//Amazon and model Marta Ortega
Amazon Marta Ortega

Amazon and model Marta Ortega

Amazon and model Marta Ortega

In equestrian sports the participation of men is usually more frequent. However, women have increased their participation in these spaces. Being an elitist and expensive sport there are women who come from wealthy families who dedicate themselves to the equestrian world. Where they combine with other activities as is the case of this Amazon combines it with modeling. For these reasons we are going to know more about the life and equestrian trajectory of the Spanish model and amazon, Marta Ortega.

Biography of Marta Ortega

Marta Ortega was born in 1984. Her parents are Flora Pérez and Amancio Ortega. He has two brothers who are the product of his father’s first marriage. On the other hand, he married Sergio Álvarez Moya, from whom he later separated. She is a mother who reconciles work and family life. Marta enjoys her three-year-old son and combines her passion for horse riding with the business activity of fashion, as she is the heiress of the Zara chain of stores.

Amazon Marta Ortega
Amazon Marta Ortega

She studied at the Jesuit school Santa María del Mar in A Coruña

Marta continued his academic development in a boarding school in Switzerland, studied Business at the University of A Coruña and completed his studies at the European Business School in London.

She had a British governess named Brigitte and, in addition to discipline, instilled in him his passion for horses.

Marta knows five languages, in addition to Spanish and Galician, Ortega speaks English, French and Italian.

Pepe el chihuahua
Pepe el chihuahua

On the other hand, horses are the great passion of Marta Ortega. Her father built her own equestrian club and she is an experienced amazon, but Marta also likes dogs. So, little Pepe, his white chihuahua dog, is one of his weaknesses. One of the particular characteristics of the Amazons is that they not only love horses but also feel a deep respect and love for animals in general.

Marta Ortega Pérez in the equestrian world

Marta, who started practicing horse riding at age 10, had a remarkable performance. She won the Prince of Asturias Trophy and was champion of Spain in her category at an early age. In an interview with the local newspaper “La Opinión”, she stated, as early as March 2003, that he would not dedicate himself professionally to equestrian sports.

A discreet heiress His father, Amancio Ortega -founder of Inditex- is according to Forbes the second richest man in the world.

It was her English governess Brigitte who, not only taught her the love of horses as we mentioned before, but also started her in horsemanship.

At age 10 he had his first mare. Years later, her father built the Casas Novas equestrian center in Coruña. Casa Novas has become a European reference for equestrian sports. There is one of the few places where he is photographed with his son, a spectator of exception in the equestrian tournaments in which his mother competes.

His favorite horses are: Cerano Von Hofch, Cinderella, Verdi, Verdi III, Zigali PS.

In summary, the amazon and model mentioned above combines a life where she dedicates herself to the successful business of her father. In addition, to enjoy his love for horses and the equestrian world as well as his role as a mother with his little son, fruit of his first marriage.







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