//Importance of the veterinarian in society
Horse and Veterinarian

Importance of the veterinarian in society

The Importance of the veterinarian in society is a bulwark in the area of public health …

Just as for humans it is of great importance medicine and all its specialties for animals, the veterinarian is essential.

As living beings they are exposed to suffer diseases and to be vaccinated and cared for. For this relevant reason we will address in this issue the Importance of the veterinarian in society.

In the animal kingdom the diversity of species is enormous. However, the animals that most demand the services of veterinary doctors are dogs, cats, horses, cows, among others.

In addition there are veterinary doctors experts in wildlife management. Sivestre fauna also requires, like other animals, at some time specialized attention. It should be noted that these animals that receive attention from these specialists are found in zoos, animal sanctuaries in danger of extinction or areas where researchers remain.

We leave you with a TEDx talk about the importance of veterinary medicine

Once again, the importance of the veterinarian in society is essential for animals to be in good health. In addition to being a very relevant actor in the field of public health.

Veterinary medicine is a profession of service to society so it is in continuous adaptation. Well, the animal health balance is dynamic and the constant modification of the environment where human and animal health interactions take place.

This professional career has an impact on veterinary public health programs. Likewise, it is important in the knowledge, skills and practices required by veterinarians in the direction and execution of these programs.

Role of the veterinarian in society

We can see the great importance of the veterinarian in society and its performance in different areas ranging from animal care to food production. This animal health professional really does a great job.

On the other hand, the role of the veterinarian in society has different edges. Among the dimensions of the venerinary doctor we can mention the following: Food production, Animal health, Public health, Environment, Animal welfare. Veterinarian can also be found in Food Control for Human Consumption, International Trade in Livestock Products and Biosafety.

Veterinarian - animal doctor
Veterinarian – animal doctor

Importance of the veterinarian in society in the field of prevention

One of the most important aspects in the field of public health is disease prevention.

In this sense, the scope of action for prevention mentioned several approaches below:

  • Prevent outbreaks, preventing the spread of diseases that threaten animals and people. For this reason they carry out a commendable work with the aim of not repeating situations of food crisis.
  • A very important aspect of veterinary doctors is that they are servants of Public Health and Animal Health. Remember that animals can be vectors of diseases that pass from animals to humans.
  • Veterinary doctors who devote themselves to animal health care strive every day to have a healthier world.
  • The role of epidemiological surveillance is that they identify outbreaks daily. They also locate pathogens and control the borders, certifying animals and livestock products.
  • Another role played by the veterinarian is that they ensure human health from the inspection of food. This is done especially for animals that serve human consumption, such as the meat of the various types of livestock that exist.
  • Likewise, they avoid economic losses at the national level, to farmers, food industries among others. Controlling in cattle can prevent the spread of diseases among cattle and limit the affectation.
  • Inspect slaughterhouses, agri-food industries, large stores and restaurants. For this reason they are responsible for overseeing slaughterhouses. Also they can be the engadogados of other places where they process the animals to offer the final product to the consumer
  • From prevention, the welfare of the animals in the area of action of the veterinarian can be ensured.
Veterinarians in the food industry
Veterinarians in the food industry

Importance of the veterinarian in animal welfare

One of the roles that the veterinarian plays in the farms is the control of the animals where he assists them since they are in gestation, birth and growth.

It should also focus on preventing the spread and spread of infectious and contagious diseases. Since first of all you must guarantee animal welfare to all animals under your responsibility.

In the case of those people who have the privilege of having a pet at home should keep it under the veterinary control of trust. In effect, you will have a healthier and stronger pet and less likely to get diseases.

Role of the veterinarian as a researcher

There are veterinary doctors who work in research teaching at prestigious universities. As a result of the work carried out, innovation projects for animals arise.

Among the research work carried out by veterinary doctors are the following:

  • Experimental surgery, and control of the breeding of experimental animals.
  • Innovation in surgical processes.
  • New medications and vaccines
  • More harmonious livestock facilities such as those created by Temple Grandes in the United States.

The main idea of research and innovation is to improve animal welfare and prevent the spread of diseases as well as the eradication of some specific pathologies. In effect, the livestock industry is strengthened in its economy.

Horse and Veterinarian
Horse and Veterinarian

Mission of the veterinarian

The Veterinarian fulfills an important mission in society. For this reason it is a health professional who must keep up to date with research. Likewise, with a high academic, competitive and ethical level, with ecological wisdom.

Also of its commitment to generate knowledge, through research and development of appropriate technology. These in order to spread them and apply them to the solution of problems in their field of action.

His mission as a teacher is relevant since he is responsible for training the generations of relief of veterinary medicine.

Different options for the exercise of the Veterinarian

The activities that the veterinarian can perform are the following:

  • In the public sector, he works in Ministries, health institutions, insurance and universities.
  • Likewise, in the social sphere, its function is to provide attention to the different organizations of producers and farmers.
  • In private practice, according to the requirements of society in the agricultural and livestock regions of the country: cattle ranches, poultry, among others
  • Companies producing agricultural food, veterinary drugs, racetracks and stables.
  • Finally, in free practice, with independent consulting activities, in hospitals and private clinics.
Veterinarian in food industry
Veterinarian in food industry

The veterinarian: a profession of great importance for society.

The importance of the veterinarian in our society is as important as the doctor who treats humans.

Various aspects that an integral veterinary doctor must attend are multiple. This is why recognition is given to such an important animal health professional.

Whether in the epidemiology branch, in the food industry or in the practice of animal healing, the veterinarian is much more of an animal doctor. The veterinarian is a guarantor of food of animal origin and therefore of the food security of mankind. Let’s recognize its importance.





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