//Business notebook: Gustavo Mirabal ‘s new life in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal's office is in the Dubai International Financial Center

Business notebook: Gustavo Mirabal ‘s new life in Dubai

The long career of former banker and lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro, who has a great expression of professional achievement as the ability to anticipate continuous improvements keeps him in perpetual motion.

Always looking for the best option to make your career as a financial advisor grow.

He was in Caracas as a lawyer in various banking institutions. Time that represented a great learning.

In the middle of the past decade he was among the first to land in the exclusive Palm Beach County, where he established G&C Farms, to raise jumping horses.

An experience that took him to a new professional level since Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an equestrian jumping rider. Currently retired.

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Gustavo Mirabal opened the way to other athletes

Gustavo Mirabal’s work with his equestrian center opened the way for many Venezuelans who love horse riding and jumping as a sport. There they trained riders from Venezuela and the United States.

Although they also came from Europe to be trained in Wellintong, Florida, where the Caracas businessman made a name for himself.

By the middle of this decade, Mirabal said goodbye to his Palm Beach friends and set sail, as a sports and business reference for the friendliest skies in Spain.

Brand Gustavo Mirabal Castro-G&C Farm
Brand Gustavo Mirabal Castro-G&C Farm


Thinking that he had reached a much quieter destination, Mirabal begins a new stage with his family. Here begins to return another of his passions, business.

The moral of this story is that his move to Madrid was due to a work agenda for the Old Continent.

His wife, a former beauty queen and refined socialite, did not hide the new chapter of family life.

So he began to work hard also in his area and through social networks and interviews in magazines his work and change of address was disseminated.

The happiness of having his wife and children nearby made the Mirabals move to Spain in order to fulfill their work commitments.

Gustavo Mirabal’s new life in Dubai

Gustavo Mirabal's office is in the Dubai International Financial Center
Gustavo Mirabal’s office is in the Dubai International Financial Center

Last year there was a rumor that Gustavo Mirabal could go to Dubai to deepen his work as a financial advisor. Indeed, it is true.

Currently, this businessman, lawyer and financial advisor has an office at the Dubai International Financial Center. Fundamentally focused on a family office for the advice of large family assets, but without leaving out other clients of the sports and entertainment business

This place, Dubai, has its own laws, is independent of the legislation of the United Arab Emirates. This is specifically true for DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center)

In fact, it is governed by United Kingdom laws and even lawyers and judges are brought from the United Kingdom. It is so much so that when there is a legal vacuum, United Kingdom legislation is taken directly without major translations.

Hundreds of European, Asian and Russian companies converge in this privileged place for architecture, economy and laws.

Mirabal and his family point to the future in Dubai since as a financial advisor, Gustavo has a lot of work.

Its current client portfolio is committed to business growth from this Arab country.

So Gustavo Mirabal’s new life in Dubai is full of much effort, work and dedication.

Dubai legal and tax benefits identified by Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal looking to the future in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal looking to the future in Dubai

Laws from the United Kingdom provide legal certainty to foreigners who decide to project from Dubai.

Emirates Group settled in Dubai and provides services of travel agencies, airlines, cargo handling and transportation, among others.

This company was directed by Sir Maurice Flanagan. A British businessman who, with the support of the Dubai government, has made Dubai a regional connection point.

Which is an example that it is possible to point towards economic and social development with excellence.

Legal security and low taxes, is a successful combination for any company that decides to settle in Dubai.

Recall that the tax rate for investment companies is 0% in that country. This is very important for the protection of the great assets of Gustavo Mirabal’s clients.

These measures were established to make Dubai a benchmark financial center. In this way, each day depends less on oil despite having immense oil reserves.

There are compelling reasons to understand the choice of Dubai as the final destination for the Mirabals: It constitutes a great achievement in the career of financial advisor for Gustavo, as well as for his family.

But it also does not have a heavy tax policy, which makes large companies want to invest there.

Gustavo Mirabal in Dubai

Gustavo Mirabal is currently promoting his work from Dubai, as his clients are interested in growing.

On September 5, 2019, the office of this great Venezuelan in Dubai was inaugurated. An office of 500 square meters to support its operation and comfort to its customers.

The event brought together the team of new professionals and clients to get to know each other and enter into trust. A modern and sober office at the same time very in line with the style of Dubai.

In this way Mirabal And Associates emerges as an integrating mechanism for all work as a financial advisor.

Other advantages that Gustavo Mirabal saw in Dubai

Among the advantages of Dubai are the following:

  • Dubai offers the visa facility and its regulatory advantages.
  • The tax advantages of Dubai are also added to the ease of obtaining travel authorization papers.
  • This allows privileged access to European, Asian and Russian financial and capital markets.
  • This country of the Arab Emirates is an air connection point between the Middle East, Europe and Asia makes it a relevant accessibility site.
  • At the level of laws, the legal framework of the International Financial Center is identical to that of the United Kingdom, which is key to investments.From this office Gustavo Mirabal and his team work with tax advice, real estate investments, comprehensive capital management.
  • As well as the Family Office for the management of large family assets and capital management for individuals and companies.
  • That country is seen as a center of arbitration itself where disputes are resolved in line with international law.
  • Dubai offers absolute tax advantages. So, any company that sees its future in Dubai has 40 years insured with zero taxes
  • It also has the option of repatriating 100% of the capital generated in Dubai.

The success of Gustavo Mirabal as a financial advisor

“I would say that my Success as a financial advisor was achieved by my success as a lawyer since the years I exercised banking law in Venezuela I dedicated myself to be a lawyer of the Republic in the most difficult banking moments,” said Mirabal Castro.

He gave these statements after consulting him about his success as a lawyer and now a financial advisor.

When asked What is the secret of Gustavo Mirabal Castro to succeed in the world of law?


“I believe that success is achieved with a single word WORK WITHOUT REST,” said Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a law-related person emphatically.

A financial advisor has a duty to ensure that his clients’ profits increase and remain stable in the market. There is a huge job behind it.

The advisor is the one who must create the market strategies so that the assets of his client are revalued.

Just as it should create ties with new suppliers, strengthen the relationship with current allies, etc.

Faced with this challenge of working from Dubai, he was asked what the objective is:

“Open relations with the Emirates and give our clients a different platform, taking advantage of the tax and residence benefits provided by the Emirates.”

“The idea is to advise clients of the Asian continent which is growing in an impressive way and from the Emirates we are closer to our clients and they are also cities that like to visit our clients, so everything is easier,” he said.

Gustavo Mirabal is definitely clear about his strategy and the needs of his clients. We wish this new office in Dubai a great success and hope that your clients will see with confidence the new advantages it has to offer.




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