//Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela (English version)

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela (English version)

When we talk about successful Venezuelans abroad, there is the important name of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela. This man is a Venezuelan businessman, lawyer, financial adviser and amateur sportsman excels in everything he does.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is a talented man who triumphs in many parts of the planet. Among the countries where he has excelled is Venezuela, his homeland. It also stands out in the US. Spain and currently the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai.

One of the activities that made him stand out the most was his equestrian business, in which he was very successful. He owned the G&C Farm equestrian training center based in Spain and the United States. It was initially located in Florida and then expanded to Spain in 2015.  Gustavo Mirabal, for his part, was at the helm as President of G&C Farm. This came to be rated as “The Equestrian Disneyland” with all that this implies in quality.

This prominent multifaceted man is the son of the former leader of Democratic Action. His father, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, was Minister of Development and Governor of Miranda State.

Throughout this article you will discover the successes of this Venezuelan in the business field and in the equestrian world, as an amateur sportsman and driver of the generations of relevo of obstacle jumping riders. We will be able to see how multifaceted this great Venezuelan character is that leaves Venezuela very high outside its borders.

Below is a video showing equestrian showjumping Gustavo Mirabal. Without a doubt, there he shows his passion for horses. In addition, we will also show the facet as a successful lawyer and the role he plays as a financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates.

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Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, a Venezuelan present in Venezuela, United States, Spain and Dubai.

Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro began his professional career as a lawyer in the banking and insurance sector. Thanks to this experience, he discovered the opportunities the financial world offered him to develop. With this he began his own business, starting with his law firm and ending with a horse-rearing farm that would be the seed of G&C Farm. This horse farm, located in “Alto Hatillo”, was the opportunity to experiment as an equestrian entrepreneur. There he learned everything that would lead Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela to found the “Disney equestrian”, as they called G&C Farm some means.

His experience in business and making investments, as well as the training he obtained through courses and reading, made Gustavo Mirabal Castro a very competent financial advisor. These lessons were applied in his own life. That is why for this Venezuelan his own financial assets is the best demonstration of his success as a financial advisor.

The United States was an obligatory step in its internationalization. The U.S. market, in addition to being very large, is characterized by its openness. This is how he was able to learn firsthand the virtues of the Free Market. From there he began to discover that markets and investments can be found in very distant places.

Europe was the next point to prove itself, that it could not only access the Latino environment of the United States. From there he also strengthened his position as an international advisor, but also as an equestrian entrepreneur. With the “Disney equestrian” in tow, G&C Farm Europe was a small step with which it found great allies. Among them are Sergio Alvarez Moya, who gave him the tools and contacts to penetrate the Spanish market.

Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates
Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates

International projection for Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Europe and Dubai

The duo Mirabal-AlvarezMoya was able to win the Cannes Grand Prix and thus an international screening in their side as an equestrian entrepreneur. If he was already famous for his first-class installations, winning a Grand Prix catapulted him, not only to fame but to ultimate success.

Across Europe, Gustavo Mirabal began receiving offers to open facilities similar to G&C Farm. But from Spain he could already serve the European market with ease, not only the equestrian but the financier. A pivot was missing to serve the Middle East and Asia. I hope not only from a market point of view, I needed a place where your clients’ investments were boosted.

It was in that quest, and thanks to Arab influences in Spain that they aroused great curiosity, that he discovered Dubai. Dubai became the enclave for the opening of its new office and from where it currently leads its global operation. Gustavo Mirabal Castro has found in Dubai a place to serve new customers and invest. Later we will talk about the enormous benefits that, for Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, are found in Dubai. For Gustavo Mirabal, Dubai in the coming years will become a metropolis that will rival New York, London and Tokyo. Later we will discover the reasons for that perception. Let’s get to know in detail your first steps in Venezuela.

The Covid19 quarantine for Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Gustavo Mirabal was one of those privileged who was able to take real advantage of the quarantine. With Covid-19, Gustavo Mirabal realized the potential of businesses on the internet and digital media.

The Venezuelan real estate consultant had positively valued the presence on the internet, but he still lacked maturity. Coronavirus pandemic decreed in March 2020 became an accelerated maturation process for e-commerce.

Need for access to goods and services in an environment of social isolation became a catalyst. “Distance commerce” and e-commerce emerged as substitutes for regular commerce.

Several elements were indispensable for this process to become a true contender for traditional trade. Next, we will see what were the elements that drove the adoption of e-commerce during the pandemic.

Elements that catalyzed e-commerce during the coronavirus pandemic

Many elements such as need, and fear enhanced the coronavirus. But the conditions given at that juncture.

  • The maturity of electronic payment systems: They allow you to pay immediately and without cumbersome processes.
  • The evolution of geographic information systems: They allow you to go where you have never gone.
  • SEM and content marketing: he showed us how to bring the products in an attractive way to the customer through the internet.
  • Delivery services: Although these services had grown substantially, the pandemic forced them to scale and generate a standard business model. Without these services it would have been impossible to meet the needs of society at a distance.

Thanks to the given conditions and the pandemic, e-commerce took a radical leap. This made Gustavo Mirabal reflect to develop a methodology to bring small and medium-sized companies to the internet. You can consult its methodology in the article “The guide to take your business to the Internet”.

Another thing that Gustavo Mirabal Castro took advantage of was to get even closer with his family. It was there that he discovered his son’s sporting passion. And just as he inherited it from his father, his son would inherit it from himself.

Gustavo Mirabal’s first steps

From childhood Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela watched his parents very carefully. In a way, their impeccable example was shaping the personality of this man and from there he decided to study the same career as his father.

Since he was an infant, Gustavo Mirabal paid attention and perceived the activities carried out by his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos. Since he was a child he projected himself as a great lawyer and his creativity gave him to dramatize and imitate his dad in the workplace. Over time Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela made the decision to follow the path of the laws and become a great lawyer.

His beginnings were in banking institutions, then he took the initiative to create the Mirabal & Asociados law firm. He is currently living in the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. In these lands he projects himself as the great financial consultant, and carries with him his simplicity, knowledge and values.

For this reason, he enrolled at the Universidad Santa María in the city of Caracas to study law. It should be noted that this career lasts at least five years and can last a little longer depending on the effort and progress of the student. He enjoy this student path to the fullest, since I participated in extra professorships, in addition to being one of the most outstanding students of the race.

His reading and writing skills helped him throughout his career, since the law degree is usually theoretical. There they must know laws, regulations, norms which requires retention capacity and reading comprehension that Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has par excellence.

Laws and rights
Laws and rights


The academic education of Gustavo Mirabal, the bases.

The Staunton Military Academy and the Judson School were two important institutions in the academic training of Gustavo Mirabal, a Venezuelan who studied and excelled in various areas.

Another institution that had a fundamental impact on the life of Gustavo Mirabal Castro was the Universidad Santa María. There he trained academically in his profession, following in his father’s footsteps.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal’s academic foundations gave him the knowledge, culture and discipline necessary for success. But let’s know a little more about the aforementioned institutions.

Gustavo Mirabal’s basic education, languages, and military training

Education is fundamental to the success of people: The pillars of Mirabal Castro’s first training were:

  • The discipline of military training at the military academy of Stauton.
  • Training in languages and contact with other cultures of the Judson School.

Both were key schools in the life experience of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, but let’s look at each one in more detail.

Staunton Military Academy:

Staunton Military Academy was a prestigious private military institution located in Staunton, Virginia. Founded in 1884, the academy was exclusively for men and focused on academic and military projects.

Among its notable graduates were important political and military figures of the United States, such as:

  • Barry Goldwater, senator and 1964 presidential candidate
  • John Dean, lawyer who was involved in the Watergate scandal in the 1970s.

The closure of the Staunton Military Academy occurred in the late 1970s. The institution faced financial difficulties due to its refusal to integrate racially, which led to the loss of state resources in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Despite attempts at change and acceptance by African Americans, the institution’s reputation suffered, and it finally closed its doors in 1976. The campus became part of Mary Baldwin University.

Judson School:

The Judson School was a boarding school located in Arizona and operated by Henry and Barbara Wick, along with their son Hank Wick. The institution specialized in providing education to people whose native language was not English. Classes were taught in English to reinforce language learning in non-native students. This school attracted students from all over the world, allowing Gustavo Mirabal to learn English from an early age and have an enriching experience by interacting with diverse cultures and nationalities.

The school closed in 2000, after approximately 70 years of operation. The experience at the Judson School was fundamental in the formation of Gustavo Mirabal, as it provided the basis for his dream of international expansion and fostered his awareness of inclusion and cultural exchange.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s University Education

After completing his secondary education, Gustavo Mirabal continued his academic training at Santa Maria University, where he studied Law and graduated in 1988. The mission of Santa María University is to train well-rounded professionals, prepared to face the challenges of the economic, social, political and cultural development of the country, thus contributing to the well-being and quality of life of citizens.

University studies at Santa Maria University

Universidad Santa María (USM) is an institution of higher education located in Caracas, Venezuela. Founded in 1953, the university has been recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and the comprehensive training of its students. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines, including Law.

The Universidad Santa María (USM) in Venezuela had several campuses in different cities of the country. It has offices in Caracas (in Florence is the main headquarters, on the road petare santa lucia and in Paradise), Barcelona, Barinas and Amazonas. It is precisely in its main headquarters that they dictate the profession of lawyer, where Gustavo Mirabal studied. In the headquarters of paradise postgraduate studies are dictated.

In summary, Gustavo Mirabal’s academic training included the prestigious Staunton Military Academy, the Judson School, which allowed him to develop his command of the English language and his understanding of diverse cultures, and finally, Santa Maria University, where he obtained his law degree. These educational and cultural experiences contributed to their personal and professional development, as well as their global and inclusive outlook.

Strong and brave: This is Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

The men and women of entrepreneurship and business are bold, strong, and courageous. This is Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela: a man who has come very far in various fields. Investments and large businesses need people with capacities, skills and competencies. It should be noted that an element that should not be lacking is financial intelligence, since from there success is guaranteed.

He demonstrated this from a young age in his equestrian jumping classes and competitions. Because those competitions are not without risks and accidents. However Gustavo Mirabal always faced challenges and difficulties with perseverance. In its beginnings after a great fall the horse surprised everyone by simply wiping their pants and riding again. That’s right, Gustavo doesn’t give up on challenges.

Besides being strong and brave, Gustavo Mirabal- Poderopedia Venezuela is a persevering man who achieves the goals that he sets for himself. As a versatile person, he has stood out as a lawyer, financial advisor, and highly competent sportsman entrepreneur. Without a doubt, this man is an example to follow. His successes in Spain are a sign of this as we will see below.


Spain was one of the great challenges for Gustavo Mirabal. In the United States he had managed to stand out in the equestrian world. In addition, his fledgling financial advisory business was already taking off. But the truth is that the American market is very dynamic. However, the European market is much more traditional and difficult, but at the same time it is a market with great opportunities.

The United States represented the extent of the business in Venezuela, given the connections between the U.S. and Venezuela. However, both equestrian and financial business in Spain represented a great challenge. For Gustavo Mirabal, entering Spain, specifically in Madrid’s financial sector, would be his gateway to all of Europe.

Spain is linked to its traditions. That’s why undertaking there isn’t as easy as in America. However, for anyone wishing to undertake a serious internationalization plan, Europe cannot be left out. Spain is, by the way, the gateway of Latin Americans to Europe.

Thanks to G&C Farm’s great success, “Florida’s Equestrian Disney,” the gates of the equestrian world were ready to give it a try. It was throughout the equestrian world that Gustavo Mirabal showed his capabilities to conduct business forward. And thanks to his partnership with the rider Sergio Alvarez Moya the doors of many wills opened for him.

Undoubtedly his skill, the demonstrations of capacity and the frankness of his treatment won him the wills of the Spaniards. That’s how he won his ticket to Europe and the rest of the world.


A marriage at the service of others

Yes, although many may not believe it, this man has a great heart. He had the privilege that his life partner Carolina Chapellín also has that nobility. So together they have worked in activities that favor low-income people. The Mirabal Chapellín spouses have managed to carry out different efforts in favor of the most vulnerable. Carolina Chapellín expressed the following:

“… it has always been important for us to help those most in need, in the USA we belonged to various foundations, in Spain we also collaborate with churches and childcare centers …”

Philanthropy is one of the many tasks that the Mirabal Chapellín couple has carried out by contributing a grain of sand and helping others. These good works make the difference and from there their contribution for a better world. It should be noted that these philanthropic works are not published. It is a commitment that they prefer to keep in their hearts and offer them to God. For this wonderful marriage it fills them with satisfaction to be able to help others

Carolina & Gustavo: A beautiful couple
Carolina & Gustavo: A beautiful couple

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela: The beginning of a story in the world of finance

This Venezuelan was inclined to study law like his parents. After studying law and graduating, he takes his first steps in this wide world.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela the beginning of a history in the world of finance was through his experience in different banking institutions in his native country Venezuela. These years that he worked in these institutions allowed him to achieve the experience and expertise necessary to become independent. With the creation of his law firm “Mirabal & Asociados” he is forging this path with perseverance. Together with his partners and team they are adcquiring more experiences. In addition to that they were expanding their client portfolio.

From the law to finance, there are a large number of processes, skills, strategies, benefits that Gustavo Mirabal knows to the letter. Little by little he was walking on this path of finance until he settled in the United Arab Emirates. In UAE he exercises the role of financial advisor.


Savings for finance for entrepreneurship
Savings for finance for entrepreneurship

From employee to practice your own law firm

Law is one of those professions that has the goodness of being practiced independently. Law field of application applies to practically all areas of knowledge. This profession must be exercised with great responsibility and honesty. Of course, you must comply with the provisions of the laws of each country. Gustavo Mirabal practiced his profession in his country in the most transparent way possible.

His work inclined him towards financial law, but together with his team they solved cases in other areas of law. This man was inspired by the example of ethics and professionalism of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

In this multidisciplinary team, talent, experience and projection abound. This is how the Mirabal & Asociados law firm is defined. Among the areas of law present in this firm are: criminal, family, civil, commercial, tax, international law, among others.

As we can see absolutely all these areas of law have been addressed by this great team The headquarters in Caracas – Venezuela continues to provide its services to its wide portfolio of clients. This team continues to address the various situations that develop in matters of law.

Gustavo Mirabal: From employee to being his own boss
Gustavo Mirabal: From employee to being his own boss

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela a citizen of the World

For work reasons, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has had the great opportunity to live in different countries and continents. This makes you a citizen of the world His heart and identity link him with his Venezuelan roots, so full of history, traditions, values ​​but above all infinite love for the memories that unite him to his country.

The United States of America has a very special meaning for this Venezuelan, because it represents a country of great opportunities. The US is a country that has directly seen the contribution of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela in the training of riders and as an entrepreneur in the equestrian world

On the other hand, Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro feels great love for Spain, the motherland. This is an European country with great diversity in its culture. It has a magical architecture that leaves tourists speechless.

Now, Gustavo Mirabal is in the United Arab Emirates the door to the Middle East. This is a new experience full of culture, tradition, and great learning. The United Arab Emirates is a country that maintains a stable economy and free trade is also allowed.

It is a safe place with many opportunities for business development, simply in a dream country. Without a doubt Gustavo Mirabal – Poderoperia Venezuela has made an excellent decision to provide his services in financial matters.

People from many countries live in these prosperous lands of the Middle East. It is an exclusive place for exchange. It also represents new learnings regarding the culture and tradition of this Arab region.

Citizen of the World, Gustavo Mirabal
Citizen of the World, Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela a man of laws

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, is a man passionate about laws. This man had the valuable example of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos who was his main source of inspiration to choose this law degree.

He gave his best effort during the five years of undergraduate that lasted the career at the Santa María University in the city of Caracas. For this reason, he dedicated himself to investigating in depth the legacy of the recognized jurists of history such as Pericles, Ulpiano, Socrates, among others. In addition, he was empowered with the Venezuelan laws existing for the time. Thanks to his work experience, Gustavo Mirabal has remained updated to “the vanguard of the laws”.

Little by little, he discovered that his strength was in the business and finance area. After polishing his skills he launched his Mirabal & Asociados, law firm that currently exists based in Caracas, capital city of Venezuela. The law degree demands a lot of reading, which is why Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is an excellent reader.

Every day that passes continues to nurture his knowledge in the financial area. He makes efforts to stay up-to-date to make the best decisions and implement efficient strategies in the advisory he provides to his client portfolio.

Man of Laws
Man of Laws

The United States in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The United States of America is a country that represents opportunities for many people in the world, to the point that some call it the American dream.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a man who appreciates the opportunities that this great country offered him. Also he appreciates the expansion he had there, in the business field. The United States in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the connection with these lands of North America is impressive. The effort, perseverance and discipline, that this Venezuelan has maintained throughout his life, have led him to be successful in various fields.

This man is multifaceted which gives advantages over other people. In addition, continuous training in the areas of law and finance position him as the successful financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates. Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal’s contribution to the United States has been great.

The United States was the springboard in the professional, business and sporting. Thanks to the prestige obtained in the United States, the doors of Europe were opened immediately, especially in Spain. The Spanish elite respect the American country because of its history of business, democratic development and its intervention in armed conflicts such as the Second World War. For Spain, Spain’s intervention was one of the keys to saving Europe. Modern Spain recognizes in the United States a model of economic development.

The United States went to Gustavo Mirabal to take off his image as an equestrian rider and entrepreneur. Spain meant the definitive internationalization and its consolidation. But the latter would not have been possible without the prestige acquired in the US so it will always take in your heart where the “Disney Equestrian” was possible.


Estados Unidos en el corazón de Gustavo Mirabal Castro
United States in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s perception of the United States

Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Poderopedia Venezuela admires and appreciates the country that gave him the opportunity to grow, namely the United States. In this regard, he mentions the following:


“… what I most admire about the United States is the machine that means the middle class of that country. People who are not afraid of work, it is the markets that if you conquer it, success is assured”


The value of work in the United States makes people have a quality of life. That is why in this country there are many foreign people who add value. Work gives each person the opportunity to grow and expand all their abilities. In this way allows them to become a person and to be a better person every day.

“… The work carried out by the person engenders, by itself, the right to sufficient personal and family well-being. A right that is independent of the economic, scientific or technical evaluation of the work carried out”

In the US, people who strive in their jobs have every right to have a quality of life. This quality of life is much more than acceptable to them and their families and that is why there are many immigrants. In this country work is highly valued and it is also well paid, so that people can cover their basic needs and many more …

The work value
The work value

United States: A Developed Country

This is one of the few developed countries on the American continent and this gives it certain advantages over the others. It is listed as one of the most powerful countries on the planet, its field of research, development of new technologies are the order of the day.

The United States is a country of opportunities not only for its people but for people from other countries. This nation has prestigious universities that are ahead in educational quality and that represent a dream for anyone. The US has always stood out for its position to conquer space, for this it is always on a mission led by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Perseverance the last mission of the USA towards the conquest of the planet Mars

“Perseverance” what a coincidence! That this is one of the characteristics that defines the talented Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Poderopedia Venezuela. Well, the main task of the last mission of the US towards the conquest of the planet Mars is to deepen and investigate new aspects of this planet. In this sense, the task of continuing to search for signs of life on Mars arises.

Perseverance rover will investigate more information related to the climate and geology of the red planet. The goal of this important mission is to get you to Jezero crater to see if life ever existed in the old lake. The mission, which according to NASA is the first with:

“Explicit goal of finding life in another world”, has on board a mobile robot the size of a car and a helicopter-type drone, and plans to reach the “red planet”


The United States Space Agency (NASA) recently launched the Perseverance Rover mission. This mission will take a “rover” – a mobile robot, the size of a car – to Mars. The purpose of this instrument is to search for life on the planet. The “Mars 2020 Perseverance” rover:

“… was propelled by a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 541 rocket, it successfully took off from the US Air Force Launch Center at Cape Canaveral, in the State of Florida, NASA reported.”

It will take a few months for the mission to land on the red planet. Well, its descent on the surface of Mars is estimated to be on February 18, 2021. This novel equipment has a weight of approximately one ton and measures 3 meters long and 2.2 high.

Perseverance Mission: USA to Mars
Perseverance Mission: USA to Mars

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s perseverance in the US

Perseverance is one of the characteristics that define Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Poderopedia Venezuela. In the words of his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal said the following:

“… Gustavo can be summed up in the word, PERSEVERANCE, never gives up obstacles before”

This is the way that human beings should act and move on, when perseverance and resilience come together everything can be overcome.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, through his effort, work, discipline and perseverance, was able to contribute to American horse racing. Without a doubt, this man deserves recognition from the United States. Gustavo Mirabal is a multifaceted man worthy of admiration, as he achieves any goal he sets for himself. He also has the support of his wonderful family. In this regard, he mentions the following:

“… I would define the family as the necessary energy that man needs to move forward despite setbacks and become a better human being”

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is a persevering and resilient man who gets ahead in the face of adversity. Most important of all, his wife and children support him in everything as a true family. The stay of the Mirabal Chapellín in the United States gave him great joys and successes, without a doubt a memorable time. United States in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, this will last forever.

The power of Perseverance
The power of Perseverance

News of the year: Gustavo Mirabal ‘s businesses are uncovered

At present there are many news about the outstanding and versatile Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro. However, one of the most relevant and that has stood out in recent days is the following: The news of the year: Gustavo Mirabal’s businesses are uncovered

Gustavo Mirabal has excelled in many areas of knowledge and his strength today is to provide financial advice with high standards of excellence. Of people with the ability to get ahead despite the difficulties, this man.

Today he exercises the financial advisor role in the United Arab Emirates. There he provides care with the highest standards of excellence to his client portfolio. The experience and expertise that this professional has make people hire his excellent services.

Regarding his professional experience, he had the privilege of working in various banking institutions in his native country. He then improved those skills at his firm over the years, experience and ongoing training. All of them give him the power to serve as an excellent finance adviser.

His multifaceted role has allowed him to shine as a highly competent lawyer, financial advisor, businessman and athlete.

The current job means that Gustavo Mirabal is reviewing info, new trends and other resources that allow him to keep up to date with issues related to finances. In the midst of a pandemic, Gustavo Mirabal continues to support its clients. He advises them to make wise decisions by consing wisdom and prudence at all times.

Gustavo Mirabal 's businesses are uncovered
Gustavo Mirabal ‘s businesses are uncovered

Prudence: An advice to follow from Gustavo Mirabal Castro in times of pandemic

It is no secret to anyone that we are in the middle of the covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Regarding Prudence Gustavo Mirabel expressed the following:

“Many people ask me the same question, when investing you have to be PRUDENT”

The global economy is affected due to the coronavirus pandemic, with which thousands of companies have closed. This results in millions of people being unemployed. For this reason, at this time is when we must take into account the benefits that financial intelligence offers.

Gustavo Mirabal is an excellent financial advisor. Therefore he recommends to his client portfolio and to the general population to maintain prudence as much as possible. In the difficult moments that we find ourselves, it is advisable to remain calm, to put into practice the principles of emotional intelligence. At the financial level be prudent with the expenses that are made. What Gustavo Mirabal recommends regarding the proper management of finances is the following:

  • Keep the expenses strictly necessary i.e. those of which cannot be dispensed with as payment of taxes, rents and basic services..
  • Keep an exhaustive record of income and expenses.
  • Avoid getting into debt if it is not necessary
  • Save as much as possible.
  • If you take these insurance measures into account, you can be calmer. It should be noted that this applies to personal and family finances.
Financial Intelligence
Financial Intelligence

Tips from Gustavo Mirabal in relation to the entrepreneurs finances

Gustavo Mirabal as an expert in the area of ​​finance leaves us some aspects to take into account in relation to the finances of entrepreneurs. In this regard, decisions must be made appropriately to succeed in the current situation, as the world economy is greatly affected. The expert in finance, Gustavo Mirabal indicates that prudence is vital in decisions related to money. This in order to avoid errors in the management of both personal and family resources.

Entrepreneurs, investors, have to take into account two keywords for success and these are prudence and knowledge of the market. For the effects, it is worth using competitive intelligence to step firmly. Prudence is vital in the day-to-day financial. When making an investment you must be cautious and have a lot of information, this way you will be making the right decisions.

The Venezuelan starts from the principles of financial intelligence. This is another reason why its consultancies guarantee the success of its client portfolio.

Let’s start at the beginning and then discover what is entrepreneurship? We will discover what is considered an entrepreneur and what is the process that an entrepreneur should follow. Let’s start now.

Gustavo Mirabal in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal in Dubai

What is an entrepreneur according to Gustavo Mirabal? – Poderopedia Venezuela

The entrepreneur is a person who has the desire and ability to identify a need and structure a solution or organization to address it. From the purest point of view the entrepreneur is not an entrepreneur. This is because we have so-called social entrepreneurs. These are people who devote their effort, resources and energies to solving problems without it representing a profit for them.

However, we should not confuse a social entrepreneur with a charitable person. The social entrepreneur builds the mechanisms for the solution to be sustainable. This may mean that the solution is:

  • DIY (Do It Yourself): These are simple and open solutions that anyone with minimal knowledge can apply. Here we can find open source software. These seek to solve a need but leave the code open so that everyone can modify and adapt it.
  • An organization: The organization seeks to channel resources from donations or economic activities of the organization. Here we have organizations and foundations that are responsible for the care of abandoned children or the protection of animals. Some organizations engage in economic activities or sell products. The resources obtained that are used to fulfill the objectives of your mission.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is an entrepreneur. He developed a different horse breeding farm. She was at the forefront of horse breeding techniques. In addition, he has addressed the niche of financial advice specialized in Latin American athletes and artists. In this regard we can find more information in the article “Finances for athletes”.

His experience as an amateur athlete showed how neglected this group of people is. In addition, they are people who require professional advice to avoid falling into bankruptcy as happens to most.


  1. Stay away from the false gurus of Entrepreneurship: There are many people who want to take advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit. They charge small fortunes to give esoteric advice on motivation. The reality is that entrepreneurship requires motivation, but it also requires training. That’s why Gustavo Mirabal invites you to study all aspects of entrepreneurship and not stay with people who make promises of great profits in a short time. Self-help is not going to help you to undertake. That’s why Gustavo Mirabal gives you the advice.
  2. Prepare for entrepreneurship: To undertake you will need a good attitude, but you also need preparation in finance, planning, knowing the business in which you are going to undertake, among other things. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed.
  3. Look for an opportunity and know the risks of entrepreneurship: False gurus will tell you that risks are not important. The true entrepreneur knows the risks clearly before undertaking. This way you can mitigate risks and increase your chances of success.

Then we leave you our video about the world day of the entrepreneur (in spanish, you can put automatic subtitles) and some tips to undertake. We hope you enjoy it.

Consejos para Emprendedores - Dia mundial del Emprendimiento - 2022 Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Why is entrepreneurship fashionable?

The economic situation of many people is pushing them to undertake. Large companies provide only a small percentage of jobs and the coronavirus has exacerbated the situation of the economy as a whole.

For Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela entrepreneurship is a necessity of the new times. In the knowledge society, it makes knowledge more important than financial resources. However, knowledge is not “just an idea”.

The knowledge required by an entrepreneur is multidisciplinary. You need to know business, business strategy, tactics, finance, costs, laws among other specific knowledge associated with your venture.

Entrepreneurship is attractive, but it is not easy and that is why entrepreneurs require advice. That is why Gustavo Mirabal Castro provides advice to entrepreneurs and tips to improve their chances of success. On their page you will find numbers of tips in relation to finance. Gustavo Mirabal wants many people to undertake and contribute their ideas to the world.

What does “entrepreneurship” mean?

Entrepreneurship means many things, but in general it involves an additional effort to start something new and independent. The word entrepreneurship is used in the social, innovation and business fields. In each of them it means something totally different and at the same time they share many things. That is why it is good to clarify the term broadly and specify it according to the scope.

In general, “entrepreneurship” is “having initiative” to “put an idea into practice”. “Entrepreneurship” is not having ideas but carrying them out and this is the most difficult part. An entrepreneur may notice that there are many arepas restaurants. However, execution and the differentiating factor will be what marks the change.

An entrepreneur can not only have the idea of setting up a restaurant, but an entrepreneur must also at least sell some arepas to probe the market. In addition, you can perform proofs of concept by going through a mobile stand to sell arepas. One of the most important factors of entrepreneurship is innovation and experimentation.  An entrepreneur must prepare and plan but putting an idea into practice implies that not everything is “set in stone”. If an entrepreneur wants to succeed, he must be flexible.

For Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela, flexibility, innovation, and the ability to experiment are some of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur. These are not the only qualities necessary to entrepreneurship, but these provide resilience to the entrepreneur, a fundamental factor. But only with innovation, flexibility and experimentation is it not possible entrepreneurship. This is because an entrepreneur’s effort must be long-term. Rarely do ventures have quick results and may require changes of course of action. Therefore, other qualities are necessary. But let’s see below what other necessary qualities are.

What are the qualities that an entrepreneur must have for Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela?

For Gustavo Mirabal, an entrepreneur must collect many qualities. But it must also be open to continue cultivating new tools. Therefore, the main quality that an entrepreneur must have is the ability and desire to learn. This learning cannot simply be theoretical. An entrepreneur’s learning should be dynamic learning and on the go. It must be able to extract learning both from its daily work and from seeking knowledge, wherever it is necessary to seek it.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela reflects this in his life. That is why he is an avid reader who is also a lawyer, financial advisor and athlete. The ability to be able to address different fields of knowledge can be the key to an entrepreneur’s success. The entrepreneur must be able to correct the lack of financial capital with information and knowledge. That is why this is the capacity in which Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela places the most emphasis. In being able to “learn to learn”.

On the other hand, before entering the skills of flexibility, innovation and experimentation, the entrepreneur must be able to foresee many possible scenarios and decrease uncertainty in the shortest possible time. To do this, the entrepreneur must be observant and very planned. You must keep informed of the economic and socio-political environment in which you will develop. At this stage you will have to foresee the obstacles and opportunities that will be presented to you. A widely used technique in this phase is the SWOT matrix (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities –– Threats). Through this technique we can monitor our potential and evaluate the environment at the same time. However, it is not enough to put a technique like this into practice. For Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela, the entrepreneur must be organized, systematic and planned in every way.

Gustavo Mirabal’s presence on various social networks

As a professional person in the category of law and practice in the finance area, Gustavo Mirabal has a presence in various social networks and recently the label #GustavoMirabalUnHombrePerseverante was positioned positively

After the publication of articles related to the topic: Gustavo Mirabal’s businesses are uncovered, the label or hashtag #GustavoMirabalunhombreperseverante is positioned shortly afterwards. In the case of the social network called Twitter, the added value that this man brings to wherever he goes is highlighted.

Perseverance and determination are virtues that determines this Venezuelan man. In this sense, he always manages to get ahead despite the circumstances. Resilient and brave, this is Gustavo Mirabal. He is a man capable of rising above the storm. In addition, the positive attitude of this man towards life makes the difference. Nothing and nobody stops him when it comes to achieving his dreams.

It also has social such as instagram, Facebook, linkedin, among others. Gustavo Mirabal gives great importance to these windows that are a potential of knowledge to the whole world. Well, there he publishes interesting content on various topics such as legal, financial, equestrian and current issues.From there relevant content is promoted that contributes a grain of sand so that many people are empowered with interesting topics.

Gustavo Mirabal in Social Media
Gustavo Mirabal in Social Media

An expert in finance

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is an expert in finance, his beginnings in banking laid the foundations to become a great expert in finance. Then his career in the law firm “Mirabal & Asociados” opened the doors to serve clients in this segment.

With experience and continuous training, this man sets out to provide his excellent services in the United Arab Emirates specifically in Dubai. Since September 2019, he has been working from the International Financial Center of this innovative metropolis.

In this sense, it carries out the design of strategies that allow its client portfolio to strengthen its companies in the market. It should be noted that Dubai is a place where there are several world markets. This is what makes it a charming destination to find new clients, business partners among others. Dubai is considered by its rulers as a meeting place.

This place is a global bridge for trade and economic growth. That vision gives an idea of ​​why a prosperous and innovative place. That vision gives an idea of why a prosperous and innovative place. This is one of the virtues that entrepreneurs and investors “see with good eyes” when investing and expanding their businesses in this region of the Middle East. So the perfect match is investors seeking the advice of Gustavo Mirabal, a financial expert. If you take this option you will surely do excellent…

Save to fund your entrepreneurship
Save to fund your entrepreneurship

Dubai: A new course …

Talking about Dubai is talking about elegance, innovation, ancient culture among other things. This is a place chosen by people of good taste and sophistication. In this sense, the Mirabal Chapellín spouses were inclined towards this region. This is due to the opportunity Dubai represents for Gustavo Mirabal to expand in their financial advisory services.

After moving to the magical lands of Dubai, Gustavo Mirabal has witnessed another culture. In this sense, it respects what is related to the impressive and ancient Arab culture.

The Mirabal Chapellín family is in this process of learning the language as well as all aspects of this important culture of the Middle East, he has experienced a new level of respect for cultures that don’t look much like their own. In the words of Gustavo Mirabal:

“The diversity of nationalities, cultures, the opportunity to convince ourselves that we are all equal despite creed, religion, that we all fit in this world with tolerance”

Now more than ever this motto of “tolerance of cultures” is in force. Without a doubt, if tolerance and respect are put into practice, we can have a more harmonious and respectful planet for all human beings.

Gustavo Mirabal works with his team and family with an interesting level of synergy. The results are impressive because the performance of each of the team members gives their best and they feel happy and motivated.

“My role as a leader is very easy since it never places me as the leader of the pack. I always make it known and understand that we are all a team that together we achieve the goals set”

Gustavo Mirabal Castro sees the importance of teamwork to achieve the objectives set by the organization.


Gustavo Mirabal Castro es Gustavo Mirabal
Gustavo Mirabal Castro es Gustavo Mirabal

Where does so much talent from Gustavo Mirabal come from?

The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is a man who has stood out from the rest in many areas. Currently an interesting question has arisen from his followers:

“Where does so much talent from Gustavo Mirabal come from?”

To clarify the conceptual framework of the word talent, the following was investigated and found: “Talent” according to Cheese, Tomas & Craig (2008) is defined:

“Essentially talent means the total of all the experience, knowledge, skills and behaviors that a person has and brings to work activity.”

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal, the experience and knowledge derive from his extensive career as a lawyer. He not only saw the excellent example of his parents but was also encouraged by them throughout his undergraduate career.

Following the example of his parents, this man not only graduated from law but also practiced it. Today there are more than three decades of experience and expertise in the area of ​​law. It should be noted that the talented Gustavo Mirabal Castro has achieved success in various fields.

Among the areas that Mirabal has performed we have the following: Law as a profession concentrating on the world of finance. He has also excelled in the equestrian field and entrepreneurship.

Talent dimensions

Natural: Talent as a natural ability, it is because of them that many authors agree on this point. However, competencies can be learned and developed throughout life

High performance: talent as high performance is what is associated with “best in class”, the “off the charts.”

It is the talent understood as the capabilities and performance superior to those of the average, especially in certain areas. Gustavo Mirabal Castro fits perfectly into this dimension since he has excelled in the discipline of horsemanship such as show jumping or equestrian jumping. His career has been as an amateur rider, obtaining achievements that have made him very happy to raise the Venezuelan flag in important competitions.

Potential: potential talent is one that is in the process of development. Through Performance Assessment it is very easy to proactively recognize these future capabilities to direct and drive professional growth. In this dimension, Gustavo Mirabal and his team are in continuous training in the area of ​​finance to provide excellent service to their client portfolio.

Gustavo Mirabal 's talent
Gustavo Mirabal ‘s talent

Knowledge is power – Where does so much talent from Gustavo Mirabal come from?

Empowerment occurs through new knowledge. It is easy for Gustavo Mirabal Castro since he is an eternal student and self-taught. For this reason it has been developing talents in different spaces.

Effort and discipline have been key in the process of empowering this man in matters related to finances. In this way he not only manages to boost his team but also provides an excellent service to his client portfolio in the United Arab Emirates. Gustavo Mirabal Castro has become a continuous training student. He takes advantage of virtual educational spaces for this purpose.

“Where does so much talent from Gustavo Mirabal come from?”

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s talent does not come out from nothing. The discipline, effort and perseverance of this man in favor of his training in the area of ​​finance make him shine with his own light. However, some do not like this because they are dazzled by its light.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela continues to be successful as an outstanding professional. Through books, courses, workshops and all the technological tools that exist today he has developed. This tools are the best ally of this intelligent man.

Knowledge is power
Knowledge is power

A great talent is projected by the outstanding Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a talented person. Intelligent, applied and committed to each of the tasks he carries out, this is Gustavo Mirabal. This one always aims to achieve excellence in everything.

The countries mentioned below have benefited from gustavo Mirabal Castro’s great talent.   The countries are the United States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Without a doubt Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an example to follow…

Venezuela's standout projects great talent
Venezuela’s standout projects great talent

Mirabal & Asociados Office

The Mirabal & Asociados office is the law firm led by Gustavo Mirabal and it is based in the city of Caracas. The team in charge of “holding the reins of this firm” aims to provide its services and advice to entrepreneurs and businessmen. This focused on areas related to commercial law, commerce, taxes, among others.

The attention is directed to legal and natural persons who request their services. Thus, it has a highly qualified and constantly prepared staff in various areas. Well, this great team focuses on providing advice to its client portfolio and meeting their requirements.

The staff that makes up this law firm carry out important teamwork. They also have the skills and experience necessary to advise clients based on the rules, processes and laws, as appropriate.

On the other hand, the level of professionalism of Gustavo Mirabal’s staff is wide and he is a highly competitive team.

Without a doubt, it was there that Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela took his first steps as an independent lawyer.

Spain in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal

When we speak of countries that have stolen Gustavo Mirabal’s heart, it is precisely Spain. On the one hand this land is the motherland of Venezuela, secondly the language favors and thirdly the equestrian culture that has developed in this country make it one of the favorite destinations of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela and his family.

It should be noted that Gustavo Mirabal Castro stayed for a time in Madrid with his family. While in these lands, he established important alliances with successful riders such as Sergio Álvarez Moya.

Spain remains in the heart of this great Venezuelan, when this man lived there he had the privilege of visiting various places in this beautiful European country. That is why this man knows in detail each plaza, park or other site that has a symbol of Spanish equestrian culture.

Spanish flag
Spanish flag

The Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya a star of the discipline of the Show Jumping

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has been a fundamental bulwark in her contribution to the equestrian world in the United States and Spain. For this reason, one of the great allies is the Spanish jump rider, Sergio Álvarez Moya. This is a highly experienced rider who participated in G&C Farm in order to train.

In principle, this rider made the decision to travel from Spain to the United States, specifically to Florida. In this place, the Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya perfects his techniques in handling the horse.

These strategic alliances paid off on the part of the Spanish rider. Indeed, with one of the horses trained at G&C Farm, he won the Spanish championship. Without a doubt, the contribution of the Mirabal Chapellín marriage to the world of horse riding has been enormous.

Sergio Álvarez Moya
Sergio Álvarez Moya

Equestrian Tourism in Spain

Today tourism in Spain is reinventing itself thanks to lovers of the equestrian world. Without a doubt, this is one of the activities that Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal enjoy the most. This couple have the skills of horseback riding, and following the instructions of the guide they are dedicated to observe and contemplate such wonderful landscapes. Equestrian Tourism activity in Spain is highly organized. According to the Spanish Equestrian Federation there are two types of routes. These are marked in orange:

  • Great Horse Riding (GRH): passes through two or more Autonomous Communities.
  • Small Horse Riding (PRH): it is carried out in a single Autonomous Community.

In each of these tours, contact with nature becomes a sublime experience. Also, sharing with others who love horses is priceless. So if you are a horse lover and go on vacation to Spain, do not hesitate to live this pleasant and wonderful experience.

Logo designed to identify Equestrian Tourism activities in Spain
Logo designed to identify Equestrian Tourism activities in Spain

Equestrian Tourism Routes in Spain

As if that were not enough, Spain has various travel routes to enjoy horses and the wonderful mountain landscapes.

  • Andalusia offers a great diversity of destinations with places where the horse is the means of transport for visitors and at the same time it becomes that faithful companion of adventures.
  • Menorca with its Camí de Cavalls: this is a 185 km road that surrounds the island, where you can appreciate the beauty of the great views of the Pyrenees coast.
  • The Cantabrian Mountains and Europe Peaks: routes through the high pastures where you can contemplate dream landscapes.

As we can see there are options where tourists can choose which option is easier to do. The key to a successful walk is to follow the guide’s instructions and take care of the beautiful spaces that nature offers us. In this way, we will be able to find the place in good condition if one day you want to return or recommend it to people who love horses. Gustavo Mirabal recommends this experience, which is an adventure worth living at least once in your life.

Beautiful Landscapes of Equestrian Tourism in Spain
Beautiful Landscapes of Equestrian Tourism in Spain

Events in Spain where the horse is the main protagonist

There are various activities that can be carried out in Spain if you are interested in learning a little more about the equestrian culture of this beautiful country. So here are some events and activities to fully enjoy Spanish equestrian culture:

  • Dressage shows,
  • The Royal Stables of Córdoba
  • The stud farms that have boutique hotels with everything you need to practice horse riding.
  • Events such as the International Horse Show (SICAB)
  • The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, where they show examples of pure Spanish race.

On the other hand, there are popular culture events in Spain such as: El Rocío in Huelva, the Horse Fair in Jerez de la Frontera and the Horse Racing in San Lucas de Barrameda in Cádiz.

In addition, the various destinations to enjoy the wonderful experience of equestrian tourism in this European country.

It should be noted that in Madrid there are various sites with equestrian sculptures to enjoy.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela with his wife María Carolina Chapellín of each of these activities.

NIGHT SHOW @ Royal Stables / Caballerizas Reales (CORDOBA, Spain)

Gustavo Mirabal Castro a great reader

Gustavo Mirabal as a child aroused great interest in reading. Well, the example he saw of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillo reading the press and law books caught his attention. Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, once again followed the example of his father. That is why from an early age he was struck by all the issues related to horses. Little by little, he fell in love with reading and expanded his knowledge on various topics of his interest.

Reading makes it possible for a person to obtain knowledge from practically any area of ​​knowledge. That is why it is of great importance to cultivate it day by day, this allows us to obtain knowledge. “Knowledge is power” and a good reader usually becomes a good writer because his “story” is rich and well written and spelled. Undoubtedly, this is vital in the profession of lawyer as he constantly has to be reviewing laws, documents, among others.

Some of the readings that Gustavo Mirabal enjoyed in childhood were the stories where the horses were the protagonists. This then encouraged him to write stories and poems where the main character was a horse. This ability to read is still cultivated today and as everything has changed thanks to technological advances, Gustavo Mirabal now reads many books in digital format. So you keep a collection of books on your phone, and at any time it is comfortable to read. In addition, this is an example that he gives to his children, so that they may in turn cultivate the habit of reading.

Gustavo Mirabal - A great reader
Gustavo Mirabal – A great reader


Gustavo Mirabal’s 10 favorite books

Every book we read brings a unique perspective to our lives. Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an avid reader and whether horses, business or self-improvement, he devours everything that falls into his hands.

Reading is a transformative habit. Unlike film or television, in reading we are an active processing that transforms words into images. This transformation serves to process on a deeper level the lessons of what we read. In addition, reading promotes imagination as words become a personalized film within our heads.

We will see in detail why Gustavo Mirabal is an avid reader. That’s why we’ll find out why he promotes this discipline among his children and then find out what Gustavo Mirabal’s 10 favorite books are

Why You Should Read Books - The Benefits of Reading More (animated)

Benefits of reading

“Reading is for the mind what physical exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison (English Writer of the 17th Century)

We can use many perspectives to analyze the benefits of reading. From neuroscientists, teachers, parents, spiritual gurus or literates will give their seal of approval to this discipline. But reading is all of the above and more… Therefore, before we talk about Gustavo Mirabal’s ten favorite books, we will talk about the main benefits of reading below:

Reading increases concentration

In order to read we need to “isolate” ourselves from external stimuli. Frequent reading practice facilitates this process. This way we can isolate ourselves to focus on our reading at any time. We’ve all seen someone reading on a noisy subway with a lot of people. This is only possible thanks to the ability of the reader to abstract himself from distractions and turn words into mental images.

Without a doubt our ability to concentrate makes us more efficient when it comes to working and achieving our goals. The ability to focus on what we do in this place and right now.

Reading improves key skills for personal and professional success

Studies have shown that reading reinforces key areas of communication. Permanent reading highlights language building mechanisms and expands our communication toolbox.

Reading makes it easier for us to understand and understand others through the following elements:

  • Helps us expand our vocabulary.
  • Improves our writing and verbal communication skills. Our communication repertoire is expanded into linguistic constructions
  • Improves our reading comprehension allowing us to read faster and acquire knowledge in less time.

Undoubtedly improve the ability to read, acquire knowledge and communicate.  A set of tools that will be key to our success. That’s why reading is one of the keys to Gustavo Mirabal’s success.

Reading increases imagination and creativity.

In addition, scientists have discovered that during the reading process parts of the brain associated with creativity and imagination are stimulated. Storytelling stimulates the creation of mental images and the ability to extrapolate learning to our own experiences.

Benefits of Reading Books
Benefits of Reading Books

10 favorite books of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal’s passions are laws, business and horses. That’s why we’ll get books of this kind in your personal library. That’s why the top 10 favorite books we’ve segmented it into business books and horse books. We hope you enjoy them.

5 business books

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad: Tell the story of a man who discovered in the two father figures of his childhood the differences between comfort and success. The figures of his own father and that of his best friend’s father the two main paradigms regarding money. Those are the differences between an employee and a man fighting for his dreams.
  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: One of our most important bestsellers for every entrepreneur. Stephen Covey tells us about the outcome of his experience and behavioral analysis of dozens of successful people. Is there a key to success? If there is, Stephen Covey may have it. These are key habits that we can develop to be more effective and get closer to what we dream of.
  3. How to Win Friends and Influence People: Dale Carnegie’s bestseller teaches us the keys to effective communication through empathy and motivation. Undoubtedly one of the keys to the paradigm shift between “the boss” and “the leader”.
  4. The 48 Laws of Power: A rather cynical strategy treatise that to some extent shows us what leaders do to achieve power. It’s a good whole that can help us understand others and know what we don’t want in our organization.
  5. Freakonomics: A particularly interesting book that invites us to think of economics as the science of incentives… It shows us through case studies how some counter-intuitive economic measures can have excellent results and why. Psychology for economics is key and freakonomics opens the door to this world.
The 7 habits of Highly Effective People
The 7 habits of Highly Effective People

5 horse books

It’s no secret to anyone that Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a horse lover. That’s why among his favorite readings are several horse books. In those books he got the keys to the connection between man and horse. These are the keys that helped him create his equestrian companies and achieve success. Find out for yourself.

  1. War Horse: Has a cinematic version.
  2. The Horse Healer: by Gonzalo Giner
  3. Black Beauty: by Anna Sewell with two cinematic adaptations, one real-image and one animated
  4. Seabiscuit: An American Legend of Laura Hillenbrand with film adaptation.
  5. Bucophalo Memories of Alexander the Great’s horse.
War Horse - One of Favorite Books of Gustavo Mirabal
War Horse – One of Favorite Books of Gustavo Mirabal


Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite TV series and films – Poderopedia Venezuela

It’s not just books that man lives on. The so-called “Septimo Art” is a good part of our lives and our entertainment. Since the birth of cinema, the horse has been present. And it was just a bet on horses that led to several technological advances that converged on the birth of cinema. The article “The Horse Movie” recounts the film creation process. Beginnings of cinema are inextricably associated with photography.

The Lumiére brothers took the final step in the creation of cinema, but the initial step was Eadweard Muybridge. Muybridge was a British citizen who practiced the profession of photographer in the US. At that time a question arose among horse fans. Do horses ever stop touching the ground with their four legs? The idea of a horse flying on the ground was seductive.

A millionaire man interested in the issue offered a $25k reward to the one who elucidated the mystery. Muybridge attracted by the question, by possible fame and above all by the reward decided to take on the challenge.

Muybrige’s challenge and the first step towards film

At that time people had to stay very still in order to take a picture. The challenge of taking a picture of a moving horse was unthinkable. However Muybridge was experimenting with films that reduced exposure for image capture.

Since 1972 Muybridge has been conducting experiments and attempts to capture the image without success. On several occasions he gave up but was back with teson. He focused on capturing the silhouette of the horse and placing 24 cameras managed to capture a photograph of each phase of the movement. This way he was able to record the high-speed images, it would only be a matter of time before Edison invented the light bulb and the Lumiere the cinema.

Race Horse Gallop - Eadweard Muybridge
Race Horse Gallop – Eadweard Muybridge

Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite horse movies

There are many favorite horse movies by Gustavo Mirabal. But today we will concentrate on 3 films and say why they are the favorites of the amateur rider. Undoubtedly the favorite horse movie (and in general) for Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is Secretariat.

Secretariat, the film

Secretariat is not just a movie. The film is based on a book. And Secretariat’s book is based on the real life of the horse Secreariat. A very special horse that in 2020 won the Kentucky Virtual Derby among all the triplecoroned horses in history.

Secretariat’s life, her victories and the people around her. Those people who believed in him and who created a story full of hope and perseverance.

Penny Chenery her owner and Lucien Laurin her coach did their best. Manage to turn a horse considered a loser into an all-time champion. Undoubtedly an ode to possible dreams and the human spirit.

With a luxury cast headlined by Diane Lane and John Malkovich it’s definitely a movie you can’t miss. This Disney production earned two Satellite Adwards nominations.

Secretariat - The Movie
Secretariat – The Movie


The real-life film of the horse Seabiscuit is also based on a novel. It’s definitely a pattern where reading and seventh art meet. The film is based on the book “Seabiscuit: An American Legend” by writer Laura Hillenbrand.

Both the novel and the book tell us the feats of Sebiscuit, a fabulous racehorse that ran in the US during the 1930s. The film is about overcoming obstacles and perseverance to achieve dreams.

Seabiscuit - Movie Poster
Seabiscuit – Movie Poster

The horse whisperer

One of the most beautiful and sobering films about horses. This film is based on the novel “The Horse Whisperer” by author Nicholas Evans.

It is about the figure known in the world of horses as “horse whisperers”. Horse whisperers are people who have a special connection to horses, an almost mystical connection.

The film starring Robert Redford tells the story of a girl and a horse suffering an accident. Thanks to the intervention of Tom Booker (played by Redford) they will be able to re-direct their lives. Definitely a movie to watch and enjoy.

The Horse Whisperer - Movie Poster
The Horse Whisperer – Movie Poster

Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite TV series

Undoubtedly the seventh art has increasingly moved to the small screen.  Some film-producing companies are debuting at the same time in cinema and streaming services. TV series have also become more relevant and have in some cases become a way to continue stories… Tv has become an extension of cinema.

This is how some TV series have become cult pieces. Among them are some jewels such as Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s favorite TV series, Heartland.

This series met her on one of her business trips to Canada. He was dazzled by the fidelity with which the environment of horses was reproduced. A lot has happened since then and the series has become the most successful on Canadian TV. It is currently broadcast on Netflix.

Some other series of his favorites are “Zorro”, the Lone Ranger, Young Riders, Deadwood and Hatfields & McCoys. We will learn more about Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite series.

Heartland - Gustavo Mirabal's favorite horse TV series - Poderopedia Venezuela
Heartland – Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite horse TV series – Poderopedia Venezuela


Art and creativity for Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

One of the things that few people know about Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is that this man is an art lover. Although admiring art is one of the things he enjoys most, this is not just a practice he develops for pleasure. But before discovering this let’s go on to discover some of the places that Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has visited to enjoy art and its benefits.

Gustavo Mirabal admires horse intelligence - Horse is painting
Gustavo Mirabal admires horse intelligence – Horse is painting

Museums visited by Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia in Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal from a very young age enjoyed museums in Venezuela. Not only of those who refer to art because in Caracas he also enjoyed the Children’s Museum and the Science Museum. Both museums sparked their passion for continuous learning.

Art as well as museums, whose exhibitions are an art form, have a way of awakening lateral thinking. We’ll talk about lateral thinking later.

The children’s museum is a museum dedicated to showing scientific and human knowledge from a perspective adapted to the little ones of the house. Gustavo Mirabal enjoyed in his childhood every visit they made to this famous museum. There a way of looking at things from a different perspective was awakened.

Likewise, the Science Museum, located in the Plaza los Museos de los Caobos, is a museum with much to contribute. There we can discover museographic exhibitions of all kinds, showing us from the evolution of the planet, animals and scientific discoveries. This is a place worth visiting to open the minds of children to a wider world.

Also as a child, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela visited two museums with which he fell in love. One of them was the Museum of Fine Arts, in which rest the most important classical works of art by Venezuelan artists. The other was the museum of modern art Sofia Imber, in which she discovered how much breadth there is to call art to a human elaboration.

This openness to scientific and artistic knowledge was key in the way of thinking of Gustavo Mirabal -Poderopedia Venezuela. Without a doubt this opened the doors to another world. But let’s see what other museums he visited.

Children's Museum in Caracas Venezuela - Favorite Cities of Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Venezuela
Children’s Museum in Caracas Venezuela – Favorite Cities of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Museums in the United States visited by Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Then when he moved to the United States, Gustavo Mirabal decided to discover what this great country had to offer him. That is why he decided to visit the best museums in the United States among which were:

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Located in New York, it is considered the largest museum in the U.S. It offers the viewer just over two million works of art ranging from classics and ancient art to the most avant-garde of modern art. For Gustavo Mirabal the visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must for those who visit New York.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): It is the largest museum on the West Coast of the U.S. It has an extensive collection of Latin American art as well as archaeological samples. With its more than 100,000 works of art it is one of the obligatory visits.


The experience of art for Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Art allows you to see things from different points of view. It allows us to detach ourselves from our paradigms and be able to look from a new perspective. This has helped Gustavo Mirabal in his professional performance, increasing his empathy.

His experience and learning through art allows him to increase his ability to see alternative solutions to the same problem and various courses of action. That is why Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is an excellent professional and financial advisor. We will go into this later.

But beyond his passion for art from a “spectator’s point of view”, did you know that Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a passionate patron and a collector of art? Let’s learn a little more about this facet below.

Did you know that Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an art collector and patron?

Gustavo Mirabal, as a good investor, likes to think long-term. That is why in his eagerness to search for opportunities, he has discovered some artists and works of great interest.

His love for the arts began with the great equestrian artists, especially painters, sculptors and musicians. Over time, art was mixed in all facets of his life, and he began a collection with works related to his own tastes. This is how over time he began to commission works from private artists in his eagerness to promote those artists whose works were to his liking, becoming a great patron.

One of his best-known artistic hobbies is his preference for the works of Alec Monopoly, whose potential he recognized when he was practically unknown. In this process and with a love for finances, he met the work of Alec Monopoly, which was to his liking, and he decided to buy the first of many works. This is how he was practically a discoverer of this artist, now very highly valued.

Although works of art are a way of investing, Gustavo Mirabal’s vision is to only support the art he likes, beyond his financial projections. Thanks to his nose for business and art, with Alec Monopoly he discovered great potential.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela a man beyond borders.

There seem to be no borders for Gustavo Mirabal Castro as he has set out to conquer big dreams wherever he goes. This time the following falls like a ring on his finger. The Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra expressed the following:

“He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot”

This expression is perfect to define this great Venezuelan man. Well, not only do you read a lot. But he has also visited many places in his country and on the planet. So its cultural heritage is very broad, thanks to the experience lived in the countries where it has remained for seasons.

Among the countries where Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has lived are the following: His homeland Venezuela, the United States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates specifically Dubai

The combination of the habit of reading and learning about other cultures result in seeing a lot and knowing a lot … That’s why Gustavo Mirabal Castro is seen as a man with great intelligence, legal and experienced.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela a man beyond the borders that leaves Venezuela in style. The professional, business and sports fields are some of the spaces where Gustavo Mirabal has succeeded.

Venezuela, Estados Unidos, España and Emiratos Árabes in a World Map
Venezuela, Estados Unidos, España and Emiratos Árabes in a World Map

In constant empowerment

Like a good reader and writer Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, he is constantly updating his knowledge in the professional field. To do this, he looks for bibliography of experts in finance. Still, Gustavo Mirabal does not neglect other readings, such as those related to the equestrian world or historical literature. In addition, he also likes historical fiction genres, biographies and scientific dissemination.

The relevance of reading to a lawyer’s career is vital. Well, this must have updated knowledge to solve the cases that arise. Therefore, constant empowerment is important.

A lawyer with good preparation and constant updating is empowered to attend to any case of a person, company, employer, among others. The role of the lawyer is to investigate, obtain evidence and information to help clarify the cases that must be resolved. Law profession requires intuition, discernment, self-confidence, and a passion for doing the right things.

The law indicates that “everything must go in the right direction”. In this sense, it must comply with the provisions of the Law and maintain order so that the balance is not lost.

When we look for a professional in this area, what we want to ensure is that he is an expert in the field to be solved. On the other hand, that it is updated in terms of the laws. Likewise, the latter’s experience and expertise are of utmost importance when choosing an excellent lawyer.

Keys of Empowerment - Gustavo Mirabal
Keys of Empowerment – Gustavo Mirabal

Who is Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela?

Many people will wonder who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro and what does he hide? Well, we are talking about Gustavo Mirabal Castro as a man of Venezuelan origin who has dedicated himself to raising his country’s flag very high.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has focused on two extremely important points such as work with a lot of discipline and effort for your dreams and build a wonderful family with the Venezuelan María Carolina Chapellín.

Who is Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela and what does he hide? This notorious Venezuelan is recognized for his great career as a lawyer. Subsequently, he began a journey in the law firm Gustavo Mirabal & Asociados. He currently works as a financial advisor to companies and investors established in the United Arab Emirates.

Excellently, this man excelled in the field of law in the banking sector, where he took his first steps as a professional.

On the other hand, he has worked as an entrepreneur and has great skills in equestrian sports. In the equestrian field Gustavo Mirabal has managed to be a benchmark in the United States and Spain. In this way he has managed to leave the Venezuelan tricolor in style. Gustavo Mirabal is a man of various facets who gives the best of himself in every way.

What is law?

Next we are going to define law, being this the career that Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela made the decision to study, graduate and practice as such.

The law refers to the set of regulations, laws and resolutions that regulate human conduct within a society. The purpose of the law is to achieve order, the common good, security and justice. These are fundamental elements of a society.

Likewise, the law has an order of legal norms, which regulate relations, between two or more people, who have mutual obligations and rights.

The general principles of law are based on the legal system that includes equity, good faith, solidarity and respect for human rights, among others.

The different conditions that imply defense, protection, application and its correct use derive from the branches of law.

Intro to Law: Basic Concepts and Definitions

Essential acceptances of the law:

The objective right, this refers to the set of rules (laws, regulations, regulations and resolutions) that govern the life of man in society and his relations with other members. In addition to the preservation of the social order since these rules are mandatory for all citizens.

Subjective law establishes the specific powers that the law recognizes for individuals within the framework of objective law. That is, the right that the same person imposes in order to model their behavior.

In this way you can live in an organized society where individual and collective rights are respected. It should be noted that citizens have duties and obligations to fulfill.

Gustavo Mirabal and his admiration for the great jurists of history

The history of law occurred many centuries ago, in those times men stood out playing the role of jurists.

Below we will mention some prominent jurists in the history of law. These great intellectuals left an important legacy in the field of law with their valuable theoretical contributions.

Among the most relevant are the following: Ulpiano, Gaius, Marco Tulio Cicero, Justiniano, among others.

Over the centuries, other legal figures have joined and today there are renowned lawyers who have done an excellent job in this area. Gustavo Mirabal is one of those Venezuelan lawyers who has excelled inside and outside his country.

Ulpiano (170 – 228 BC): Roman jurist, the thesis of justice is known to him as the will to treat each one as he deserves. His performance as a compiler of modern law for the time is valued.

Gaius (120 – 178 BC): He stands out for being a researcher to turn to to learn about the activity of Roman institutions.

Marco Tulio Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC): Very prestigious in the Roman lawyers of his time, he stood out for his oratory. This man issued the Pro Roscio Amerino, in which he defended Sexto Roscio from the parricide for which he was accused and with which it was intended to prevent him from accessing his inheritance.

Justinian (483 – 565): Emperor who compiled all Roman law from Hadrian’s Perpetual Edict. In turn, he established the Justinian Code, the legal basis of the Roman and Western empire.

Justinian: One of the great jurists in the history of law.
Justinian: One of the great jurists in the history of law.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a person linked to law

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela leaned towards the world of law from a young age. This occurred because he saw the excellent and impeccable example of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

Without a doubt this great example inspired him to follow his example. That is why we are talking about Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a person linked to law

Gustavo Mirabal explained the reason why he dedicated himself to the world of law

“My parents are very successful lawyers, this pushed me into the world of law”

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal’s success in the field of laws is notorious. However, success as a lawyer and financial advisor has led him to demonstrate his abilities and skills in other countries.

In relation to his successes Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a person linked to law expressed the following:

“I would say that my success as a financial advisor is achieved by my success as a banking lawyer. Since the years I practiced banking law in Venezuela I dedicated myself to being a lawyer for the Republic in the most difficult banking times”

The success of this man is due to the effort and discipline that he has kept day by day empowering himself with updated knowledge of the law in finance.

Without a doubt, this is one of the advantages of being an avid reader and self-taught. Well, you are constantly learning and therefore better results of praxis as a lawyer and financial advisor.

7 Skills to be an efficient lawyer. Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Those who make the decision to study a law career must be clear that they must be filled with knowledge of many laws, regulations, norms, among others.

In this case, Gustavo Mirabal Castro saw the example of his parents and this motivated him to study such an important university career. They are even his favorite jurists and to whom he owes the being he is today.

The skills to be an efficient lawyer focus on excellent academic preparation to later pursue a career with ethics, mystique and responsibility.

There are a number of skills, competencies and skills that every attorney should have.

The Venezuelan lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a man prepared in matters of law. He leaned on the finance trend that is currently doing very well in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the key skills you need to be a good lawyer?

# 1 Oral expression skills and command of language

It is of great relevance that the law professional has the ease of expressing himself both orally and in writing. This gives you the facility to flow appropriately in court or when advising a client.

This professional must have in-depth knowledge of the subject in question and know how to express it clearly and accurately.

The expression fluently and safely gives you points in favor over other lawyers. For this you must train continuously and be up to date with the new laws that are published.

Skills to be an efficient lawyer
Skills to be an efficient lawyer

# 2 Habit or aptitude for reading comprehension

Lawyers must constantly read and it is essential to understand what they read quickly and efficiently.

For the exercise of the profession of lawyer you must read, understand and put in context the laws.

Fortunately, Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a lover of reading, so this ability has developed. Even as a teenager, he gradually became empowered with issues related to the exercise of law.

This profession demands the reading of laws, official gazettes, rules, regulations, statutes among others.

If a lawyer knows in depth the laws that go according to the case he is defending, he will surely be successful.

A Good Reader
A Good Reader

# 3 Security and Self-confidence

The security that the lawyer must project is vital to the authorities and to the client. This element is important for the marketing of your profession.

Well, most lawyers practice their profession independently.

You have to know how to project trustworthy security so that people hire your services. In addition, you must manage the case in the most efficient way possible since the results will be the letter of introduction of this great professional who fights for justice and compliance with the laws.

The confident, communicative and outgoing people can choose the right career, as it will facilitate the exercise of the profession.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro has always shown security with the various cases he has handled. Throughout his career this has been a hallmark as this skill is strengthened with experience.

Self-confidence - A way to success
Self-confidence – A way to success

# 4 Discipline and order

In this case, Gustavo Mirabal has always been a man with discipline and very organized, hence his success as a lawyer.

Legal professionals must pay special attention to the following: expiration dates, prescriptions, mandatory dates, among others.

The repeal of laws and the creation of new laws is very common, so it must be clear when arguing and defending the cases that it takes under its responsibility.

The recommendation for lawyers is to know how to plan efficiently, maintain discipline and order. At this point Gustavo Mirabal turns out to be an excellent example.

If you keep an organized schedule you will surely be able to attend all the commitments with acquired. To do this is to ensure a portfolio of satisfied customers.

It should be noted that the independent exercise of this important profession is due to the clients. Therefore it is necessary to be organized, disciplined and responsible.

Discipline and order in the exercise of law
Discipline and order in the exercise of law

# 5 Flexibility and spontaneity

The lawyer must be open to changes as the dynamics of the case can vary in unexpected ways. For this reason, it must be creative, flexible and spontaneous, so the ideal is to address possible alternative solutions.

In the trial it is essential not to stick to the schemes that are already predetermined

In trials often the lawyer must be witty to innovate. Witnesses, experts, whistleblowers and whistleblowers can change the course of their actions.


# 6 Empathy

Empathy is essential from the lawyer towards her client. The communication that they establish will partly define the success of the solution of the problem.

The legal professional must approach the client in a very professional, understanding and empathetic manner. There are two ways to understand what a person is telling us.

The first is purely intellectual, the listener is focused on the events that took place and how they alternate.

The second is empathic understanding, here the interlocutor who is speaking is taken into account. In this sense, pay special attention to the emotional nuances of the narrative. Well, these provide information about the state of mind of the person who is speaking and in this case the client.

These two skills, both empathy and active listening, as well as communication skills are essential to be a great lawyer.

Empathy lawyer - client
Empathy lawyer – client

#7 Have a conciliatory and diplomatic character

This is vital when the lawyer is responsible for facing difficult clients, or who require a humane treatment that the case requires.

Your role as a conciliator must be implemented not so much with difficult clients but in a trial. The atmosphere of judgments is often tense.

Emotional intelligence and resilience are usually two elements that the lawyer must have for the assertive management of her profession.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro always aims to be conciliatory in the various cases that he has had to deal with. In this way he has managed to win most of the time.


An excellent professional – Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

If something characterizes Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is excellence, this is the motto that prevails in each of the things he does.

We already know that the career of this Venezuelan man professionally focused on banking. That is why this man worked as a lawyer in various banking institutions in Venezuela.

Regarding the path of financial advice, he expressed the following:

  “I am gradually getting closer to staying in the financial area”


On the other hand, he mentioned the secret of the success of this man in the field of law

“I believe that success is achieved with a single word WORK WITHOUT REST”,


This is what Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a person linked to law, has shown throughout his career.

In addition, his great interest in each of the projects he undertakes. In this regard, he mentioned the following:

“Always what I do in my life I do it with passion”

Miller's pyramid for assessing clinical competence adapted from Norcini
Miller’s pyramid for assessing clinical competence adapted from Norcini


Gustavo Mirabal an exemplary father

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an exemplary father and worth admiring, this man is the main motivator of his children.

As a legal professional, he makes his children think about the future, that is, how they project themselves. To do this, I encourage them to study, to investigate, to be true critics and to think about what they would like to be in the future.

He has also built a trust with each of his children. In this way he has been able to talk to them about various topics.

On the other hand, he has managed to raise his children and combine them with the various facets that he has played.

Gustavo Mirabal had a wonderful example such as that of Father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, this man gave him an excellent example.

For this reason Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela strives to raise his children under the paradigm of respectful upbringing. Well, dialogue, harmony and love reign in the Mirabal Chapellín family.

The children of this Venezuelan not only grow up in a family with values, but they put them into practice. These children are respectful, empathetic and highly sensitive to animals, without a doubt this is a reflection of the upbringing of the Mirabal Chapellín.

For this reason Gustavo Mirabal is an excellent exemplary father and worth admiring.

Mirabal-Chapellin Family
Mirabal-Chapellin Family

An example of effective communication

To be an excellent lawyer and financial advisor, effective communication must be practiced.

For this reason Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is an excellent communicator. Well, knowing how to listen carefully and make your interventions in a timely manner and acting assertively.

For a truly effective communication to take place, we must put into practice something so simple that we learned in primary school.

We must be very clear about the role that the sender and receiver play at a given moment.

The sender is the one who transmits the message and the receiver is the one who receives it. In the exercise of the right, it is extremely important to be very clear about this.

To successfully conduct a case, the lawyer must listen to his client and collect as much information as possible. Then if you have the function to intervene and ask all the necessary questions to carry out the process.

A key term in the attorney’s communication with the client is empathy. For this there must be that connection and understand the customer. For this to happen, the lawyer must learn to know him, decipher his riddles, be clear and honest.

Another role of the legal professional is to assist the company, the person or employer and obtain peace and justice.

Elements such as respect and confidentiality should be the premises of an attorney with her client.

In the event that a person hires the services of a legal professional, it is because they must resolve a matter, whether commercial, criminal, administrative, inheritance, custody of a minor, among others.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has decided to lean towards the area of ​​finance taking into account that this is his strength. Well, the work experience was in the banking area.

Effective communication
Effective communication

María Carolina Chapellín the wife of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Venezuelan María Carolina Chapellín is the wife and mother of Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s children. This great woman supports her husband Gustavo Mirabal in each of the ideas that he carries out.

This woman as a Venezuelan who is characterized by being brave, warrior and get ahead.

For this reason, she assumes the role of wife, mother, professional, model and stop counting …

Her career was administration, which is why she is a fundamental pillar in the projects carried out by her husband Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela.

She has always supported the decisions of her life partner when they migrate from one country to another. This has allowed him to get to know and deepen in relation to other cultures, including the European and the Arab. Without a doubt, personal growth is very great.

Furthermore, she knows how to deal assertively with the experience of emigrating with her children. Since being in another country means learning a new language, culture and lifestyles.

As an impulse to keep the family motivated María Carolina Chapellín seeks to learn from the culture and experiment with tasty dishes native to the region.

Today they are in the United Arab Emirates and this represents an opportunity to savor and enjoy the mix of flavors, smells and textures in the food.

María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal is a great woman who looks to the future with optimism, this singularity makes her an elemental support of her husband Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

She symbolizes a woman model to follow as she is very versatile. For this reason, she takes on any challenge that arises and cultivates resilience in the face of difficulties.

Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal - Wife of Gustavo Mirabal
Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal – Wife of Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal is Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal is Gustavo Mirabal Castro refer to the same person. This is an excellent professional of the laws, financial adviser, businessman, horseman among others. We can see that Gustavo Mirabal is Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a man of multiple facets who has excelled in each one of them and who has left the name of Venezuela very high. His motto is excellence, which is why Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has succeeded in each of the initiatives he has led.

The various initiatives are from the world of law and consulting in the area of ​​finance. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur in the equestrian world, he has made a great contribution to the equestrian world. Well, from G&C Farm I lead the training of brilliant riders who are a relay generation in the discipline of equestrian jumping. On the other hand, it established important alliances with the outstanding Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya. In this way Gustavo Mirabal is Gustavo Mirabal Castro has been associated with personalities from the world of horse riding in Spain.

Gustavo Mirabal is currently Gustavo Mirabal Castro has left the equestrian world aside and has dedicated himself to exploiting his power as a financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates. Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal is Gustavo Mirabal Castro, he still leaves the Venezuelan tricolor high.

Gustavo Mirabal Showjumping
Gustavo Mirabal Showjumping

“Disney World of dreams and equestrian passions”

A flag of Venezuela is raised in the “Disney World of dreams and equestrian passions.” In this way he praises Gustavo Mirabal, the journalist Ángela Oráa, for her training center in Florida, United States.

The Wellington of Palm Beach G&C Farm, was owned by Venezuelan husbands Gustavo and Carolina Mirabal. It should be noted that today is inactive. This center had as vision: to qualify riders in all high-level tournaments as the final competitions of the World Cup, World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games.

Without a doubt, with dedication and effort you can achieve your goals in life. This man, with the support of his wife María Carolina Chapellín and trusted people, carried out this important equestrian project.

Erick Lamaze with Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal with Erick Lamaze

G&C Farm spaces

As an equestrian center to train highly competitive riders, G&C Farm facilities had the following attributes:

  • A jump court, a treadmill for eight horses, an individual treadmill, six paddocks.
  • In addition, they had a laundry, a hay deposit, a food and medicine room.
  • A two bedroom apartment for the stables. G&C Farm, with a plot of 4 acres – equivalent to 16,187.43 square meters

This center began its activities in 2009 in the city of Wellington, Florida. In that sense, it functioned as a training center and was dedicated to the development of equestrian sport. Gustavo Mirabal figured as one of the biggest Venezuelan businessmen of international hypism. In this aspect he supported the training of young riders in the discipline of Equestrian Jumping.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s contribution to horse racing in the United States was enormous. Well, this equestrian center had great trainers like the Pessoa brothers. In this way a new generation of brilliant riders was able to advance to compete in important equestrian events of international stature.

G&C Farm Interview with Juan Andres & Luis Fernando Larrazabal - Riders (English)

Gustavo Alfredo Mirabal Bustillos a standout of horse riding and politics.

This man was a former leader of Democratic Action, a former member of the National Congress. In this role he chaired the Comptroller’s Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

He is also a former Minister of Development in the presidential term of Jaime Lusinchi. On the other hand he was also governor of Miranda state for the year 1985.

Without a doubt, the equestrian passion is hereditary: Mirabal Bustillos was the owner of the Trabucazo stud, with the champion horse of the 80s. He was also president of the National Racetrack Institute at the end of that decade.

This man gave a great example to his son Gustavo Mirabal, because love and compassion for animals was one of those valuable examples. On the other hand, the passion for reading and the law was something that Mirabal Bustillos instilled in his son from childhood. As a result, Gustavo Mirabal decides to pursue a law degree and follow the example of his respected father.

Today his son Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, retains that passion for horses, as well as for equestrian jumping. In addition, he worked as a lawyer with a long career in his native Venezuela. Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillo loved the idea of his son following in his footsteps in the world of law.

Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Venezuela
Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos an excellent lawyer and a great example for his son Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

The steps that Gustavo Mirabal Castro followed through the world of laws was thanks to the excellent example of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos who served as a lawyer.

The great passion with which Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos exercised his law career served as a source of inspiration for his son to pursue this important university career.

Also since Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, his father has used his reason to explain some laws in detail. In this way, her son gradually fell in love with this career to follow in the footsteps of his beloved father.

Another example that Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos gave his son were values ​​such as responsibility and honesty.

These should be the essential foundation of a good legal professional.

Without a doubt this man left an indelible mark on his son. Therefore, the great love and respect that are maintained between father and son are to be admired.

These two Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos and Gustavo Mirabal Castro have aspects in common. These include the professional career that unites them as colleagues and the great love of horses.

On the other hand, both are avid readers so they are always talking about new topics that they explore to continue empowering themselves.

Father and son
Father and son

Gustavo Alfredo Mirabal Bustillo and his great horse Tropigold

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillo is a man with an impeccable career in the world of Venezuelan horse riding.

This man was struck by the beauty and momentum of his Tropigold horse, the same horse that marked the life of his son Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

The Tropigold horse was born on February 20, 1978. This great Tropigold horse is the favorite of Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos and his son Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Poderopedia Venezuela.

This specimen was destined to be a champion and it is that the warrior lineage ran through his veins.

His parents were McKenna’s Gold a racing champion and his mother an Argentine mare.

The mixture of these genes gave the specimen called Tropigold incredible power. So genetically speaking, he was already a very talented horse and later left the Venezuelan tricolor in the hands of Dr. Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos played a significant role in the field of Venezuelan horse riding. In this way he assumed the presidency of the National Hippodrome Institute, hence his closeness to the equestrian world.

The Tropigold horse debuted in the 800 meters and later competed in the Grano de Oro Cup where he was the winner.

This great horse also managed to conquer the Victoreado Classic with a result of 72 ″ 1 for the 1200 m.

To that streak of success is added his triumph in the Valencia Hippodrome Cup, the Clásico Albert H. Cipriani where he left a record of 72 ″ 4, the Clásico Antonio José de Sucre in which he scored (85 ″) in the 1,400 meters.

TROPIGOLD con Juan V. Tovar Clasico Asociacion Hipica de Propietarios 1981...!!!

Where does Gustavo Mirabal’s success come from – Poderopedia Venezuela?

Success does not come out of nowhere, on the contrary achieving success leads us to get out of the comfort zone and risk everything to achieve the goals.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela saw the example of the success of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

His dedication in studies and later in his professional and work environment led him to achieve success

This man is usually very methodical and organized and knows how to take a firm step at all times.

His career in various banking institutions in Venezuela forged the basis for him to make the right decision to form his own law firm.

He is also married to the talented and successful Venezuelan María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal. She has been a fundamental pillar in the marriage supporting each of the projects of her husband Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela.

Gustavo Mirabal had the great fortune to establish links with important figures in the equestrian world.

This allowed him to become a powerful leader in horse racing in the United States and Spain. This is already a success that this great Venezuelan has achieved in his career as an equestrian businessman

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the last man left to be awarded by the US Without a doubt, he deserves recognition for his contribution to the training of relief riders in the discipline of Show Jumping.

G&C Farm Luis Miguel Martinez and G&C Don Vito

Gustavo and Carolina, the perfect couple: the ideal marriage

Marriages generally require a lot of understanding, patience, communication, respect, and love. This is the marriage of Gustavo Mirabal Castro and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal.

Therefore these Venezuelans make up the ideal marriage and behave like the perfect couple. As they work as a perfect complement, their great love for horses brought them together.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and Carolina Mirabal hold the reins of their union in a harmonious way so they can be classified as a perfect duo.

The fact of living in different countries has made this couple stay together. Together they have embarked on a journey full of adventures, getting to know different cultures and joining them.

In this sense, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, the last man who remains to be recognized in the US This has a broad business vision and this has allowed him to achieve success in the countries where he has remained.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal are a couple with great human quality. So wherever they go people appreciate and respect them.

On the other hand, their role as philanthropists has led them to demonstrate the kindness and generosity that are characteristic of the Venezuelan demonym.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife, Carolina Chapellin
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife, Carolina Chapellin

Work experience of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, served as a lawyer in banking. He subsequently founded the law firm Mirabal & Asociados.

There works a multidisciplinary team that offers its services linked to the commercial, commercial, tax areas. As well as everything related to intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice, litigation, finance and capital markets.

The headquarters of this firm is domiciled in Caracas. It should be noted that it has expanded to the United States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Thus Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, has left his homeland Venezuela very high.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro, however, is the businessman of the house: he appears as a lawyer, businessman and equestrian rider. Being a multifaceted man.

Through its Office the capital of Venezuela, this entrepreneur and financial advisor provides its clients with legal solutions through financial operations. The purpose of this is to help in the development of its customers.

On the other hand, it offers its services in terms of:

  • Advice and structuring of public offers for acquisition, exchange and takeover of companies
  • He also advises in relation to major financing projects and for the securitization of financial assets.

    Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Venezuela
    Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Dubai a magical city and great opportunities

Dubai is synonymous with sophistication, innovation, modernism and opportunities. For this reason Gustavo Mirabal was projected in these lands. Well, this man considers Dubai to be a magical city and full of opportunities.

Therefore, he make the important decision to open a branch in this city in order to offer his services in matters of finances to investors and entrepreneurs from the Asian continent.

The great experience and expertise of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, this great Venezuelan can contribute a lot to the United Arab Emirates. You can also learn from this extraordinary culture.

The United Arab Emirates is a country that offers excellent tax benefits to all those entrepreneurs and investors who want to bet on a good future in this prosperous region.

On the other hand, the level of innovation and sustainable development impress anyone who visits this country. Without a doubt it is an example of development for the other countries of the world.

Looking at the Dubai coast
Looking at the Dubai coast

Dubai office of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

The United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai represents an opportunity for foreigners. For this reason it has become the favorite destination for investors.

The element that favors this dynamic is its legislation as it protects investments. It also promises guarantees equal to those of the United Kingdom.

So, if a problem arises, the laws that protect any company established in Dubai are those of the United Kingdom. Without a doubt this becomes a focus of attraction for large companies.

Gustavo Mirabal expressed the following:

“The idea is to advise clients of the Asian continent which is growing in an impressive way and from the Emirates we are closer to our clients and they are also cities that like to visit our clients, so everything is easier”.

For this reason, this Venezuelan businessman maintains that it is essential to open relations with the Arab Emirates. Well, there you can develop your maximum potential as a financial advisor through your prestigious professional reputation.

In addition Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela indicated the following:

“And give our clients a different platform, taking advantage of the tax and residence benefits that the Emirates provides”

Without a doubt, your professionalism will do a high-level work. In this way he leaves the name of Venezuela very high.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro linked to the equestrian world
Gustavo Mirabal Castro linked to the equestrian world

Dubai is synonymous with innovation

Dubai is synonymous with innovation, its majestic architecture and infrastructure of this Emirate is an example for the region.

It should be noted that a milestone in the contemporary history of the United Arab Emirates was met a few days ago. Well, as a country they have started the space race, coinciding with this launch with another one from China and the United States.

The Mission Hope in English, in the Arabic language Amal, means in Spanish Hope.

As its name implies, this opens doors for scientific research that positively impacts this country and neighboring countries.

The leader of the large-scale project, Sarah al Amiri said the following:

“Today I am very happy that children in the US wake up on the morning of July 20 with their own project, a new reality, new possibilities, allowing them to contribute more and create a greater impact in the world”

This is a fundamental impulse to give continuity to research, technology and innovation in the region.

The objetive of “Hope”

The main objective of this mission is to study the climatic factors of the planet Mars.

This orbit will land on approximately February 2021 and from there the United Arab Emirates will have this satellite on the red planet.

The satellite is one of the projects that, according to the United Arab Emirates government:

“… highlights its intention to move the country away from dependence on oil and gas and look to a future based on a knowledge economy”

Without a doubt, the United Arab Emirates is on its way to becoming a powerhouse when it comes to the space race.

This has already been studied by countries such as Russia and the United States, so now the USA is joining, in order to continue contributing in the scientific field.

Amal satellite (mean "Hope" in english) launched by UAE
Amal satellite (mean “Hope” in english) launched by UAE


Curiosities of the great city of Dubai – Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela

Dubai is a modern and innovative city that is at the forefront of today’s technology which makes it extremely attractive.

Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent decades.

In this place, the mixture of several different cultures is common, which makes this city a magnificent place. Here you will find 7 curiosities of Dubai that will surprise you.

In this magical place Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela triumphs as financial advisor.

Without a doubt, this place is a tourist attraction in the Middle East. It is also a place where investors and financial entrepreneurs seek to take new paths. In effect, this dynamic makes financial advisory services more in demand.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro saw an opportunity for growth there and was not wrong because his client portfolio grows every day.

This wonderful Venezuelan triumphs far from his beloved Venezuela homeland.


# 1 security forces with Ferraris

Dubai is known as one of the most luxurious cities in the world. The police that ensure the security of the city could not be less in luxury.

If you travel to Dubai, do not be surprised if while you walk through its streets you see police officers with Ferraris or Lamborghinis.

This is a way to attract the attention of tourists.

The security services must be at the height of this great metropolis. This is one of the things that entrepreneurs see in this place the issue related to security.

There are even projects to launch robots as bodyguards. So it’s taking advantage of the benefits of technological advances, in this case robotics and artificial intelligence.

A Ferrari as a police car
A Ferrari as a police car


# 2 The highest tennis court in the world

Modern architecture is what is imposed in this city. We can see it in each of the spaces that have been built over the last decades.

This place has the seven of the highest hotels in the world. Among them the famous Burj Al Arab, this is a seven-star hotel that stands out for its unique sail shape.

This hotel has a tennis court on its roof, making it the highest in the world.

The modern architectural environment in the hotel industry is another of the many attractions of this particular Emirate.

World's highest tennis court in burj to arab hotel dubai
World’s highest tennis court in burj to arab hotel dubai

# 3 Islands that make up the world map

Innovation is the rule in everything that is built in this part of the Middle East. For this reason, a set of artificial islands known as “The World” were created.

This architectural design can be seen from the air and notice the shape of a world map. Without a doubt an impressive and creative building.

This archipelago began in 2003 and has around 300 islands surrounded by an oval breakwater.

With the crisis of 2008 this project suffered a hiatus and only 9 islands started their activity.

Apparently at present it seems that the project is making a comeback.

These creations are unique which makes Dubai a dream city.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has the privilege of living and working in this wonderful and unique city.

The World - Artificial Archipelagos, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The World – Artificial Archipelagos, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


# 4 The largest shopping center in the world

Anything that pertains to larger venues Dubai is always going to lead the way beyond your own expectations.

Dubai is the place where spaces are monumental and always seek to be the first on the entire planet.

In the Guinees record, Dubai is probably one of the most mentioned by its architecture

In Dubai is the Dubai Mall, the largest in the world.

This place has more than 502,000 square meters where you can find everything you want.

In addition to shops and restaurants you can find spaces set in a themed way. Each is a different thing, such as a medical center, an aquarium and even an ice rink.

Dubai Marina Mall
Dubai Marina Mall


# 5 Skiing in the Desert

One of the most unique things about Dubai is skiing. Many people will wonder “How is it possible to ski in the desert?”.

The answer to this question may be unreasonable, but it is not.  Technological advances and human ingenuity and creativity make this “dream spaces” possible.

In Dubai you can find a ski slope with everything you need to practice this sport in a shopping center.

On the Emirates Mall there is a sky track that maintains a temperature of 50 degrees less than the outside.

This site has chairlifts and slides to ensure fun for all attendees.

This is one of the activities that Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Carolina Chapellín have enjoyed in these lands.

Skiing in the Dubai Desert
Skiing in the Dubai Desert


# 6 No taxes are paid

In Dubai, any foreigner with a qualified job can earn very well.

The average salary ranges around 11,433 dirhams (about 2,000 euros). These salaries are gross because they are tax-free.

This represents one of the attractions of this wonderful place. This undoubtedly attracts foreign investment in this particular Emirate.

In this sense, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela brings his knowledge to provide an excellent financial advisory service.

This outstanding Venezuelan and his team carry out work with high standards of excellence.

No taxes in Dubai
No taxes in Dubai


# 7 Metro Gold Class

As of 2009, Dubai has a metro system. One of the most modern in the world, that runs through the city.

A particular feature of this transport system is that the Metro has exclusive wagons that can only be used by women and children.

If it is about exclusivity, it has some cars reserved for those travelers who pay more money. That payment allows them to have larger and more comfortable seats.

Metro Gold Class
Metro Gold Class

Horses are Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite animals – Poderopedia Venezuela

This great Venezuelan continues to love horses, as they have accompanied him throughout his life.

He is currently very busy for his work commitments. However, look for ways to share with your favorite animal. Well, it’s a way to relax and disconnect.

This man has always manifested his sensitivity to nature. Well, for him to share with the horses and explore beautiful landscapes is the maximum.

Gustavo Mirabal has stood out as a great equestrian athlete who has known how to stop the Venezuelan tricolor.

The world of equestrian sports makes him a strong, careful, convincing, firm man. In this way, he dedicated himself through his equestrian center G&C Farm to train several of the great riders that shine today in the world.

G&C Arrayan
G&C Arrayan

Gustavo Mirabal a man passionate about horses

Horses are animals that surprise us with their great intelligence, strength, courage and bravery.

These animals have always been present in the life of human beings, they have contributed greatly to the fact that the human being has spread throughout the planet.

For this and many other reasons we owe great respect to these mammals.

Gustavo Mirabal is one of those humans who gives great value to the horse, beyond being an animal he knows what it is to experience the friendship and loyalty of these animals. This experience was lived closely with his beloved Tropigold horse.

This man remains passionate about horses even though he is currently a little far from the competitions to devote more time to his work and his family.

One of the things that Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela enjoyed in Spain was its impressive equestrian culture.

For this reason, he toured the different squares of Spain with horse sculptures. He also made the tours on long trails on horseback, this is known as Equestrian Tourism in Spain. I also enjoy the spectacle of the Andalusian horses.

This man loves those special moments where he can share with the horses. Since horses are intelligent, noble, and loyal animals. It certainly has a lot to teach us humans.

The bond that Gustavo Mirabal creates with his horses is simply ineffable…

In addition, his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal also loves horses, being this a meeting point in the relationship.

The great horse Tropigold
The great horse Tropigold

Gustavo Mirabal admires Equine Intelligence

Animals in general are endowed with great intelligence, as many of these have been tested to see their intelligence levels.

The studies that the scientists have carried out have been through the self-recognition test in the mirror better known as MSR for its initials in English.

Animals that have passed these tests include chimpanzees, killer whales, and elephants.

A curious fact is that the horses did not pass this test but this does not mean that they are not intelligent. On the contrary, they are one of the animals that develops emotional intelligence and is able to identify with the feelings of humans.

Plus, his long-term memory is amazing. All these wonderful benefits of horses are those that Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Poderopedia Venezuela admires in horses.

This man as a good reader loves all topics related to horses.

Gustavo Mirabal is a witness of how horses can provide company, comfort and high levels of empathy with their owner. Well he has had the privilege of experiencing it with Tropigold who was his favorite horse until the most recent of G&C Farm.

Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite horses such as Tropigold and Laser showed traits of equine intelligence. Because they reacted by feeling their owner close, the link established between Tropigold and its owner has no point of comparison since this horse left an indelible mark on the life of Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

This was one of the reasons why Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, later devoted himself to equestrian jumping.

Horse is painting - Gustavo Mirabal admires horse intelligence
Horse is painting- Gustavo Mirabal admires horse intelligence

Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal had no interest in horses until he was 9 years old. It was at that tender age that his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos took him to the stables of the country club, a club they frequented. It was at that precise moment that Gustavo Mirabal would discover his first passion, horses.

Over time Gustavo Mirabal discovered his other passions… Law, finance and of course his greatest passion, his wife, María Carolina Chapellín.

But coming back to the subject, from then on he asked his father to let him learn to ride a horse. His father, as a good horse fan, was happy to share his hobby with his son.

Let us remember that Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos was president of the National Hippodrome Institute, had a herd and owned important horses of the time. Given the circumstances, he enrolled him in one of the best riding schools.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro participated in his first tournament at the age of 11 and it was a revelation. This passion will accompany him from then on for the rest of his life.

Likewise, seeing his parents practice law, he fell in love with this profession, and that was how his decision to follow in their footsteps was consolidated. He studied at the Universidad Santa María and began to excel, first as a student and then as a practitioner.

Later, his experience in the banking and insurance sectors oriented his preferences towards the financial sector, but that would materialize years later when he opened his own law firm, Mirabal & Asociados.

And love came to the life of Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela …

And closing with a flourish, he met the woman of his life, Maria Carolina Chapellin… She would give him the necessary boost between romantic talks and shared dreams, to internationalize his firm and its operations.

Maria Carolina Chapellin studied business administration and supported her family in managing the business. Daughter of a family of renowned businessmen associated with the Bigott cigarette store, her experience made her dream big.

When Gustavo and Carolina met, they were employees respectively but that was not a reflection of their aspirations. Without a doubt, they had the ceiling of their dreams very high and their professional skills would make it possible. But beyond all of it was their ability to work hard for what they wanted that crystallized their dream life.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal’s passions were her driving force and her reason for being. That is why she never gave up in the face of adversity and continues to dream today.

In Venezuela her dream of G&C Farm began. There she set up a small farm to develop local horses. Very few people are aware of this background of what their first successful attempts in the equestrian industry would mean.

It is there where she discovers that her dreams are to combine her passions and put them all in one place. That site would later be called G&C Farm and would be installed first in the United States. Then it would internationalize towards Europe, specifically Spain.

From the beginning Carolina Mirabal was involved in the administration of the business and that would make its success something joint. But we will detail all this in the next section.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his love
Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his love

Gustavo Mirabal, from Venezuela to the world

Definitely the first successful experience in the equestrian world and with his own law firm made him dream big. By then his firm was in charge of commercial and financial matters for its clients. And that is something that is needed around the world.

In this way, it first expanded to the United States, the land of opportunities. There he found a large “Latino” community that gave him support, although it was not easy anyway. Getting acquainted with American legality and entering the northern country equestrian circle was a process that took time.

Little by little the results became obvious and it gained a lot of popularity. G&C Farm was acquiring technology and with the experience of Gustavo and Carolina they were developing horses that stood out in the North American equestrian scene.

One newspaper article described the G&C Farm facility in the United States as a Disney Equestrian. Without a doubt that shows us the magnitude of what they did and with the love they did it.

To Spain…

Having conquered the United States, they decide to embark on their way to lands with a great equestrian tradition, Europe. Specifically, they decide that their next destination is Spain. With an enviable equestrian tradition, Spain exploits both breeding, competitions and even equestrian tourism.

Finally, and without leaving his previous offices behind, Gustavo Mirabal decides to take one more step for one of the emerging regions of the world. Decide that it is time to open an office in Dubai where the legal and tax conditions are positive. From here you will be able to manage the personal and family assets of hundreds of clients, ensuring them grow.

Now at the peak of his profession, Gustavo Mirabal does not forget what it means to be an athlete and a Latin American and decides to put a grain of sand to help his fellow citizens.

Gustavo Mirabal the last man left to be decorated
Gustavo Mirabal the last man left to be decorated

The contribution to Hispanic American athletes of Gustavo Mirabal

The development of horses helped Sergio Alvarez Moya to win the Cannes Grand Prix. That was one of Gustavo Mirabal contributions from the equestrian world. But that was not enough for Gustavo Mirabal, who wanted to help Latin American athletes to develop financially.

This is how Gustavo Mirabal decides that his law firm in Europe will focus a large part of its efforts on supporting young Latin American athletes to protect their assets. From signing contracts to managing their wealth. The law firm of Gustavo Mirabal helps them make the best of their talents, both professionally and financially.

Currently Gustavo Mirabal has among his goals and potential clients great promises of Latin American sport. This Latin American promises seek to break through in European sport. Whether they are football players, basketball players or any other branch, young people need advice to sign contracts.

We have all heard of the draconian contracts that are imposed on new athletes out of ignorance. For this reason and from his own experience, Gustavo Mirabal is interested in giving all his support to Latin American athletes. Gustavo Mirabal is an amateur athlete and if it weren’t for his knowledge of the law they could have duped him.

Latin sports women
Latin sports women

Venezuela musical land

Venezuela is characterized by having a great biodiversity as well as a great diversity of ecosystems. The song “Venezuela” already mentions it among its wonderful lines, mentioning “I am desert, jungle, snow and volcano”. A song that was not composed by Venezuelans but by Spanish composers Pablo Herrero Ibarz and José Luis Armenteros Sánchez.

Venezuela is one of the favorite songs of Gustavo Mirabal and Carolina Mirabal. They, as music lovers, have finally heard almost all the versions of this wonderful piece.

As we can see, since then the beautiful diversity of Venezuela was of international knowledge.

The song is considered the third “unofficial anthem” of Venezuela preceded by Gloria al Bravo Pueblo and Alma Llanera.

Hundreds of artists have performed this wonderful piece however the first to perform it was singer-songwriter Balbino González Pérez. Better known simply as Balbino, the singer is a native of the lands of Aragua.

“Venezuela” has been superbly covered by a multitude of Venezuelan and foreign artists. Among the Venezuelan artists we find:

  • Luis Silva
  • Maria Teresa Chacín
  • Mirla Castellanos
  • Simón Díaz

Among the foreign singers who have covered “Venezuela” is the famous Bertin Osborne whose heart is partly Venezuelan. This is because his wife is of Venezuelan nationality and has had great contact with our culture.

We can even talk about a version of the singer for whom the song “Venezuela” was originally composed. And the thing is that the song “Venezuela” was composed for José Luis Rodríguez to sing but finally it was not included on the album. Even so, later “the puma” made a version that we are pleased to show you in the following video:

José Luis Rodríguez - Venezuela (Audio)


Venezuela land of grace

As it says in the wonderful song “Venezuela”, really this country is full of beautiful landscapes. Below we will describe where we can find the different ecosystems that populate Venezuela:

  • Plain: A large part of the extensions of Venezuela are covered by plains with lands of great agricultural vocation. Although not all of them have productive potential, their display of beauty is also a great attraction for tourism.
  • Desert: In falcón we find the Coro dunes, which are one of the great wonders of Venezuela. A small desert of moving sands whose paths must be continually cleared. Yet a place to behold.
  • Coastal: Venezuela has an extensive coastline that mostly faces the Caribbean Sea and a small part faces the Atlantic Ocean. Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest beauties he has. From the beaches of La Guaira, the Morrocoy and Mochima national parks, the beaches of Sucre and those of Aragua and Carabobo state. We could say that Venezuela is a beach.
  • Mountains: Venezuela is part of the Andes mountain range. This extends through the states of Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo. Also in a small part of Barinas. Likewise, Caracas, the capital of the country, has the wonderful mountain of Ávila. El Ávila gives Caracas a spectacular climate and dreamlike views.
  • Beautiful Landscapes of Venezuela
    Beautiful Landscapes of Venezuela

Venezuelan Exotic Landscapes

Without a doubt the variety of landscapes of Venezuela is huge and has some of the most beautiful exotic landscapes in the world. Here are some of them to describe:

  • Tepuyes: In the jungle area of ​​Bolívar state is the Guiana shield, which is one of the oldest geological areas on the planet. There are the “tepuyes”, rock formations of great height and with plains in its upper part. Immortalized in the Disney movie “Up” they are one of the magical places on the planet.
  • Jungle: In the Bolivar and Amazonas states, one of the richest jungle areas on the planet unfolds. One of the areas considered a world heritage site for its biodiversity.

As lovers of Venezuela and its landscapes, Gustavo Mirabal and his family have known each and every one of these ecosystems. They have also known the traditions and culture associated with each of them.

Tepuyes - Venezuela Land of Grace
Tepuyes – Venezuela Land of Grace

The series:  Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela

Venezuela is a country full of magic, customs, smells and flavors. This magic undoubtedly remains engraved in the memory and hearts of its inhabitants.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro has an enormous love for his homeland. The country who saw him, be born, grow, train and work in his field and then expand to other lands.

In Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela: the series you can see through most of the articles that Venezuela is rich in its cultural diversity, landscapes, people and its customs and beliefs.

Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela is a series of articles that can be found on their portals https://www.gustavomirabal.es/ and https://gustavomirabalcastro.online/ . You can enjoy interesting and exhaustive content from each region of the country. Also you can know about th experiences of this man in each of the regions.

There are many anecdotes about the regions and the role that the horse has in each one of them. The horse in the Venezuelan fields plays a fundamental role, thus contributing to the economic growth of the country.

On the other hand, some of these articles narrate the experiences of the Mirabal Castro family. The blog articles tell us when they went on vacation to various parts of the country.

Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela: The series is a sample of the authenticity and uniqueness of this beautiful country. Well, the beauty of its people of its landscapes as well as its customs and the way of receiving tourists make a difference.

The Venezuelan is usually very hospitable and very given with a smile on his face. Venezuelan optimism transmit good energy to visitors who often decide to return.

Venezuelan Flag - Pride for Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Venezuelan Flag – Pride for Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Celebrations in different regions of Venezuela

Venezuela is a country of celebrations and customs, which is why each of the regions has unique celebrations. By other hand others celebrations are common to the entire country.

The “Paradura de Niño” is celebrated in the Andes, while the burning of Judas is celebrated in the capital. There are traditions that are common throughout the country such as Christmas, Easter and Carnival.

In the case of the typical Christmas dishes throughout the country, the long-awaited “Hallacas” are made. But the “Hallacas” varies according to the region. As an example in the Andes it’s cooked with raw stew, while in the capital the stew is cooked previously. In the east of Venezuela they can add fish and so on it can continue to vary.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela lived and enjoyed each of these celebrations in each of his trips to the regions of the country.

The hallacas in Christmas
The hallacas in Christmas

# 10 Articles in the series: Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela

In this series of articles we can note the relevance of the horse in each of these sites. Also we can note how fables, myths and legends pay tribute to horses.

Without a doubt, Venezuela highlights the importance and beauty of these wonderful and versatile animals.

Among the titles of the articles we have the following:

  1. Path to Ocumare de la Costa and the horses always there. (Caminito hacia Ocumare de la costa y los caballos siempre allí).
  2. The horse in the little by little of the tamunangue. (El caballito en el poco a poco del tamunangue).
  3. After the mule wheel of the town of Cuyagua they saw the devil on corpus day. (Tras la rueca de mulas del pueblo de Cuyagua vieron al diablo el día de corpus).
  4. My horse. (Mi caballito).
  5. From the mouth to Choroní by boat and then on horseback. (Desde la boca hasta Choroní en lancha y luego a caballo)
  6. On horseback from the Tovar neighborhood to Puerto Maya. (A caballo desde la colonia Tovar hasta puerto maya)
  7. The cavalry in the battle of victory. (La caballería en la batalla de la victoria)
  8. Horses in Maracay, I did not see!. (Caballos en Maracay, no vi!)
  9. Barrio el limon and rancho grande. (Barrio el limón y rancho grande)
  10. Cata and Cuyagua, for a walk with the horses. (Cata y Cuyagua, de paseo con los caballos)


Each of these articles can be found at the following portal https://www.gustavomirabal.es/ . There you can find information on finances, rights, horses, news, among others.

In these articles, the Venezuelan coast is the protagonist with its splendid beaches and its authentic celebrations that are worth enjoying at least once in your life.

Little way to Ocumare de la Costa and horses always there
Little way to Ocumare de la Costa and horses always there

Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland (“Viva Venezuela” in spanish)

This is a beautiful song dedicated with a lot of love towards Venezuela. That song transmits the excitement of the Venezuelans. This is one of Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro’s favorite songs.

In each of the corners of the country this beautiful song is heard. It is more common to hear it in the Christmas season where groups of bagpipes usually sing them.

A letter and a feeling of millions of Venezuelans towards their beautiful country. This song is performed by a musical group called “Un sólo pueblo”. Later it was covered by the singer Carlos Baute, thus giving it a special touch. The song has crossed the borders of Venezuela and that fills those who are far from their beloved country with nostalgia.

Long live Venezuela lyric

English / Spanish

Long live Venezuela / Viva Venezuela

Long live Venezuela my beloved homeland / Viva Venezuela mi patria querida

who freed her my brother / Que la libertó mi hermano

It was Simón Bolívar. (Bis) /fue Simón Bolivar (bis)

Thanks to providence / Gracias a la providencia

let’s Venezuelans / demos los venezolanos

that gave us that human being / que nos dio a ese ser humano

for our independence. (Bis) / para nuestra independencia. (bis)

When Bolívar was born / Cuando Bolívar nació

Venezuela gave a cry / Venezuela pegó un grito

saying he was born / diciendo que había nacido

a second Jesus Christ. (Bis) / un segundo Jesucristo. (bis)

From the town of Cata I come / Desde el pueblo’e Cata vengo

Like a good Venezuelan / Como buen Venezolano

To sing this “parranda” / A cantar esta parranda

With Bolivarian kisses / Con besos bolivarianos


The beauty of Venezuela has inspired poets, singers, writers, and visual artists to create their content through artistic pieces. Among them are paintings, poems, songs to pay tribute to this country of great wonders.

"Viva Venezuela, mi Patria querida" (versión en inglés)

Caracas the favorite city of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

The capital city of Venezuela, Caracas is a wonderful place Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro came to this world.

Caracas is the favorite city of this man and he has a thousand reasons to love this great metropolis.

This city is famous for its colorful and cheerful macaws. This beautiful birds make life on the campus of the Central University of Venezuela. Little by little the macaws have expanded to the east of the city.

It also has places where residents can be distracted and spend a different day.

Among the benefits that Greater Caracas has is that it has beaches and mountains at the same time. The beaches of “La Guaira” state as well as those of Higuerote city are the ideal escape for a weekend.

If you want the peace of the mountains, the imposing Avila is the option. Whether you decide to go to Sabas Nieves walking or to the town of Galipán you enjoy it.

Without a doubt, the people of Caracas are very privileged, as this city is full of surprises.

From the artistic and cultural point of view it also has its advantages. The large number of theaters and museums represent an option for recreation.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela I enjoyed to the maximum the magical landscapes of the capital city. Also he enjoy the surrounding areas of the Vargas and Miranda States that make up the greater Caracas.

Caracas is synonymous with diversity, culture, joy among other things. Without a doubt this place remained engraved in the heart of this Venezuelan forever.

Gabriel García Márquez expressed the following sentence in relation to Caracas:

“One of the beautiful frustrations of my life is not having stayed in that hellish city”


Climbing road to Sabas Nieves - El Avila National Park - Caracas
Climbing road to Sabas Nieves – El Avila National Park – Caracas

Poem dedicated to Caracas by Juan Antonio Pérez Bonalde

In his great love for the city of Caracas, this poet dedicated this beautiful poem to this magical land.

The fact: In his honor, the eponymous Pérez Bonalde was used at one of the Caracas Metro stations.

English / Spanish

“Caracas, there it is; its red roofs,   /   “Caracas, allí está; sus techos rojos,

its white tower, its blue hills        su blanca torre, sus azules lomas

and his bands of timid pigeons   /    y sus bandas de tímidas palomas

they make my eyes cloud with tears.   /      hacen nublar de lágrimas mis ojos.

Caracas, there it is; see her lying      /     Caracas, allí está; vedla tendida

to the slopes of steep Avila,      /     a las faldas del Ávila empinado,

odalisque rendered     /     odalisca rendida

at the feet of the sultan in love. ”      /     a los pies del sultán enamorado.”


Fragment of Return to the homeland (1877)

This poem is one hundred and forty-three years old. In those days it was the City of Red Roofs. Today has a large amount of infrastructure and modern architecture.

Without a doubt, Caracas has been the inspiration for poets, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, among others.

In the paintings, the one who steals the spotlight is the imposing Avila. This montain is the source of pride for the people of Caracas.

There are many artists who have left a legacy in the capital city, such as the Esfera de Jesús Soto. This work of art is located on the Francisco Fajardo highway near the Santa Cecilia Distributor.

The Sphere of Soto in Caracas
The Sphere of Soto in Caracas

Caracas and its traditions. Gustavo Mirabal -Poderopedia Venezuela

Venezuela has great cultural diversity and Caracas maintains many of these religious and cultural traditions.

Among the most relevant traditions we have the following:

  • The carnival.
  • La Burriquita.
  • Easter week.
  • The day of the Resurrection.
  • The Burning of Judas.
  • Christmas bonuses, parrandas and skating after the Christmas bonuses.

Throughout Venezuela other celebrations typical of the regions are held. Caracas enjoys some customs and traditions that enliven the culture, joy and that sense of belonging of the capital.

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, he mainly loved the traditions related to the celebration of Christmas. However, Easter was a time for prayer and reflection in his family, since they attended religious activities in the church.

The Nazarene is one of the most important celebrations from the religious point of view. For this celebration Caracas people wear their purple dress to pay promises to the Nazarene.

The faith of Venezuelans is unshakeable and is manifested in each of the celebrations throughout the year.

It should be noted that because Caracas is the capital it has a large number of temples. Some temples with ancient architecture and others more modern. “Caraqueños” generally attend the churches closest to their homes.

At Easter time they take the opportunity to visit those they do not know yet.

Procession with the Nazarene of San Pablo in Santa Teresa Parish of Caracas.
Procession with the Nazarene of San Pablo in Santa Teresa Parish of Caracas.

Seven things you did not know about Caracas

  1. The highest ice rink in the world is in Ávila.
  2. The corners of downtown Caracas have very specific names. That names were the surnames of prestigious people in colonial times.
  3. 27,000 plans were manufactured for the construction of the Caracas Metro.
  4. The towers of Parque Central were the largest skyscrapers in Latin America.
  5. Fourteen sculptures are presented on the Bulevar de Sabana Grande.
  6. The first escalators in Caracas were placed in the Pasaje Zingg building.
  7. The Francisco Fajardo highway owes its name to a mestizo, who thanks to his condition achieved truces with the chiefs of the different conquered areas.

Caracas is a box of surprises and it continues to leave us speechless. For this and many other reasons Gustavo Mirabal loves this beautiful and unique city.

The Towers of "Parque Central"
The Towers of “Parque Central”

An athlete who leaves his country high in Venezuela: Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal – Power Therapy has left his country’s name high. Well, he has worked in various fields and one of these is precisely the equestrian field.

That is why this man feels very proud of the path traveled as an equestrian show jumping rider. In this sense, this great athlete has managed to bring the Venezuelan tricolor to glory.

Gustavo Mirabal is an energetic, disciplined, positive, and stable man. He is convinced that horse riding is a sport that maximizes the development of the human being.

One of the great contributions in equestrian matters is the creation of the G&C Farm equestrian center. In these spaces the preparation of great horseback athletes was carried out, who today shine in the various equestrian competitions in the world.

Gustavo Mirabal is a man with many virtues that lead him to achieve great successes in all facets where he works.

The successes he has achieved thanks to the unconditional support of his wife María Carolina Chapellín. This marriage applies all its potential, knowledge, values, experiences in everything they do.

Gustavo Mirabal Showjumping
Gustavo Mirabal Showjumping

Venezuela a wonderful country – land of great

Venezuela is a wonderful country where you look at it. Its geographical location is privileged since it has access for maritime transport to any part of the planet.

Venezuela is the cradle where great characters of history have been born, among them the most relevant is Simón Bolívar. This hero managed to liberate five countries including Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Also in other areas is the doctor and scientist Jacinto Convit, the designer Carolina Herrera. Also great athletes like Andrés Galarraga, Johan Santana among others.

Venezuela is a wonderful country because it has beautiful and unique landscapes ranging from paradisiacal beaches, mountains, deserts and jungle. This country has a lot to offer tourists.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, hides an infinite love for his native land, the one that saw them grow up, where he prepared academically. There he had that crush with the Tropigold horse, in order to hide good memories of his beautiful country.

Venezuela is the land that has welcomed people from all over the world with open arms. For this reason it is common to see many European families with roots in Venezuela.

The same goes for people from South America who at some point in history approached these lands in search of better living conditions.

History shows how Venezuelans have been kind, receptive and hospitable to foreigners.

For the exhibition a button the diversity in culture, gastronomy and other customs that have been adopted over time.

Undoubtedly the terroir of Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Poderopedia Venezuela is simply wonderful.

Carolina Herrera and Gustavo Dudamel - The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal
Carolina Herrera and Gustavo Dudamel – The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

Venezuela and its rich gastronomy

On the other hand, the diversity in the gastronomy of Venezuela is succulent from the most elaborate dishes to the delicious typical desserts of the regions.

In the Andes you can enjoy the Andean pinch, chicha, pastries, wheat “arepitas”, chocolate and the cheese made by its inhabitants.

In the Venezuelan coasts the common thing is to find a delicious plate of fried fish with salad and “tostones” (green banana, sliced, fried and served with salt above). Also the popular dogfish empanadas.

For the eastern part of the country the consumption of cassava is widely seen, this is a cassava-based food.

In the plains you can usually get delicious dishes with meat on a stick.

The tasty thing of the weekends where the families gather to eat a tasty “sancocho” (a soup based on meats and with various vegetables) or a good barbecue.

The dishes common to all Venezuelans and representing a delirium on the palate are the following: The “Hallacas”, the Creole pavilion, the “cachapa” with hand cheese and fried pork, among others.

It should be noted that there are dishes that are prepared in specific seasons such as the “Hallacas” in December and the seven stews in Easter.

We can see that the Venezuelan gastronomy varies according to the regions, however there are dishes that are common such as the Hallacas and the Creole pavilion.

For this and more Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela hides a great love for his country and this diversity of dishes is one of the things he most misses about his native land.

The "Pabellón" or Pavillion - Venezuelan Gastronomy
The “Pabellón” or Pavillion – Venezuelan Gastronomy

Gustavo Mirabal hides a great love for Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, hides a great love for the country that saw him born, grow and train as a man of good.

The great Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is an excellent professional in law and a great athlete in horse riding. He has also taken on the role of an entrepreneur and is now a financial consultant in Dubai.

Venezuela is usually a country recognized in the world for its beautiful women. This great country has brilliant Venezuelans who stand out in various fields or areas of knowledge abroad. Among these areas are the following: culture, arts, gastronomy, sciences, human thought, among others.

Venezuelan Flag - Pride for Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Venezuelan Flag – Pride for Gustavo Mirabal Castro

On the other hand, sport has also had very talented people. Even after a career of consecration, effort, they end up betting on the training of future generations. In this sense, an example of this is the great Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is an expert expert in the dynamics of how the different organizations in the world work. This gives you a great advantage in finding the differentiating element and standing out from the rest.

One of the lesser-known facets is the philanthropic activities it carries out. Well, he likes to be very reserved in that regard, which is what he should be when helping someone else.

For Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela and his family, the act of giving is a way of giving thanks. Well life has been kind to him and his family.


Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite cities

Gustavo Mirabal is an amateur for horses, business, law but also travel. This man has managed to expand his business internationally thanks to his experience and talent.

This expansion has allowed him to financially advise people around the world and because of this need he has had to open offices around the world.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has offices all over the world, in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Spain and Venezuela. But his travels have taken him much further.

Let’s remember that Gustavo Mirabal not only operates where his clients are but where they make their investments.

Besides, it’s not just business that man lives. Gustavo Mirabal when he wants to rest from his troubled schedule he likes to travel.

Through travel it gives you a sense of learning from other cultures to your rest. This same sense of learning has been transmitted to the family that accompanies him on his travels. His children and his wife accompany him making the trips a family and intimate experience. His wife Maria Carolina Mirabal has also been a great travel companion.

Undoubtedly for Gustavo Mirabal to travel is a enjoyment but also a responsibility. Through his travels he discovers investment opportunities in countries around the world.

Below we will talk about Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite cities.

The 5 favorite cities of Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a beautiful enclave located in the north of South America. Gustavo Mirabal’s home country is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity.

In this country we can find ” desierto, selva, nieve y volcán” (“desert, jungle, snow and volcano” in english) as a famous song called “Venezuela” says. In Venezuela we find city, beach, mountain, dunes, jungle among other ecosystems.

Thus here we find numerous cities that marked the childhood and adolescence of Gustavo Mirabal.

We can read about his experiences in Spanish in the “Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela” series of articles. We can also read in English about Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela.

Map of Venezuela's major cities
Map of Venezuela’s major cities

Without further ado we know the 5 Favorite Cities of Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela:


Caracas the city of red roofs

Caracas is the capital of the country and its financial and political center. There Gustavo grew up with his family and there he found his three passions: laws, business and horses.

Horses were the first passion he discovered when he went horseback riding to a club in the capital city at age of ten years. There his father took him to learn and fell in love with horseback riding.

He then discovered the laws by seeing his parents’ passion for their work. His father, apart from a lawyer, was a renowned politician who pushed for the prosecution of corruption in his best times.

Finally, seeing the performance of the law firm where he worked and the banking and insurance world, it became clear that he would not be an employee forever. Thus he began to dream of his own financial advisory firm and within a few years he succeeded.

Apart from his passions, there he also discovered a love of the trip. As we mentioned this facet is portrayed in the series Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela. Together with his aunt, parents and Gustavo Mirabal’s sister, this young man discovered the beaches, mountains and so on that Venezuela has to offer.

But Caracas certainly had the image of cosmopolitan city and cultural center of the country. The biggest events occur in the capital and is the center of financial activity and culture.

There we can find the best museums, parks and cultural events in the country. Year after year there are book fairs, theater festivals among other attractions.

Without a doubt Caracas is a great city and in this article you will find much more about it.

Children's Museum in Caracas Venezuela - Gustavo Mirabal's Favourite Cities
Children’s Museum in Caracas Venezuela – Gustavo Mirabal’s Favourite Cities

Merida, the city of gentlemen

The city of Merida in Venezuela, also known as the city of gentlemen, is a spectacular city.

His nickname bears him thanks to his official name, “Santiago de los Caballeros de Mérida” (“Santiago of the Gentlemen of Merida” in english), but also for the kindness of his people.

Mérida is a tourist and student city.

One of the economic engines of the city of Merida is the University of Los Andes (“Universidad de los Andes” en español). It is listed among the best universities in Latin America and the World.

The University of Los Andes, also known as the ULA, is scattered throughout the city. Some of its facilities are a must-have claim for the tourist, are the external facilities of the rectory.

The areas of the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering and the Area of “Faces” (Faculty of Economic Sciences) and Humanities are also very attractive.

In the area called “The Sorceress” (“La Hechicera” in spanish) is the ULA Agricultural Research Institute. There they are sometimes open selling delicious cheese variants results from their research.

But the biggest tourist attraction in the city is the “Merida Cable Car” which is the highest in the world. The modernization was recently carried out and the facilities are second to none. Around this is a remarkable tourist infrastructure accompanied by the friendly gentility of the merideño.

The best option is inns, which are found everywhere and for any budget. You will also find numerous walks that highlight the culture, history and landscapes of the Meridian moor.

Without a doubt an unforgettable city that Gustavo Mirabal enjoyed with his family.

Later we will talk about gustavo Mirabal’s other favorite cities.

The Merida Cable Car in Venezuela - Gustavo Mirabal's Favourite Cities
The Merida Cable Car in Venezuela – Gustavo Mirabal’s Favourite Cities


Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite cities in the United States

One of the first international destinations for Gustavo Mirabal’s operations was the United States.

Venezuela and the United States have always had a special connection. In the 1980s and early 1990s Venezuelan tourists frequently traveled to the United States.

Venezuelans traveled especially to Miami, whose population is characterized by a strong Latin composition.

This made it an ideal destination for the Venezuelan, who after reinforcing his firm and his equestrian venture. Gustavo Mirabal launched the internationalization of both ventures.

This is how G&C Farm was born and also installs its law firm specializing in financial advice in the USA.

In Wellington Florida, a small community located in Palm Beach, he began his career with G&C farm during the 2009 Winter Equestrian Festival.

Thus the admiration of many for their equestrian side prompted them to know him better and to give a public profile to his side of financial adviser.

There he met the wide and diverse community of Venezuelans based in the United States, as well as Latinos of other nationalities. And the Latino community in the state of Florida is quite numerous.

There we can find two of the cities best known for their Latino community: Miami and Miami Beach.

Undoubtedly this presence has significantly influenced the culture of both cities and their gastronomy especially. In addition Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the area.

Let’s remember that George W. Bush spoke a little Spanish and it was the Florida votes that made him president.

Without further ado, let’s start with Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite U.S. cities.

Palm Beach, Florida

Obviously Palm Beach has a special place in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal. He settled there for a few years both personally and professionally.

His wife Maria Carolina Chapellín describes the area as a quiet and beauty like no other. There his children were able to learn about American culture and the values of American democracy.

Even though the Latino community is quite nurtured, we can find a mix of nationalities and cultures. Palm Beach is a cosmopolitan city that enchants many with its coastal landscapes and the cleanliness of its streets. The kindness of his “way to be” is also remarkable.

Palm Beach County has just over a million inhabitants and also has a town of the same name.

Palm Beach village is one of the highest-income per capita cities in the world. There you can find athletes, financiers and famous artists.

But the most attractive thing about this city are its ports, its coastal landscapes as well as its beaches.

That is why it has become the favorite place for residences for the winter season of the rich and famous. A place to enjoy tranquility and privacy at the same time an extremely pleasant climate.

The landscape of Palm Beach in Florida
The landscape of Palm Beach in Florida


If we talk about Miami we talk about one of the cities with the highest concentration of Spanish speakers. More than 50% of Miami’s people speak Spanish.

That is why Spanish is currently an official language for the public administration along with English.

Culture is also permeated by the Latino community being the Catholic church as one of the most important religious confessions.

Its special location with facade to the Caribbean Sea makes it perfect as a gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Apart from being an important economic center with headquarters of the world’s leading multinationals, Miami is also a cultural center.

Miami concentrates a significant number of art centers, museums, theaters and parks.

The music and its gastronomy is eclectic with strong Latin influences.

For its climate and beautiful landscapes it also hosts several productions of American TV series.

Without a doubt a city with international projection and with a strong Latin composition that gives it its flavor. It is also considered one of the cleanest cities in the world. A city worth visiting.

Collage of Miami - Gustavo Mirabal's Favorite U.S. Cities
Collage of Miami – Gustavo Mirabal’s Favorite U.S. Cities

New York

The most populous city in the United States is located in the namesake state of New York. New York with its more than 8 million inhabitants represents an incomparable population concentration.

With a population density of more than 10 thousand inhabitants per square kilometer which makes it one of the densest cities on the planet.

One of the things few people know is that New York was the capital of the United States country until 1790.

This is because New York was an important port at the time of English colonization and was the scene of the most important battles.

Thanks to its port character with the British empire it was already one of the most important cities at the time.

Today it is a cultural and financial center of great importance to the United States.

In New York is the Wall Street stock market which is the most important bag on the planet.

Architecturally, its bridges, skyscrapers and central park converge in importance.

Its economy is based on the financial sector, real estate, tourism and technology.

In the cultural aspect of New York we find Broadway. Broadway is considered one of the most important theater and musical centers in the world.

Precisely his facet of cultural center is one of the things that attracted Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Maria Carolina Mirabal de Chapellin the most.

New York City Collage - Gustavo Mirabal 's Favorite USA Cities - Poderopedia Venezuela
New York City Collage – Gustavo Mirabal ‘s Favorite USA Cities – Poderopedia Venezuela



For Gustavo Mirabal the city of Orlando has a very important meaning. No doubt any child has dreamed of meeting Mickey and Gustavo Mirabal is no exception.

Orlando is a city that is based on tourism thanks to theme parks.

In addition to tourism there is also an important presence of the manufacturing industry. Lockheed Martin, a giant of the aerospace industry, stands out in that regard. His specialty is the development of fighter jets and is one of the prides of the American country.

There are numerous major companies located in Orlando including:

  • EA Games (Electronic Arts Games): One of the most important video game developers on the planet. She is the developer of the official FIFA games. It has developer studios in several countries with Canada, South Korea, Sweden and England. It has a lot of sporting titles including Madden NFL, NBA Live, UFC and NHL. Other well-known titles are: The Sims, Need for Speed, Dead Space among others.
  • IBM (International Business Machines): One of the most respected companies in the field of computing worldwide. She was the first to release the PC (Personal Computer). It is in the top 20 of U.S. companies and has nearly half a million employees. IBM employees have received 5 Nobel laureates for their scientific input.
  • Universal Studios Orlando: One of the world’s largest theme park complexes
  • Meliá Hotels International: Parent company of the Meliá Hotels
  • Marriott International: Conglomerate owner of Marriott hotels
  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE): A company that maintains American wrestling leagues.
  • Tupperware Corporation: World-famous American home plastic products company.
A beautiful look at Orlando
A beautiful look at Orlando

Gustavo Mirabal’s favourite cities in the United Arab Emirates

Taking his business to the United Arab Emirates has allowed Gustavo Mirabal to enrich his culture. Undoubtedly the Western culture in which Gustavo Mirabal had been seen brought him great values.

But being in touch with Middle Eastern culture has allowed him to learn a lot about how diverse we are in the world.

A culture full of cordiality and kindness abroad has developed in the United Arab Emirates.


Abu Dhabi:

This wonderful city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the second most populous city in the Emirates.

It has just under a million inhabitants.

There is the headquarters of major financial and multinational companies. It is considered one of the most expensive cities in the region and the world.

Its economy is mainly based on oil extraction. Despite this, there have been attempts in recent years to diversify its economy. Only Abu Dhabi has 9% of the world’s oil reserves.

Abu Dhabi’s cultural diversity is enormous because most of the emirate’s inhabitants are workers from other countries. Among the countries from which the inhabitants come are:

  • China
  • United Kingdom
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • North Korea
  • Egypt
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines

There is widespread use of the English language among the native population and migrant workers.

This city has allowed Gustavo Mirabal to understand the dynamics of the Middle East and the influence of oil on the region. Oil has been the great economic engine for Emirati who continue to look for ways to attract foreign investment.


As Dubai has done, Abu Dahbi has followed the path of economic openness and diversification albeit to a lesser extent than its “sister city.”

So far, however, it remains dependent on oil, but with huge revenues reaching more than $60,000 per year per capita. That is why Abu Dahbi is the third nation in per capita income, behind only Luxenburg and Norway.

Abu Dhabi impressed Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Venezuela
Abu Dhabi impressed Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela


Some places you should know in Abu Dhabi according to Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela

As we said Abu Dhabi is the capital of this great country. But the reasons for visiting Abu Dhabi are numerous. From getting to know the political center of the country to getting to know the tourist wonders it hides.

Abu Dhabi is a privileged place for speed lovers. From the Yas Marina circuit, formula 1 or ferrari World here you will find what you are looking for to quench your thirst for speed.

For his love of speed and strong emotions Abu Dhabi is one of Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite places (Poderopedia Venezuela). He also has attractions to enjoy with his wife Carolina Mirabal and their children.

Abu Dhabi is just the 2nd most visited tourist site in the United Arab Emirates. That’s why today we’ll tell you about the places you should know if you visit Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

This building was built in honor of the first president of the United Arab Emirates, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan. This magnificent mosque is one of the most famous in the world.

Its minarets reach heights above 100 meters. Sheikh Zayed has the incredible number of 82 marble domes.

He also owns an article that holds a world record. Inside we can find the largest handmade carpet in the world.

This is one of the attractions suggested by Maria Carolina Mirabal and that allowed her to come into contact with Emirati culture. Seeing so much beauty inspired her for some of her personal projects.

It is certainly a place to find divine and earthly inspiration. A place you shouldn’t miss if you stop by Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates - Gustavo Mirabal Poderpedia Venezuela
Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates – Gustavo Mirabal Poderpedia Venezuela
Yas Island:

This fabulous island certainly has a lot to offer. There you can find luxury hotels to make your stay more enjoyable.

Also on the Yas Island you will find a fabulous water park called “Yas Waterworld”. It has 43 attractions and has an area of 15 hectares. At Yas Waterworld you can rent mackerel by the pools to rest from the sun or have a snack with its Premium personalized food service.

To add more fun to your stay on Yas Island if you visit it at the right time you can enjoy the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Gustavo Mirabal and his family plan to know this place to live the formula 1 experience. As a lover of horses and speed everyone is engaged and excited by the idea.

Without a doubt the Yas Island is a must-to-see when visiting Abu Dhabi. But let’s deepen what it has to offer us Abu Dhabi’s Formula One circuit, the Yas Marina.

Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - UAE - Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela
Yas Island – Abu Dhabi – UAE – Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela
Yas Marina Circuit

For those who want to know the experience of Formula 1, here you can find everything you are looking for. Located as we know on Yas Island, the Yas Marina circuit is one of the most interesting in the formula.

It is one of the most exotic circuits but also challenges runners with their high temperatures that test their tires.

The circuit has also incorporated many innovations that have then been incorporated into other tracks. It is a very fast track with long straights and strong braking areas.

The most interesting thing is that the circuit offers visitors walks that allow them to see what goes on behind the scenes on the circuit. They also offer packages of driving experiences on the famous circuit. This is one of the experiences Gustavo Mirabal most longs to learn about his visit to the Yas Island. No doubt the track running experience run by Michael Schumacher or Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, better known as Lewis Hamilton, makes him immediately thrilled.

If you are a fan of formula 1 or just of speed, you should definitely know Yas Marina.

The tightest curve is next to the Ferrari World theme park that we will learn about below.

Yas Marina Circuit - Formula 1 - Yas Island - UAE - Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela
Yas Marina Circuit – Formula 1 – Yas Island – UAE – Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela
Ferrari World

This is the largest indoor theme park in the United Arab Emirates and the world.

Ferrari World’s main attraction is the “Formula Rossa”. This is the fastest roller coaster in the world reaching speeds of 241 kilometers per hour.

It is also known as the “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi”.

Its “Flying Aces” roller coaster has the highest loop in the world.

It also has go-kart tracks and an interactive racing simulator.

It also has activities for the whole family and for children.

One of the most striking attractions is the “Driving Experience”. In this attraction you can live the experience of driving a Ferrari.

You will also find a flight simulator and a formula one racing and GT formula simulators.

For kids you can find a couple of “driving schools” for both GT formula and formula 1.

Definitely an experience that all motor lovers should live. This is one of the most interesting attractions for Gustavo Mirabal (Poderopedia Venezuela) because it has experiences for the whole family.

In addition, Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s family is a lover of speed thanks to a passion for horses

Ferrari Word - The Dream Theme Park for Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela
Ferrari Word – The Dream Theme Park for Gustavo Mirabal Poderopedia Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal’s favourite cities in Switzerland

Gustavo Mirabal thanks to his work has had the opportunity to get to know the world. This entrepreneur and businessman always has his eyes open to the wonders that are in every place he visits.

Sometimes the opportunity to visit a country is just a job opportunity or to get to know the best places to invest. But sometimes it also becomes an opportunity to get to know their culture.

Well, there’s no better definition for a country than its culture and from there you can tell if there are any business opportunities.

But it wasn’t all work. For when visiting a country for work you also find architectural wonders or beautiful landscapes that eventually become one more reason to travel.

This is how Gustavo Mirabal made his first trip to Switzerland to learn about investment and business opportunities for his clients.

Let us remember that Gustavo Mirabal is, above all, a very competent financial adviser. Being Switzerland one of the main cities of international finance definitely this was a place to know.

Some of Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite cities in Switzerland are Bern, Zurich and Geneva among others. All those cities are a beauty.

But thanks to his first work trip he discovered the beauty of a country and cities one more beautiful than the previous one. That’s why today we’ll talk about Gustavo Mirabal’s travels in Switzerland and the cities he liked the most. Just add let’s start.

Switzerland is one of the world's financial centers according to Gustavo Mirabal
Switzerland is one of the world’s financial centers according to Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal’s first trip to Switzerland, a work trip.

Gustavo Mirabal’s first work trip was to the beautiful city of Zurich.

Zurich is known as the “financial capital of Switzerland”. There Gustavo Mirabal, without doing further research, hoped to meet a cold and grey city, as sometimes business is often. He hoped to see a place full of practicality and rigor. He expected an austere place as finances tend to be at the fin and after all.

Nothing further from the truth.

Zurich is a city with medieval architecture and a river that crosses its magnificent silhouette. The colors of the sky are fabulous and mark a very particular aesthetic identity.

One of the things that scares visitors the most is Zurich prices. And it is that being one of the cities with the most income is also reflected in the prices of it.

However it is a very pleasant experience to live. Also if it comes to seeing the landscapes and architecture all this is always free.

In addition, here you can enjoy a city at the foothills of the Swiss Alps. All this already anticipates the natural spectacle to which we will have access.

There are two Swiss neighborhoods worth mentioning for tourists: Lindenhof and Altsadt.

Historic Zurich city center with a famous Church and river Limmat from Lindenhof park
Historic Zurich city center with a famous Church and river Limmat from Lindenhof park

Zurich neighborhoods

The most beautiful districts of Switzerland Lindenhof and Altsadt were part of the discovery of Gustavo Mirabal. Lindenhof is located on a hill that guarantees the most beautiful views. There you can find several craft shops.

We can also find curiosities such as a giant chessboard and the ruins of a Roman fortress.

In Altsadt we can find reminiscences of the original town. There we come across the story itself.

A curiosity of Altsadt is that the doors of the houses have ceramics that allow reading names. A tradition that is maintained in these houses and that arose in Napoleon’s time so that soldiers in a state of intoxicatedness could get their own houses.

In Altsadt you can also find wonderful ancient churches for those who want to do architectural or religious tourism.

The latter district impressed Gustavo Mirabal for its architecture and Lindenhof for its breathtaking views.

Bern - Switzerland's beautiful capital
Bern – Switzerland’s beautiful capital

Gustavo Mirabal’s second trip to Switzerland, a family pleasure trip.

Undoubtedly the second trip of Switzerland was the most interesting because it was no longer only limited to Zurich.

Thanks to experience in Zurich, Gustavo Mirabal began researching the beauties of Switzerland. His surprise was that Switzerland had beauties “on all four sides.”

Beautiful rivers and lakes, the Swiss Alps and an enviable culture and architecture fill Switzerland.

That’s why he decided to surprise his family and on the next Swiss holiday it was a week-old destination.

There he toured Zurich again with a new look but later decided to visit other cities including Geneva, Bern, Fryburg and some medieval castles.

Definitely an unforgettable experience for Maria Carolina Mirabal and her children.

There are job opportunities that allow you to get to know the world from a different perspective.

Thanks to this Gustavo Mirabal and his family have had the opportunity to know the world and that makes them love their beloved Venezuela even more. Venezuela combines beautiful landscapes with an enviable climate and all kinds of ecosystems.

But thanks to this they also know how to value other things like the architecture of European countries. In Venezuela little is preserved from colonial architecture and perhaps that is one of the things that they regret most.

But no doubt Switzerland was a time to meet medieval architecture full of churches and castles. A paradise that ends up remembering Harry’s films.

Soon we will know in more detail the wonders that Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite cities in Switzerland have to offer us.

What about Swiss chocolate?

On a journey of pleasure the landscapes and architecture play a major role. But we cannot forget that not only of “landscapes and architecture” lives man.

Eating is one of humanity’s most refined pleasures and this pleasure in Switzerland is widely satisfied. From its luxury restaurants to its typical food are great incentives.

But Switzerland was not famous for its typical dishes, but for a sweet that characterizes its gastronomy and its industry, chocolate.

We could say that, for Gustavo Mirabal, the trip to Switzerland became a kind of “chocolate tour”. In every city they visited, they got outstanding chocolate shop.

This is how in Zurich they visited the renowned shop “Vanini Swiss Chocolate”. Since 1871 Vanini has delighted the palate of those who visit the “financial capital” of Switzerland.

It is located at Kuttelgasse 17, 8001 in the city of Zurich. There you can find chocolate tablets of all kinds and a spectacular chocolate shop.

For chocolate lovers, in its extreme version, in Geneva you can find a Chocolate Spa. The After the Rain Spa offers experiences ranging from chocolate masks, chocolate massages or even a bath in a tub full of chocolate.

Undoubtedly an unforgettable experience that the Mirabals could not enjoy on their trip, although you win did not lack them.

On their way through Geneva, they enjoyed the chocolates of Läderach, located at Rue de la Tour-de-l’lle 4, 1204 in the center of Geneva.

Chocolate shop and tablets with a Premium presentation but not demerit to Vanini’s. They are certainly great rivals for the Swiss palate.

If it is a pleasure trip, Swiss chocolate reaches an outstanding.

Vanini Swiss Chocolate since 1871 in Zürich - Gustavo Mirabal's favorite place
Vanini Swiss Chocolate since 1871 in Zürich – Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite place

Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite cities in Spain

Gustavo Mirabal discovered Madrid a few years before emigrating to the United States. He realized that in Spain the equestrian tradition was very marked and he liked that very much. He also discovered the wide professional that could be opened up in front of himself thanks to the European Union. The many laws in the European Union are common among countries and also have a common regime for some things.

This caused Gustavo Mirabal Castro to set his eyes in Spain before even the United States. It also enjoyed a very comfortable environment in terms of language and idiosyncrasies.

In many previous articles we talked about the great amount of influence that the European colonies had in Venezuela in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Much of Venezuela’s idiosyncrasy goes through the mainly Italian and Spanish influences. That’s why there’s a deep connection that made Gustavo Mirabal feel at home.

For things of fate Gustavo Mirabal first emigrated to the United States but on his way to success was Spain. There with his family he enjoyed several years of great opportunities in equestrian, professional and business.

Together with his wife Maria Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal they consolidated one of his dreams: “G&C Farm”. There they were able to share with high-level riders and were able to participate in numerous amateur competitions.

They also had the opportunity to see G&C Arrayan on the podium of the Cannes Grand Prix with their friend Sergio Alvarez Moya. All this filled them with joys and left in their hearts an indelible memory.

From their years in Spain they enjoyed their horses, gastronomy and culture. That is why today we will mention Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite cities in Spain.



Madrid is the capital of Spain and Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite city by far. And there in his years of stay in Spain was where he sat his residence. In the Madrid grounds forged great friendships in the personal sphere since in Madrid there is a large Venezuelan community. He also formed contacts in equestrian and business.

The aspects of Madrid that fell in love with Gustavo Mirabal were its history, its culture and its gastronomy. As for the history and culture of Madrid one of the aspects that most impacted it was architecture. When we are in a country of the Americas it is rare to see colonial architecture and when they are seen they are typically preserved for tourism.

However Madrid retains its traditional architecture in a genuinely functional way. Its buildings retain that touch. Although if there are modern buildings, in the air there is an essence in the past.

Also the culture is on every corner with numerous museums, each more interesting to visit. Among them, the most outstanding is the Prado museum whose facilities are a must for tourists and residents.

But Madrid’s gastronomy is something that reminds Gustavo of Venezuela. In the center of Caracas you will find numerous restaurants serving Spanish cuisine. One of the key points for her to feel at home was to eat some calluses in Madrid, squid sandwiches or some “chistorras”. These were meals he enjoyed as a child with his parents and then as teenagers while having a few beers. No doubt Madrid will always be in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal

Prado Museum - Madrid - Spain
Prado Museum – Madrid – Spain


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. But it’s not about numbers, people and economics.

The rivalry between these cities wears it in the blood and from there the Spanish football classic is Real Madrid against Barcelona. These parties mobilize the fanatic not only in Spain but around the world.

There gastronomy and its culture also fascinated Gustavo Mirabal. Among Gustavo’s favorite Barcelona food representatives were Paella and Tomato Bread. Tomato bread is one of the most appreciated papals by tourists and Catalans, especially when accompanied by fuet. Fuet is a catalan sausage with a lot of flavor.

With regard to architecture, Barcelona also preserves its history through its Architecture. It meets an important religious tradition where we can find many Christian temples.

They say Barcelona is the mecca of contemporary urbanism. The best known representative of Barcelona architecture is the church “La Sagrada Familia” located in Carrer de Mallorca. This is the most famous and large work of the architect Gaudí and mandatory stop if you come to Spain.

This place was one of carolina and Gustavo’s most beautiful visits and was a place that allowed them to reflect. There they acted in contrition and seeing the magnificence of the work they knew that dreams can come true. No doubt Spain is a beautiful place to visit

La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Valencia, Spain.

Valencia is another of those cities that Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife Maria Carolina Chapellin fell in love with. In Valencia they remembered the moments that in Gustavo took flowers to María Carolina thanks to the Turia Garden.

The Turia Garden is a beautiful park located in the heart of the city of Valencia in Spain. There you can feel transported to another world thanks to its landscapes, its bridges over the Turia River and the natural beauties wherever you look. There we can enjoy the famous “flower bridge”. This bridge crosses the garden of the Turia River and is always adorned with colorful flowers. The walk through the Turia Garden was a second honeymoon for Gustavo and Maria Carolina.

One thing that characterizes Valencia is the number of places and events that involve flowers as their main attractions. Two events stand out from all of us. One of these events is the Battle of Flowers. It is a parade of floats on whose path flowers are thrown at those present. These floats pass through the so-called Paseo de las Alamedas and is the oldest parade of floats in Spain. Being there for the beautiful couple was a very special moment, 100% recommended for lovers.

The other highlight, which delighted the Mirabal family, was the floral offering that takes place at the “Mare de Déu dels Desamparats”. This offering is delivered by the faults of Valencia in commemoration of the offerings delivered at the end of the Spanish Civil War. The “Mare de Déu dels Desamparats” or mother of the homeless is the patron saint of Valencia.

If you love Valencia flowers it is your must destination with the Mirabal-Chapellin seal of quality.

What is the main role of a good financial advisor?

Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Poderopedia Venezuela has always stood out for his excellent work. The same applies to his performance as an advisor to investors and entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates.

A financial advisor is a professional with knowledge of economics, finance, and law. Therefore, he is a comprehensive professional who is able to offer his knowledge to serve clients. This is the case of the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

Its main role is based on the following fundamental elements:

  • Identify the needs and objectives of your clients,
  • Evaluation of the execution of investment projects in the short, medium and long term.
  • In addition, it provides professional consulting, as well as business transaction management.
  • On the other hand, it seeks to educate, advise and guide in relation to investments and finances.


Another role that a financial advisor plays is the development of investment strategies. These in order to satisfy the interests of customers, maintaining a close relationship with them.

It is about building a bond based on honesty and commitment.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has branches of financial and legal advice in different countries. The firm has its headquarters in cities such as Madrid, New York, Caracas

It should be noted that he currently works as an excellent financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates specifically in Dubai.

Empowerment in the world of finances by Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

When a person is dedicated to providing advice on some subject, they should not keep the same knowledge all the time. But on the contrary it must be continuously forming. Continuous learning is the key to staying up-to-date and being an excellent professional adapted to the times.


Today there is the advantage that there is virtual learning environments from prestigious universities that provide workshops, courses, diplomas and fourth and fifth level studies in the areas one seeks.

In this sense, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela continues to be trained in issues related to the world of finance.

Keeping in constant preparation and updating with the highest rapporteurs of this topic worldwide makes him do his job in an impeccable manner. Well, he doesn’t miss any details and on the contrary he keeps the motto of “excellence”.

This same impetus and desire to learn transmits it to your team, therefore motivates them to continue training to provide a height work.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a true leader who empowers and motivates his staff to continue to be trained and remain the best in the region.

Undoubtedly, the role of leader played by Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela with his team is worth example.

This is the leadership model that must be implemented in both public and private companies and institutions.

For having a highly qualified staff that is also constantly being trained results in an excellent job and an empowered staff.

Empowerment and knowledge
Empowerment and knowledge

Another facet of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela: Financial advice

As an undergraduate Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, he chose to study law like his father. When he had to face the labor field, he did it in various banking organizations in his native country.

It was there his first contact with the world of finance. This man from his wit and intelligence learns every day. In addition to that, the different experiences brings with it a new learning.

Carrying out their ventures and turning them into important companies has required discipline and effort. This has involved learning about other areas, in order to proceed with expertise.

Today Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela fulfills the important role of financial advisor to other organizations so that they achieve their objectives with high standards of excellence. Without a doubt this is the differentiating element of Gustavo Mirabal as a financial consultant always betting on being better.

Gustavo Mirabal and his Dubai office
Gustavo Mirabal and his Dubai office

In addition, along with María Carolina Chapellín his wife, she has been steeped in knowledge because she is an outstanding administrator.

We can see that the Mirabal-Chapellín marriage have integrated very well, to form a family dedicated to the business world..

This pair knows that the success of each company consists in knowing how to render all the resources they have at the moment.

As a financial advisor, Gustavo Mirabal has developed skills to be able to succeed in the operation of the market. This is a starting point that served to formulate different strategies so that businessmen can protect their resources and investments.

In addition to this, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela offers its services to the client portfolio. This consists of establishing strategies to attract greater users of services and products. The purpose of this is to ensure profits and have greater projection and stability.

Banking and Finance Laws

The history of banking is inextricably tied to the history of money and commerce. Barter was the first form of trade in history but quickly became more complex. The parties were required to have the desired products directly. From this comes the need for an intermediate product of easy transport and intrinsic value. The invention of this means of exchange was called money.

“Financial education is fundamental to every human being”

Gustavo Mirabal


In ancient times obsidian stones, as well as silver and copper became the favorite means of exchange. In general gemstones and metals were the favorite elements. This is called “commodity money” since they have intrinsic value.

Gustavo Mirabal reminds us that money currently has no intrinsic value. The current value of the money lies in part in the trust in the issuer or in the “system that supports it”.

This is how cryptocurrencies have emerged without a trusted issuer. Even if there is no single emitter through it, there is a set of protection technologies that provide confidence.

From the need to keep money in a protected place is born Banking in ancient Mesopotamia. Subsequently, these institutions dedicated to the care of money began to make loans in exchange for an extra. These loans were sometimes with their own resources but in other cases were also made with the resources deposited.

Bankers assumed that not all of their depositors would take out the money at once and some over-exploited this situation.

Banking Laws and Gustavo Mirabal
Banking Laws and Gustavo Mirabal

The first banking crises and banking laws

This created the first crisis of confidence in banking. Upon learning the depositors of the loans, they all began to withdraw the money in bulk. The massive withdrawal caused the money to not be returned to everyone at once creating greater uncertainty.

This would lead to the need for a maximum percentage of loans on deposits to be established by law. This is what is known today as bank lace.

The crises of trust, Gustavo Mirabal reminds us, are the main reason for the banking and financial crises. Transparent management of state resources is key to a avoidance of crises.

In addition, a country’s money is backed by its productivity. In this sense Gustavo Mirabal emphasizes the need to limit the issuance of inorganic money. This is a key point in countries with stable banking and financial and monetary systems.

Anti-laundering laws and banking secrecy

Accumulating huge amounts of money is the best way to become a target for outlaws and scammers. From this comes the need for confidentiality between the bank and its customers. But in turn banks can serve to move fairly received money or money from crime.

Based on banking secrecy, some citizens hid to evade their tax responsibilities.

That is why banking secrecy in certain circ

umstances is limited to the fulfilment of its liability. Governments have established that banks are responsible for reporting forms of enrichment and irregular transactions.

The latter, although it collides with banking secrecy to some extent, only does so to combat tax evasion and money laundering.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a great connoisseur of banking laws. That’s why you have the key to your customers being able to transparently manage their resources. It does an efficient management always respecting the legality to protect both the heritage and the image of its clients.

Anti-money laundering laws to protect
Anti-money laundering laws to protect

Swiss banking secrecy.

Many people blame Swiss banking secrecy for evasion and fraud. Nothing further from the truth. Swiss banking secrecy, Gustavo Mirabal reminds us, was created to prevent extortion and kidnapping of people who own wealth.

Wealthy people are often subjected to political persecution and organized crime. Bank secrecy protects these people. Still, Swiss banking secrecy has been updated to prevent abuse of the system.

Gustavo Mirabal fully supports the application of automatic information exchange laws. These mechanisms limit the financing of organized crime and money laundering.

For this reason Swiss banking secrecy was reformed to suit the needs of modern banking in order to:

  • Avoid money laundering from illegal activities.
  • Avoid tax evasion with countries with which Switzerland has agreements

In this way although some consider that Swiss banking secrecy was eliminated, nothing further from the truth. Their institutions remain discreet, but at the same time they comply with the necessary measures to prevent illegal activities. The best of two worlds.

Some countries that, together with Switzerland, also went on to modernize their banking secrecy legislation are:

  • Andorra
  • Uruguay
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala

All of them went on to update their laws between 2016 and 2017. This was in addition to the dozens of countries that complied with the automatic exchange of financial and fiscal information.

Without a doubt we will have a healthier and more responsible world thanks to the changes in banking.

Bank secrecy in Switzerland is updated
Bank secrecy in Switzerland is updated

Switzerland, a country of stability

To talk about Swiss banking secrecy we need to talk about Swiss and Swiss banking itself.

Switzerland is and has always been a very prosperous and stable country. It is because of this stability, especially in the monetary sphere, that Switzerland has been so attractive in protecting money.

Let us remember that throughout history there have been successive economic and banking crises in the world.

In Latin America it has been common to see depreciations of currencies and bank pens. There have also been crises of depreciation and hyperinflation with that in the Weimar Republic.

This happened just after World War II because of the debts and compensation that Germany had to pay for the war. Currency shortages cause an increasingly suffocating inflation situation for its inhabitants.

That’s why Switzerland became an attractive country to protect assets. Switzerland is a country focused on economic stability.

Bern - Switzerland's beautiful capital
Bern – Switzerland’s beautiful capital

Neutrality and stability go hand in hand in Switzerland

But how has Switzerland become a fortress of stability? Switzerland is a small country with just under 9 million inhabitants and no way out to sea. Its political neutrality has largely been done by a diplomatic power and the safeguarding of one another equally.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro considers this to be one of the great strengths of the Swiss economy and its banking.

Its neutrality has also made it an enclave to become the headquarters of numerous international organizations:

  • International Red Cross.
  • International Telecommunication Union
  • World Trade Organization
  • World Scout Organization
  • Universal Postal Union.
  • International Labour Organization
  • World Health Organization
  • International Olympic Committee
  • International Football Federation Association (FIFA)

This cluster of high-profile organizations are guarantees of high-income jobs as well as impartiality. It is this impartiality, associated with neutrality, that attracts a serious institutional framework to itself.

With little inhabitants but with pragmatism, impartiality, neutrality and seriousness it has made it the 4th richest country in the world. The per capita income of its inhabitants reaches more than 83 thousand USD.

Between international organizations and Swiss banking would suffice. Swiss banking is recognized internationally as one of the strongest. But for Switzerland there is no conformism.

Switzerland is also internationally recognized for mountain tourism, its chocolate, razor and shipping industries. Switzerland is also renowned for its cheeses, railways and watches mainly.

Three of its main cities are recognized at the top of the best cities in the world: Basel, Geneva and Zurich.

Without a doubt a fantastic city to know more about the good life of the world and about the history of Banking.


Swiss Banking

Swiss banking is recognized as one of the most stable banks in the world.

Some also know her for the alleged bank secrecy that helped tax evasion. Nothing further from the truth. The idea of secrecy in Swiss banking is to protect people’s money in authoritarian regimes.

From one of the regimes from which the money was protected was just from the Nazi regime. It was the Jews who had their resources on Swiss banking who were able to protect their money.

It cannot be said that there are people who do not abuse banking secrecy but the reality is that protecting money is also protecting freedom.

Today Swiss Banking has updated its standards to conform to modern banking laws.

Reporting excessive amount transactions is one of the keys to this system. Already Swiss is incorporated into the automatic bank information exchange system. That’s if you keep protecting your customers’ identity in case everything is in order.

This ensures that authoritarian regimes that use alleged political crimes to persecute their citizens abuse the system.

Zurich - Switzerland's economic capital
Zurich – Switzerland’s economic capital

The strength of Swiss banking and its neutrality

Swiss banking is also strong thanks to the Swiss economy. Thanks to Swiss neutrality there hundreds of companies and countries decide to establish the headquarters of international organizations. As we saw before, the headquarters of the UN institutions, International Red Cross, FIFA among others are located in Switzerland. Its neutrality is key to protecting transparency and balance in the treatment of countries.

It is also with the financial resources of the countries. Thanks to Switzerland, countries’ resources are protected. Companies also find a refuge for their assets. Switzerland’s tax regime is beneficial and companies are protected from confiscatory tax regimes.

Through neutrality they attract new customers which gives rise to greater stability. The seriousness and clear rules of Swiss banking are the key to keeping its customers and attracting new ones. And this is the virtuous circle of Swiss banking. Swiss banking is certainly an example to follow.

A Venezuelan to highlight Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, is a man with many virtues who devotes himself in all the areas in which he works. Mirabal-Chapellín marriage really strive to stay on top of success. This does not come overnight, this is the result of years of discipline, work and effort. For this, they give their maximum potential, knowledge, values, which lead others to empower themselves in the matter of finance.

Without a doubt, this Venezuelan continues to stand out in its various facets. For this reason, He continues to leave the Venezuelan tricolor all over the world in the equestrian, business, as a lawyer and as a financial advisor. The Mirabal-Chapellín family is currently located in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, helping to leave the flag of Venezuela aloft. To close, we leave you a video of the equestrian facet of this outstanding and versatile Venezuelan.

G&C Farm Gustavo Mirabal and Qairwan du Thot






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