for development and people. That is why Dubai and the UAE are committed to finding a peaceful solution to the conflict.
  • The President of the UAE allocated $20 million for humanitarian aid in Palestine. This aid seeks to mitigate the suffering of innocent civilians affected by the counterattack. This aid will be channeled through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, in order to guarantee its transparency and contribution to peace. Let us remember that people’s suffering can turn into resentment and create more violence and increase the risks of terrorism.

These are the ways in which Dubai and the UAE seek to contribute to peace in the region. Undoubtedly, they are of great help to world peace.

Horse with Christmas hat - Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Equestrian gifts at Christmas

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Christmas is approaching and we begin to think about what we can give to our loved ones. As a fan of the horses that we are and that we think you are, among your loved ones there will surely be a horse and some riders. That is why today we want to give you several tips on equestrian gift options at Christmas.

Christmas is a very special time to share with the family. But also to pamper our animals especially horses. For this reason, we will give you some tips for a good choice of equestrian gifts at Christmas.

The horse is an animal of the wonderful creation of God. This animal also deserves a special detail on these Christmas celebration dates.

In addition, riders and Amazons can also receive equestrian gifts at Christmas. For this segment there are from footwear to clothing and accessories for this equestrian sport.

Many will ask the question of what can I give my horse?

Well, there are several options that we can take into account when choosing good equestrian gifts at Christmas. So the best way to celebrate with the horses this Christmas is to give it a beautiful detail.

On the other hand, you can also consent by exchanging gifts with equestrian world partners.

With this in mind, we will make gift suggestions for your horse and your friends who share with you the passion for horses. Without further ado, let’s get started.

We leave you with a video of an equestrian gift guide


Equestrian gifts at Christmas that you can give your spoiled horse

We can mention a series of equestrian gifts at Christmas. This in order to give a detail and pamper the horses in the best way.

In this sense you can give the gift of Baby Jesus to these beautiful beings. Or you can postpone it for the Three Kings Day celebrated on January 6.

A simple and inexpensive option are candies. These candies can be natural as much as possible. In this sense, you can get an extensive range of delicacies so that the horses enjoy it to the fullest.

You can also prepare a sweet or special dish for your horse. If you like this option you can get some very interesting recipes in our article “Delicious recipes for your horses“. You will find homemade recipes of various goodies to pamper your horse.

If the horse spends a lot of time in the stable, the ideal option is to give them some stress balls. There is diversity since there are several companies that sell anti stress balls for horses.

This gift will allow horses to be distracted and therefore less bored. The stress balls can be found with carrot, banana and other flavors.

Another of the equestrian gifts at Christmas that you can give your horse is a massage blanket.

Without a doubt, your horse will love it. The ideal of Christmas parties is to relax. If this is what you want for your horse, ideally give it a gift of this type.

In the Christmas season, the regions of North America and Europe usually go through the winter season. For this reason temperatures are usually extremely low.

Therefore it is vital that horses are well protected. This is the best way to prevent diseases as a result of extreme cold.

Massage blanket for horses - Equestrian gifts for Christmas
Massage blanket for horses – Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Other equestrian gifts

If you want to give a personalized Christmas detail for your horse, you can give him an identification plate with his name. In this way he would be decorating the stable where the animal remains.

An option alluding to Christmas is a Christmas earmuff, this is more an accessory if your horse is present at the holidays of this time of year.

Another four-legged friend doesn’t like a horse. The best option is a goat, because these animals help horses to control anxiety.

On the other hand, the goat makes the horse come alive and stabilize. In this way, the equine will calm down thus reducing disruptive behaviors in the box.

One of the simplest and most accessible equestrian Christmas gifts for horse owners are carrots.

This tuber is one of horses’ favorite foods. These animals love carrots. Therefore they enjoy it to the fullest.

So this is an option that your horse will enjoy eating carrots a lot.

As a recommendation you can include it in the equine diet. Horses love this food to the point that they see it as a reward.

Carrots as a reward - Equestrian gifts for Christmas
Carrots as a reward – Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Toys for horses as equestrian gifts at Christmas

One of the many options to give equestrian gifts at Christmas is to give the horse a toy.

Ideally, consult with the veterinarian to make recommendations when choosing.

Horses love toys and recreate with them. On the other hand it is a link between the owner and the horse, so its bond is strengthened.

A horse with a toy will let tenderness surface at its finest.

Toys can help promote the horse’s physical activity and get distracted when they don’t have other animals to interact with. Below we will talk about some of them

Commercial toys for horses.

The toys seek to stimulate the horse depending on whether it is outdoors or confined. That is why it is important to choose the right toy according to the situation. Some toys that are commonly used for horses are:

  • Mega balls with large size so that the horse can kick or push them with his head: This type of toy in addition to distracting them by their colorful designs can encourage them to move and exercise. They are a great option.
  • Horse mobiles: These mobiles can be hypnotic because they move either with the movement of the trailer or the air. They can help the horse put his attention on something colorful or with a peculiar shape to help distract him. They are especially useful in spaces where the horse will be confined, such as stables or in the trailer when it will be moved.
  • Handled balls: These balls also promote the physical activity of the horse. Large handles allow you to take the ball with your teeth and throw it. They are excellent for the horse to be content.
  • Balls with handle and added flavors: These balls with handle fulfill the previous function, but add the benefit of incorporating in the material some pleasant artificial flavor for the horse. In this way, in addition to stimulating movement, sight and touch, we stimulate their sense of taste.
  • Stuffed animals or shaped toys: these toys are designed to generate visual stimulation and horse play. They resemble mobiles but the horse can take it anywhere as if it were a companion, generating an addition in the emotional component of the horse.

Special clothing for horses as an equestrian gift at Christmas

Since at Christmas time there are countries in which the temperature is usually very low, a special clothing can be given to the horse

In addition, it can be stamped with the name of the animal. This game can include blankets, earmuffs, protectors for its legs.

The owner can give himself a gift as a jacket does not hurt him this season.

In this way it is a gift for the magic pair, that is, owner and horse.

It should be noted that equestrian sport is a show in which the horse and the rider complement each other and form one.

So this special bond is strengthened by the time they spend together.

Blanket for horses - One of the best equestrian gifts for Christmas
Blanket for horses – One of the best equestrian gifts for Christmas

Equestrian gifts aimed at riders

In this Christmas season we cannot ignore the details for riders and Amazons.

In this sense you can find from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Among the details that can be presented are the following:

  • Books of the equine world, you can get from horse anatomy to equine therapy. Therefore it is one of the ideal gifts for horse lovers.
  • In addition, there are other details such as Keychains, Stickers, Posters, Bags, DVDs,
  • Jewelery, Wallets, Purses, Wallets, Decoration Items.

There are famous brands such as Zaldi, Marjoman, Stübben among others. Like the gifts of the horses this will depend on the pocket of the tastes of the person to whom they will give the gift.

Horse with Christmas hat - Equestrian gifts for Christmas
Horse with Christmas hat – Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Equestrian gifts at Christmas … A great idea.

Equestrian gifts at Christmas for both horses and riders have a wide range of variety.

In the case of horses there are gifts from the simplest to the most luxurious.

The choice will depend on the tastes and the owner’s pocket.



For more infomation about Gustavo Mirabal and Equine World visit:

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, el hombre que paso la vida emprendiendo y aprendiendo

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life in entrepreneurship

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Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a famous Venezuelan businessman and equestrian athlete who spent his life in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is fashionable but for Gustavo Mirabal Castro entrepreneurship has been a lifestyle. Although he is known for these facets, his ventures have not stopped being born and growing. Gustavo Mirabal currently has several blogs, a YouTube channel and social networks that allow him to attract clients for his role as a financial advisor.

In addition, Gustavo Mirabal not only advises his clients from a financial point of view. Business consulting is part of his business DNA, given that Gustavo Mirabal Castro was also an equestrian businessman, founder of a law firm, among other business facets. Without further ado, let’s learn more about the entrepreneurial side of Gustavo Mirabal.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life in entrepreneurship and learning
Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life in entrepreneurship and learning

The entrepreneurial DNA of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

We can say that Gustavo Mirabal Castro has entrepreneurship in his blood. His father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos was also a very enterprising man.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos was one of the main leaders of the Democratic Action party. But he was also a lawyer by profession and was also an equestrian businessman. Mirabal Bustillos invested in a haras being partial owner of several horses in his time, among which “Rayo Láser” and “Tropigold” stood out. This entrepreneurial spirit, which either acquired genetically or by the example of his father, always drove Gustavo Mirabal.

This is how after learning to ride a horse, he became an amateur competition rider. The dream of his own law firm and of being an equestrian entrepreneur was inherited by Gustavo Mirabal Castro without further ado. But Mirabal Castro went further, managing to internationalize both businesses and undertaking in another series of sectors.

Some of the sectors in which Gustavo Mirabal Castro has undertaken are:

  • Law firms in 4 countries: Venezuela, United States, Dubai and Spain.
  • Horse breeding companies in 3 countries: Venezuela, United States and Spain.
  • Financial advice in 5 countries: Venezuela, United States, United Kingdom, Dubai and Spain.
  • Advice to musicians, artists, and large family assets.
  • Patronage of plastic artists.
  • Equestrian sport at amateur level.
  • Breeding and possession of horses for equestrian competitions.

You will learn some of the secrets of the financial and entrepreneurial world of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life in entrepreneurship. Thanks to this you will be able to tell if Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s entrepreneurial passion was innate or learned.

Serial entrepreneurs
Serial entrepreneurs

The beginnings of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal Castro studied to become a lawyer, following in his father’s footsteps.

His alma mater was Santa Maria University, which gave him the foundations to legally protect what he was building throughout his life.

Little by little, through his profession he specialized in the financial and commercial area of law. Thanks to this, he managed to carry out his internships and his first jobs in the area of banking and insurance. Some of the companies where he started were:

  • Construction Bank of Venezuela.
  • British Insurance.

Thanks to this experience, Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s idea of becoming a Commercial lawyer was reinforced. Seeing that banks and insurance had huge profits based on the lack of financial knowledge of their customers, made him start to reflect. It was not only about the application of commercial law, financial and legal advice went hand in hand.

With dreams like having his own law firm or equestrian entrepreneurship he needed something more. It was not enough to save, it needed expert management in financial matters. Financial counseling was in its infancy at the time, so he started self-taught. Later he began taking courses to apply law to finance and finance to the possibility of having his own law firm.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, was a man who spent his life studying to achieve his dreams. And according to his philosophy of life, no man should stop learning. This is how continuous learning became their way of life. This is how he discovered one of his great uninherited passions, finance.

¿Qué diferencia un negocio de un emprendimiento? No es un emprendimiento!!! Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal’s father and finances.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos perfectly understood his son’s love for horses and the laws, it was something they shared. But when he started in the world of finance, his differences began to be noticed.

For Mirabal Bustillos, making money was the result of work, we didn’t have to think about money itself. His roots in a political party with social democratic roots made him have certain prejudices with money. For his part, Gustavo Mirabal Jr. discovered the importance of professional money management.

In the late 80s and early 90s inflation and devaluation in Venezuela wreaked havoc on the savings of many people. Investing or placing money in hard currencies was logical for Gustavo Mirabal Castro. For his part, his father was a man who lived from his work. Being a good lawyer he had enough to live well and for his dreams. But his son’s dreams were much bigger and with it the money needed to be handled with great skill.

Perhaps his father at first interpreted it as something of “lust for money”. But successive devaluations, exchange controls and inflation showed that Gustavo Mirabal Castro had reality on his side. This is how his father understood his passion for finance and began to learn from his son, the student surpassed the teacher.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos
Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos

Gustavo’s friends and family also didn’t understand his passion for finance.

With inflation hovering around 30%, Venezuela’s economy was beginning to show signs of wear. Yet no one was talking about buying dollars or offshore accounts.

When Gustavo Mirabal talked about these things, his friends saw him as strange. Every year people received raises and purchasing power was very good. But no one saved and those who saved saw their savings melt down, so they preferred to spend them. This was how a consumerist behavior was configured in the common Venezuelan who did not understand finances.

His attempts to help his friends with their finances were not well received. Only a few became interested in Gustavo Mirabal, the man who spent his time trying to teach finance.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro discovered the value of financial knowledge when he saw that his savings grew without losing value, but few were interested. That’s how he decided to give value to his knowledge and start charging for his financial advice. He wouldn’t charge interested early friends, but they would be their “word of mouth” publicity.

When his friends’ friends saw his newfound abundance of those, he had taught finance, they would ask them about their “money secrets”. And these financially trained friends would reply, “My secret is Gustavo Mirabal Castro.”

Consejos para Emprendedores - Dia mundial del Emprendimiento - 2022 Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Word of mouth, your biggest marketing strategy

Thanks to the strategy of helping free of charge those who were interested in finance, he achieved success. Gustavo Mirabal Castro, was a man who went from 0 to 100 in a very short time, thanks to his new clients and recommendations.

In current times, Gustavo Mirabal continues to take advantage of word of mouth, but also relies on social networks and content marketing. Whoever follows Gustavo Mirabal’s advice on social networks and on his blog, grows. And these seeing the success of their advice recommend it to other people. “Word of mouth” in the digital age is still your marketing strategy… Or perhaps we should say, the “from social network to social network”….

Next, let’s learn some of the financial tips that Gustavo Mirabal offers to his followers on his social networks and that have made some achieve their dreams.

How to achieve financial independence

Achieving financial independence is the dream of many people, and almost all of them want a fast track to achieve it. For Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life thinking about financial freedom, financial freedom is a process.

Financial freedom requires a profound mindset shift that affects many aspects of our lives. Let’s summarize some of them to get started and then explain them:

  • Your income must be higher than your expenses: This is the beginning of everything. If you live in debt to have the things you “want,” then you don’t want financial freedom so much. Financial freedom requires that your assets be greater than your liabilities or debts. This means that you have a positive net worth, this would allow you in case of not having income to move forward.
  • The previous point requires the permanent search to increase your income. In this way you will have an increasing difference between your income and your expenses
  • Last but not least, your expenses should decrease or grow at a slower rate than your income. In this way, the difference between income and expenses will be greater and, with it, your financial freedom will grow.
  • These first three steps are an essential part of achieving savings and then investing. But if we are not capable of the previous 3 points, we will hardly be able to invest or an additional source of income.

Achieving financial independence is not something that is achieved overnight. It is a long process that entails a change of lifestyle to greater frugality.

For Bill Gates “Saving like a pessimist and investing like an optimist” defines how to achieve financial freedom.

7 consejos para lograr la independencia financiera de Gustavo Mirabal Castro - Ahorros e Inversión

Taming the drive to buy according to Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a man who spent his life learning about financial freedom.

In a society that promotes consumption like modern society, the urge to buy is high. For Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life changing his life, this impulse to buy leads us to:

  • Buying things we don’t need because they’re fashionable or to impress others.
  • Take advantage of offers to buy things we do not need or want.
  • To spend on changing objects in our house for new ones despite being perfectly functional.

One of the keys to financial independence is the elimination of compulsive shopping and ostentation. There are millionaires who can afford many luxuries, but for ordinary people, financial freedom means controlling the impulse to buy.

We don’t want to ask you not to buy anything, but you should always think 2 times before buying by asking yourself things like:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Will I use it?
  • Don’t I have any priority before this that I will buy?
  • Can I postpone this purchase?

In this way we reduce the immediate need to buy and we can think better with a cool head. Of every 5 purchases we postpone, at least 3 will not be made for a long time. With this we will be able to filter what we really need or want to buy.

Spending secrets and keys of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The spending secret is to buy following next priorities and proportions:

  • Things necessary to live such as housing, clothing, or basic services: This should represent 70% of our spending.
  • Savings, investments and emergency fund: to this we must allocate 20% of our income.
  • Fun and leisure: This should represent no more than 10% of our income.

As we mentioned earlier, Bill Gates believes that we should “Save like a pessimist and invest like an optimist.” This means that we must save a lot to meet unforeseen events and invest a lot to obtain extra profits. But let’s see how we can save.

No son gastos imprescindibles!! - Diferenciando necesidades de preferencias - Gustavo Mirabal Castro

How to save according to Gustavo Mirabal, the man who spent his life saving?

For Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life unveiling the secrets of financial freedom, the first thing is to control our income and expenses. And the second thing is saving, which is almost an immediate result of the first.

But for many people, saving is synonymous with having something to spend on. The reality is that saving should mean setting aside that money for the future. It’s not to buy a TV next month, no. Saving is reserving money to meet unforeseen events or to reserve it to have independence. With this, the two destinations of savings should be:

  • Emergency fund: At this point we should have reserved an amount to meet unforeseen expenses. For example, attend to the contingency that our income stops completely. It can also be to attend to a health situation such as an illness or an accident. Many people indicate that the emergency fund should consist of at least 12 months of our current expenses. Later we will give our own recommendation.
  • Free savings: It is a category where you should include a margin of safety for your emergencies and the money you must invest reserved to find opportunities.
  • Investments: Should not be touched for emergencies and expenses. It should grow over time and should not be very “available” to avoid the temptation to spend it.

Savings are the source of primary investment. Over time it is possible to take loans to make investment, but only when we have an emergency fund, free savings and a primary investment that allow us to face any debt to invest.

Financial freedom is in a good budget and having savings. Next, we’ll look at how to spend to achieve these goals.

No ahorres así!!! Aprende a ahorrar de la forma correcta - Ahorrar de manera inteligente (parte 2)

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the man who spent his life in entrepreneurship and learning.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro discovered that to undertake successfully you must learn continuously. This learning ensures adaptation to new times and the adaptation of your venture to circumstances.

Without a doubt, if you follow some of Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s life tips and financial advice, you will do better. Maybe you can materialize your dreams definitively. Dare to dream and make your dreams come true.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro el empresario venezolano acusado por su talento

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his academic and professional education

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Gustavo Mirabal and his academic and professional education

The successful Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is an amateur rider who has left the tricolor of Venezuela high. It should be noted that this man emphasized having an excellent academic background and therefore his professional success has been overwhelming. That is why in this installment we will focus on the education and professional career that Gustavo Mirabal has had in his life.

We know that what world leaders have said about education is the most powerful tool to change the world. In this sense, we can say that a country arises when the foundations of education are solid.

A solid education guarantees that the human talent that is generated has the necessary skills and competencies to practice in the specific areas, for which they have studied both in university studies and postgraduate studies.

For them it is of utmost importance that the state guarantees a quality education for its inhabitants with it will have as a reward highly trained personnel for jobs thus contributing to the development of the nation. It is in this sense, Gustavo Mirabal took his academic training very seriously.

At first, he studied at the Staunton Military School and later at the Judson School

In this sense Gustavo Mirabal course university studies at the prestigious private university “Santa Maria”. From this house of studies, he graduated as a lawyer in 1988.

After that, it has continued to maintain a process of continuous training in the areas of law, finance and sports. Well, Gustavo Mirabal considers himself a continuous learner, and we will talk about that later.

So, we can see that the discipline and perseverance of Gustavo Mirabal made him graduate from the university in the corresponding time.

Santa Maria University, the Alma Mater of Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Santa Maria University, the Alma Mater of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Staunton Military Academy

Within the academic training that the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal course is the Stauton Military Academy.

The Staunton Military Academy was a private military institute exclusively for men. This institution was located in the city of Staunton Virginia.  Founded in 1884 which closed in the late 70s.

The school was highly valued for its academic and military curricula. In this institution they studied a few political and military leaders of the United States. These were important graduates, including the 1964 presidential candidate, Senator Barry Goldwater.

Likewise, in this institution were graduated:

  • Phil Oach, ’60s folk singer Phil Ochs, with a style similar to Bob Dylan with songs against the Vietnam War
  • John Dean, a White House lawyer who was a central figure in the Watergate scandal in the early seventies.

A gallery devoted to the school’s tradition is located on its former campus. It is now part of Mary Baldwin University. Throughout its tradition, the academy was referred to by students, faculty, and Staunton residents simply by its initials, SMA (Stauton Military Academy).

The closure of the Stauton Military Academy

The school struggled with its state funding in the mid-’60s. It participated in the “Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps” (JROTC) program and therefore received state resources. These resources helped her to maintain herself and also to train with excellence.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 required schools that received state resources to integrate racially. Although they already admitted Latinos and Asians, their board still refused to accept African Americans.

The refusal of the Stauton Military Academy to racial integration led to the withdrawal of state programs and funding.

In 1973 the nearly bankrupt academy was sold to a non-profit organization. She decided to accept African Americans and rejoin the JROTC program to receive state resources. However, the initial refusal to accept racial integration damaged the image of the institution and in 1976 it had to close.

Gustavo Mirabal lamented the loss of the institution and, as a Latino student, always advocated for full inclusion. He saw how excellence could help many people find a path to genuine integration and understanding.

As an anecdote, in that year of its closure, it obtained the highest possible score in the evaluation as an academic institution. A redemption at the wrong time and a pity that the institution could not be transformed in a timely manner, to maintain its academic excellence hand in hand with inclusion.

Stauton’s military facilities and tradition passed to Mary Baldwin’s all-female college.

The dormitories of the Stauton Military Academy where Gustavo Mirabal Castro slept
The dormitories of the Stauton Military Academy where Gustavo Mirabal Castro slept

The Judson School

Continuing with the academic training of Gustavo Mirabal he continued his training process at the Judson school. This was a boarding school located in Arizona. Unfortunately, Judson School closed the year 2000, after an academic career of approximately 70 years. This institution was owned and run by Henry and Barbara Wick, along with their son, Hank Wick.

The institution was designed for people for whom English was their second language. In this way the classes were taught in English with the understanding that they were not native speakers.

A kind of international school to reinforce language learning. This is one of the reasons why Gustavo Mirabal learned English perfectly from a very young age.

This modality of studies attracted people from all over the world. Among its records was that it received students from 30 different countries. This also allowed Gustavo Mirabal Castro to relate to different cultures and nationalities.

The Judson school experience was the basis for Gustavo Mirabal’s dream of international expansion. Additionally, this added to their awareness of inclusion and exchange of cultures. Thanks to this, interacting in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or Dubai was something simple and natural.

Santa Maria University

At the Universidad Santa María Gustavo Mirabal he studied undergraduate law where he graduated in 1988.

The mission of Santa María University is to train integral professionals, prepared to face the current and future challenges posed by the economic, social, political and cultural development of the nation. Likewise, to contribute to the elevation of the quality of life and well-being of citizens through the teaching-learning process within the framework of information technology.

El empresario venezolano acusado por su talento
El empresario venezolano acusado por su talento

Basic Data of Gustavo Mirabal ‘s professional career

Apart from his passion for horses and everything related to the equestrian world, Gustavo Mirabal dedicated much of his years to playing his profession as a lawyer in various companies.

  • Commercial relations at G&C Stables Europa S.L. In this prestigious company, the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal stood out as a lawyer and businessman dedicated to the provision of comprehensive legal services. In this way I provide services and advice to both individuals and national and international companies, covering both the field of consulting and planning, as well as that related to the area of litigation.
  • Next is Lisal Enterprises Limited specialising in international financial and tax matters. Management for corporations and individuals, where it provides investment assistance in the financial market. Also advice for real estate investment.
  • Mirabal & Asociados there served as Director in Venezuela specialized in legal advice for investment banking. – Performs evaluation of company operations, market investments, financial statements and development trends.
Gustavo Mirabal y G&C Farm
Gustavo Mirabal y G&C Farm

Gustavo Mirabal’s entrepreneurship in the equestrian world

After having had a career in his profession as a lawyer for various companies. Then, Gustavo Mirabal Castro decided to undertake in the equestrian world.

In principle the business began in the United States in the course of 2009. He then moved to Madrid, Spain in 2014. The focus of this business was to apply itself to train the best riders for horse jumping competitions at the highest level.

It also helps the best riders to participate in the best horse show competitions in the world. In addition, it is also responsible for providing advice on the acquisition of top-quality horses with links around the planet.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro looking to the future
Looking to the future

Academy and experience united in Gustavo Mirabal

In relation to the academic training and professional development of the outstanding Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal has been excellent. He has also held positions in important companies both in Venezuela and Europe.

Later he decided to give free rein to his true passion that are horses. That is why he dedicated himself to creating his own path. This initially emerged in the United States.  He then moved to Spain where he remains today with his beloved family.

Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal has been the victim of a distorted information campaign. Being disseminated by different internet portals as well as social networks. But what is clear to those closest to him and his family is that this is false. It should be noted that all these achievements have been a continuous effort of his hard work that catapulted him to success.

Therefore, when a person is successful, envious, and malicious people can emerge wanting to damage the image of this. As the saying goes, nobody wants to see beautiful eyes on other people’s faces. Meanwhile Gustavo Mirabal continues to reap success in the equestrian world.

Sale of meat from sick horses from Spain at a discount to Europe

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Horse meat is consumed in many countries of the world. While some countries see the horse as a companion of the human being, some countries still consider it a food. In countries such as Holland, Japan, Kazakhstan or Tonga, horse meat is a common food. In some others it is considered a delicacy. Today we will tell you a little more about horse meat and how the meat of sick horses has been put on sale at a discount to the rest of Europe to do business with the lives of these animals and human beings.

Horse meat must go through the same rigorous health controls as beef. However, because of its high cost there are unscrupulous people who seek any way to make a profit, sacrificing the health of human beings.

The largest exporters of horse meat in 2020 were Spain, Belgium, and Argentina. In these countries the status of consumption is diverse as we will see below:

  • In the case of Spain, the country is little consumer of horse meat.
  • Belgium is a large producer, exporter, and consumer of horse meat, despite being a small country.
  • For its part, Argentina is one of the largest producers for export and yet domestic consumption is quite small.

But the undisputed largest producer of horse meat is China, a country that produces it for its own consumption fundamentally.

Cuts of horse meat for human consumption

The controversy in relation to horse meat, its cost, and the sale of meat from sick horses from Spain at a discount.

The production and sale of horse meat is so controversial that in many countries its consumption is minimal, but they are large exporters because of the high value of their meat. Perhaps in the controversy of its consumption and the treatment of horses we find the answer to the high value of this meat.

This has led to phenomena such as the sale of meat from sick horses. This has been a way to satisfy this demand for high value, in a more economical way, but with great risks for human beings.

The sale of meat of sick horses is illegal and it’s considered a scam and a public health risk. These horses sold are horses with tumors and bacteria dangerous to humans. In addition, sick horses in these clandestine facilities are mistreated. Consumers are deceived by offering “high-value” meat that is worthless, because it could not be sold under those conditions.

In that step horses that should be slaughtered to avoid suffering and risk to people, become a “contaminated commodity”. Unscrupulous people who buy and resell sick horses with huge profits are enriched.

On the other hand, distributors and restaurants that buy at a discount and then sell “exquisite dishes” with tumors and bacteria.

But let’s know the list of crimes that this implies.

Queen Elizabeth, a lover of horses and protector of these
Queen Elizabeth, a lover of horses and protector of these

Crimes involving the sale of meat from sick horses from Spain at a discount to the rest of Europe

The sale of meat from sick horses does not only occur in Spain. Other countries such as Iceland, Argentina and Uruguay have been splashed by these scandals. The list of crimes is almost endless, but let’s do a review:

  • Scam: They present a food as high value when it is a food not suitable for people.
  • Usury: Great profits at the expense of ignorant consumers.
  • Public health risks: The use of horses with tumors and bacteria dangerous to humans could trigger a public health crisis. Let’s remember the coronavirus.
  • Violations of animal rights: In clandestine facilities, these animals are mistreated and kept in unsanitary and dangerous conditions before being taken to slaughterhouses.
  • Falsification of sanitary and public records: Slaughterhouse records are falsified to sell them as healthy horses. In other cases, it is sold instead of beef where horse meat has no acceptance.

Undoubtedly, the sale of meat from sick horses from Spain at a discount in Europe has caused a scandal. This has not only affected Spain, but other countries where the measures to avoid this are not very rigorous.

This type of practice harms consumers, horses, and the horse meat market itself. Consumers who doubt the origin of meat and its true value will decrease their consumption, and that is why the market in recent years is falling.

Civil Guard dismantling marketing network of sick horse meat
Civil Guard dismantling marketing network of sick horse meat

A cruel, ruthless, and heartless business

A high-value market marked by doubts and ethical dilemmas is really destined to fail. Additionally, horses have been companions of man for many years and have helped his evolution as a civilization.

Other cruel businesses such as “Blood Farms” for the exploitation of mares to produce hormones for the production of pork, also besiege horses.

We consider that the horse does not deserve cruel treatment after so much he has given. A cruel, illegal, harmful, and dangerous business for people that should be reconsidered.

Pequeños espacios en las Granjas de Sangre donde colocan a las yeguas para extraerle su sangre para comercializarla

Blood farms. The exploitation of pregnant mares

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A business of dubious ethics and excessive cruelty is spreading throughout Europe. The creation of “blood farms”, facilities where pregnant mares are locked up for their exploitation to extract their blood. A bloody business that is booming in a Europe that calls itself green and ecological. A Europe that exploits and promotes the exploitation of mares to eat more and more pig meat. It’s disgusting business that we are going to know a little more about today. Start.

This blood is used to obtain a hormone whose purpose is to increase the production of pork. It is also used in smaller quantities to increase the reproduction of horses and sheep. But its main and widespread industrial use is the production of meat from scratch. As if we were vampires, humans exploit pregnant animals to increase the production of pig meat… Perhaps one of the greatest ethical nonsenses in the history of mankind.

There are only 3 countries in the world that authorize the existence of mare blood farms: Argentina, Uruguay and Iceland. But hundreds of countries use these drugs that could be banned or restricted, at least in the food industry.

Today we will analyze the situation of mares subjected to this cruelty of blood farms and the business behind equine chorionic gonadotropin or PMSG (pregnant mare serum gonadotropin)

Blood farms in Uruguay and Argentina de TSB|AWF (subtitulado en español)


Uses of Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin PMSG

Equine chorionic gonadotropin (PMSG) is a hormone used in animal reproduction. It is especially used in:

  • Pig and sheep farming for the production of pig and sheep meat: It is used to accelerate the heat of sows and increase piglet breeding.
  • Artificial insemination programs for mares
  • Heat synchronization in mares: In mares it is used to suppress heat in case of exhibition mares and for artificial insemination. The synchronization of heat can be sought so that with a stallion several mares are mounted in sequence.

PMSG is a hormone produced by the endometrium (membrane that lines the uterus) of pregnant mares. It is extracted from the blood of these mares for commercial use in blood farms.

This hormone is then administered by injection to stimulate follicular development and ovulation in animals. Among its main uses are:

  1. Mares: In equine breeding, PMSG is used to induce ovulation in mares that do not ovulate spontaneously or have irregular cycles. It is also used in heat synchronization programs to facilitate artificial insemination.
  2. Pigs: In pig production, PMSG is used to synchronize heat in a group of sows, allowing artificial inseminations to be performed in a shorter, scheduled period of time. This optimizes reproductive efficiency and piglet production.
  3. Sheep: In sheep farming, PMSG is used to induce and synchronize ovulation in females, making it easier to schedule matings and increasing the rate of conception.

Each animal species and each reproductive situation has its particularities, so it is essential to have a trained professional for its correct use.


Production of equine chorionic gonadotropin PMSG and exploitation of pregnant mares in blood farms

Equine chorionic gonadotropin (PMSG) is produced in “Blood Farms” from the blood plasma of pregnant mares. The production process involves the following general steps:

  1. Selection of pregnant mares: Mares that are in an advanced state of gestation, usually between 40 and 120 days of pregnancy, are selected.
  2. Blood collection: Blood is drawn from pregnant mares using proper and safe techniques, such as venipuncture. The problem is the frequency and amounts with which the blood is extracted from the mares, affecting their health.
  3. Fractionation: The extracted blood is processed by fractionation techniques to separate and purify the desired components. In this case, the goal is to separate the PMSG from the rest of the blood components.
  4. Purification: A purification process is carried out to isolate and concentrate the PMSG. This may involve techniques such as filtration, chromatography, and selective precipitation.
  5. Stabilization and formulation: Once purified, the PMSG is stabilized and formulated into a presentation suitable for later use. PMSG can be lyophilized (in powder form) or prepared in liquid solution.

It is important to note that the production process of PMSG is carried out in specialized facilities and under strict sanitary regulations. It seeks to ensure the quality, purity and standardization of the final product.

Small spaces in the Blood Farms where they place the mares to extract their blood to market it
Small spaces in the Blood Farms where they place the mares to extract their blood to market it

The concerns of animal rights activists about blood farms

Animal rights activists have repeatedly voiced their concerns. These have to do with the implications of drawing blood from pregnant mares on their well-being and that of their offspring. The perspective based on concerns commonly expressed by animal rights advocates includes the following concerns:

  1. Stress and negative effect on the well-being of mares: The extraction of blood from pregnant mares involves intervening in their natural state during a critical period of gestation. This causes physical and emotional stress to mares, especially when performed in large quantities or frequently. Prolonged stress negatively affects the well-being and health of the mare.
  2. Risks to the offspring: During the blood draw, there is a possibility that the mare’s offspring will also be affected. The practices associated with bleeding mares cause additional stress to pregnant mares. This has consequences for the development and health of foals. The mare may react badly to her offspring due to stress, or stress may generate hormones that are transmitted to her offspring through lactation.
  3. Early separation: The young are separated from the mare shortly after birth to avoid interference with PMSG production. This early separation can have negative emotional and social effects on both mares and their offspring.
Cage on a blood farm where a mare is beaten by an operator
Cage on a blood farm where a mare is beaten by an operator

Importantly, these concerns are based on animal welfare and the consideration that animals deserve to be treated with respect and consideration.

In addition, it is a practice that every day spreads more, multiplying the cruelty against these noble animals. We certainly have to do something to stop blood farms or minimize this practice. That is why we disseminate these cases and later we will show the news of the bad practices of this industry.

Sesión de equinoterapia en argentina para un niño con Síndrome de Down

Equine Therapy in Argentina

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Equine Therapy in Argentina

Equine therapy is one of the alternative therapies that are in vogue today benefiting people with some type of disease or condition. Likewise, equine therapy is applied to people with psychological problems or some type of addictions. In Argentina, so much progress has been made in this field that it has a national Equine Therapy law, sanctioned in 2020. For this reason we will address what is related to Equine Therapy in Argentina.

The benefits of equine therapy are numerous which makes it attractive when applied by therapists. Likewise, the people who are participants of this therapy enjoy the contact with the animal to the fullest, in this case the horse.

The proposal of the national law of Equine Therapy emerged over the years of the different organizations that practice Equine Therapy in Argentina. This effort led to the enactment of the National Equine Therapy Law.

In this sense, there was already a precedent in Argentina. Already a region called Tucumán marked a milestone in this matter when it achieved the sanction of the equine therapy law. This law was registered under number 8911 in 2017.

As we can see it is a recent achievement that boosted the other organizations in the fight to achieve the national law of Equine Therapy in Argentina.

Throughout the South American country both children and adults have the privilege of enjoying the activities of equine therapy.  Since this therapy seeks to complement other treatments in these patients.

The dedication of horses to humans is one of the characteristics that Gustavo Mirabal admires about this noble mammal.

Fundación Equinoterapia del Azul, Salta – ARGENTINA

August 9, International Day of Equine Therapy

It should be noted that August 9 is the date on which the international day of equine therapy is celebrated. Hence, the relevance of this alternative therapy to heal is taken into account. It is there that the horse is the protagonist acting as a co-therapist.

Among the range of alternative therapies, equine therapy has reached a high position. Equine therapy is a very effective way to achieve rehabilitation in people with some type of disability or illness. In this sense, it is a method that provides the union between the physical and intellectual therapy of the participant. Well, there are plenty of reasons why Equine Therapy is applied in Argentina.

Horses in equine therapy
Horses in equine therapy

Argentina as an innovative country of Equine Therapy in South America

Among the countries of South America, Argentina has played a fundamental role in the execution of equine therapy.  Now, let’s address a little about the origin of this therapy in this country.

More than 40 years ago Maria Kalbermatter took a big step and began to perform Equine Therapy in ArgentinaIn this sense it was not an easy task because there were only precedents of this alternative therapy in countries of Europe or the United States.

This pioneer named Maria Kalbermatter made equine therapy in Argentina a historic milestone. Well, he dared to show his resilience.

Maria, at the age of 27, had her leg amputated. In the midst of these circumstances she decided to practice horseback riding to rehabilitate herself.

Because of the uniqueness of his idea, his teachers did not object to this. This is how over the years, he showed that it could be done. In addition, he began to take children with different diseases to participate in equine therapy sessions. In this way this practice could be extended and be able to help others.

The bitter experience of suffering amputation was what led her to take this initiative. Indeed, this has allowed him to help many people with different diseases and conditions.

Maria Kalbermatter founded the first Equine Therapy organization in Argentina. This allowed him to train many people and multiply knowledge. At the same time it resulted in the opening of other foundations and how we can see today a number of foundations dedicated to this noble work.

Horse lovers like Gustavo Mirabal are those who believe with a closed eye in Equine Therapy and its many benefits.

Equine therapy session in Argentina for a child with Down syndrome
Equine therapy session in Argentina for a child with Down syndrome

Equine therapy, a new place of importance for the horse in society

Since humanity exists the horse has been present in their lives. Now, with the passage of time the human being became aware that the horse had another more sublime mission. Since the one that was known to serve as a means of transport and its function of cavalry in the wars raised throughout history. In some cultures they pay homage to the horse giving it a level of divinity and mysticism.

As the human was evolving and with it his relationship with the horse. The horse was displaced as a means of transport and many of the functions it fulfilled in society.

It was until a few years ago that the initiative was given to use horses in therapy sessions to provide help to humans. In this way, its therapeutic function in people with physical and mental disabilities became remarkable.

This is how the horse regained a place in society that had forgotten him. Equine Therapy in Argentina shows us the steps that must be taken to achieve it globally.

Definitely the special bond that horses develop with humans is something that Gustavo Mirabal has had the privilege of experiencing. That is why it seeks to return horses to their place in history and human society, and with it their dignity.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro spent a lifetime fighting for his dreams

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Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a Venezuelan businessman, lawyer, and financial advisor. Despite his achievements and recognitions in the world of business and equestrian sports, Gustavo Mirabal continues to fight for his dreams. Gustavo Mirabal Castro spent a lifetime fighting for his dreams and achieved them thanks to this struggle… That is why we will show you a part of his path.

Throughout his career, he has maintained the values of humility, commitment, and perseverance, which has put him on the path to success. Gustavo Mirabal Castro spent a lifetime fighting for his dreams and continues to fight for them. Today you will learn more about Gustavo Mirabal Castro and the secret of his success. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro interview español latino completo. Asesor financiero y emprendedor venezolano

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a Venezuelan fighter

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, on November 10, 1969, Gustavo Mirabal comes from a family of lawyers.

Coming from a family of Venezuelan middle-class lawyers prepared him to fight for what he wanted. Neither enormous difficulties that frustrated his vision, nor great resources that weakened his will to fight.

His parents instilled in him the importance of working hard for his goals while staying true to his values and roots. From his earliest years, Gustavo was attracted to horses, a passion he inherited from his father. This connection with equines became more than a hobby for him it became his great passion and the basis of his dreams.

Thanks to this life and the example of struggle of his parents, Gustavo Mirabal Castro learned that a life fighting for his dreams is worthwhile.

From a young age, he developed a passion for horses, learning to ride and participating in amateur competitions. This passion later became a business, as he invested in the breeding, training and competition of show jumping horses.

But his dreams from a very young age were to work with horses, and give horses the place they deserve in society. Thanks to his determination he achieved this dream as we will see below.

The equestrian business for which Gustavo Mirabal Castro spent a lifetime fighting.

Gustavo Mirabal has taken his equestrian business beyond Venezuela, expanding internationally. What was born as a child’s passion, became a youth venture and a great adult business.

As he grew older, Gustavo Mirabal became increasingly involved in the equestrian world, participating in numerous amateur competitions and standing out as an outstanding athlete.

His dedication and talent in this field, led him to establish his own business in Venezuela. There he focused on the breeding, training and competition of show jumping horses. Through his horse breeding farm, he gained valuable knowledge and experience in the industry. This allowed it to later expand internationally.

His dedication took him from victories as an amateur rider to victories at the Cannes Grand Prix as a breeder of G&C Arrayan, one of his best horses.

His alliances with great riders such as Sergio Álvarez Moya, earned him a great reputation. Mirabal Castro association with Mark Bluman and Brazilians Rodrigo and Nelson Pessoa, also made him reap many victories to his horses and the renown he was looking for.

But Gustavo Mirabal being passionate about horses not only had a dream. His versatility as an athlete, lawyer and financial advisor led him to cultivate and harvest other dreams, as we will see below.


The financial independence for which Gustavo Mirabal spent a lifetime fighting

Despite their comfortable life, the challenges of the Venezuelan middle class have always been present. His early life made him crave total financial independence. That is why he never settled for a single source of income.

In addition to his involvement in the equestrian field, he has also practiced as a lawyer in areas such as corporate, financial, and banking law.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has also participated in commercial projects in Venezuela and other countries, especially in the real estate and financial fields.

Although he has been successful in his ventures and has worked with prominent clients, such as music and sports stars, Gustavo Mirabal has remained true to his roots and expresses himself in simple and modest ways.

Despite his quest for financial independence, he has always tried to keep in touch with his roots. His contact with his family and children keeps him grounded and helps him maintain his humility.

This multiplicity of interests has caused some to call him a “serial entrepreneur”. And what does this mean? In our article “Gustavo Mirabal Castor a serial entrepreneur” we delve into this topic, but let’s see a little more of this point below.


Serial entrepreneur Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal has ventured into different fields and has turned his knowledge and passions into successful ventures. This could suggest that he has characteristics of a serial entrepreneur.

A serial entrepreneur is characterized by formulating ideas, putting them into practice and creating companies from those ideas. They do not stay in one place, but after creating a successful company, they delegate responsibilities and look for the next idea or venture. They focus on the execution of the idea and are passionate about carrying it out.

Some examples of well-known serial entrepreneurs include Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Richard Branson, who have founded and managed multiple successful companies in different industries.

As for Gustavo Mirabal, he has managed to turn his knowledge and passions into successful ventures in different areas.

But Gustavo Mirabal also continues his life fighting for those dreams. That’s why he continues to look for new opportunities and delegate responsibilities to his previous companies.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro the athlete who helps athletes.

One of the things Gustavo Mirabal enjoys most is doing sports and exercising. From a very young age, he has involved his children and staying fit. Thanks to this, his children are outstanding athletes and have kept fit, following in their father’s footsteps.

This role as an athlete was what made him interested in finances for athletes. This is because he saw how important it is for elite and professional athletes to make precautions for their future.

Professional athletes have a short professional career compared to other professions. Therefore, proper financial planning is essential to save and invest in the most productive years, which generally ends before age 50. But let’s detail a little more.



The life of a professional athlete

While in other professions people can work until the age of 60 and 70, athletes have their productive peak at 25 to 30 years. We can find more details on this topic in the article “finances for athletes“, where we detail the financial needs of athletes and give some examples to consider.

Thanks to his simplicity and modesty, Gustavo Mirabal was able to carry out an impeccable financial planning that allows him to continue enjoying sports as a hobby while not having financial worries.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro as an athlete is an example of how success and modesty can coexist. His life and career prove that it is possible to achieve great goals without losing the essence of oneself. His focus on a modest and simple life is inspiring to those seeking to achieve their goals, personal and financial, without losing sight of core values.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro showjumper
Gustavo Mirabal Castro showjumper


Gustavo Mirabal Castro spent a lifetime fighting for his dreams and the dreams of others.

The Venezuelan businessman Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a lawyer, and financial advisor that has dedicated his life to fighting for his dreams. From a young age, he demonstrated an overflowing passion for horses and equestrian sport, which led him to build a successful career in this field.

But Gustavo Mirabal not only stood out in the equestrian field, but also in the world of law and finance.

With his legal background and experience in the banking sector, he decided to combine his passion for horses with his financial knowledge, offering legal and financial advisory services to athletes and other clients.

This unique combination of skills made him an unconventional, yet highly effective advisor who earned the respect and trust of his clients.

Seeing a man fight for his dreams and achieve it is inspiring and elicits the kind of confidence needed in a financial advisor. That’s why Gustavo Mirabal spent a lifetime fighting for his dreams and it was precisely that struggle that gave him the credibility he needed.

Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya with G&C Arrayan, the horse that has given joy to Gustavo Mirabal
Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya with G&C Arrayan, the horse that has given joy to Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal Castro spent a lifetime overcoming obstacles… Keeping your feet on the ground.

Throughout his career, Gustavo Mirabal faced numerous challenges and obstacles, but he never stopped fighting for his dreams.

His determination and perseverance led him to expand his business to countries such as the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Despite his growing success and recognition in the business and financial field, Gustavo Mirabal never lost his humility and simplicity. He remained rooted in his values and his family, who kept him grounded throughout his career.

The life of Gustavo Mirabal is a testimony of life. A testament to how passion, hard work and perseverance can lead us to achieve our dreams.

We can say that if he had not kept his feet on the ground, he would not have been able to jump high enough to overcome all the obstacles that presented themselves, and this is the key to his success.


A life of struggle is an inspiring life.

Through his dedication to equestrian sport, through his commitment to his clients and his focus on a modest and simple life, Gustavo Mirabal has left an inspiring legacy.

His story reminds us that no matter how ambitious our goals are, if we fight for them with determination and maintain our essence, we can achieve extraordinary things.

In short, Gustavo Mirabal Castro spent a lifetime fighting for his dreams and, through his example, motivates us to pursue ours with passion and determination.

Her story teaches us that the road to success can be full of challenges, but with courage and a persevering mindset, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way.


Who is Carolina Mirabal? | Gustavo Mirabal

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Carolina Mirabal is a Venezuelan woman, business administrator, former Miss Delta Amacuro and the wife of Gustavo Mirabal. An intelligent, talented, familiar and hardworking woman. Carolina Mirabal is a worthy representative of Venezuelan women and that is why today we will tell you who is Carolina Mirabal?

They say that behind a great man there is always a great woman. At least in the case of Gustavo Mirabal Castro this is absolutely true. Carolina Mirabal, the wife of Gustavo Mirabal is a great woman.

This worthy representative of the beauty of the Venezuelan woman was known for the first time when she participated as Miss Delta Amacuro in the miss Venezuela contest of the year 1994 with only 18 years. Those who know her say that she possesses a magnetic and powerful personality. By making ourselves known in this way we know that at least beauty is not lacking. However, this wonderful woman not only possesses great beauty but also a great personality and intelligence.

The graduate of business administration was always clear that the Miss Venezuela contest would only be an experience that would open doors for her. But Carolina Mirabal didn’t want to be judged for being a beautiful face. That’s why he developed integrally obtaining a career while developing in the sports field. Many do not know, but Carolina Mirabal is an excellent rider. He has even participated in numerous amateur competitions with very good results.

She is certainly a multifaceted woman who has given a lot to talk about. But today we will tell you about the Carolina Mirabal that few know.

We have a lot to tell you about this excellent woman, mother, professional and wife. With no more to add, let’s get started.

Video of G & C LEROY ridden by CAROLINA MIRABAL from ShowNet!

Carolina Chapellín, before being Carolina Mirabal, a young Miss Delta Amacuro

María Carolina Chapellín before being Carolina Mirabal was a Venezuelan beauty queen. With only 18 years in the Miss Venezuela contest in 1994, representing very worthily the state Delta Amacuro.

Although she did not win the title of Miss Venezuela that year, her participation in the pageant led her to acquire recognition and notoriety in the country. And it is that the Miss Venezuela is one of the most prestigious beauty contests in Venezuela. It is considered an event of great importance in the country since its inception. But let’s know a little more about Miss Venezuela


Founded in 1952, it has been a platform that has catapulted numerous Venezuelan women to stardom both nationally and internationally. Many well-known models and actresses have come out of this contest.

The objective of the contest is to select the representatives of Venezuela for international beauty contests, such as:

  • The Miss Universe
  • Miss World
  • The Miss International.
  • Other beauty contests for which the different finalists are chosen

The contestants represent the different states and regions of the country, compete in various categories and are evaluated by a panel of beauty and fashion experts. In addition, their responses are also evaluated to see their mental agility and intelligence.

The Miss Venezuela has become a cultural phenomenon in Venezuela and is followed with great attention by a large part of the population. The objective of the contest is broadcast live on television and generates great expectation and excitement in the country. The Miss Venezuela has had a significant impact on fashion, the entertainment industry and the projection of Venezuela’s image internationally.

Venezuela has earned a reputation as “the factory of queens” due to the number of international titles it has obtained in major beauty contests worldwide. This contest catapulted María Carolina Mirabal into her role as a model, although it did not divert her from her goal of studying business administration, because she is not only a pretty face.

Who is Carolina Mirabal in the equestrian world?

The love for equestrian sport was something that Carolina Mirabal cultivated from a very young age

It was perhaps this hobby that ended up bringing Carolina Mirabal and Gustavo Mirabal closer together. The two met at a party with mutual friends. Maybe it wouldn’t have gone from there if the issue of horseback riding hadn’t come up. Suddenly there was a huge connection between the two and the rest is history. But that’s a topic for later.

Within the equestrian world she has not only participated as a rider but also as an equestrian entrepreneur. Remember that Carolina Mirabal participated in the creation of G&C Farm with Gustavo Mirabal. She was one of the masterminds behind the commercial and marketing architecture of the company. With her in charge of commercial and marketing area and her husband in the financial area everything was assured.

Her contribution was so great, at the marketing level, that some do not hesitate to equate her with her husband Gustavo Mirabal, with respect to her responsibility in the success of this equestrian company. Carolina Miraba knows the importance of contacts and image. All this is due to his facet as an ex-miss.

Her experience as a former miss and her studies in business administration were indispensable in the success of G&C Farm. Without a doubt “a great woman next to a great man”, and not behind…

She dedicated herself body and soul to developing the family business G&C Farm, she continued to dedicate herself to her true passion, the showjumping.

Carolina Mirabal’s great passion for Showjumping

Some would think that Gustavo Mirabal is the passionate rider within the relationship, but it’s not entirely true. They both love horseback riding, but for Carolina Mirabal horseback riding is a way of life. She is more passionate and therefore has never stopped practicing it.

Gustavo Mirabal a few years ago made his retirement from competitions and with it from horseback riding in general. However, for Carolina Mirabal to stop practicing horseback riding is not an option. Whether she competes or not, Maria Carolina Mirabal practices all or almost every day.

For her, riding and showjumping is like breathing. That is why she has obtained very good results in the competitions. In addition, horseback riding is the exercise that keeps her in shape.

When asked about her secret to staying beautiful and young, she always mentions that one of the great secrets is sports. Horseback riding allows you to not only maintain healthy physical activity, but also brings a lot of joy to your life.

Carolina recommends that all women find a physical activity that not only makes them sweat, but that they are passionate about. To find time for yourself outside the roles of mother, wife and housewife is to find yourself. And this is the “fountain of youth” for Carolina Mirabal.

Who is Carolina Mirabal in equestrian world?
Who is Carolina Mirabal in equestrian world?

Who is Carolina Mirabal for her family?

Carolina was always the spoiled one of the house. With an adorable personality, she was one of the girls who put every adult in a pocket with a smile. And most importantly, it was authentic.

Carolina Mirabal’s full name is Maria Carolina Chapellin Bigott. She was born on August 3, 1976 and is a worthy representative of her zodiac sign Leo. Believe or not in the horoscope, the truth is that the charisma of those born under the sign leo is something that Carolina has always had.

Thanks to this she had many friends and thanks to this she managed to participate in the miss Venezuela pageant. After that beautiful experience she left many friends in the contest with whom she keeps in touch today.

In her family she is adored for being very affectionate and always being aware of everyone. Some say that he drew his great personality from his grandfather Luis Bigott, from whom they claim that he also drew the philanthropic vein. But do you know who Luis Bigott is? If you do not know then do not worry that here we will tell you.

Carolina Mirabal and her son
Carolina Mirabal and her son

Who is Luis Bigott and the origin of Carolina’s “philanthropic vein”?

Carolina Mirabal is the granddaughter of businessman Luis Bigott. This entrepreneur is none other than the founder of Bigott companies and Bigott Foundation. This respected businessman and philanthropist is one of the promoters of public education. As a good philanthropist he understood that the country needed an educated population and therefore presented a plan to Eleazar Díaz Contreras.

Luis Bigott was not only a businessman and philanthropist but a visionary because he promoted the creation of a Central Bank.

Luis Bigott while in high school began working in a cigarette factory. There he became familiar with the industry and its production processes over a 10-year period that ended in 1898. In that year he decided to find his own company, a small cigarette factory. In just 20 years it became one of the country’s leading cigarette factories. He was also a great promoter of tobacco growing. A few years later he managed to partner with the British-American Tobacco Company and with that he managed to consolidate his business.

To support the workers of his factory he founded a school. At that school he could study at the technical level in the agricultural and food area to give them a future. Also, within their lands he built houses so that they could live their workers.

Certainly, the philanthropic vein of Carolina Mirabal has its origin in his grandfather. However, little is known of this facet as it is something she wants to keep secret. He doesn’t like to brag about his contribution to society. She is fully committed to several childhood-related causes.

Headquarters of the Bigott Tobacco Company
Headquarters of the Bigott Tobacco Company

Who is Carolina Mirabal in academia? | Gustavo Mirabal

As we mentioned in the introduction, Carolina Mirabal did not wish to be judged as “just a pretty face.” The example of his grandfather Luis Bigott is a family legacy that marks all the members of the family. That is why her family encouraged Carolina Mirabal from a very young age to strive in her studies and to forge her “own path”.

Such was the example of her grandfather that, instead of opting for careers such as Social Communication or Dentistry, careers with a strong female presence, María Carolina Mirabal leaned towards business.

His business administration career made him admire his grandfather even more. When we ask him about his grandfather, his face lights up and he tells us:

“My grandfather was a great man. He was not only an entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur with a great social conscience. He wanted his employees not only to be his workers, but to feel like family. This meant that there was a great commitment from his workers and this commitment was reciprocal on his part. After studying business administration I understood everything that is required to build a successful company. That’s when I understood who my grandfather really was and I got to admire him even more, if you can.”

Carolina Mirabal’s grades were excellent, but she didn’t just have good grades. In addition, she had an excellent study group and her peers found great support in her. A talented woman in the business world is now very common, but if she is also beautiful and sporty she already begins to become an “exotic bird”.

We can say that María Carolina Mirabal is an “exotic bird” among women. It was this that caught Gustavo Mirabal’s attention and kept them both very happy and united.

There is still a lot to know about Carolina Mirabal

This woman is certainly multifaceted. We lack much to know and therefore we will have other articles to talk about the hobbies of her, her studies and especially the family of her with Gustavo Mirabal.

If you didn’t know who Carolina Mirabal now you know a little about this wonderful woman.




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