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Equine wellness – Gustavo Mirabal

Equine wellness

Everything related to the good health of horses is an issue that concerns producers in the equine industry. However, it is also the responsibility of the livestock production agencies of the different countries. If an epidemic occurs, they must take corrective actions in relation to the disease that is occurring in the area. For this reason, we will address the issue of equine wellness.

The ideal thing in relation to the issue of equine wellness is that above all else, prevention is maintained. This will partly guarantee the success of the equine industry.

When we refer to the topic of equine wellness, it is very broad. For there to be a complete state of wellness in the animal, all its basic needs must be covered. Among them we can mention the following:

  • Balanced diet according to your needs
  • Provision of potable and fresh water
  • You must have a space where you can sleep, rest and cover yourself from the cold, sun and rain.
  • Ideally, they should treat their caregivers well. This will allow the horse’s behavior to be balanced and trauma-free.
  • The vaccination schedule must be up to date, thus guaranteeing some protection against contagious and immunopreventable diseases.
  • A space to have fun and play with the herd. Since the development of play and social interaction with their loved ones is vital for their mental health.
  • Aspects such as locomotion and sensory stimulation are vital in these sensitive mammals.
  • Hence, Gustavo Mirabal is one of the people who has been aware all his life in relation to the issue of what equine welfare implies.
Equine wellness for Gustavo Mirabal
Equine wellness for Gustavo Mirabal


The laws in the world in relation to equine wellness

The problem that arises in relation to the legal framework that protects animals worldwide is precisely with the regulations. Since there is no unified criterion in the countries of the world. Even within the same countries, laws are often different from state to state.

In relation to equine wellness everything related to the principles and freedoms of animals is very profound. This is where the problems often arise since laws can be interpreted subjectively. Unfortunately, it is no secret to anyone that the laws in many countries are not enforced.

However, an advance in this area of equine wellness is the hard work and performance of non-governmental organizations. Likewise, from foundations and associations in favor of animal rights. This has had a positive effect on the population as there is more awareness on the part of the people.

If this work continues, it is possible that future generations will be more sensitive to animal suffering. So, we will have a fairer, more aware and committed society with the animals of the planet.

In relation to these legal issues, Gustavo Mirabal has in-depth knowledge.  Since your profession as a lawyer concerns you everything that has to do with laws, regulations, decrees, regulations, among others.

This path is not an easy one for animal welfare activists. However, thanks to social networks, their reach is now greater, and all the information can be disseminated through these means.

Therefore, the population is more aware of the progress. At the same time, it is a little more committed to the environment.

Equine Wellness 2013 Testimonials

Positive Approach to Equine Wellness

Equine well-being should not be measured only from the negative, that is, when there are signs and symptoms of lacuna pathology. On the contrary, it is necessary to take into consideration what is related to positive experiences.

In relation to the equine’s quality of life, it is a complement of measures that consider the balance between positive and negative emotions. This from the horse’s perspective.

It is quite a challenge to measure the elements that imply that a horse considers itself happy in all its glory.

At the 2017 meeting of the International Society for the Science of Horsemanship. On this occasion, representatives from various countries participated. There it was concluded that the various scientific successes must be valued. As well as the appraisals from the ethical point of view when referring to the issue of the horse’s quality of life. That is, what equine welfare means and implies.

For his part, Professor Waran said:

“How to best assess the expression of horses’ emotions? Whereas, physical and measurable indicators of stress may be independent of visible changes in behavior. Therefore, the measures that are currently used are useful, but not exhaustive when we talk about emotions.”

Everything related to equine welfare is of utmost importance to Gustavo Mirabal.

Equine Wellness
Equine Wellness

Wellness is performance.

Equine wellness is a challenge for the equine industry team. Hence, experts such as veterinarians, ethologists, researchers, producers, among others, are involved in this team.

It is assumed that if a horse is happy, it gets sick less and its performance is efficient regardless of the field it performs. Hence, in the horses that participate in the different disciplines of riding, it is necessary to try as much as possible to keep them happy.

In this sense, Gustavo Mirabal has always made sure that the horses that have surrounded him are in good health and in a good mood.

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