//Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his academic and professional education
Gustavo Mirabal Castro el empresario venezolano acusado por su talento

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his academic and professional education

Gustavo Mirabal and his academic and professional education

The successful Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is an amateur rider who has left the tricolor of Venezuela high. It should be noted that this man emphasized having an excellent academic background and therefore his professional success has been overwhelming. That is why in this installment we will focus on the education and professional career that Gustavo Mirabal has had in his life.

We know that what world leaders have said about education is the most powerful tool to change the world. In this sense, we can say that a country arises when the foundations of education are solid.

A solid education guarantees that the human talent that is generated has the necessary skills and competencies to practice in the specific areas, for which they have studied both in university studies and postgraduate studies.

For them it is of utmost importance that the state guarantees a quality education for its inhabitants with it will have as a reward highly trained personnel for jobs thus contributing to the development of the nation. It is in this sense, Gustavo Mirabal took his academic training very seriously.

At first, he studied at the Staunton Military School and later at the Judson School

In this sense Gustavo Mirabal course university studies at the prestigious private university “Santa Maria”. From this house of studies, he graduated as a lawyer in 1988.

After that, it has continued to maintain a process of continuous training in the areas of law, finance and sports. Well, Gustavo Mirabal considers himself a continuous learner, and we will talk about that later.

So, we can see that the discipline and perseverance of Gustavo Mirabal made him graduate from the university in the corresponding time.

Santa Maria University, the Alma Mater of Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Santa Maria University, the Alma Mater of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Staunton Military Academy

Within the academic training that the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal course is the Stauton Military Academy.

The Staunton Military Academy was a private military institute exclusively for men. This institution was located in the city of Staunton Virginia.  Founded in 1884 which closed in the late 70s.

The school was highly valued for its academic and military curricula. In this institution they studied a few political and military leaders of the United States. These were important graduates, including the 1964 presidential candidate, Senator Barry Goldwater.

Likewise, in this institution were graduated:

  • Phil Oach, ’60s folk singer Phil Ochs, with a style similar to Bob Dylan with songs against the Vietnam War
  • John Dean, a White House lawyer who was a central figure in the Watergate scandal in the early seventies.

A gallery devoted to the school’s tradition is located on its former campus. It is now part of Mary Baldwin University. Throughout its tradition, the academy was referred to by students, faculty, and Staunton residents simply by its initials, SMA (Stauton Military Academy).

The closure of the Stauton Military Academy

The school struggled with its state funding in the mid-’60s. It participated in the “Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps” (JROTC) program and therefore received state resources. These resources helped her to maintain herself and also to train with excellence.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 required schools that received state resources to integrate racially. Although they already admitted Latinos and Asians, their board still refused to accept African Americans.

The refusal of the Stauton Military Academy to racial integration led to the withdrawal of state programs and funding.

In 1973 the nearly bankrupt academy was sold to a non-profit organization. She decided to accept African Americans and rejoin the JROTC program to receive state resources. However, the initial refusal to accept racial integration damaged the image of the institution and in 1976 it had to close.

Gustavo Mirabal lamented the loss of the institution and, as a Latino student, always advocated for full inclusion. He saw how excellence could help many people find a path to genuine integration and understanding.

As an anecdote, in that year of its closure, it obtained the highest possible score in the evaluation as an academic institution. A redemption at the wrong time and a pity that the institution could not be transformed in a timely manner, to maintain its academic excellence hand in hand with inclusion.

Stauton’s military facilities and tradition passed to Mary Baldwin’s all-female college.

The dormitories of the Stauton Military Academy where Gustavo Mirabal Castro slept
The dormitories of the Stauton Military Academy where Gustavo Mirabal Castro slept

The Judson School

Continuing with the academic training of Gustavo Mirabal he continued his training process at the Judson school. This was a boarding school located in Arizona. Unfortunately, Judson School closed the year 2000, after an academic career of approximately 70 years. This institution was owned and run by Henry and Barbara Wick, along with their son, Hank Wick.

The institution was designed for people for whom English was their second language. In this way the classes were taught in English with the understanding that they were not native speakers.

A kind of international school to reinforce language learning. This is one of the reasons why Gustavo Mirabal learned English perfectly from a very young age.

This modality of studies attracted people from all over the world. Among its records was that it received students from 30 different countries. This also allowed Gustavo Mirabal Castro to relate to different cultures and nationalities.

The Judson school experience was the basis for Gustavo Mirabal’s dream of international expansion. Additionally, this added to their awareness of inclusion and exchange of cultures. Thanks to this, interacting in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or Dubai was something simple and natural.

Santa Maria University

At the Universidad Santa María Gustavo Mirabal he studied undergraduate law where he graduated in 1988.

The mission of Santa María University is to train integral professionals, prepared to face the current and future challenges posed by the economic, social, political and cultural development of the nation. Likewise, to contribute to the elevation of the quality of life and well-being of citizens through the teaching-learning process within the framework of information technology.

Venezuelan businessman accused for his talent
Venezuelan businessman accused for his talent

Gustavo Mirabal and his continuing academic training

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a Venezuelan who enjoys learning new things constantly. Thanks to this, studying for his university career was not difficult for him. Nor was it difficult for him to continue learning continuously through diplomas, courses and reading.

In other articles we have talked about Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s facet as an avid reader. What we haven’t said, perhaps, is that this facet is nothing more than a part of your inner child wanting to learn everything.

It is a fact that Gustavo Mirabal Castro has tried to encompass multiple professional and business exercises. From being a lawyer, a financial advisor, an athlete, a youtuber or an entrepreneur in multiple fields, Gustavo Mirabal has acquired an enormous wealth of knowledge.

To venture into each of these fields, Gustavo Mirabal has had to take diplomas, courses, look for mentors, read books and an endless number of activities to increase his knowledge.

Gustavo Mirabal, as a good serial entrepreneur, has learned that the best way to keep growing is to keep learning.


What areas has Gustavo Mirabal studied for his academic and professional training?

This is how Gustavo Mirabal Castro has taken courses in areas as diverse as:

  • Finance
  • Investments
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Management of equestrian facilities
  • Sports training
  • Digital marketing.
  • Content creation
  • Business management

Thanks to this extensive training, Gustavo Mirabal has been successful in numerous areas. Without a doubt, one of the pillars of entrepreneurship is continuous learning, as Gustavo Mirabal Castro always recommends.

Basic Data of Gustavo Mirabal ‘s professional career

Apart from his passion for horses and everything related to the equestrian world, Gustavo Mirabal dedicated much of his years to playing his profession as a lawyer in various companies.

  • Commercial relations at G&C Stables Europa S.L. In this prestigious company, the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal stood out as a lawyer and businessman dedicated to the provision of comprehensive legal services. In this way I provide services and advice to both individuals and national and international companies, covering both the field of consulting and planning, as well as that related to the area of litigation.
  • Next is Lisal Enterprises Limited specialising in international financial and tax matters. Management for corporations and individuals, where it provides investment assistance in the financial market. Also advice for real estate investment.
  • Mirabal & Asociados there served as Director in Venezuela specialized in legal advice for investment banking. – Performs evaluation of company operations, market investments, financial statements and development trends.
Gustavo Mirabal y G&C Farm
Gustavo Mirabal y G&C Farm

Gustavo Mirabal’s entrepreneurship in the equestrian world

After having had a career in his profession as a lawyer for various companies. Then, Gustavo Mirabal Castro decided to undertake in the equestrian world.

In principle the business began in the United States in the course of 2009. He then moved to Madrid, Spain in 2014. The focus of this business was to apply itself to train the best riders for horse jumping competitions at the highest level.

It also helps the best riders to participate in the best horse show competitions in the world. In addition, it is also responsible for providing advice on the acquisition of top-quality horses with links around the planet.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro looking to the future
Looking to the future

Academy and experience united in Gustavo Mirabal

In relation to the academic training and professional development of the outstanding Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal has been excellent. He has also held positions in important companies both in Venezuela and Europe.

Later he decided to give free rein to his true passion that are horses. That is why he dedicated himself to creating his own path. This initially emerged in the United States.  He then moved to Spain where he remains today with his beloved family.

Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal has been the victim of a distorted information campaign. Being disseminated by different internet portals as well as social networks. But what is clear to those closest to him and his family is that this is false. It should be noted that all these achievements have been a continuous effort of his hard work that catapulted him to success.

Therefore, when a person is successful, envious, and malicious people can emerge wanting to damage the image of this. As the saying goes, nobody wants to see beautiful eyes on other people’s faces. Meanwhile Gustavo Mirabal continues to reap success in the equestrian world.