//Exercises for riders

Exercises for riders

Exercises for riders that will strengthen your muscles…

Avoid injuries by doing what you must do as an athlete.

You can’t pretend to go far without training. Talent must be accompanied by training.

Every athlete must have a training routine that consists of performing various exercises to strengthen their muscles and tone.

Well, the riders do not escape from it.

For those who believe that horseback riding is just getting on the horse, pulling the reins, and shouting “Huh! Jaaam! Let’s go horse!” is not so.

Every rider has a trainer who watches over him from what he eats to how he walks.

In this sense today you will know how to stay in shape and exercise in the right way.

The most common injuries in riders can be avoided by exercising.

This is why exercises for riders are very important for their health. Let’s learn more.

Exercises for the rider
Exercises for the rider

Exercises for riders

It’s time to define what it is to exercise.

According to the web portal of “Salud Castilla y León” says that the exercise is:

“A planned, structured and repetitive activity, whose purpose is to maintain and improve our physical form.”

Considering this we can say that exercising increases the quality of life of the human being.

At the same time, it gives you other physical benefits and brings beauty to the body.


Prevents injuries when you exercise

Performing exercises daily when you are a rider helps prevent injuries.

That is why in this article we are going to delve into this topic in order to strengthen the muscles.

Remember that for the rider it is very important to exercise to not only prevent stiffness but to avoid back or spine problems.

In addition, the latter usually become chronic and are very painful.

It is very likely that at some point they have come out and wonder why do I have stiffness after riding a horse?

Curiously, these usually come out even if the rider rides a bicycle daily.

The answer is that when riding a horse, a large number of muscles are exercised.

What happens is that these muscles are not usually exercised as much, even when the rider runs every day or rides a bicycle.


Given this panorama, it is possible to arrive at the following question about exercises for riders:

Do you know which exercises favor you and which areas are best for you to work on?

When you ride horses more professionally, not as a hobby once a year, you must have a developed musculature.

Keep in mind that it is not the same to get on the horse for pleasure at any given time than to do it frequently as an athlete, they are different things.

The one who does it from time to time does not care about his figure, specific diet, etc., gets on and walks. He returns home and shows the photos of his day in the open field and that’s it.

That’s where it ends.

But the one who dreams of being a jockey has to do exercises, prepare the body.

Moreover, the posture that is taken when climbing on the animal implies a good muscular resistance.

Also keep in mind, that posture is important for both the rider and the horse.

The way to approach the animal at that time must convey confidence to the horse, otherwise it will get nervous and can run away by lying it down.



Although you do not believe it, communication with horses is very important and this amazing animal perceives how you feel when you ride it.

It is intuitive and above all perceptive and has an excellent memory.

Horses know if you are happy, excited, or sad.

That is why climbing on his backs transmits calm and confidence or despair and anxiety.

A nervous horse can be aggressive, but not because it wants to, but because it is its defense mechanism.

Exercises for riders ensures the development of a common language between the horse and the rider.

At the same time, this develops the bond between the rider and the horse.

Other exercises for riders

The first of the exercises that we are going to recommend today is work the back.

The back is vital for this sport.

What if you don’t exercise it enough?

That the musculature becomes unbalanced leading to chronic ailments and problems, also in joint blockages in the spine.

And even though it’s not something that’s often mentioned, these are fairly common injuries among riders.

The way they are prevented is by increasing the muscle mass of all muscles.

This means doing a complete training, especially if you ride a horse very often.

Note: You must warm up

When you enter a gym the first thing you do is warm up your body before doing any other exercise.

The same must be done by the rider or amazon before starting the batch of specific exercises.

As a conclusion of this point, we have that, doing stretches and warm-ups is greatly beneficial.

So much so that in this way stiffness and possible injuries are largely avoided.

One of the things that cannot be forgotten is that stretching brings flexibility to the body and the more flexible, the looser the rider is.

Warm up and exercises for riders
Warm up and exercises for riders

Aerobics Exercises for riders

Walking, cycling, swimming, and running are exercises that allow the rider to burn fat.

In addition to eliminating all hydrates and obtaining energy in return.

It should be noted that for this it needs oxygen.

These are usually medium or low intensity and long-lasting exercises.

With them, the cardiovascular system is exercised, endurance and lung capacity are increased. Also, they help to lose weight.

Recommendations for exercises for riders

These are some of the recommendations in exercises for riders

Practice this type of exercise at least 3 times a week for half an hour.

Establish your own warm-up, stretching, and then aerobic exercise routine.

If you are going to start practicing aerobic exercise, a good recommendation is to book a specific half hour in the 2 or 3 days that you set according to your plan.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to do the 30 minutes a day of exercises necessarily…

That is, go little by little if your body is not used to that type of physical activity.

Start by doing 5 or 10 minutes. In this way it increases progressively according to your organism and as it acquires more resistance.