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Top Beaches - Los Roques - Venezuela and its benefits

Venezuela and its benefits

Venezuela is a wonderful country blessed by God in terms of its landscapes and its people. Its cuisine and customs are also wonderful. For this reason in this installment we will address the theme of Venezuela and its benefits.

One of the curiosities that people usually have is the origin of the name of Venezuela.

Now this beautiful name is derived from the experience that the settlers had. Her first impression of the lands of this beautiful country made her be called Venezuela.

In the lagoon of Sinamaica, in the state of Zulia, houses are usually observed on the water. Now, when the first explorers arrived in Venezuela, this reminded them of the city of Venice. It is for this reason that they baptized Venezuela with that name of “Little Venice.”

Venezuela and its benefits reflect in the wide and diverse geography throughout its territory.Learn a little more about Venezuela  and its benefits through our next video

Venezuela Tourism: Meet Venezuela

Among the benefits from the tourist point of view it has a diversity of landscapes. Venezuela has beaches, plains, mountains, jungles among others.

On the other hand Venezuela and its benefits in relation to the climate. Venezuela has diversity depending on the region in which they are located. For example, there are towns in the Andes that have a cold and pleasant climate. And the beaches have warm climates.

This wonderful country called Venezuela has to offer aimed at all tastes. Venezuela’s middle name is “Diversity” in terms of landscapes, climates, gastronomy in short the variety is very wide.

Venezuela a country that arises through work and perseverance

Venezuela and its benefits have a population that rises very early every day. The Venezuelan gets up to work and make this a productive and prosperous country.

It is not easy every day because you have to leave in time to take public transport and get to work on time. Also buy food make time fly by …

In spite of the adversities that the Venezuelan may face, he always continues. With a smile on his face and his jocular way of seeing life, the Venezuelan is happy.

Well, in spite of a bad moment, he always brings out a show of everything, that singularity is what characterizes Venezuelans

Among the values of Venezuelans is responsibility, tolerance, respect all these very necessary to grow and get ahead.

The duty of Venezuelans is to provide a grain of sand to see it grow, revalue the country from their spaces.

Dudamel and the Simón Bolivar Youth Orchestra
Dudamel and the Simón Bolivar Youth Orchestra

Venezuela and its benefits in the South of the country

Venezuela continues to surprise us with its wonderful landscapes. In this sense, one of the most attractive places in Venezuela is south of the Orinoco.

There to the south of the Orinoco are La Gran Sabana and Canaima. These sites are one of the main tourist attractions for foreigners. And it is that foreigners are overwhelmed with such beauty.

Specifically in the state of Bolívar, there are some flat-topped mountains, better known as the Tepuis.

In the land of the Tepuyes you can see spectacular waterfalls, such as Angel Falls. The Angel jump is the largest waterfall in the world, with a height close to 1000 meters.

Undoubtedly, this region not only has paradisiacal landscapes but also houses indigenous tribes. These cultural attractions make visiting this place more interesting.

Besides the fauna and flora are simply beautiful …

Canaima and Tepuyes - Venezuela and its benefits
Canaima and Tepuyes – Venezuela and its benefits


Venezuela and its benefits in the Andes

We continue to address the benefits of the country in the different regions of the national territory.

In the Venezuelan Andes, for example, there is the Mérida Cable Car

In addition there is the Bolivar Peak, with a height of 5002 meters above sea level.

On the other hand, This region has beautiful landscapes that you can enjoy the three states that make up this region. The three states that make up the Andean region are Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo.

Without a doubt, it contains a historical context that makes these towns a true cultural heritage of Venezuela.

Another aspect that should be highlighted in this region is that they are agricultural producers. Moreover, the Andean states cover a large part of the country’s food demand.

Andean Region - Venezuela and its benefits
Andean Region – Venezuela and its benefits

Venezuela and its benefits to the northeast of the country

Venezuela also has deserts and dunes. One of the most interesting walks is in the middle of Coro, in the west of the country.

At the edge of the road that leads from Coro to Punto Fijo one can jump through those sand hills.

A real treasure is hidden in the Falcon state where you can get lots of keys that you can enjoy.

Access to these sites is from Tucacas and Chichiriviche through the peñeros. An experience that you will undoubtedly want to repeat in your life.

Top Beaches - Los Roques - Venezuela and its benefits
Top Beaches – Los Roques – Venezuela and its benefits

The natural wealth of Venezuela

Just as Venezuela and its benefits show us wonderful landscapes, it also has great natural wealth.

Venezuela is a country rich in oil, as well as gold, bauxite, iron, coal, hydroelectric resources.

Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves. Its production is today a little less than 3 million barrels per day. Although it has fallen, it also has the largest certified oil reserves worldwide.

In addition to this, the production of food, meat and dairy products is also carried out in the country.

Without a doubt, Venezuela has many options to diversify the economy. Also, Venezuela has very well prepared human talent.

Iglesia de Piedra, Mucuchies - Venezuela and its benefits
Iglesia de Piedra, Mucuchies – Venezuela and its benefits

Venezuela and its benefits – Wildlife

Venezuela has a very varied fauna. Approximately 23% of reptiles and 50% of amphibian species that inhabit the country are endemic to Venezuela.

In total, around eight-species. In addition to endemic fauna, Venezuela has manatees, dolphins and crocodiles in the Río Negro and Orinoco.

Venezuela has a total of 1,420 bird species. Forty-eight of the bird species are endemic.

Among the birds that stand out are the following: ibis, ospreys, kingfishers and yellow-orange. It should be noted that the turpial bird species is the national bird.

Among the most notable mammals are the giant anteater, the jaguar and the howler monkey. There is also the capybara, the largest rodent in the world.

Most species of birds and mammals in the country are located in the Amazon rainforest south of the Orinoco.

A great pride for Venezuelans is that it is positioned among the 17 most mega diverse countries in the world.

It is this group of countries that host the largest repertoire of biodiversity in the world.


Visit Venezuela and its benefits without limits

Venezuela and its benefits… Without a doubt, it is a country to love, appreciate and admire.

Its beauties through its landscapes, its people, its customs in a true potential to develop tourism in Venezuela.

On the other hand, the human talent graduated from the excellent universities in the country represents an opportunity to innovate in various areas of the national industry.

This majestic land has given birth to great heroes of independence, as well as illustrious doctors, scientists, artists and athletes who have left us very high in and out of Venezuela.

This land is the cradle where the rider, lawyer and businessman Gustavo Mirabal Castro was born, a man who in his versatility has transcended the borders giving his best.

Venezuela is a land to love, respect and admire for this reason Venezuelans every day contribute a grain of sand from their spaces to build a country for all …




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