//¿Are you ready for Brexit? – Legal News #1
Are You Ready for Brexit in the United Arab Emirates?

¿Are you ready for Brexit? – Legal News #1

As we know, in gustavomirabalcastro.online and in gustavomirabal.es we are changing. We want to keep our faithful followers attentive to our publications. Since last week we opened the “Legal News” section to advise you on your day to day. In this section we discuss the new electronic payment legislation, the changes in jurisprudence regarding real estate evictions among others. Today we will talk about one of the most relevant topics for today “Are you ready for Brexit?”

As you may have discovered in our magazine, Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a Venezuelan lawyer with many years of experience. From that experience we want to touch on current aspects that can benefit you both as an individual and your business.

This space called “Legal News” will become a weekly space. There we will play some themes of this changing world. We hope that our free and solidarity advice will be a guide in your permanent actions.

In our second installment we will deal with one of the legal issues that is in vogue. In “Legal News” we present this week’s theme. Are you ready for Brexit? In this edition we will give a series of tips for both companies and individuals. We must be ready for brexit, especially if this occurs without an agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Again we express our desire that our weekly publication is to your liking. Our mission is to prepare you for today’s changing world. Gustavo Mirabal Castro wants you to know your rights. If you are interested, you can contact him for additional legal advice through his Mirabal & Asociados law firm that he serves internationally.

Meet with us the legal news, rights and the constant changes of the legal framework. Without further ado let’s start.

What is the European Union?

The European Union is a political institution of international law that brings together 28 European states. This institution establishes common rights and duties for governments and incorporated citizens. Its purpose is to promote the integration and governance of European nations

In this way, a series of facilities and benefits are generated for its member states and its citizens. Later we will detail some of its benefits. The key is that this Union also generates one of the largest and most powerful markets on the planet.

Brexit Hat
Brexit Hat

Get ready for Brexit

The first thing we should know is what is Brexit? Brexit is the United Kingdom’s exit from all the agreements and institutions of the European Union.

These agreements and institutions are what allow the following rights or obligations:

  • Free transit of European citizens between the countries of the European Union.
  • Free transit of goods within the European Union
  • Absence of tariffs for goods that transit through the European Union
  • Absence of borders between the countries of the European Union
  • Financing of the countries of the European Union to its institutions

Why Brexit is a core part of legal news? On October 31 the deadline of the last extension requested to specify the Brexit is met. There is currently no agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom. Because of this there is no clear definition of the relations between the European Union and its former member.

Are you ready for brexit - Legal News
Are you ready for brexit – Legal News

What are the consequences of a Brexit without agreement?

A brexit in these conditions would provoke several uncomfortable situations such as those described below:

  • Tensions on the border between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Already in the past the existence of a border there led to armed conflicts between what is known as Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.
  • Congestion at the UK border crossings of both people and goods. Increasing controls and tariff payments would increase times and costs of transporting the goods.
  • Protests for the exit of Brexit either for or against, increasing social conflict.

In the video we provide below we can see more detail of the effects on the legal news of Brexit.

The impact of a no-deal Brexit on the UK and EU | Bigger Than Five

Why Brexit?

Some people in the United Kingdom believe that the country’s economy is burdened by imbalances in the European Union. This led to 2016 David Cameron, the prime minister for the moment, holding a referendum on the matter. The result was a vote supporting the exit of the Community Bloc and two years to leave.

The Brexit negotiations have not been satisfactory. This has put the possibility of a UK exit without agreement on the table. In the secret documents of the “Yellowhammer operation” the risks of an exit without agreement are revealed. This is a document from the UK government preparing for such a situation. It also exposes what have been the measures to mitigate the difficulties.

We ask ourselves, If the government is aware of the difficulties and is preparing for it, are you preparing?

That is why we present some points of interest. Before this we show you an interesting video about the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Brexit: A history of the rocky relationship between the UK and EU

Is your company ready for brexit?

As for companies, the European economic community proposes a checklist. This list helps to verify if we are prepared for brexit and if it is not ready to get in tune.

  • For some industries, certain positions of my company are required to be located in the European Union. If these charges are currently found in the United Kingdom you must ensure an office that locates them in the EU. These charges may be the person responsible, the importer, the registrant or the holder of the marketing authorization.
  • Products that are now marked compliant by United Kingdom institutions are no longer endorsed by EU agreements. Now your marking should be done in accordance with the rules governing the marking for third countries that is more stringent.
  • The payment of tariffs must be provided in my cost and budget structures. This is because the rules that will govern are those of the WTO.
  • The use of data centers in the United Kingdom will be limited to those businesses in the European Union. That is due to the regulations on privacy and data transfer. They require having this data within the datacenters in the EU

About licenses and authorizations

  • Licenses and Authorization: If your business depends on licenses you have to be attentive. In the case of licenses issued by the United Kingdom, the equivalent version of the EU must be taken out.
  • Registered Trademarks: If your trademark was registered in the United Kingdom you will have to register it in the European Union as well.
  • If your company’s health and environmental certificates were issued by an agency in the United Kingdom: You must carry out a procedure to transfer these certificates to European Union entities and be able to sell your products in the EU.
  • Prohibitions and restrictions: If you trade with products whose marketing is restricted from third countries, you must make provisions. The options would be:
    • Limit my market to United Kingdom.
    • Move my operations to the European Union
    • Change business

So many other forecasts. We leave you with the checklist for companies before Brexit.

"Get Ready for Brexit" Goverment Campaign
“Get Ready for Brexit” Goverment Campaign

Get Ready for Brexit in the case of people

Some forecasts for people against the legal news of Brexit:

  • If your work is in the United Kingdom and you are in the EU or vice versa you must prepare. Transportation will become more complex, which can lead you to think about moving your residence or changing jobs.
  • For self-employed and employed persons who are laid off due to Brexit, economic protections from the European Globalization Adjustment Fund may be accessed.
  • Prepare for change in companies that make life on both sides of the border.
  • It can be prepared if it depends on medicines that are made on the other side of the border. Take steps to stock up during the Brexit adaptation process.

With these tips we want to help you adapt to Brexit. If you want us to deepen the topic write us or comment on the article. It is important to be prepared for Brexit not only if it is European but if your products are destined for the UK market. We hope there is an agreement for Brexit, but if not, it is better to be prepared





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