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Amazon Athina Roussel

In the equestrian world, the participation of influential women like Amazons is remarkable. It is like this, as in this section we have mentioned outstanding amazons in the world of equestrian competitions in Europe. It is for this reason that we are going to address everything related to the life of Athina Roussel.

Athina Onassis de Miranda & Camille Z in the #FTIWEF Finale Grand Prix

Athina Roussel Biography

Athina Helene Roussel Onassis was born on January 29, 1985 in Neully sur Seine, France) is an Amazonian and French heiress, of Greek origin. After the death of her mother, Athina was raised by her father, the French Thierry Roussel, who remarried Gaby Landhage of Sweden. At the home of his stepmother Gaby Landhage, in Lussy sur Morges, Switzerland, Athina grew up in a typically stable family environment.

Athina inherited a fortune from the succession of the Onassis family, estimated at 2,700 million US dollars. However, since his grandfather and his mother never fully trusted Athina’s father, they arranged for a board of trustees to have control of the estate until he came of age.

Athina bought a house near Brussels, Belgium, where she has stables with a large number of horses. She became the girlfriend of the Brazilian professional rider Álvaro de Miranda Neto, nicknamed “Doda” and twelve years older than Athina. In March 2003, Athina moved to Brazil, where the couple has lived together since then.

Marriage of Athina Roussel

Eleven years lasted the story of the Onassis family. Athina Onassis (32), and the Brazilian rider, Alvaro Afonso de Miranda Neto (45), known as Doda Miranda slowly distanced. A romance that began with the horses, when she was 17 years old. She fell in love with her riding teacher. The romance ended in a war that lasted eleven months with the equines involved and a ‘trust’ millionaire of companies to share

The couple is already divorced. This is indicated in a brief note by the Brazilian newspaper ‘Época’. Apparently, both have reached a “mutually agreed situation” and have ended “friendly”. All the terms of the process. Nothing is known in relation to the distribution of goods and how much the millionaire Onassis has been able to pay. She has a fortune amounting to three billion dollars.

The Young Athina and the foundation

The young woman had no chance to intervene in the foundation of her grandfather. When she turned 21 she took legal action. He commissioned the prestigious London lawyers Baker & McKenzie to bring their claim, because the managers changed the bylaws to prevent Athina from intervening and their participation in any type of operation was non-existent. However, that war had started much earlier. When the girl had reached the age of majority, Roussel began to move.

The distrust of his grandparents towards his father. A failed marriage and some managers of the foundation of his grandfather who were responsible for limiting their participation. Human beings who turned their backs or betrayed their trust.

Finally, the millionaire heiress and heiress Athina Roussel found a refuge in the horses after the death of her mother.

This is how humans come to establish strong links with animals. Achieving many times a unique and unparalleled connection.

A true friendship although of different species where love and respect for other living beings prevails.







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