//Apps for horse lovers and riders

Apps for horse lovers and riders

Apps are a trend in the world. Currently we could say that there are too many applications on the market. However, there are always some apps that stand out from the others, especially in some segments. Horse lovers are no exception and despite being a fairly limited segment there are many apps, some good apps and others not so much. That is why today we will know some of the best apps for horse lovers.

The application market is extremely diverse. This is mainly because programming is becoming more common. In many cases you can even make apps without knowing how to program. That is why many horse lovers have turned their passion into applications. Many of them have the vision to make life easier for other horse lovers.

In some cases, these applications are to make life easier for competition riders. Others help us connect better with both horses and other riders. There are other apps for horse lovers that make it easier for us to access services such as transport and veterinary.

And we can’t forget the apps designed for fun. And before going with the apps, we leave you with a video about games for horse lovers.


Apps to connect with our horse and riders

One of the most important things a rider should do with his horse is to connect with each other. A good connection between rider and horse can improve their performance exponentially. That is why it is so important that the rider brushes the hair of his horse and mounts it frequently.

But that connection is not limited exclusively to a physical connection, an emotional connection is also required. There are applications that are dedicated to creating that awareness in the rider and to improving your knowledge about your horse.

As long as you know more about horses, their customs and forms of communication, you can create a stronger bond. Knowing about horse breeds, their communication, diseases, and personality, are part of the preparation of a good rider. That is why here are some applications that can help you connect with your horse or other riders.

Horse Scanner, Apps to identify the breed of your horse:

This application is, in addition to fun, extremely useful. Horse Scanner allows you to identify the breed of your horse and gives you tips about the characteristics of your horse’s breed. The identification of the horse breed is done using artificial intelligence. Thousands of photos of the different horse breeds are registered in its database. Thanks to this and its complex algorithm, the Horse Scanner application can identify with great precision the breed of your horse.

Identifying your horse’s breed will bring you closer to it. With the knowledge of the breed of your horse you will be able to know more about:

  • Typical diseases of the horse breed. In this way your horse can be treated preventively and also in a timely manner with any typical disease.
  • Type and personality traits of the horse breed you have.
  • Equestrian specialties typical of your horse breed, and in which you can perform better.
  • It can help you better define the type of exercises, diet, and distractions for your horse.

Knowing the breed of your horses will certainly make you connect better with it and make better decisions for you as a horse-rider duo. The application is very simple to use and very useful.

In addition, it can also be fun to serve so that you can verify for yourself what breed you would be if you were a horse, scanning yourself. A very entertaining activity for horse lovers.

Horse Scanner - One of the best apps for horse lovers
Horse Scanner – One of the best apps for horse lovers


This application is the official app of a social network dedicated to horse lovers. Gustavo Mirabal and his friends are on this social network to connect with people with their interests.  You can exchange tricks, tips or even be aware of the news of the equestrian world.

It is very interesting because it connects at least two hundred thousand people related to the world of horses. Horsealot currently has versions for Iphone and Android phones. It is for all those who enjoy the equestrian lifestyle, their love for horses and the elegance of this world.

Through this social network you can discuss all kinds of topics related to horses, from training, nutrition, fashion, or art.

You can also see information about trips and tours specially designed for horse lovers.

You can also connect with special guests of the social network, such as riders or horse lovers, such as:

  • Actors
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Famous riders

Thanks to their advice and experience you can have fun while learning how to improve the relationship with your horse. It is certainly a great app to connect with other horse lovers.

Equestrian training apps for your horse

We know that having a rigorous training routine is one of the keys to the success of a rider and his horse. Without proper training, neither of you will develop the attitudes and skills necessary for success in equestrian sports. That is why there are a variety of equestrian applications that can help you improve your abilities and develop those of your horse.

These apps can help you monitor your performance or set yourself new challenges. It all depends on what you want to do. That is why below we present some applications that will help you follow and improve your equestrian training. Thanks to them you and your horse will be able to improve their performance.

Apps for horse lovers and their training
Apps for horse lovers and their training

Equilab, records and tracks your horse’s training:

This is one of the applications with the highest number of downloads. Equilab is one of the best apps for horse lovers. With its more than 500 thousand downloads it shows us that the community of riders and horse lovers is really huge.

Through this application you will be able to record the workouts with your horse and you will be able to monitor its performance.

In addition, through equilab you can register all your horses and monitor each of them.

Additionally, through equilab you can connect with other riders, share experiences, and form new friendships.

As if that were not enough there you can also find recommendations from trainers, veterinarians, and all kinds of professionals in the equestrian world.

By creating your training calendar, you can create your training plan and see the progress day by day. Without a doubt, Equilab is one of the most spectacular applications for horse lovers.

Equilab - An app to monitor workouts and more
Equilab – An app to monitor workouts and more

Jump Off:

It is an application to study your equestrian jumping routes. You can upload a photo and using the photo you can trace the route and place the obstacles to achieve a simulation.  The interesting thing is that simulation can help us navigate the circuit mentally and memorize it. In this way we can anticipate the moment of practicing.