//Vegetables and fruits for horses
Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits for horses

Vegetables and fruits constitute a healthy, healthy diet that definitely strengthens your horse.

In this article we will tell you about those fruits and vegetables that you can give your horse.

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Vegetables and fruits for your horse

Lettuce, carrot, beet, watermelon, strawberries, apple, peach and grapes. These vegetables and fruits have a delicious taste for your horses.

However, you must take into account several aspects at the time of delivery.

Indications for the supply

To give such foods to your hair follow these steps:

1- Cut the portions into pieces and, above all, do not give them the heart of the fruit.

Remember to remove the plant leaves on the fruits, as it can be dangerous for the digestion of the animal.

2- Wash fruits and vegetables well. Make sure there are no traces of dirt or any type of product, such as insecticides, that have been used.

3- Remember, on the other hand, be careful with the amounts to give your horse.

Excess sugars contained in fruits can cause certain diseases, such as laminitis or equine colic, so consult your veterinarian on this subject.

Vegetables and fruits
Vegetables and fruits

The list of vegetables and fruits

Below is a list of what our horses can eat.


Although you may like it a lot, it does not provide too much nutrients or energy, so give it a couple of leaves a day as much. That way it will not interfere with your daily diet that does provide the necessary nutrients.


Beet is another of the foods that horses like, but it is also very nutritious. Its pulp contains the same amount of protein as hay and provides an amount of energy similar to oats.


This vegetable is a source of Vitamin A, which can be very interesting as a complement to the equine diet.


Another of the typical foods of the horse is the apple. And it is not surprising, because it is a very important source of potassium and calcium. That is, it is good for muscle stimulation and maintenance of horse bones.


Strawberries, as well as red fruits, are fruits that horses love. His sweet touch is delicious for your palate. In addition, they contain an important source of fiber, so the horse does not get just a “snack”, it is also feeding. Of course, moderate your intake for your amount of sugar. Check the amount with your veterinarian!

Watermelon (Pin)

Undoubtedly, perfect for summer, the watermelon or leg is another of the favorite fruits of horses, including their bark! If you do not believe it, try and you’ll see how your friend devours it. The good thing is that practically all watermelon is water. Mind you, beware of excess sugar. Remove the seeds before giving it to them.


If humans delight in peaches, how much more to horses! It is a very sweet fruit. So moderate the amount of peach that you can give.


Another of the prizes that you can give to your horse is the grape. In addition, it is healthy for the equine, due to antioxidants that can directly benefit the heart. In fact, some studies have begun to investigate the introduction of grape seeds in equine feeding with good results

What horses can not eat

As we recommend what our horses can eat, we also tell you what we can not give you.

  • Tomato
  • Potato (potato)
  • Coles
  • Broccoli or similar (This causes digestive complications from the gases)
  • Celery
Carrot for horses
Carrot for horses







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