//Coaching with horses
Coaching with Horses

Coaching with horses

Coaching with horses

According to the European School of Coaching (EEC) Coaching:

“It is the art of asking questions to help other people, through learning, in the exploration and discovery of new beliefs that have as a result the achievement of their objectives “

However, within the coaching aspects such as personal, business, ontological, a new coaching technique has been developed. We will emphasize in the new technique througth the article, “Coaching with horses”.

Coaching asisted with Horses

The coaching assisted with Horses is a process that consists of several stages. When this process is facilitated by a team of expert professionals, participants are provided with a variety of new perspectives on their world. The experience they already have is enriched by generating a new vision of things, and therefore, changes in their behavior.

Coaching with Horses
Coaching with Horses

What is Coaching with horses?

This therapy is very effective in the context of work and education. It is especially effective to improve communication and feedback. As well as helping to detect problems and areas of improvement from the emotional point of view in which to work. It also allows to strengthen attitudes and skills.

It is a relationship facilitation and support in a process where the “coachee” become aware of the current situation and the transformation and improvement necessary to achieve the desired situation, the goal.

The effectiveness of coaching programs with horses have fundamental points that must be considered.

This type of coaching has a particularity that makes it different from the others and is that you must have a wide knowledge of the behavior of the horse, guided by expert professionals. This allows you to decode even the smallest sign of your body language and understand what you are communicating. In this way, it will help us to better understand ourselves and our day-to-day environment.

What is the use of Coaching with horses?

  • Coaching with horses helps people to make changes in their habits
  • People are able to adapt to a new environment.
  • Strengthens commitments, motivates change.
  • Detects the areas to be improved.
  • Develop a higher level of consciousness.
  • It helps to find the balance to make decisions and be congruent between thought, word and behavior. That is to say what is thought, said and done.
  • Renew the vision of personal and professional relationships, helps to explore, value and reflect to obtain new and better results.
  • It improves communication and unlocks potential, allowing you to reach the objectives that were not achieved until then.
  • Reinforce Teamwork
  • Practice of empathy, coherence, authenticity.
  • It strengthens self-confidence and the ability to build trust in others. As well as the ability to manage stress.

How are the coaching sessions with horses?

In coaching with horses, the team that conducts the session consists of:

  • Coach
  • Equine specialist
  • Horse

Equine specialist

The equine specialist chooses the horses, proposes the exercise and structures the session. It communicates to the human specialist the record of the horse’s behavior, documents the session and supervises the safety and welfare of all the participants.


He is responsible for human resources, planning and structuring the session together with the equine specialist and is based on his comments on the behavior of the horses and facilitates their translation.


Personalized exercises are elaborated for each objective, depending on the skills that they wish to develop and optimize. At the same time, with the help of the equine specialist, the human specialist, the horse and the group that attends the session. Thus, attitudes, skills and areas to be improved are worked on in order to reach the desired objective more easily.

Likewise, the sessions are focused on the process and strategies used, and what skills and resources the participant uses to carry them out.

In summary, coaching with horses is a novel technique that helps the well-being of the human being. Achieving a holistic balance in the people who practice it, since it strengthens several elements including emotional intelligence.

Professional coaching uses a range of communication skills (such as targeted restatements, listening, questioning, clarifying etc.) to help clients shift their perspectives and thereby discover different approaches to achieve their goals. Communication througth horses is just a tool more in this complex technique that it helps to “coachees”  to reach their goals.






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