//Jockey Ramón Alfredo Domínguez
Ramón Alfredo Domínguez

Jockey Ramón Alfredo Domínguez

Biography of Ramón Alfredo Domínguez

Ramón Alfredo Domínguez was born on November 24, 1976 in Caracas. Ramón is the son of Alfredo Domínguez and Belkys Del Moral de Domínguez. He spent his childhood in the town of Cagua, Aragua state, revealing that he was very fond of horses. Among the anecdotes of his childhood, approximately at the age of 10, he bought a mare for which he paid Bs. 3,000. I was pregnant and I used to ride at times, I did not use a chair. From then on he perceived that he had the conditions to become a rider one day. He also counted on the support of his father Alfredo, who in principle opposed him being a rider.

Hipismo - Entrevista al jinete Ramón Alfredo Domínguez

Beginnings of Ramón Alfredo Domínguez

  • The first person who saw him riding was ex-jockey Félix Sabino Pérez and his initial steps were given at the Casupito Training Center in Villa de Cura.
  • It began in the Hippodrome of Paraguaná, in Punto Fijo, Falcón state. He lived in very harsh conditions. Then he went to the María Blanca Training Center, where in one year he finished polishing.
  • Thanks to the support provided by coach Luis Fontes, the breeder Rafael Rodríguez Navarro (President for that time of the National Racetrack Institute) and former jockey Antonio José Utrera, Ramón Alfredo obtained the registration and his secretary was “Topo Gigio” Luis Brown.
  • He achieved his first triumph with the mare Lady Mercy, a training of Luis Francisco Martín, on March 25, 1995 at the Hippodrome La Rinconada. However, I had my eyes on the United States.

Trajectory of Ramón Alfredo Domínguez

Ramón Alfredo Dominguez - Jockey
Ramón Alfredo Dominguez – Jockey


  • Before traveling to the North, Domínguez won his last race in Venezuela with the Sinless, presented by Daniel Pérez. Since then his talent overflowed the borders.
  • He achieved his first victory in March 1996 with Solo Moondance in Hialeah Park, Florida.
  • In the years 1997 and 1998 he remained a winning jockey at Delaware Park.
  • During 1999 when it passed the barrier of 100 wins. Exactly 121 victories and more than 3 million dollars.
  • It was in the year 2000 when he literally exploited his potential by winning 360 times.
  • Being the year 2009 his first complete season in the New York Racing Association (NYRA). He had a dream year, winning all the statistics of that circuit.
  • In 2016, he was awarded a place in the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Consequently forming part of a true elite of legends.

Hall of Fame Award

He is the first Venezuelan in history to be promoted to the immortality of the American Hall of Fame. A feat worthy of all merit. In addition, he equates with shortstop Luis Luis Aparicio.

End of his career as a rider for health reasons.

Through a statement, the Venezuelan whip Ramón Alfredo Domínguez expressed his final decision to retire from the profession due to the risk of re-injuring his skull in another fall. The New York Racing Association (NYRA) was responsible for offering the unfortunate news of the whip. The professional career on horseback has come to an end, while I expected him to be able to reassemble, as a result of injuries and on the advice of his treating doctors.

Ramón Alfredo Domínguez is an example of perseverance, hard work and preparation. It is a model to follow for all Venezuelans who want to stand out internationally in sports. A national pride that should show us that there are no big challenges for Venezuelans that we set goals and work hard.






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