//Dubai a wonderful place to visit and invest
Dubai Skyscraper

Dubai a wonderful place to visit and invest

“Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Dubai” Series – Issue # 1: Planet Earth is full of wonderful places. In many cases, men artificially created these dream spaces. This is just what happens with Dubai thus making it a tourist destination par excellence. From this transformative perspective we will address all aspects related to this magical place.

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Dubái un lugar maravilloso

Dubai is part of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. This wonderful city is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, in the Arabian desert.

The city is a sign that when an organized society wants to succeed it can do so. Well, today Dubai is a city that in terms of tourism is highly valued by tourists and businessmen.

Due to the above and more, the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro has made the right decision to set up a branch of his prestigious law firm on that site.


Actions limited by city legislation

In Dubai, legislation in accordance with Islamic law is practiced. Islamic law is also known as Sharia. Its application is extremely strict and is one of the points we should consider so as not to offend its culture.

Its legislation admits the death penalty and therefore transgressions of the law can be punished even with life. Other milder transgressions such as signs of affection in public are grounds for deportation. From the cultural point of view there are countries that criticize this legislation. It is important to consider that this is your law and whoever wishes to visit Dubai must adapt to it.

In the case of prostitution it is classified as a transgression, in this sense it is punished with the full weight of the law. This behavior is generally less accepted in other countries.

The inhabitants of Dubai are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages. In the case of foreigners, they must request a permit to consume this type of beverage.

As for the way of dressing, they also maintain their strict rules as there are specific standards to meet in the city as such.

As we can see in this Emirate, taking into account the law is very important. In addition, they watch over Dubai for faithful compliance with the law.

Dubai Laws
Dubai Laws

Economic aspects of the city of Dubai

As regards the economy, The geographical location of Dubai gives it certain advantages over the rest of the Emirates. Additionally, Dubai established a very attractive fiscal policy for foreign investment.

On the other hand, the economic stability that Dubai is enviable and also has a large number of large-scale infrastructure projects. Hence they have positioned themselves as an international business Emirate.

In relation to its Gross Domestic Product, it has maintained an annual development of approximately 3% since 2010.

For the year 2017, its nominal gross domestic product was 111.79 billion dollars. This volume of revenue accounts for about one third of that of the entire country. However, the revenue from Dubai derived from the oil industry has reduced its share of total revenues since 2000.

This more than a problem is something remarkable. Duba more than decrease oil revenues, has managed to raise its income in other sectors such as tourism and air transport.

On the other hand, the construction segment and the real estate sector have a huge financial impact on the famous Arab Emirate. They also collect most of the state investments. Another segment of great relevance in the economic aspect of Dubai is aviation. Well, this contributes approximately 30% to the Gross Domestic Product of that Emirate.

Dubai Skyscraper
Dubai Skyscraper

Advantages that make Dubai the operations center of Gustavo Mirabal

One of the main attractions for foreign investors in this place are free trade places. Thus places like Dubai Media City, Knowledge Village and Maritime City attract more investments every day. In addition to this, it has the fiscal management of the Emirate in the direction of international trade. This has helped make today a site with great economic firmness.

Finally, and to complement the attractions for foreign investment, a 0% tax regime was established for the private business sector. In addition, Dubai allows 100% repatriation of capital.

The fiscal, geographical and capital repatriation advantages make Dubai an international economic center. It is ready for Gustavo Mirabal to manage your family assets with the best advantages.

Dubai tourist explosion

Dubai is one of the dream destinations for most. It has a great boom and the development that has been experiencing for a few years ago puts it among one of the most desired luxury destinations. In relation to the role that tourism has played in the region’s economy it has been remarkable. Hence, every day is consolidated as a very attractive tourist destination. This due to the political, economic and sociocultural context that prevails on the site.

Successful driving of the site has brought as a positive effect the investment in various construction sites such as the Burj Al Arab hotel in 1999.

The statistics are very positive because they show the growth trend of tourism in Dubai. A historic milestone was fulfilled in 2012, since the place exceeded ten million foreign visitors. While for 2018 the figure above 15.9 million tourists was far exceeded.

In 20 years, Dubai went from being a tourist unknown to being one of the most important sites of luxury tourism

Therefore, there is an expectation that for the 2020 Expo this figure will break record in the history of that city. The tourists mostly come from countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, China and Oman.

Of the most relevant activities of this Emirate is commerce. That is why it is listed as “The shopping capital of the Middle East”

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

The connection of Dubai with the United Kingdom and its tourism

The emirate has historical roots that bring it closer to the United Kingdom as the Emirate was an English colony for many years. This is how thanks to this connection the special laws and their liberal economies are so similar.

Based on the above, you can see the so-called free zones in the city. In addition to the current fiscal policies that provide the advantage of buying luxurious products at possible prices.

One of the attractions par excellence in the area are the different outdoor fairs. As well as the Dubai Mall, which is famous for being the largest shopping center in the world.

Transportation in the center of the economy of Dubai

One of the points that has been very important for Dubai and its economy is its geographical location. This is how its location nestled in the Middle East and as a bridge between Europe and Asia have made it privileged. Its airline “Emirates” is in the top ten of the airlines worldwide.

That is why the city of Dubai could not be less and that is why they decided to place one of the world’s surface transport systems, the Palm Jumeirah Metro in Dubai.

DUBAI MONORAIL Ride | DRIVERLESS Train!! | The Best View of PALM ISLAND 🏝 🔥🔥🔥

Palm Jumeirah Metro

This splendid and modern transport system began in 2009. It is said that the Dubai metro is avant-garde since it is one of the most modern public transport systems in the region.

This meter consists of several phases that are mentioned below:

  • First line: it is the red one with an extension of 52 km and that formed the first stage of the automated network.
  • Second line: it is the green one which was opened in 2010 with a branch of 20 km.
  • The other lines are in the construction stage and are called purple and blue.
  • It is predicted that when the project is complete, it will be the largest metro network in the Arabian peninsula.
  • The Gateway Station, Ittihad Park Station, Atlantis Aquaventure Station stations are currently open.

The monorail of Palma Jumeirah in Dubai is a transport that connects the homonymous island with the mainland. This was opened to the public in April 2009, so it has been running for more than two decades. This was a milestone in the Emirates region. It currently transports more than 3000 passengers a day and is a great tourist attraction.

As we have seen Dubai is one of those places to visit and learn about other cultures. Also a place to know what is capable of doing proper economic management. That is why Gustavo Mirabal has decided to bet on establishing an international operations headquarters in Dubai. Get to know it.



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