//Benefits of yoga for the rider
Yoga for Equestrians - There are many videos on youtube

Benefits of yoga for the rider

The practice of yoga brings multiple benefits for those who practice it. Therefore, spending time practicing this discipline can make noticeable positive changes in the body. Even yoga for the rider has proved benefits. Come with us and learn about this ancient practice.

Yoga is a supplement that helps improve the performance of people in other sports disciplines. Hence we focus on seeing the benefits of yoga for the rider

Yoga practice is ancient and derived from India, and is a traditional physical and mental discipline

Yoga emphasizes meditation and liberation and its main text is Yoga sutra (400 AD).

The word is associated with meditation practices in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Yoga has several schools: the essential ones are raya yoga, jnana yoga, and karma yoga, and the non-essential ones include hatha yoga, bhakti, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, kriyā yoga, and kundalini yoga. We leave you a video about diferent types of yoga schools. Enjoy it.

Types of Yoga Schools - Different Ways To Do Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training | Anvita Dixit

Yoga as the basis for different sports

Among the sports that use yoga as a complement to your training we have the following:

  • Golf, swimming, tennis, kickboxing, volleyball, softball, baseball, and soccer.
  • Yoga for runners, cyclists, weight lifters.
  • For professional soccer players, basketball.

We can see that in many sports you can see the positive effects of practicing yoga.

Now in the equestrian field it has an application in riders, as it helps correct postures. In addition, having flexibility and this translates into better performance in training and equestrian competitions. We leave you a video with yoga routines for riders.

Yoga For Dressage Riders - Routine To Improve Your Mobility Before You Ride

Does yoga practice for the rider work for better riding?

Next we will mention the benefits of yoga for the rider:

  • The yoga experience, doing various positions, makes the body perform a series of movements.
  • With the yoga practice in the rider the body is stretched.
  • Furthermore, balance in this practice requires complete mental concentration.
  • Yoga develops resistance with the weight of the body itself.
  • The practice of this important discipline of Hindu origin contributes to flexibility, strength and endurance in the rider or athletes from other areas.
  • On the other hand, positive changes can be observed such as: better breathing, a calm, focused mind, all of which can benefit all those who practice it.
Yoga for Equestrians - There are many videos on youtube
Yoga for Equestrians – There are many videos on youtube

Specific yoga exercises for the rider

There are specific exercises that help those who practice it. Therefore they can help as stretching at the end of performing aerobic or anaerobic exercises, in order to avoid ailments.

Among many other benefits, the knees are strengthened, this is achieved with the Posture for stretching the inner thighs.

In the postures to relax the back, release by stretching your arms as far as possible towards the sky while holding your breath.

The arms are then lowered by opening them back as far as possible while the person exhales.

Book of yoga for the riders
Book of yoga for the riders

Yoga for the rider

The practice of yoga brings multiple benefits in people who practice this ancient discipline.

In the equestrian field it is applied to riders and brings benefits for this and for the horse. Because the rider having a correct posture the horse will feel better and consequently the performance of the magic pair will become noticeable.

It also helps balance the rider-horse pairing, since the rider is always sought to present an alignment of his spine with that of the horse. Another positive effect of yoga for the rider is that by softening the gaze, the rider works more relaxed and in effective communication with the equine.

Deep and soft breathing makes the rider ride with full attention and awareness of his own body. That is why the aids become much softer.

The ideal is for the rider to practice yoga daily or daily in order to maintain the progress made with this ancient practice.

An example is the following: If you ride three days on horseback, you can practice yoga two for example. If you ride every day you can practice three.

If you do it every day, you keep the progress and the horse – rider communication is gradually strengthened. Without a doubt the practice of yoga and horse riding is an excellent combination.

Yoga practice for riders
Yoga practice for riders


Yoga and Horse riding, an ideal pair

The practice of yoga gives you strength, flexibility and serenity three essential conditions that every rider must develop.

  • Strength: Since the rider needs a good seat, to accompany the movement of the horse and maintain control and firmness of the body.
  • Flexibility: The joints must flow freely with the entire horse-rider set.
  • Serenity: The rider must be patient with the horse, sometimes it does not start the first time, as it will start the second or third.
  • Maintaining calm and serenity in times of difficulty fosters confidence and communication with the horse.

If the rider works as yoga practices should be, he will achieve better performance in the discipline than practice and better communication and understanding with the horse.

Yoga for the rider
Yoga for the rider

A healthy practice, yoga for the rider.

Yoga in the rider has many benefits for the rider, in addition to strengthening the communication of the rider with the horse, it will improve significantly.

On the other hand, the positions that the rider corrects in the postures favors him and the horse.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro was promoter of this practice at the G&C Farm equestrian center. From there the results were excellent.

If you are a rider and you like to learn new things you can learn yoga positions. For this you must have an instructor to guide you and monitor you in the positions you perform.




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