//Eve Jobs – The heiress of Steve Jobs
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Eve Jobs – The heiress of Steve Jobs

Eve Jobs is one of the 4 heirs of Steve Jobs, the technological visionary and computer mogul. While her reputation is largely due to her father, Eve has been the most mediatic of her 4 children.

Today we will know the life of Eve Jobs, her passions, and what has made her famous: to be an excellent amazon.

Let’s get to know her life a bit and how to raise a man like Steve Jobs to one of the most mediatic Amazons.

Eve Jobs winner of the Countryfrog 4* Longines Rankings Class

Who is Steve Jobs, the father of Eve Jobs?

Steven Paul Jobs, better known as Steve Jobs, is a guru, visionary and technological entrepreneur. Businessman, magnate of the computer and entertainment sector. Known initially for founding Apple and creating the Machintosh, he stood out for innovating in each step.

Jobs and Wozniak
Jobs and Wozniak

The greatest achievements of Steve Jobs that made him a cult figure were:

  • He created the first personal microcomputer produced on a large scale.
  • At the beginning of 1984 his company launched the Macintosh 128K. The Macintosh was the first successful personal computer that used a graphical user interface (GUI) and a mouse.
  • He was expelled from the company he founded because of differences with the board of directors.
  • Steve Jobs founded in February 1986 Pixar Animation with the acquisition of The Graphics Group, 40 of its employees and the capitalization of 5 million dollars
  • He received the National Medal of Technology from President Ronald Reagan.
  • He returned to the company he founded in 1997 to rescue her from bankruptcy.
  • In its second stage at Apple I create the following products: i-mac, iTunes Store, ipod, iphone and ipad. All iconic and successful products.
  • In the USA 323 patents of Steve Jobs appear on behalf of Apple.

As we can see, the shadow of Steve Jobs on his children is huge. Now how was Steve Jobs in his personal life.

Eve Jobs as the daughter of Steve Jobs.

Eve Jobs
Eve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a first daughter named Lisa with the artist Chris-Ann Brennan which he did not recognize until he was forced to a paternity test by a judge. Despite them and before their recognition, Lisa called one of the personal computers created in its first stage at Apple. Before recognizing her, Chis-Ann and Lisa survived with the help of social assistance. After recognizing her, she paid five hundred dollars a month for the maintenance of the girl.

With this background we could worry, but his relationship with his second wife and his other 3 children was totally different.

In 1991, Steve Jobs married Laurene Powell, whom he met at Stanford University. They lived in Palo Alto, California with their three children. Eve Jobs is the youngest of her three children. The older brothers of Eve Jobs are Erin Siena Jobs and Reed Jobs.

One of the most controversial statements of Steve Jobs is that he did not let his children use the iPad and social networks. When Steve Jobs was director of Apple, he forbade his children to spend too much time manipulating iPads and iPhones. … “They have not used it,” Jobs replied. “We limit the amount of technology children can use at home.” Something contradictory, but consistent with its controlling and dominant facet.

How is the life of Eve Jobs?

He was born on April 30, 1998, the year in which his father launches the iMac. Far from following in her father’s footsteps in the technological world, Eve preferred to work and dedicate herself to her great hobby, which is horses.

It is a media celebrity, whose Instagram account has more than 500 thousand followers.

“Horse riding helps keep you humble. (…) That taught me independence, dedication and perseverance “

Eve Jobs

Jobs follows a rigorous training routine at his mother’s Florida ranch. This ranch is valued at more than 15 million dollars. An impressive center in which the young woman has a house with four rooms, stable for 20 horses and a complete circuit of jumps.

It is noteworthy that among the hundreds of publications that Eve Jobs has in her Instagram account, she does not have any pictures with her father … Maybe that gives us an idea of the kind of relationship that was forged in her house.

Beyond all, the strong character of Steve Jobs left a mark on Eve. Thanks to this she is one of the most important amazons and she continues to advance in her rise in the equestrian world. The equestrian world is hard work and dedication and Eve Jobs took it from her father.








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