//The mare Winx – The millionaire mare
Hugh Bowman and the mare Winx

The mare Winx – The millionaire mare

Few animals in the world become as lucky as the mare Winx. The mare Winx went from anonymity to being a horse recognized worldwide in the world of horse riding. Now in this installment we will tell a little about his history and career in equestrian competitions.

The mare Winx at the young age of one year was already available for sale through an auction. By that time I had not been trained. Winx was sold for an amount of $ 241,500, this being the highest value offered in the round of the auction. The sale of the Mare Winx was made in 2013 was purchased by Peter Tighe and his wife Patty.

After six years, the mare Winx has achieved total success worldwide. This mare has achieved a wide reputation, due to the great successes and records, this has brought great rewards for its current owners. The love and respect that this mare of millions of followers has gained. Such a special affection that the mare Winx has stolen the hearts of her fans.

A Tribute to the Incomparable Mare Winx

Until recently, the mare Winx was one of the best in equestrian competitions. It was just another mare in search of shine and triumph in the most important racetracks in the world. But this changed from the year 2015 there was the bestial take off that has led this mare to become a global prodigy.

In effect I achieve 28 consecutive wins, more than any other horse in history. Definitely this mare was born with the stars to her favor. Well his career is impeccable and enviable for any horse owner.

The Mare Winx and her routine

Winx Born
Winx Born
  • To remain excellent, as she has done so far, the mare Winx gets up early to begin her training work day by day.
  • Regarding the training routine, it does not differ from many other specimens. However, it has an element that sets it apart from the rest and is the love and admiration of many people. So a lot of these fans are going to observe her in her daily tasks.
  • The requirement to be able to enjoy the privilege of seeing her train is to carry bags of food that are donated later to soup kitchens. No doubt this is a noble initiative on the part of the owners of the mare Winx. As we can see, the heart of gold is not only of the wonderful mare.
  • The fame and uniqueness of the mare Winx go hand in hand. This has reached such a point that it has a beer that bears his name and brand. He also has an account of his biography and even a stamp with his image.
  • In addition, in his last race he was seen live by more than 50,000 people. With each triumph he achieves, he increases the interest to see her run.
Hugh Bowman and the mare Winx
Hugh Bowman and the mare Winx

The mare Winx today

The roots of the mare Winx are the polar opposite of what it is today. Since in principle this mare was sold in an auction for an amount that is not representative in the equestrian world.

Despite having been sold for a low price, today accumulates profits greater than 20 million euros. At an economic level, it has paid off to its current owners. Undoubtedly, proof that not everything “cheap is expensive”.

But beyond that, the reward is the triumphs that this beautiful mare has managed to achieve.

The owners of the Mare Winx decided to call it one of the old casinos in Las Vegas. What these people did not anticipate was the scope they would have in the equestrian competitions and with the fame they achieved.

The mare Winx team

One of the people who are part of the direct team with the mare Winx is his trainer and rider. The first is his trainer Chris Waller with whom he has had a hard work and whose results are visible.

As for the rider Hugh Bowman, he has ridden it in 27 of the last 28 races.

«When I get on top of the Mare Winx I have a feeling of power and control» Hugh Bowman

Undoubtedly, this is a magical and successful couple who have managed to attract the attention of millions of fans of the equestrian world.

Hugh Bowman managed to establish a perfect reciprocity with the most famous mare in Australia. The result has been the victory of both in the equestrian competitions and a historical milestone at the same time

“It is very special because it is not easy for a horse to maintain this level for so long, much more than any other. She has managed to attract the attention of the whole racing world » Hugh Bowman

Hugh Bowman and the mare Winx
Hugh Bowman and the mare Winx

New challenges to be achieved by the mare Winx

The successes that the Mare Winx have achieved have been in their native country of Australia. Despite this, his name is already in the first place in the Longines ranking. Nowadays the mare is seven years old and it is hoped that she will continue with the same strength and impetus in the next competitions

One of the outstanding points that the mare Winx has is to go to the northern hemisphere in the future. Likewise, the idea of competing against the best in England, France or the United States is one of the expectations of both his team and his fans.

The expectation that the mare compete in other scenarios is also on the part of the media. Mass media have put pressure on Winx to measure herself in other, more demanding scenarios.

The media have criticized the good run of this animal, arguing that only has such a run for not facing stronger rivals in other latitudes. In this regard, his coach has come up against such criticism, highlighting that of the 28 races won by the mare, 21 have been from Group 1, the most important class of the turf world.

60 Minutes Australia | Winx

Another facet of the famous mare Winx

The Mare Winx has done it, for a long time, and now she reaches the stage of being a mother. The usual thing in the world of horse racing is to choose a pony for the mares.

In order to make a suitable choice, several elements such as pedigree, physical and campaign must be taken into account. So the owners of this mare should be thoroughly evaluating which site to go to give this momentous event.

The mare Winx
The mare Winx

His offspring will be supported by the genes that have allowed Winx to achieve a string of unstoppable hits.

This singular case any breeding and genetic laboratory would be willing to provide these services for free with one of their best horses with the mare Winx champion. From there would be born future foals that would carry the success of his mother in the veins.

The before and after the mare Winx in the Australian equestrian.

The mare Winx has marked a milestone in the equestrian history of Australia. For what she has given joys not only to her team and owners but to a whole country that follows her and admires her. If that were not enough, that love and respect has transcended the borders of what is now a famous mare on the planet.

A mare that marked a before and after in the horse races of Australia. He still has a great road to conquer in international competitions where he will undoubtedly achieve more success.

The mare Winx is much more than a fairy tale. This is a millionaire mare that has been devastating in equestrian competitions. He also figured as a model of a cover of a well-known fashion magazine.

She is a sign that good training and discipline can make a difference. And as we said … Cheap is not always expensive








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