//Dubai in coronavirus times
Dubái en tiempos de coronavirus

Dubai in coronavirus times

The coronavirus arose in late December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in China. At first there were only cases in this region, so in January not so much was mentioned. However by February the virus had spread to Europe. Dubai and World has changed in coronavirus times.

The crisis detonates in march. That is why the Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, declared coronavirus as a pandemic on 11 March.

As of May 11, a total of 18,979 confirmed cases have been confirmed in the United Arab Emirates. 4,804 patients and 211 deaths have recovered from the total cases.

As we can see the coronavirus has reached the entire planet leaving more than four million infected and almost 300,000 thousand deaths worldwide.

For this reason and important to highlight the situation of Dubai in times of coronavirus.

In the video we can see the strict fumigation measures in open spaces in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus prevention: Dubai starts massive COVID-19 sterilisation drive


Delivery Entrepreneurship – Dubai in Coronavirus times

Purchases are made over the internet and with it delivery send it to the door of the house. This in order to avoid crowds, on the other hand the service is personalized.

This phenomenon becomes important not only in Dubai but on the entire planet due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Indian and Pakistani migrants are delivered to home in Dubai. This is one way for migrants to improve their quality of life as these ventures can be very profitable.

These people provide home services covering a customer’s unique requirements.

An example of this is that a customer can fill the car tank or receive ice bars to cool the pool water

It should be noted that due to the coronavirus crisis the government decreed a curfew. The purpose of this decision is to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s why this delivery service is booming more in the current moments. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to venture out to embark on this country.

Undoubtedly Dubai in Coronavirus times must take the necessary forecasts to maintain the well-being of the people of this Emirate.

Delivery service in Dubai in coronavirus times
Delivery service in Dubai in coronavirus times

How delivery works in Dubai

Delivery services in Dubai are through applications. The advantage of these is that the people who make the deliveries are under strict prevention measures.

Prevention measures in Dubai in coronavirus times include:

  • Mandatory use of face masks
  • Use of gloves in your hands
  • Keep the distance with the customer.
  • In most cases the bill is prepaid. Therefore you can leave the goods in the portal without the need for human interaction.

These rules are of paramount importance to be complied with by the various delivery services in Dubai.

Chen Singh expressed the following in an AFP interview

“Now, first we must disinfect ourselves, then we should go a good time. We ring a bell and leave the goods a metre from the door to be picked up.”

For this reason the work dynamics are not as fast as before. Although the important thing about all this is prevention to minimize the maximum number of infected.

Issa Jandir said the following regarding the importance of delivery service:

“If we don’t guarantee deliveries, everyone will come out and the coronavirus will become a big problem”

Undoubtedly this venture has taken on a major boom and it seems “that it came to stay”. This is because coronavirus is a vaccine-amerincy disease and does not yet exist.

It should be noted that in a number of countries they are researching to get a vaccine out as soon as possible. These countries include China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Delivery service in coronavirus times
Delivery service in coronavirus times

Measures taken in Dubai.

We know that most countries have taken radical confinement measures to prevent more contagions.

To achieve this, in early April this Emirate called Dubai implemented a disinfection programme in public spaces.

In addition, the regulations restricting the mobilization of people. In addition, strict control is maintained in the emergency areas of health centres.

Also control of medical visits.

The purchase of food and medicines is also controlled. All of these measures are to avoid crowds.

The current figure is 18,979 confirmed cases in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the population of this Emirate is recommended to respect quarantine to the maximum as there are 211 deaths from coronavirus or covid – 19.

Coronavirus: Dubai International Airport procedures to combat COVID-19

Getting married in Dubai in coronavirus times.

The coronavirus pandemic has made day-to-day dynamics behave differently. To do this, they make the most of technological advances.

Administrative procedures have the advantage that they can be done online. This decision is due to the coronavirus pandemic on the planet and that the coronavirus disease has a significant number of cases in the United Arab Emirates.

Quarantine has changed the way activities are conducted. For example, for a month now people can get married online, over the internet.

All marriage-associated procedures such as registration, ceremony, and court formalization are done virtually

Steps to follow:

  • Future spouses must fill in all necessary information on an electronic portal of the Ministry.
  • The couple must then make an appointment with a Imán (Muslim priest) to celebrate the marriage by videoconference.
  • Finally, the act has to be validated by the court, which will send the official document to the couple.

These measures to make this process virtual is intended to facilitate the daily lives of residents and avoid crowds. It also seeks to protect administrative staff from the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Dubai.

Online weddings in Dubai in coronavirus times
Online weddings in Dubai in coronavirus times

New dynamics in Dubai in Coronavirus times.

Dubai in Coronavirus times changes the dynamics of this region. Because Dubai is clearly touristic and under the current situation it cannot cater to the tourism sector. So the economic income of this sector is less forcing migration to other commercial activities.

On the other hand, this situation has led delivery services to rebound in the market. This is a great advantage for people to continue to comply with quarantine.

As for the administrative procedures and even people can get married online. To do this you must comply with the requirements that are processed on the web.

Gustavo Mirabal and his family keep the precautions in Dubai necessary to protect themselves in coronavirus times and support the recovery of society.





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